Almighty Coach

By Victory General,过关斩将

Almighty Coach Chapter 208

Almighty Coach Chapter 208

"Flexibility yoga could enhance the body's flexibility, so it should be very helpful for gymnasts, right?" Dai Li said.

The word "flexibility" reminded Dai Li of the gymnastics in the first place. The sport had high requirements to be a professional. The athlete needed to make all kinds of flips, many of which had to be finished in the air without any external support. Therefore, body flexibility was essential to the athlete's quality of movement completion.

"It's effective not only for gymnastics, but also for events like diving, fencing, and Taekwondo. Body flexibility is probably necessary for all sports with high technique requirements." Dai Li looked through the book and found the contents were all pictures of yoga positions.

Strength, speed, explosive force, and endurance are key factors for track and field events. Except for the hurdles, the other events don't have high requirements for body flexibility. Technique and speed are essential for hurdles, but body flexibility is not a key factor. The flexibility yoga skill seems not to be very helpful for me now.

Disappointment welled up in Dai Li's heart. He had been waiting for such a long time for this upgrade, and he had received two awards this time, which could have been very effective and used extensively. However, when it came down to it, these two awards weren't useful to him.

It was quite similar to a top-tier item obtained in a game that couldn't be used by the player's character, but this item was bound to the player's character, so the player couldn't sell it, and it would be a pity to throw it away.

I have to pin my hopes on future awards, but I'll need 100,000 experience points to activate my next upgrade, which could only be accumulated in the next two or three years. Dai Li sighed silently; he had to become more accustomed to this time-consuming upgrading mode.


In the hospital, Li Xue was on a tablet, and he was surrounded by five or six coaches.

Li Xue's tablet was playing the slow motion replay of the collision accident during the 100m sprint final.

"Yes, this is it. Oneida fell sideways into Jun Xie's lane so they collided into each other. You see, their knees also collided. It looked quite serious." As Li Xue said this, he became increasingly worried.

"Hope it's not a serious injury," a coach beside Li Xue said anxiously.

At this moment, a doctor came out with an examination report. Li Xue stood up immediately, dashed to the doctor and asked eagerly, "Professor Huang, how is Jun Xie? Were his knees injured?"

"His knees weren't injured, but we found a minor hairline fracture in Jun Xie's rib, which could've been caused by that violent collision. It isn't a very serious injury, and he'll soon be fully recovered after some rest and nutritional supplements." Professor Huang said.

"That is to say, Jun Xie will be absent from the 200m sprint and the relay." Li Xue let out a long sigh. "However, his knees weren't injured, which should be seen as a silver lining."

With Guohong Niu as the substitute, Jun Xie's absence wouldn't be a big problem for the relay team.

However, the 200m sprint was a solo event. Anyone who signed up for the race had to take part in the event themselves, so Jun Xie couldn't be replaced by other players on the national team. In his current condition, Jun Xie had to forfeit the match; that is to say, the national team only had Zitao Wei and Yue Zhao to count on for the 200m sprint.

After pondering it for a few seconds, Li Xue drew Professor Huang aside, and asked in a hushed voice, "Professor Huang, I know two members of the Qatari Team were also sent here. Could you help us inquiring about their conditions, and whether they an participate in the following events?"

Professor Huang hesitated, embarrassed, and said, "I've already checked the examination results of the two Qatari athletes, but for the privacy of the patients, I shouldn't disclose them.

"But, I also know they're your opponents. I could give you a brief introduction so you can figure out a tactic. However, please keep it between the two of us!"

Li Xue nodded, "Don't worry, Professor, this is only between you and me. We will never disclose this information to others."

Professor Huang looked around, then said, "The player whose name is Clark strained his shin ligaments during the collision. In his current condition, he will certainly not be able to participate in other events."

Li Xue was a bit relieved. As the number one sprinter in Asia, the absence of Clark in the following events would remove the greatest threat for the rest of the teams.

"As for the athlete whose name is Oneida…" Professor Huang looked around again and found no one was watching their conversation, then continued to say, "He received no serious injuries. Only his knees were scraped, which isn't a traumatic injury. After they're dressed, these scrapes will not influence his performance in the following events. However, he was knocked unconscious directly on the track, so he's definitely suffering from a brain concussion, which can range from minor to significant; therefore, we have suggested he remain in the hospital under observation for 24 hours."

Li Xue looked more relaxed. If Oneida would be in the hospital for the next 24 hours, he would definitely be absent from the 200m sprint preliminaries held the next day. That is to say, another powerful opponent for the 200m sprint had been knocked out.

Jun Xie's absence had ruined Li Xue's mood terribly, but now, Li Xue knew the situation of the Qatari Team was even worse, since they were losing two players at once. This was enough to console him.


The next day, the preliminary match and the second heat of the 200m sprint were held.

Of the remaining two athletes on the national team, Yue Zhao specialized in the 200m sprint, while Zitao Wei was also good at it. Therefore, it would be no problem for them to enter the semi-final.

And the real competition would start from the semi-finals.

In the semi-final of the 100m sprint, Zitao Wei was regretfully knocked out by the "group of death." Now, he was definitely not willing to repeat his tragic experience in the 200m sprint.

In addition, Clark and Oneida had dropped out of the 200m sprint, which remarkably reduced the pressure of the competition. Clark and Oneida were both strong enough to enter the final match. Without them, two vacancies had opened up for the other runners. Along with the absence of Jun Xie, there would be three spots available for the rest of the athletes.

Only eight runners could enter the final match. Now, the three vacancies had remarkably increased the odds for the remaining runners to enter the finals. As a powerful sprinter, Zitao Wei could almost guarantee himself a position in the final match if he performed well.


On the temporary training grounds of the national team, Yu Zhao was still practicing, but his training intensity wasn't very high.

"Well, Yue Zhao, let's call it a day now. You'll have a tough day tomorrow. You have to participate in the semi-final and final for the 200m sprint, as well as the preliminary match of the relay," Dai Li said.

"Okay, I'm going to get some rest." Yue Zhao stopped his training.

A gust of wind swept through the area, and Dai Li couldn't help sneezing.

"The air seems to be getting colder!" Dai Li looked at the cloudy sky.

"It's going to rain. On rainy days, the events are quite uncomfortable." Dai Li turned around and said to Yue Zhao, "It might rain tonight, and the temperature will definitely drop, so put on more layers to prevent getting cold."

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