Almighty Coach

By Victory General,过关斩将

Almighty Coach Chapter 124

Almighty Coach Chapter 124

Although they had not seen each other for two years, Shouliang Zhao still recognized Dai Li right away. He had not expected to see Dai Li here. His mind suddenly returned to the events of two years ago.

Two years ago, Shouliang Zhao had held a training class for the high school PE entrance exam. Shouliang Zhao had since labeled that period of time as a permanent stain on his life. At the time, Zhao was a coach for the City Sport Team, but had been defeated by Dai Li, who had not even graduated from college. This had directly led to Zhao's infamy.

The training class had been willing to pay Shouliang Zhao a large amount of money because of his status. But once word had gotten around that Zhao was not as capable as a college student, no training class was stupid enough to waste money on an incapable coach. They could easily spend that same money employing two middle school PE teachers.

Unfortunately, that was not the only bad luck Dai Li had brought Shouliang Zhao. His brother, Shouren Zhao, who had worked in a sports school as a director, had fired Dai Li as revenge for his brother. However, none of the athletes in the sports school passed the second-level athlete qualification exam. Because of this, Shouren Zhao lost the president's trust. Shouren Zhao would later mess up several more times; he was unable to even maintain his director's position. Shouren Zhao was then transferred to the security department as a director. It seemed as if Zhao had moved sideways, but how much power did a director of the security department really have? Shouren Zhao's original power had been completely taken away.

One could argue that the destinies of the Zhao brothers had been negatively altered because of Dai Li.

Shouliang Zhao was no longer able to continue teaching training classes. Without the extra income, he could do nothing but coach on the sport team. Shouliang Zhao concentrated on training until he finally got some achievements. At the beginning of this year, Shouliang Zhao was transferred to Yuzhou City Youth Team, and was in charge of the long jump team.

This time, for the Provincial Youth Games, Yuzhou City had decided to send a group to compete. Shouliang Zhao was the leader of long jump team. That was why he was on the field.

What a small world! It has been two years; why can't Dai Li disappear forever! I asked about him before, they said he was coaching in Qingcheng City, but later went to the Provincial Youth Team. It looks like he is the chief coach of the long jump now! Shouliang Zhao was jealous of Dai Li's fame.

Zhao knew that only chief coaches were allowed to lead athletes onto the field. Because Dai Li was here, it meant that he was a chief coach.

Shxt! Shouliang Zhao swore secretly.

It took Zhao dozens of years to become a chief coach; Dai Li was only in his twenties, yet he was able to lead an entire team by himself. How could Zhao not envy Dai Li's success?

To make matters worse, Shouliang Zhao was only a coach for the City Youth Team. Dai Li was already working for the provincial team. Dai Li held a higher position than Zhao, which made Zhao even more upset.

The next second, however, Shouliang Zhao burst out in laughter. He looked over at his athlete, his eyes shining with coldness.

This is a good time for you to taste failure, Dai Li! Today's championship belongs to me! Your 7.54 meters is nothing! My trump card Gang Yang can do way more than this! Get ready to be my stepping stone! Shouliang Zhao thought arrogantly. He turned to his athlete with a confident look.

Shouliang Zhao told Gang Yang, "Gang, group A's best score is 7.54 meters. You must exceed it!"

"Coach, this is just a qualification contest. Seven meters is enough to be promoted, is it necessary to jump that hard?" asked Gang Yang.

"What do you know! Do as I say. I have other matters to attend to." Shouliang Zhao's had a sly look on his face.


Dai Li did not see Shouliang Zhao. He took Haiquan Fang away from the arena and went directly to the lounge. Haiquan Fang would surely qualify for the final.

Long jump was a solo event; it was every man for themself. Therefore, even if an athlete knew all their opponents' tricks, it did not help them in the slightest. It was unnecessary to watch group B's performance.

As for the athletes, knowing nothing about the opponents meant fearing nothing. Dai Li hoped that by taking Haiquan Fang away from the testing area, he could maintain his positive attitude and stay calm.

7.54 meters. Such a mark is competitive even for the National Youth Team. He might be able to win the championship! To others, 7.54 meters would be an outstanding performance, but for Haiquan Fang it is ordinary. After all, this is Haiquan Fang's first competition. He is still too nervous to do his best. Dai Li looked at Haiquan Fang with hope. He felt that not that the qualification period has passed, Haiquan Fang had grown up.

Dai Li leaned back in his chair playing with his phone. Not far away, a young coach in his thirties looked anxious.

Last year when I was in the Weightlifting Championships with Aiguo Jiang, I may have looked the same; nervous for no reason, like a headless chicken. But now look at me—I'm pretty calm. I'm grown up! Now that I think about it, Jiang can apply for retirement at the end of this year. It is August now. In four months he will leave the team. Time has passed by so quickly! Dai Li continued reminiscing on everything he had done in the last two years.

Suddenly, someone shouted outside, "Somebody in group B got 7.63 meters!"

"What? 7.63 meters?!" This got everyone's attention.

Dai Li also stood up with surprise. Even for a national level youth game, Haiquan Fang's 7.54 meters was outstanding, and would probably have won a medal. But a 7.6-meter score was at the top level among adult long jumpers.

Dai Li vaguely remembered that in the last Olympics, the long jumper who had represented the country was disqualified for his 7.71-meter score. 7.63 meters was quite close to that mark.

However strong you are, there's always someone stronger. I thought Haiquan Fang would be the best, but there is someone better, Dai Li thought as he walked out from the lounge with the others. He wanted to get a look at the amazing long jumper.

"That guy over there, he is the one who jumped 7.63 meters! He is Gang Yang, from the Yuzhou City Team."

From Yuzhou? He is from my hometown! Dai Li looked across the field and found Gang Yang.

He looks older than Haiquan. He must be an 18-year-old. To obtain such a grade, he must have B or B+ talent! Dai Li approached Gang Yang until he was 20 meters away from him, then detected his characteristics.

Impressive! He has 374 ability points! But why is his talent only a C, and not even a B-? An 18-year-old athlete with C-level talent, but 374 ability points. How did he make it? Who is his coach? They must be amazing!"

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