Almighty Coach

By Victory General,过关斩将

Almighty Coach Chapter 159

Almighty Coach Chapter 159

Li Xue returned to his office and sat back down at his desk. Dai Li's examination paper was in front of him.

The problems neglected by the coaches of the national team were found by this Dai Li. His observation ability is really good; together with his accurate judgment, I will give a full score to his training plan!

Again, Li Xue gave a full score to another question.

The next second, Li Xue suddenly found that Dai Li's examination paper was full of perfect scores. All the questions had gotten the full score!

Li Xue had given one question for each event. All these full scores meant that Dai Li gotten a full score in each event, which also meant that he was good at coaching all track and field events!

He got a full score in sprinting, middle-distance running, long-distance running, the high jump, the pole vault, the long jump, the triple jump, the 110m hurdle, the steeplechase, and even race walking! It is impossible. How could he be so knowledgeable? I can't believe it! How could he know so much at his age?

Li Xue reviewed the questions he had given full scores to, and was amazed to find that the answers were indeed flawless.

What the hell? How could there be such a talented young coach like him? Right, I still have questions for the throwing events to grade. I don't believe he can still get full score. That's it; most coaches who are good at racing and jumping events must know nothing about the throwing events!

The next question was related to the javelin event. Li Xue began to read the answer eagerly.

As a "speed" javelin player, after the athlete finishes the "whipping" motion, the contraction of his upper psoas and abdominal muscles are premature, and the activation of his lower limbs is too slow. The coordination of the upper psoas and abdominal muscles, as well as the lower limbs, is imperfect, which is resulting in an unsatisfactory delivery speed…. He got the correct answer! He really knows the javelin!

Javelin players could be divided into "speed" players and "strength" players. "Speed" players achieved good results by having great acceleration prior to throwing the javelin. This acceleration was obtained through a fast run-up, quick javelin drawing, fast crossover step, and swift delivery.

"Strength" javelin players threw the javelin with tremendous force. They were not as flexible as "speed" athletes; they also did not have as many skilled movements. But they could still achieve good results solely with their strength.

Between the two, the technical difficulty of the speed player was surely higher.

The javelin throwing process was divided into three main stages: the "full bow," the "whip," and the delivery. The first two phrases were technical terms; "Whipping" was an important technical feature of the javelin throw, and acted as a connecting link between the first and last movements. So, if the "whip" was weak, the final result was bound to be unsatisfactory.

Athletes on the national team definitely did not have significant weaknesses in their technical movements; otherwise, they would never have been admitted into the national team.

The premature contraction of the upper psoas and abdominal muscles was indeed a tiny weakness. Had the athlete trained without a shirt on, the coach might have noticed the change in the contraction of the upper psoas and abdominal muscles; however, the athletes always wore training suits, or at least a training vest during training. Their abdomens were covered by clothes, so it was very difficult for the coaches to find a weakness like this given the circumstances.

At this moment, Li Xue was greatly shocked.

The contraction of the upper psoas and abdominal muscle is premature, and the activation of the lower limbs is too slow. The coordination of the upper psoas and abdominal muscles, as well as the lower limbs, is imperfect… this conclusion was drawn during the seminar held yesterday. That means we modified the training plan of the athlete temporarily. Besides the coaches of the javelin group, nobody could have known that. How could Dai Li have figured it out?

After several seconds of hesitation, Li Xue had to give another full score to Dai Li.

The lifting angle is not high enough during the rotation of the upper body… correct! He knows the shot put!

The torso muscles are not active enough… correct! He knows the discus!

Lack of concentration, susceptible to external interference… Perfect! He was even able to figure this one out!

Watching this examination paper receive a full score, Li Xue felt an extreme shock in his heart.

How could this be possible? He got a full score for each question! He even grasped the key point of each question. His answers were absolutely flawless! Could it be that he is good at all track and field events? This idea popped into Li Xue's mind, which made him even more amazed.

Maybe someone would believe that a coach who was Li Xue's age, that had been involved in the training of track and field events for over forty years, was proficient in all the events. On the contrary, however, this belief was a myth. As the deputy head coach of the national team, Li Xue could be considered experienced and knowledgeable; however, he still would not dare say he was good at training all of the track and field events.

But today, Li Xue had seemingly found a master of all the events, and they were only just over the age of twenty. Had it not been an on-the-spot exam with questions given by Li Xue randomly, Li Xue could have believed that Dai Li had gotten the questions beforehand.

This Dai Li found problems that had been neglected even by the coaches of the national team. His observation ability and judgment are impeccable, which makes him deserving of the title "genius." He is definitely talented; I will not let him go.

In the same way there were geniuses among athletes, there were also geniuses among coaches. While some had only been average athletes, they could achieve remarkable things as coaches. Vice versa, some people could be extremely successful athletes, yet have below average coaching careers.

There were geniuses in all industries. They would always make their way to the top, just like this Dai Li's examination paper had, which had given Li Xue the impression that Dai Li was indeed a "genius" coach.

At this moment, Li Xue had the sudden urge to cherish this talent himself. He wanted to instruct Dai Li himself, so that Dai Li could become his successor.

But the idea left his head just as quickly as it had entered. Had Li Xue been a few years younger, or had he met Dai Li earlier, or had Dai Li been a few years older, Li Xue surely would have combed Dai Li to be his successor. Unfortunately, however, Li Xue was almost sixty, and would retire soon; Dai Li was only twenty-five, which was still too young. Li Xue had no time to develop and pave the way for his future successor.

Gold will glitter forever! If you are really competent, I believe that in the future you will definitely have more accomplishments than me. Li Xue's eyes were shining.

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