Almighty Coach

By Victory General,过关斩将

Almighty Coach Chapter 143

Almighty Coach Chapter 143

The next morning, Dai Li met his partner, who would also be his trainee.

"Hi, I'm Chong Lin," the trainee said, introducing himself. "It is the same as 'Panther Head' Chong Lin in All Men are Brothers."

"I'm Dai Li. Nice to meet you." Dai Li stretched out his right hand for a shake as he maintained eye contact.

The man was around thirty-five. He looked ordinary and slightly fat. He was wearing an army green compression shirt, camouflage pants, and sneakers. At first glance, he was definitely not someone you would notice in a crowd. He looked like he was easygoing.

Men in their mid-thirties put on fat easily. Even the slightest bit of inattention to one's lifestyle would lead to a potbelly.

"You are young, Coach Li." Chong Lin eyed Dai Li, too. He had heard before that these coaches were all young men, but now that they were actually face-to-face, he was surprised.

Dai Li replied, "Chong Lin, if we subtract the weekends, we only have ten days to train. Time is limited. To save time, how about we start now? What do you think?"

"No problem. Let's do this," Chong Lin nodded.

"Because today is the first day, we won't do any high-intensity exercises. But let me make something clear now: you should pay attention to your diet, especially your dinner. I think you'd be better off watching your weight," Dai Li said straightforwardly, "Your current weight will affect your make-up exam score."

Chong Lin nodded with embarrassment. He knew he was overweight.

"Today's task is aerobic training. Aerobic exercise is a good way to lose weight. Moreover, if you keep doing this after today, your weight should stay off much easier," explained Dai Li.

"Coach Li, you are professional. I will do as you wish," Chong Lin replied without hesitation.

"Before that, let's do some warm-ups first. Usually we warm up before formal athletic training. By doing so we can avoid hurting ourselves while quickly preparing our body for formal exercises, which will help us obtain better results," Dai Li explained further.

Chong Lin showed a stiff expression, then nodded agreement.

Dai Li felt sympathetic. Because Chong Lin was not an athlete, neither the slimming exercise nor the fat loss exercise would have an effect on Chong Lin. Otherwise, Chong Lin could quickly lose weight doing the slimming exercise.

But as a professional athletics coach, Dai Li did have something he could do. The slimming exercise was not the only thing he had. Dai LI was quite familiar with various kinds of warm-up exercises.

After a brief warm-up, they got into the formal training. As Dai Li had mentioned previously, their first exercises would only be of a low training intensity. As opposed to doing high-intensity work immediately, Dai Li hoped that this method could help Chong Lin get into groove quickly. It was only when the body gradually became familiar with training that the increase in intensity would be effective.

Aerobic training contained jogging, swimming, and bike-riding. The latter two activities lacked equipment support at the police training base, so jogging was the main task for Chong Lin's first-day training.

Chong Lin did well in the beginning, but as time went by he often had to pause to take a break, stooping down to rub his legs.

At first Dai Li thought the reason Chong Lin had soreness was because he had not practiced for a long time, so his body was unable to stand it, and lactic acid had accumulated on his legs. But after some observation, Dai Li found that there was something wrong.

Chong Lin's running posture looks different than the others. One hard step followed by one light step. It seems like he loses his balance. He is acting like a cripple. What is wrong? Did he twist his ankle?

Thinking about this, Dai Li shouted, "Stop, stop please!"

"Coach Li, what happened?" asked Chong Lin.

"Did you twist your ankle?" asked Dai Li.

"What? No! I'm good." Chong Lin looked fine. He deliberately twisted his ankle in front of Dai Li to prove that he was OK.

"It looks like your running posture is different than before," said Dai Li.

"Well, it must be because sand got in my shoe! Nothing serious," Chong Lin said. He took off his shoe and shook it.

"I'm a coach. I don't want to see my athlete hurt himself during training." Dai Li paused, then said, "In addition, athletic rehabilitation is my strong point. If you feel like something is wrong, tell me."

Now it was Chong Lin's turn to hesitate.

Chong Lin lowered his head and remained silent for a few seconds, then said, "Coach Li, to tell you the truth, I have a wound on my leg! But I want you to keep it a secret if you can."

"What kind of wound? May I take a look?" asked Dai Li.

Chong Lin cautiously looked around to make sure that nobody was watching them, then pulled Dai Li to a corner and sat down. He rolled up his pant leg, showing his right leg to Dai Li.

Dai Li lowered his head and took a closer look. There was a long scar with stitches on Chong Lin's leg. The skin had changed color in the middle of the scar, which made it look like the area was burned. The whole scar was ten centimeters long. It was horrifying.

"What's this?" Dai Li asked confusedly. He had never seen such a scar before. It was definitely not a knife wound, but it looked like a serious injury caused by a crash or burn.

Chong Lin put his pant leg down and answered, "It's a gunshot wound."

Gunshot! Dai Li nodded to himself. This gunshot wound was completely different from what he had seen on TV. In the TV dramas, gunshot wounds were small circles. But what he was seeing in front of him was a huge wound, not a small circle.

In fact, real gunshot wounds never looked like small circles. Modern weapons were grisly. A little circle would be caused by bullet shot by a small caliber weapon. If one were to receive a frontal hit, the wound would be worse.

If one was to be directly shot by a larger caliber weapon, the situation would be pretty bad. If an individual was hit in the left side of their chest, they would die for sure. If the right side of their chest or belly was hit, the person would have a 70% possibility of death. If any of the limbs were shot, there would be a 70% chance that the person would face an amputation. Suppose a 7.62mm-caliber rifle bullet was fired into a human body at a velocity of 850 meters per second:. It would cause at least a twelve centimeter-long wound. If it entered the head, one-third of the skull would gone.

If the same bullet hit someone in their bulletproof vest, the pressure would be the same as being hit by an eight pound hammer. A rib fracture would be expected; if the bullet hit a soldier's helmet, it would fracture the skull.

So this is a real gunshot wound. TV dramas are deceiving! I learned something today. This is what a gunshot wound really looks like, Dai Li thought to himself.

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