Almighty Coach

By Victory General,过关斩将

Almighty Coach Chapter 121-125

Almighty Coach Chapter 121-125

Chapter 121: Choose Your Own Path

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Dai Li did not doubt Manager Fang at all with a check for 200,000 yuan in his hand. He was holding four years' worth of Dai Li's salary and did not have a care in the world.

Li really wanted to put the check in his pocket, but, how could he betray Haiquan Fang? "Haiquan trusted me so much," he thought to himself.

"Manager Fang, I'm sorry, but I can't help you with this." Li returned the check to Manager Fang.

"Young man, you are smart. You know how to play hard to get. You refused the shopping card last time, and now you are refusing a check. Is it not enough for you? Ah, that's right, the prices of almost all commodities are rising because of inflation. You cannot buy anything valuable with only 200,000 yuan. How about we do 500,000 yuan and quit the bargaining? Is that enough for you? I'll have a new check brought right up." Manager Fang was acting like a true businessman.

"Manager Fang, you are misunderstanding me. I do not want your money." Li flat out refused this time. He was worried he would be misunderstood again if he hesitated.

"You don't want money? Well how about an apartment then? If you can persuade Haiquan to study in the UK, I can give you an apartment in the Mainland's Prestigious Residence."

The Continental Cooperation was a real estate enterprise, which meant selling buildings was their main business. The Mainland's Prestigious Residence was a new project that had just been completed by Continental. Although it was far from the center of the city, the housing price was close to 20,000 yuan per square meter. If the apartment was even 80 square meters, it would be worth about 1,600,000 yuan.

Dai Li was really wavering now. It was many young people's dream to own an apartment. Many people struggled their entire lives to pay off a 30 year loan for an apartment. These days, owning an apartment was the standard used to judge whether one was successful in their career or not. For men, owning an apartment could at least help them please their future mothers-in-law.

But Li only wavered for a moment. He had his own principles that had to be adhered to.

Li took a deep breath and calmed himself down. "Manager Fang, you must know that Haiquan does not want to go abroad. He wants to be a long jumper. Why are you forcing him to do something he does not want to do?"

"At Haiquan's age, the only thing he should be doing is studying hard. He is too young to understand me. I am his father. I would not hurt him. Everything I do is for my kid!" Manager Fang said.

Li sighed in silence. "Everything I do is for my kid" was the motto of most domestic parents. They made many decisions on behalf of their children using this reasoning.

The after-school classes, specialties, and friends a child had were all decided by their parents. Even as they got older, the major they chose in university and their job after they graduated was decided by their parents. The same parents sometimes even decided who their child would marry.

Li experienced the same thing when he was a child. He understood these parents. They had more life experience, and could see more things than their children could. But Li also knew that the choices the parents made were not always correct.

He subscribed to a different method of teaching, where the children made decisions themselves while taking their parents' suggestions into consideration. Because it was their life, they should experience it by themselves. If they made the right decision, they would enjoy the honor and success that came along with it; if they were wrong, they would taste bitter defeat. But regardless of if it was right or wrong, it would be an experiences they could learn and grow from.

Dai Li said, "Actually, the senior middle schools in Qingcheng City, such as the first and second middle schools, are also great. Both of them have very high academic reputations. If you are not satisfied with those schools, you can send Haiquan to the capital city, or Donggang City, where top domestic educational resources come together. They have education quality similar to foreign countries."

For ordinary families, studying in the capital city was very difficult. Zoning enrollment and registered residency problems were large obstacles. But for Haiquan's family, it would not be a big deal.

Hearing Li's words, Manager Fang stated fiercely, "No way. He must go to the best school in the UK! He is going to a noble school where princes and princesses study, like Eton or Winchester! Many business partners of mine sent their children there. My son cannot study in a middle school in our country!"

"They sent them there because their children are not gifted like Haiquan!" Li was annoyed. He knew Haiquan was very hard-working. Haiquan was not some ignorant rich kid. What had really upset Dai Li was the blind decision Fang was making.

Fang wanted to send his child to the UK only because his business partners had done so. He was simply following them. It was like buying an expensive piece shirt only because everyone else was buying one.

This was a decision that would influence Haiquan's life. He could either stay home and become an outstanding athlete, or study in the UK and become an affluent second generation child with an uncertain future.

