Almighty Coach

By Victory General,过关斩将

Almighty Coach Chapter 221

Almighty Coach Chapter 221

Of course, Dahu Fu would not consider the Thai athletes drug traffickers just because of Dai Li's comments. However, the police had received some information earlier. With the new information from Dai Li combined with what he already knew, Dahu Fu instantly realized how suspicious this Jinxin cycling team was.

Dahu Fu looked at Dai Li with an odd stare.

Is what this coach said really true? Is the Jinxin cycling team really suspicious? Is the guy we are looking for really hiding on that team? If it is true, it would be such a shame for the Anti-Drug Brigade! We have guarded this place to search for this guy all this morning, yet we couldn't find him at all. It was this sports coach that found him! We are going to be a laughing stock if this gets out.

Deep in his heart, he had been convinced that the target of his investigation was hiding on the Jinxin cycling team. He just had no evidence to prove it.

Without saying a word, Dahu Fu shook his head and began to assign tasks to his team.

"Get all the photos taken of the Jinxin cycling team members from when they went through the customs, then send them in for facial recognition. See if there is any match with what we have in our database. Group One, follow the Jinxin cycling team immediately from now on to locate their position; Group Two, go to the Baggage Service Center and see if they have any baggage checked."

All Dahu Fu could do now was wait. Pretty soon, group two reported back to him.

"Captain, Group Two has inspected the bicycle parts the Jinxin cycling team checked in. No problems found!"

"Got it," Dahu Fu said. There was no change to his facial expression at all, almost as if he had expected this.

Dai Li, on the other hand, said to Chong Lin next to him, "I thought they would hide the drugs in the bikes to get them in."

"You've watched too many movies! Do you really expect them to hide the drugs in the bike frame?" Chong Lin smiled, then said, "The security check at the customs is very strict, especially for air shipments; everything is scanned with special machines. It's not only to check for prohibited items, but also to prevent any foreign objects from entering the country."

After a short pause, Chong Lin continued, "Surely the drug dealers are not that stupid. They know the checked items will be inspected, so they would not have hidden the drugs there. We still needed to check them anyway though, as we can leave no stone unturned."

"So where do you think they are hiding the drugs? In their luggage?" asked Dai Li in a whisper.

"Not possible. Did you not see our detection dogs sniffing around the luggage warehouse?" Pointing to his belly, Chong Lin said, "If they are really drug traffickers, the likeliest place for them to hide the drugs is inside their bodies."

"Did you say hide the drugs inside themselves?" Dai Li was shocked.

Chong Lin nodded. "When these 20+ people get through customs, they used the special passage where the security check is not so strict. What's important about that is that there is no millimeter wave imaging inspector there, so the security inspector cannot see what's inside them. That made them all the more suspicious. Captain Fu must have realized this earlier."

"Captain, we found something in the facial recognition!" the officer at the computer said. "Target found; this guy, Nawat-Wonpuapara, used a fake passport. We have his profile in the database. His real name is Chappie. He is connected with the Golden Triangle drug dealers, and was arrested by the Tai police once for drug dealing. He was later released due to lack of evidence."

"Chappie? Used a fake passport for entry?" With a half-smile, Dahu Fu nodded his head. He was now sure that this Jinxin cycling team was who he had been looking for.

"Attention, Group One! The target has been confirmed! I will immediately send you the profiles of all members of the Jinxin cycling team; you keep a close watch on each and every one of them!"

After giving another order, Dahu Fu turned around to Dai Li and said, "You have really hit it this time, Coach Li. This Jinxin cycling team is really suspicious. On behalf of the Anti-Drug Brigade, I extend our thanks to you."

"It's what I'm supposed to do," Dai Li said immediately.

"Coach Li, we also have to ask you to make a testimony. Do you have time?" Dahu Fu then asked.

"Sure, no problem. It won't be long, I assume?" Dai Li asked.

"It'll be pretty quick. You just need to tell the police briefly why you found the Jinxin cycling team suspicious and then came to notify us." Dahu Fu then turned his head to Chong Lin and said, "Chong Lin, you are familiar with Coach Li, so you take him to do the testimony."

Several days later, Dai Li saw the news on his phone that the police had taken down a super big drug trafficking gang. Although the details of the case were mentioned, Dai Li felt that this had something to do with the lead he had provided the police.

Putting his phone down, Dai Li resumed his work. A moment later, Li Xue called and said, "Dai Li, come to the reception room! I have two police officers waiting for you."

Dai Li hurried to the reception room immediately and found Dahu Fu and Chong Lin there.

"Coach Li!" Dahu Fu and Chong Lin immediately stood up and shook Dai Li's hand.

"I saw the news! You took down a super big drug trafficking gang! Congratulations!" Dai Li said.

"It is thanks to your help that we did it," Dahu Fu said. "Coach Li, I have come here to say thank you."

"Is this about the Jinxin cycling team?" Dai Li then asked, "Does it really has anything to do with the super big drug trafficking gang that you arrested?"

"You are right," Dahu Fu nodded. "All 23 members of that Jinxin cycling team are drug addicts except for two drug trafficking gangsters. The addicts owed a lot of money to the gang, so the gang forced them to smuggle drugs into China with their bodies."

Just like I thought. Such low sports ability values are surely due to drug addiction. According to my detection, two were of normal sport ability, who must have been the two gangsters, Dai Li thought to himself.

Dahu Fu then said, "Technology is more advanced than ever and the entry and exit inspection in the airport is ever more strict. The drug traffickers thought they would be discovered, so they wanted to take advantage of this bicycle race. They registered as a cycling team in advance, then disguised themselves as cycling athletes to enter our country through the express entry port for the participants in the race. Once this was confirmed, we closely watched the Jinxin cycling team and caught them. That's how we did it."

Dahu Fu only gave a brief outline of how the case was solved, not sharing many details.

"To be frank, I have met quite a few warm-hearted people during my years as a policeman; but this is the first time a PE coach has helped us solve a case." With a smile, Dahu Fu continued, "It is really thanks to Coach Li this time. The lead you provided us really helped. So, we have decided to grant you a cash reward of 100,000 yuan."

"There's a reward?" Dai Li had not expected this.

"Sure. We have explicit rules for this. One can receive a reward of anywhere from 10,000 to 100,000 yuan for reporting on the production, processing, making, trafficking, selling, transporting, and/or the illegal possession of drugs. It was a big case this time, which is why you will get the highest reward possible—100,000 yuan," Dahu Fu said, smiling.

This is really a stroke of luck! I have been quite lucky these days. Should I buy a lottery ticket? Maybe I'll trade in my bicycle for a motorcycle! Dai Li thought to himself.

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