Once We Come Across Love

By Yi Jin,忆锦

Once We Come Across Love Chapter 1

Once We Come Across Love Chapter 1

“Journey to the West” was playing on the television when Xiao Tu was still in her mother’s womb.

Her mother had taken one look and grew fond of the jade rabbit demon in the show.

Therefore when Sun Wu Kong appeared and interrupted just as things were getting good bewteen Tang Sheng  and jade rabbit, her mother was filled with indignation.

This caused her to feel discomfort in her womb until she was crying out in pain.

After Xiao Tu’s father received news from the hospital, he had headed straight to the hospital, however Xiao Tu’s mother had already given birth.

As it was a premature birth, Xiao Tu was only slightly bigger than a new-born monkey baby.

Her whole body was wrinkled. Lying on the hospital’s crib, she had looked extremely ugly.

Her father was extremely pessimistic, as he felt that maybe this daughter would not be able to survive till adulthood.

Even if she did become an adult, he was afraid that no one would be willing to marry her.

On the other hand, Xiao Tu’s mother was very insistence that Xiao Tu was the reincarnation of the jade rabbit demon and she is destined to marry Tang Sheng in the future.

Her father felt that this thought was very unrealistic, “What is so good about Tang Sheng?You want our daughter to marry a monk?”

Her mother looked at her father with disdain in her eyes, “What do you know? Tang Sheng is not only good looking, he is also related to the royal’s family. Not to mention that he isn’t a womaniser. Most importantly, if there is a day when our daughter is annoyed with him, she can just eat him!”

Her father was speechless.

A while later, when Xiao Tu was carried out from the crib by the nurse, she had become bigger by a size.

Those wrinkles were also nowhere to be seen, instead her skin had turned smooth and tender.

Her father was still being pessimistic as he felt that one can goes through many changes growing up.

Now, she might be pretty but there is no guarantee that she would not become ugly in the future.

On the contrary, her mother felt that since her daughter was pretty from young hence she will become even more beautiful as she grows up.

And when all the boys start chasing after her daughter, it went without saying she will be extremely proud of her.

The thought of this made her extremely happy and she swiftly decided to name her daughter, Xiao Tu, so that she can be like the jade rabbit demon and marry Tang Sheng.

Upon hearing her name, Xiao Tu suddenly gave a very bright and loud cry.

Seeing this, her mother said. “Look! Our daughter likes her name!”

Then Xiao Tu’s father replied, “She is still crying.”

Her mother nodded her head in agreement and answered, “She must be so happy that she continue crying.”

Xiao Tu ceased her crying almost immediately.

When Xiao Tu learnt of this in the future, she was extremely depressed.

What if the author of “Journey to the West” wrote about jade pig demon, is her mother going to name her Xiao Zhu?

There is no depth to her name! Extremely no depth!


Despite being a premature baby, Xiao Tu’s life force was extremely strong.

After staying in the hospital for a month, she was allowed to go home with her mother.

They were at the hospital’s entrance when they saw their next-door neighbour – Lao Ling.

He was wearing a pair of slippers and wandering back and forth.

While carrying Xiao Tu, Xiao Tu’s mother went up to him and said,”Lao Ling, is your wife going to give birth soon?”

“Yes, she went to the toilet in the morning when she felt her stomach hurting. I didn’t even have time to change my shoes.”

“Your wife’s stomach is so big, the baby is probably a boy?”

“Who knows? I have to go now and see my wife!” Once he finished talking, Lao Ling headed ahead with his slippers that is coming off to follow his wife.

The sound of the slippers had woken up Xiao Tu causing her to start crying.

Her mother knocked Xiao Tu’s head with her knuckles as she murmured confidently. “Such a big stomach, it has to be a baby boy…”

Her mother did not guess wrongly.

Three hours later, Lao Ling’s wife gave birth to a healthy, big and fat baby boy.

Although the baby was alive, he was very quiet.

Even after a few days, he did not cry nor caused any trouble.

Lao Ling started to panic, afraid that his son is mute.

This led to him calling his friends and colleagues to help determine the cause and among the people he had called, he also called Xiao Tu’s mother as well.

When Xiao Tu arrived at the hospital with her mother, she was still sleeping soundly.

A group of people had crowd around Lao Ling’s son as they started to discuss with each other.

With a baby in her arms, Xiao Tu’s mother was unable to get nearer.

She then secretly pinched her daughter’s butt, causing Xiao Tu to wake up as she started crying.

Soon, everyone stopped their chatter and discussion as they stepped aside and let Xiao Tu’s mother and Xiao Tu to pass through.