Manager Fang's face had turned red because he was offended. He had not been offended in a long time, excluding his son, Haiquan. However, Li did not pay attention to Manager Fang's facial expression. He said, "Haiquan likes long jumping. He would like to take on the long jump as his future career, and he made the decision himself. Studying in a British Noble School like other affluent second generation children is the decision you are making for him.

"Perhaps, you can force him to follow the path you choosing for him. But in the end, he will have to experience his life by himself. Whether he succeeds or not, it is his life. He will enjoy the taste of the ups and downs of life by himself. You can do nothing for him."

After pausing for a moment, Dai Li continued, "Manager Fang, I am very sorry for being unable to help you. I am a coach. I will teach my athletes how to get past their problems; I will teach my athletes how to insist on the things they enjoy; and I will teach my athletes how to stand their ground. But I will not teach them how to quit!"

Dai Li finished his speech, opened the car door, and got out of the vehicle, leaving an astonished Manager Fang alone in the car.

The next second, however, Dai Li came back and sat beside Fang once again.

"What's wrong? Do you regret what you said now?" Fang asked unconsciously.

"I want to tell you that the Province Youth Game will be held in the Sports Center on the 29th of this month. I have already submitted his name for the competition. I think Haiquan would look forward to seeing you there cheering for him," said Li. He then smiled at Manager Fang, got out of the car, and left without looking back.

Manager Fang sat in the car for a while. As he watched Dai Li walk away from him, playing back his words in his head. He had a perplexed expression on his face.


"No, my apartment! My apartment in the Mainland's Prestigious Residence! I have lost it!" Dai Li yelled after letting out a long sigh. "I am so impulsive. If I cannot afford my own apartment in a few years, I will probably regret what I have done today."


Chapter 122: Haiquan Fang's Competition

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The end of August had arrived quickly. The Province Youth Games began on the 29th. There were 36 athletes in total participating in the long jump event. They were all from different districts of the cities in the Hanbei Province, so the competition was relatively fierce. Everyone first had to get through the qualifying session. The thirty-six athletes were divided into two groups, and each one had three attempts to complete a trial jump. The twelve best athletes would go through the next round. The rules were the same as in the Olympic Games.

Haiquan Fang had been put in Group A of the qualifying session, so he would come to the stage first. It was the first time he had participated in a match of this level, so he was a little nervous. Dai Li tried to comfort him and said, "Take it easy. You are the best."

Dai Li was not boasting. He had already observed the other surrounding athletes. None of them could compare to Haiquan Fang. The abilities of most of the contestants were below the national first-class athlete level.

National first-class athletes in athletics events had to get the corresponding achievements in formal competitions to qualify. These formal competitions included national competitions, competitions held by the National Track and Field Association (NTFA), and comprehensive sports meetings held by provincial institutions. If one wanted to become a National Sports Master, he or she had to get the corresponding achievements first. Comprehensive sports meetings held by provincial institutions were not qualified to assess National Sports Masters.

The Province Youth Games were a kind of comprehensive sports meeting held by provincial institutions, so if an athlete could get the corresponding achievements here, the person would be granted the title of national first-class athlete.

In fact, in the U18-level Province Youth Games, national first-class athletes were the highest-level participants. National Sports Masters participated in the U20-level games.

Haiquan Fang was a second-class athlete with Grade-A talent. With Dai Li's training, his ability had already surpassed that of a first-class athlete. Dai Li even believed Haiquan Fang could reach the level of National Sports Masters with his explosiveness.

Many of the other contestants had only barely reached the first-class. Dai Li could see Haiquan Fang surpassing the others completely.

But Haiquan Fang was a bit unlucky. He had gotten drawn first, which meant that he would be the first to make an attempt.

"Come on! Relax and think about the main movements. No mistakes. It is the first attempt. Your goal is to finish it smoothly," encouraged Dai Li. It was only the first attempt, so Dai Li had low expectations for Haiquan Fang. He was just hoping that Haiquan Fang would not make any vital mistakes.

Haiquan Fang entered the run-up area. Surrounding contestants and coaches' eyes were fastened on him. Because he would be the first one making a trial jump, it was normal for everyone to see how it would go. Some coaches even began to whisper to each other about him.

"The first to go usually does not have much luck. Youngsters never have enough experience, and get stage fright in large competitions. It is difficult to behave normally as the first contestant."

"This athlete is from the Province Youth Team. He must be skilled, otherwise they would not have sent him here."

"I'm not sure. I saw the data for the contestants just now. He is only 16-years-old."

