Almighty Coach

By Victory General,过关斩将

Almighty Coach Chapter 146

Almighty Coach Chapter 146

Police Training Base.

Although it was only the first day of training, every coach had already begun doing everything they could to help their trainees. There were only ten days total that had been allotted to training, so every minute was precious. Even people who had gotten here through their connections were treating this seriously. Nobody wanted to be eliminated.

All the trainees were policemen. As part of the disciplined services, policemen had more executive ability than athletes. Plus, the training location was in the police training base, which made the atmosphere serious as well.

Xuexi Zhuang did not like the atmosphere. It was too depressing here for him. But he had to bear it, as he was now in Huajing, and not the Hanbei Provincial Youth Team. His vice-director uncle could not help him here. He would have to put in the work himself.

No matter how much he disliked it here, he had to continue coaching. Xuexi Zhuang did not want to be kicked out by the national team. He put more effort then ever into his training. He had never worked this hard before. Meanwhile, Xuexi Zhuang was also paying close attention to Dai Li.

Xuexi Zhuang had seen Dai Li's coaching. Although he had always been looking to cause Dai Li trouble, he had to admitt that Dai Li was an outstanding trainer, and was much better than he was. Xuexi Zhuang also felt that based on Dai Li's ability, he would definitely be on the Top 30 list.

Where is Dai LI? I saw him this morning, but why has he disappeared this afternoon? Xuexi Zhuang looked around, but he could not find Dai Li.

When the first day of training had come to an end, Xuexi Zhuang had still not seen Dai Li.

Dinner time. Xuexi Zhuang and the other coaches gathered in the canteen. They had all come from all over the country, and spoke with various dialects, which created a lively atmosphere in the canteen.

"Have you heard about this? This morning a policeman twisted his ankle during training and had to go to the hospital at noon."

"That means he must have been badly hurt. If it was ordinary sprain, we coaches could handle it. After a massage, relaxing the muscle and joints, it would be fine. If that poor guy is in hospital his injury must be serious!"

"Which coach is the unlucky one? Being in the hospital costs a whole day. Now his first day has been wasted. We only have ten days to work with our trainees, and he has already lost a tenth of it!"

"Moreover, if the trainee's injury is terrible, he might have to rest for a few days. That would delay the entire training process."

"I thought we would see the gaps between us after a week. But someone has already fallen behind on the first day!"

"We can't rush for quick results, either. We have to do it step by step. Our time may be limited, but we can't give too much work to our trainees. Otherwise, once our trainees hurt themselves, the loss will outweigh the gain."

Everyone nodded. Many people seemed to take what had happened as a warning.

Xuexi Zhuang listened carefully. He knew Dai Li had been missing all afternoon, so he asked, "Do you know where that coach is from?"

"Not sure. But he is young, I heard that he is only twenty-four or twenty-five," someone said.

"Some people called him 'Coach Li,' which would mean that his family name should be Li, shouldn't it?" another one added.

Twenty-four or twenty-five, and the family name is Li! Xuexi Zhuang was pretty sure that they were talking about Dai Li. He was immediately overcome with joy.

Aha, Dai Li! Never thought you would have a day like this, huh? Time, pass by quicker, please. I can't wait to see your face when you are kicked out!


In the clinic, a young specialist around the age of forty adjusted his glasses, taking a closer look at a CT slice in his hand.

Usually a forty-year-old person was a specialist in their area; marketing, finance, electronics, etc. A forty-year-old was usually a manager with high positions. In the government, someone who was lucky enough could become a vice-director around forty-years-old.

But for doctors, a forty-year-old doctor was considered a "young specialist." Developing a doctor took such a long time that a doctor at thirty was only a resident who wrote medical records for patients; to be an attending doctor, one had to be at least thirty-two. In big hospitals, doctors who were younger than thirty-five were not even qualified to sit in the clinic.

The young specialist put down the CT slice and said, "The CT slice tells me that there is nothing wrong with your leg!"

"Nothing wrong?" Chong Lin was completely confused. But Dai Li showed a "right enough" smile.

"That's impossible. I have visited many specialists, and they all told me that my disability was incurable."

"Disability?" The young specialist shook his head. "Your leg is not disabled at all! Your CT clearly shows that your leg is pretty good! To be more accurate, your leg is completely recovered. There are no lingering effects," the young specialist said resolutely and undoubtedly.

"Could...Could there be a mistake?" Chong Lin said quietly.

The specialist seemed to be used to the doubt of his patients. He was not annoyed by Chong Lin's question, but said, "My diagnosis is based on this CT slice; I say what I see. If you doubt the accuracy of my diagnosis, you can check with some other doctors."

"No, we trust you! Thank you!" Dai Li immediately thanked the doctor, pulling Chong Lin out.

After walking out of the clinic, Dai Li asked, "Would you like to see another doctor to double-check?"

"Sure. Let's change the hospital and change the doctor, and see what they says!" Chong Lin nodded. He had been believing that his leg was disabled for years, yet suddenly a doctor had just told him that he was alright. He couldn't accept the news that easily.

As with the first time, they found a familiar doctor for convenience, then looked for a new specialist to check the CT slice. However, the new doctor had the same opinion as the young specialist. From what he saw on the CT, Chong Lin's leg was fine.

"How could this even be possible! A few years ago when I was being examined, every doctor had told me that I would be permanently disabled. Why is everyone today saying that my leg is OK? I didn't receive any treatment these last few years. How could it have cured itself?" Chong Lin was astonished.

Dai Li proposed a question to Chong Lin, asking, "Could it be possible that you were given the wrong CT slice? Years ago, when you were being examined, could you have taken the wrong CT slice, that belonged to some other patient?"

Chong Lin's eyes suddenly shined brightly. He felt like what Dai Li was saying made a lot of sense.

"Coach Li, I have to go back home to get my original CT slice," said Chong Lin.

"No problem. I will go with you." Dai Li walked with Chong Lin back to his house.

Chong Lin found the original CT, then took the two CT slices back to the hospital. The doctors were off duty and the all the clinics were closed, but because of his relationships, Chong Lin was able to go directly to the surgical ward and meet the vice-director doctor who was on duty.

"These are two different people's CTs," the doctor said decisively, pointing to a place on the CT. "You see, the two bones at the same place have different shapes and sizes. Here, also, the bones are different. And there, and that ... These CTs belong to two different people for sure!"

"Then which CT is mine and which is not?" Chong Lin asked.

The doctor stared at Chong Lin, giving him a look that said, "How could I tell which CT belongs to you!" However, the doctor explained, "According to national rules, clinic medical records should be kept for at least fifteen years, while in-patients' records should be saved for thirty years. You can go back to the hospital where you got your original CT from, and go to the archives center to check your records."

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