Her mother gladly went up to the front and just as she reached the baby’s crib, the baby in the crib let out a big “WA – -“ .

Lao Ling was almost on the verge of tears, his son was not a mute after all!

Because of this matter, Lao Ling and his wife were extremely grateful to Xiao Tu and her mother.

They had taken the initiative and requested for Xiao Tu to be their god daughter.

Just like that, Xiao Tu not only had her own parents, she also had a set of  Godparents as well as a Godbrother.

Of course, whether this god brother is willing or not willing is another matter.

Once Lao Ling and his wife returned home with their son, they were welcomed with firecrackers.

At that point of time, Xiao Tu was close to being two months old, hearing the sound of firecrackers made her very excited.

She waved her tiny hand, signalling to her mother to bring her out.

Her mother was about to head out of their house when she saw Lao Ling and his wife headed their way.

This time round, Lao Ling had worn a suit with shiny leather shoes.

When he spotted Xiao Tu and her mother, he took his son from his wife’s arms and walked toward them.

“God daughter, your Godfather had returned with your Godbrother.”

Xiao Tu simply blinked her eyes as though she did not exactly understand what was just said.

“You are the older sister from now on. Are you happy?”

Xiao Tu grinned.

“WA~~~~” The baby in Lao Ling’s arms suddenly cried.

“Lao Ling, your son’s cries are bright and loud now.” Xiao Tu’s mother remarked.

“Yes, this is all thanks to Xiao Tu!”

“You don’t have to be so courteous! As the saying goes, neighbour is better than distant relative. In the future, Xiao Tu will protect your son!”

“That’s true, that’s true….”

“What is your son’s name again?”

“Ling Chao.”

“Good name! Your son will definitely grow up to be extremely outstanding.”

This conversation was cut short by Ling Chao’s loud crying.

Xiao Tu’s father commented at the side, “Boy shouldn’t be crying so much.”

Xiao Tu’s mother rolled her eyes at him, “What do you know? A baby who cries often are smart!”

“Doesn’t this make our daughter a genius then?”

“You are then the genius.”

Xiao Tu’s father >_____<


When Xiao Tu was seven months old, she was able to piece bits and pieces of words together.

Her first words were not father or mother, instead it was Lao Ling’s son name, Chao Chao.

The reason behind it was very simple.

Ever since Xiao Tu was born, she had always been a big eater.

Xiao Tu’s mother did not have enough breast milk and can only asked Lao Ling’s wife for help.

Thankfully, Ling Chao had a small appetite so Ling Chao’s mother will give the leftover breast milk to Xiao Tu.

Ling Chao’s mother will usually said this, “Chao Chao, hurry up and finish eating so that Xiao Tu can eat. Come, let Godmother tell you a story. Yesterday, Chao Chao…..”

This happen with increased frequency and that was how Xiao Tu remembered the word “Chao Chao”, causing her first word to be ‘Chao’.


Later on when Xiao Tu was one and was able to walk, her parents had organised a celebration.

Everyone had drank a little and they started to suggest for Xiao Tu to demonstrate her walking ability.

Xiao Tu did not disappoint them as she walked one big round around the yard without falling down.

Xiao Tu’s mother was so happy that she suggested for to let Xiao Tu to draw lots.

When other people’s children draw lots, there will be preparation done beforehand unlike this family where they simply grabbed whatever they could find and placed it around their daughter.

Once everything had been placed around Xiao Tu, her mother had patted her butt, signalling to her to grab something.

Xiao Tu toddled around these things, then she reached out and grabbed a piece of cloth.

Everyone then started to discuss about that cloth.

Her second uncle had said, “From the material of this cloth, Xiao Tu might go into planting cotton in the future.”

Her second aunt gave her husband a look of disdain, “Please? Plant cotton? Only you have the nerve to mention that. In my view, Xiao Tu is going to be a tailor in the future!”

Her third aunt hurriedly added on, “How can she be a tailor? She should be a designer!”

Just as everyone’s chattering starts to grow louder due to their different views, Ling Chao’s mother carried him out of the house and shouted, “Lao Ling, did you see Chao Chao’s diaper? It is white in colour with blue flowers!”

The yard suddenly quietened down all of a sudden as they turned their head to look at Xiao Tu who was putting that white cloth with blue flowers on her face.

This diaper of Ling Chao ended up in Xiao Tu mother’s possession.

She had made a bunny doll and placed it on the headboard of Xiao Tu’s bed.

Except for the unsuspecting Xiao Tu, no one dared to touch that bunny doll.

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