"16-years-old? What a young boy! I guess he just came here to try and reach the standard. Still, to get this far at 16, he must be a good athlete."

The age restriction for the youth athletes was from 16 to 18 years of age. If one was older than 18, they had to join the U-20 or adult competitions. But even though the official requirements stated anyone from 16-18 years of age could compete, almost all the contestants were 18-years-old. It was rare to see 17-year-old athletes, let alone 16-year-olds.

For ordinary people, there were big differences in physical development between the ages of sixteen and eighteen. For athletes, however, physical development was identical. Many athletes had adult bodies by the time they were 18-years-old, while 16-year-olds were normally only slightly stronger than younger competitors. Because of this, most players who participated in the Youth Games were eighteen. If they participated in the games at sixteen, there were many physiological disadvantages.

Upon hearing that the first contestant was only 16-years-old, everyone lost interest in Haiquan Fang's attempt. In their opinions, a 16-year-old athlete had to have been a bystander. His performance was irrelevant in their eyes.

Haiquan Fang took a deep breath and began to run up. With Grade-A talent and excellent explosiveness, plus the power of the explosive force halo, he ran quickly.

"He has respectable speed," someone said. The next second, Haiquan Fang reached the takeoff board, and jumped high into the air.

Haiquan Fang was still extremely nervous, and was worried about making the mistake of stepping on the line, so he did not make full use of the takeoff board. He had taken off when his toes were far from the edge of the board.

It was not a successful takeoff. All the professional long-jumpers knew how to make full use of the board, but Haiquan Fang had not achieved it because he was nervous.

But it did not influence his rise. He flew like a bird, and made the walking-in-air movement with his arms and legs. Once he had taken off and felt the adrenaline rushing through his body, he was no longer nervous.

"Whew!" Haiquan Fang's body fell to the sand. He stretched his legs forward and kicked sand into the air. The sand formed a yellow wave that rose up, and then fell down all at once. Haiquan Fang used his waist to stand up from the sands right away.

"Not bad, no big mistakes," commented a coach. At the same time, he turned to the line markings outside of the sands. He was shocked.

"He jumped further than 7 meters, and not just barely further!" he gulped.

An athlete whose performance was better than 7 meters could be selected in the qualifying session even in the National Youth Game. In the Province Youth Game, a 6.60 meter jump could put the player in the top twelve. According to this standard, it was safe to say that Haiquan Fang would go through the next round.

The inspector gave the official result for Haiquan Fang. "7.33 meters!"

The standard for national first-class athletes in athletics events was 7.30 meters. Haiquan Fang would be able to apply for the national first-class with his score.

"Did you hear that? 7.33 meters! He reached the standard!"

"What a lucky guy! He achieved the standard on his first jump!"

Haiquan Fang was looked at enviously by those around him. Most of the contestants were here for the national first-class. But Haiquan Fang did not look very happy. He walked over to Dai Li and said in low spirits, "Coach, I did not do well."

"It does not matter. It is only the qualifying session. And you can enter the next round with your score now," Dai Li smiled.

7.33 meters was not a good mark for Haiquan Fang, but Dai Li knew that at least twenty of the thirty-six players could not obtain a score higher than seven meters.

Chapter 123: It's A Small World

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"Hongyu Xu, 6.21 meters!"

"Shiliang Lin, 5.95 meters!"

"Guolong He, 6.42 meters!"

"Chengyu Dai, 6.64 meters!"

"Yuchi Zhang, 6.81 meters!"

The long jumpers finished their first attempts one by one. Just as Dai Li had expected, their performances were not as good as Haiquan Fang's. The best performers only jumped a distance of about 6.7 meters. Some athletes fell directly into the sandpit due to their mistakes, while others were too eager to get a good score and unfortunately stepped on the takeoff line, thus receiving a zero.

"Huh, seems like the others are only average! I thought I would meet some strong competitors in the Provincial Youth Games!" said Haiquan Fang. He was no longer nervous. There was no need to be anxious when fighting against a group of weak people.

By the end of the first trial for Group A, only two people had jumped over 7 meters in their first attempt. One was Haiquan Fang, who had gotten 7.33 meters, while the other had gotten 7.04 meters. There was a big gap between the two.

Haiquan Fang was much more relaxed on his second attempt. He realized that he would surely make it to the final, so he calmed down and achieved a better performance than his first time.

"7.38 meters!" The surveyor reported Haiquan Fang's score. He had made some progress since the last time.

