Almighty Coach

By Victory General,过关斩将

Almighty Coach Chapter 167

Almighty Coach Chapter 167

Before that, Xiaotian Xin had been quite confident in his sprinting technique. He had thought his retort could make Dai Li speechless.

However, after Dai Li's explanation, he knew Dai Li was right. Dai Li's understanding of sprint training was several levels higher than his.

The concluding words of Dai Li had been especially convincing. They had indicated that Xiaotian Xin's training method might cause a contraction of his hip joints, as well as a downward shift of his pelvis, which could give Xiaotian Xin some nasty surprises. These athletic injuries would slightly influence his professional life, and could even cause illness and agony throughout his life.

Before now, Xiaotian Xin had ignored this completely. However, after thinking about Dai Li's words, as well as his actual physical condition, Xiaotian Xin was fully convinced by Dai Li. He even wanted to thank Dai Li for reminding him of such an important problem.

Dai Li had completely convinced Xiaotian Xin by showing off his skills. The next second, Xiaotian Xin was suddenly very humble, and said in a tone of consultation and compliance, "Coach Li, I will obey your instruction. I must correct my mistakes!"

Dai Li nodded his head, then handed an A4 paper to Xiaotian Xin, who took it eagerly.

"This is the training plan I made for you. Before, you kept doing high knees, which had been the foundation of your sprinting technique. It obviously is not practical to abandon and replace all your sprinting techniques with new ones, as it can result in an awkward situation where you lose all your current strengths, but fail to acquire anything new.

"Therefore, I made some modifications to your original training plan. The new training plan focuses on the downstroke high knees exercise. In contrast to the traditional exercise you were doing before, this training method requires the rapid downward pressing of the thigh, which can develop the quick front swing of the thigh, braking and fast landing ability, and enhance both the swing switching speed and rapid downward pressing of the thigh during the middle of your sprints."

As Dai Li explained this, Xiaotian Xin kept nodding his head. He was eager to begin this downstroke high knees exercise.

"Thank you, Coach Li! I will definitely work hard during training!" Xiaotian Xin looked at Dai Li worshipfully.

Seeing the change in Xiaotian Xin, no one resented Dai Li any longer.

Xiaotian Xin's performance was ranked 2nd on the Tsinghua University sprinting team. Now, Xiaotian Xin had been totally convinced by Dai Li. Those who were worse than Xiaotian Xin really had no excuse to defy Dai Li now.

Coach Li is really awesome! It seems he has grasped the technique deficiencies of Xiaotian Xin, and the training plan he formulated for Xiaotian Xin should be very effective. Otherwise, Xiaotian Xin's attitude could not have changed so fast.

It would appear that all coaches from the national team are competent. Coach Li is young, but he does have some real skills.

When is it going to be my turn? I am so eager to be instructed by Coach Li. I really want to correct the weak points in my technique, but I don't know what to do. Later I shall ask Coach Li to give me proper instruction."

Everybody was becoming more and more serious. Their careless and casual moods were now gone with the wind. All of them fixed their eyes on Dai Li, awaiting his instruction.

Dai Li had not wastes his time during his stay with the national team. He had made every effort to learn. Now his effort was paying off. With the help of the advanced detector, the knowledge he had acquired, as well as the skills and experience he had gotten from Li Xue, Dai Li could handle these athletes skillfully and easily.

My attempt to "show off" has been successful! Actually, no—it should be over 50% success. I still have to deal with the highest level athlete. Dai Li scanned the team and relaxed a bit. The next moment, Dai Li looked at the name list in his hand and said, "Guohong Niu, step forward!"

Dai Li had finally called Guohong Niu's name, who had B-level talent,and an ability value of nearly 500 points. Meanwhile, as the team leader of the Tsinghua University sprinting team, Guohong Niu was the most competent athlete on the team, and the ace athlete of the Tsinghua University Sports Department. His performance was far better than Xiaotian Xin's who ranked 2nd on the team.

As it stood right now, Guohong Niu could be admitted to the national team. If he received professional training from the national team, he would absolutely be a top-notch sprinter in China.

In fact, the national team had already taken notice of Guohong Niu, and had even sent him an invitation. But Guohong Niu had refused the invitation, choosing to stay in Tsinghua University. Admission to the national team might be exceedingly welcome for ordinary athletes; but for those in Tsinghua University, the national team did not seem that important.

The admission to the national team meant that training would be done continuously. Part-time athletes were not allowed on the national team. Therefore, Guohong Niu would have had to abandon his studies if he were to join the national team, which was unacceptable to him. However, Guohong Niu might consider the national team after he graduated.

Furthermore, athletes of the national team would be restricted by certain regulations in some domestic university contests. After all, the universities were under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education, while the national team fell under the General Administration of Sports. The boundary between the two departments was quite clear.


Dai Li knew that it would not be enough to only convince Xiaotian Xin. He had to convince the "ringleader" first in order to get all the athletes to follow him. His prestige on the Tsinghua University sprinting team would be established through convincing the leader of the team, who was also the most talented athlete—Guohong Niu. If Guohong Niu obeyed his instruction, the other athletes on the team would naturally follow their leader.

After hearing his name, Guohong Niu stepped forward. He was very calm, his arrogance hidden perfectly. Deep in his heart, he did not believe that Dai Li could point out his disadvantages, simply because Guohong Niu thought his technique did not have any significant weak points.

My technique is almost perfect. All I have to do in the matches is just pay attention to some small details. I don't believe you can point out my technique deficiencies! As Guohong Niu thought this, he stared at Dai Li determinedly, as if he were a predator staring at his prey.

Dai Li sensed Guohong Niu's confidence, which further ignited his fighting will. Guohong Niu was the leader of the sprinting team. The obedience of Guohong Niu would mean he had tamed the Tsinghua University sprinting team.

"Guohong Niu, through yesterday's observation, I found that your major weakness is that your push-off force is too big."

After hearing Dai Li's words, Guohong Niu's eyes shined even more confidently.

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