Urasome Tenba

By Aosaki Yugo

Urasome Tenba Volume 1 Prologue

Urasome Tenba Volume 1 Prologue

It’s the same prologue as the ones from most mystery novels: some person plans a crime to murder some guy.

Anyway, that guy’s an eyesore.  

He doesn’t necessarily seem murderous, according to others. He’s very popular, and attracts much affection. But to me, he is the most despicable person in the world. He forced me into an extremely inconvenient situation. To regain my reputation, I can only make him disappear. If only he would vanish without a trace, I will be able to live a truly calming life.

If only his mouth would be gagged, then I will seize “that” back.

The plan is simple. Therefore, it’s flawless.

I’ve gone through meticulous preparation bit by bit. Therefore, I can confirm my victory right now. Will I be suspected? There’s no need to worry. No one would suspect that I was the perpetrator of this crime. No one would suspect me, because I will leave absolutely no trace of myself. In other words, this is an absolute crime.


There is a door ahead. It’s unlocked.

I stare at the door, thinking of a certain man who should be waiting on the other side of it.

He’s a serious man, and he carries a camcorder with him at all times.

His name is Asashima Yuki.

He is the tragic hero who will stir up this calamity.

…Let us begin.

A deep breath, to calm my mind and body, then—

A certain day in June. Under the dark sky, in a certain building, the plan was put into action.

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