It was definitely no a coincidence if someone had two good performances in a row. Haiquan Fang had successfully gotten everyone's attention.

"That boy is good. His scores are all above 7.30 meters! I think he has the potential to win a medal."

"I heard that he is only 16-years-old. He has such great ability at such a young age. Who will be able to defeat him once he reaches 18?"

"He might already be on the national team!"

While the crowds were busy discussing, the surveyor reported another grade. "7.39 meters!"

"7.39 meters, it's Chenglong Hong from the Provincial Sports Team!"

Not far away, Dai Li also noticed the grade.

"So that guy is Chenglong Hong from the provincial team. Last year he only stayed with our team for a year before he got picked up by the provincial team. He failed the first time because he stepped on the takeoff line. But his second jump is amazing! Such a strong competitor," Dai Li thought secretly. But he did not worry at all. As long as Haiquan Fang can stay calm and perform normally, 7.39 meters was not a threat.

Soon, another long jumper named Haonan Su achieved a score of 7.09 meters. He was from a a district within the city.

For his last attempt, Dai Li set a simple goal for Haiquan Fang, which was to get more familiar with the environment.

However, Haiquan Fang did not agree with Dai Li. Because Chenglong Hong was 0.01 meter clear of him, Haiquan really wanted to exceed his score on his last attempt.

It was the third time he stepped up to the run-up zone. He felt much different than his previous approaches.

The first time he had stood here, he was quite nervous. His mind had wandered, and he could only rely on his instincts to jump. The second time he had stood here, he was more relaxed. His soul had come back to his body, but he was still not in his zone.

It was now his third attempt. Haiquan Fang suddenly realized that this was a formal contest, which was different from all his other experiences. He gradually got into the atmosphere and excitement.

"7.39 meters? I will do better than that!" Haiquan Fang took a deep breath. His mind automatically displayed the essentials that he needed to perform well.

The next second, he ran up, gradually gaining speed until right before he arrived at the takeoff board. By that time he had reached his top speed.

Haiquan Fang stepped on the board, and with a slam of his feet he jumped high into the air. His movement looked graceful.

"Nice jump!" Dai Li praised him silently. According to Haiquan Fang's movements, he could tell that it would be a respectable score.

"Hey!" Haiquan Fang caused a gust of wind. He fell into the sandpit steadily, then stood up.

"7.54 meters!" The surveyor shouted out the mark, trying to control his astonished look.

"What? Did he said 7.54 meters?"

"That must be true! See, the mark is over 7.50 meters!"

"How can he be that good? An athlete with such ability could represent the national team in the Asian Youth Games! Even an 18-year-old athlete is not capable of making it, let alone a 16-year-old boy! Considering what he has already done so far, he might jump over eight meters in the future!"

"8 meters is close to the standard for the Olympics! Perhaps we will have an Olympian in the long jump?"

"This boy is a genius. He might be selected to the national team within the two years."

The audience was all amazed by Haiquan Fang's performance. He was such a high-flyer. Few people got such good marks at his age.

Dai Li was delighted. He sensed that Haiquan Fang had overcome his stress and was getting into his zone.


As group A's contest came to an end, all the athletes left. Group B began to enter.

The rules stated that after the two groups completed the qualifying games, the top 12 would enter the final. Because of this, the latter group had more advantages. By the time group B had shown up to the arena, their coaches had already received group A's grade report. They were able to estimate what kind of performance their athletes had to have to get into the final.

Yuzhou City's long jumper was in Group B. The team's coach, Shouliang Zhao, was taking his athlete to the arena.

"Coach Zhao! How are you? I heard you were transferred to the Youth Team." Somebody was greeting him from afar.

"Coach Sun! It has been a while. How are you doing? I'm now in charge of the Yuzhou Youth Team's long jump." Coach Zhao welcomed him. The man was a long jump coach in a neighboring city. They had known each other for a long time.

After greeting one another, Shouliang Zhao asked, "How was group A?"

"Three of them jumped over 7 meters. The best one jumped 7.54 meters! There are two other athletes who jumped more than 6.9 meters. S\It seems like at least five of them will be in the final."

"7.54 meters? This should be the National Youth Team's competitor! Who is it?" Shouliang Zhao asked surprisingly.

"He is from the Provincial Youth Team. I heard that he is only sixteen! I say this year's championship will belong to that little boy!" said Coach Sun.

"Sixteen? He is a high-flyer!" