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Almighty Coach Chapter 147

Almighty Coach Chapter 147

Chong Lin's CT slice had been made several years ago in the Public Security Hospital. He had asked someone to check it, and it had turned out that there was a big mistake. The CT showing a "permanent disability" actually belonged to another injured policeman, not Chong Lin.

Taking someone else's CT by mistake was seemingly impossible, as hospitals usually had electronic medical record systems nowadays, including imaging systems. Before, if a patient moved to a different hospital, every examination, all their medications, and all their treatments would be on a personal database that was recorded on a computer until the medical records department officially put it on file.

Now, however, electronic medical record systems were required in all hospitals. Prior to this, many tertiary hospitals did not have backwards compatibility available for the transfer of information, so manual operation was the main method. For example, when patients are prescribed medicine today, they only need to bring their insurance card with them. Years ago, it was mandatory for patients to have hand-written prescriptions from the doctor.

Everybody made mistakes; such things were unavoidable. Almost every medical incident is caused by human error. Unfortunately for Chong Lin, he was one of the few who had had to experience one of them.

The doctor could only give a diagnosis based on examination results. A wrong CT slice could mislead him or her to make the wrong decision.

To continue actively serving as a policeman, Chong Lin had concealed his injury on purpose. He did not want anyone to know about his wound, and was afraid that he would be transferred and be forced to become a civil servant. Because of this, he had avoided getting himself a second examination.

This was understandable. To many patients, one examination was good enough to tell a lot of things. Sometimes, even if a doctor asked the patient to do something simple like take a routine blood test twice in two days, the patient might think the doctor was just trying to overcharge them. Getting a new CT slice would cause even more suspicion.

Chong Lin had gone to different specialists to double check his CT. To keep his injury a secret, when he would meet with the specialists, he would always say that the CT belonged to a friend of his, who had authorized him to find possible treatments.

Even the most famous specialists would not dare diagnose anything without examination results. Because of this, every specialist had given Chong Lin the same answer: "permanent disability." This, however, was not Chong Lin's actual condition.

The mistake had convinced Chong Lin that he would be disabled for the rest of his life, and would never be cured. So, whenever he was on duty, he would worry whether his leg could bear the pressure or not. After a while, he had given himself a physical burden. Even after his leg had recovered, he still felt pain, and lacked strength. This was a mental disorder, similar to posttraumatic stress disorder; although he was healthy physically, he could not move past his injury mentally.

Chong Lin had been telling himself for years that his right leg was no longer useful, so even though his leg was fine, he still felt uncomfortable. Gradually, his subconsciousness began to sense pain in his leg, and he was unable to use any of the strength in his right leg. While doing certain exercises, he also felt like his leg could not bear the pressure.

Luckily, Chong Lin had met Dai Li. Being encouraged by Dai Li, Chong Lin had finally gotten another examination after years of avoiding one. Now he realized that he had actually received the wrong CT slice, and that his leg was already cured.


By the time Chong Lin returned to the training base, it was already afternoon. He had received confirmation that the mistake had been the Public Security Hospital's fault, and that they had given him the wrong CT slice, which had caused his misunderstanding. Because of this, he felt embarrassed and distressed; embarrassed because he had been convinced that he was disabled had created his mental disorder himself, and distressed because the hospital had made a mistake.

Had it been a different hospital, Chong Lin would probably have asked for medical dispute compensation. But it was Public Security Hospital, which belonged to the public security system itself. The hospital had cured so many injured policemen, that as a policeman himself, Chong Lin did not want to ask for compensation. Besides, if he did, the leaders would get involved, and make this big mistake seem insignificant.

Chong Lin felt his situation was unfair. Because of this CT, he had wasted years of his life. Every time he had been on duty, he had not charged forward like he had once done, and had missed opportunities to earn his honor. Now that he knew the truth, he could not change what had already been done. He had no choice but to bury his bitterness deep down in his heart.

"I think you should cheer up," Dai Li said, comforting him, "There is nothing wrong with your leg, which means that you can return to being the brave inspector you once were!"

"I was not a "'brave inspector,'" Chong Lin said. He didn't look happy at all. His words sounded like a complaint.

Dai Li remained silent for a few seconds, then said, "I understand. You lost a lot of time that you could have spent being a policeman. But now your main task is not dwelling on your past—it's getting your time back!"

Chong Lin glanced at Dai Li with surprise. He never thought that Dai Li, someone so young, could sound like such an experienced old gentleman.

Chong Lin suddenly burst out in laughter. "You are right. I should not stay here sulking. It won't change anything. I should work hard and make up for what I missed while I was gone!"

"That's what I have been waiting for," Dai Li said. He took out a piece of paper from his pocket and handed to Chong Lin. He said, "Here is my detailed training plan for you. I'm going to gradually add to the training intensity. You can take a look first so you can prepare for it."

Chong Lin took the paper. Dai Li had organized the training plan as a table with detailed information. Even non-athletes like Chong Lin would have a clear understanding of the plan.

"Coach Li, let's do as you planned!" said Chong Lin.


Dai Li's training plan contained a high training intensity, which was a big challenge for Chong Lin.

Luckily for Dai Li, he had a good assistant—the massage and muscle relaxation. Whenever Chong Lin felt like he could not bear the intensity, the massage and muscle relaxation would rapidly help Chong Lin's muscles, which would help him return to training as soon as possible.

In the very beginning, when Dai Li had first received the massage and muscle relaxation technique, he had felt that the skill was useless. But as time had gone by, he realized that this skill was amazing. It could immediately alleviate muscle fatigue caused by high intensity training, which allowed him to increase the workload for better results.

Because Chong Lin had once been an undercover investigator, he had strong endurance both physically and mentally. He had gone through dangerous tasks, so high intensity training was nothing serious to him.

In the blink of an eye, the first week had passed. The training had moved on to the second week. It was exactly at this time that almost all the coaches were in trouble.

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