Almighty Coach

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Almighty Coach Chapter 164

Almighty Coach Chapter 164

At 10 o'clock the next morning, Dai Li arrived at the Sports Department of Tsinghua University, right on time. He was welcomed by a PhD candidate whose last name was Mao.

Dr. Mao had been informed that the coach sent by the national team was very young, so he had already mentally prepared himself. However, he was still surprised when he saw Dai Li, who seemed to be only a few years older than the seniors in the school. As a PhD candidate, even Dr. Mao was older than Dai Li.

"Coach Li, we don't have a physical education major in Tsinghua University. Our athletes come from other majors, and spend most of their time and energy in their professional curriculum. Right now all of them are in class. Our sports training can only be held in the afternoon. Some athletes even have to finish their first two classes in the afternoon before they can come for training," Dr. Mao said.

"Oh, that's ok. I will first look through some materials and get familiar with the environment here, then," Dai Li said.

Once the afternoon came, Dr. Mao finally led Dai Li to the training ground.

"Coach Li, this is our track and field team. We have a total of eight athletes, so now they are all yours." Once he finished, Dr. Mao summoned all the athletes to Dai Li so they could introduce themselves.

Dai Li introduced himself with a smile. After that, roll call was done as usual, but this time Dai Li performed detection on the athletes at the same time.

The guy whose name is Liang Du is quite good. He has a C+ level sprinting gift, which should be top-notch talent among the athletes in the university. He could have a chance at being admitted to the national team if he is willing to work hard during training.

Whoops, this guy's sprinting ability is at a B- level! This level could even be above average for the national team; but his ability value is not satisfactory. He should train harder! Dai Li checked the name list. The name of this athlete is Xiaotian Xin. What a name!

The guy whose name is Guohong Niu has B-level ability. Among all the sprinters on the national team, the best sprinter's gift is also of a B-level. Moreover, his ability value is almost 500. He has reached the level of sprinters of the national team, and could absolutely take part in state-level matches.

As Dai Li detected the athletes, he said to himself that Tsinghua University was indeed awesome.

Among all the athletes detected by Dai Li, there was only one with C-level ability; the rest all had a C+ or higher. There were even two athletes with B- ability. According to the description of the System, the B-level ability could help the athlete win the national championship.

Dai Li had worked in the Sports University of the Hanbei Province for some time. At that time, he was also training university athletes. When he had performed detection upon those athletes, the best athlete's ability had only been a C level. They had not even have one athlete with C+ ability. Among them, there were even some athletes whose ability was only of a D level.

All of them had been sprinters, but the athletes of Tsinghua University were far better than those of the Sports University of the Hanbei Province. The worst athletes of Tsinghua University were better than the best athletes of the Sports University of the Hanbei Province. Dai Li couldn't help but acknowledge the powerful magnetism of Tsinghua University.

Of course, however, the athletes in regular universities could not be compared to athletes on professional training teams. Some universities would attach a so-called Olympic championship list in an eye-catching place on campus as the honor of the school. As a matter of fact, the top-notch athletes wouldn't train in those universities, for their training level was too low for them. The training base of the national team was the place where they belonged.

That's why Coach Li Xue said the Sports Department of Tsinghua University is even better than the specialized departments of some sports universities. That really is the case; it is impossible to find two sprinters with B-level ability on the sprinting teams of those ordinary sports universities.

As Dai Li thought about this, he performed detection on the next athlete. When the results came up, Dai Li couldn't help but change his expression.

A! His ability is A-level! This athlete, whose name is Sijie Yang, has A-level ability! Dai Li remembered when he had first met Haiquan Fang.

Another A-level ability! Does that mean we will have another world-class athlete? He could be a world-class sprinter! It was very difficult for Dai Li to contain his excitement. He continued to read the detection results, but found a lot of unsatisfactory factors in this athlete.

His professional ability value for sprinting is only 303. How could it be so low? Even the athlete of C-level ability has a higher ability value than him. Let me check his strengths and weaknesses. Strengths: super-gifted; weaknesses: What the hell, he has so many disadvantages, I think I will need one or two minutes to finish reading all of them.

Dai Li continued to check the athlete's weaknesses one by one. His explosive force is not completely developed, his acceleration is too low, his stride length is too short, his push-off is powerless, his swing is inactive, his stride rate is low, his movement is not flexible enough, he has poor forward movement, an unstable center of gravity, an insufficient torso angle, insufficient arm swing strength, his arm swing is inactive, he has poor running linearity, he takes too long to push off from his supporting leg, he has a short flight time, slow reactions…

Dai Li was greatly depressed by all the weaknesses shown in the System compared to the one advantage, which was "super-gifted." This Sijie Yang was virtually useless outside of his good gift.

What the hell? How could they have an athlete like him? He is really gifted, but his technique is so poor. It seems as if he is just a regular person who has never received any formal training before. Dai Li checked the table in his hand again.

Sijie Yang, nineteen, has been sprint training since the age of fourteen, and has joined the track and field team of Tsinghua University for one year. With his A-level ability and three to five months of training, his performance should not be so poor. Haiquan Fang had A-level ability, too, yet after following my training for just two months his ability value had reached 370. He was only sixteen, three years younger than Sijie Yang, whose ability value is only 303.

Dai Li was more and more amazed. He had had the experience of training the athlete with A-level ability, so he knew how powerful an athlete with A-level ability could be after receiving professional training. It was for this reason that the detection results for Sijie Yang were so confusing to him.

He began sprint training at fourteen, and is now nineteen. That means he has received 5 years of professional training. Even if his coach was really incompetent, his explosive force could have been developed through basic training, which would make it less likely for him to have insufficient acceleration.

In addition, for the traditional sprinting technique, the push-off is still the main driving force. Therefore, for every sprinter, the push-off is always the most elementary training subject. The evaluation given by the System about his push-off is "powerless," which is even worse than "insufficient." This is a very obvious technique defect, which should not have been neglected by his previous coaches.

Dai Li looked through all the weaknesses, many of which were elementary problems. The mistakes amateur athletes would not make should have been completely avoided by a professional athlete.

Something must be wrong. I cannot find the reason right now, but I should be able to through more observation during training.

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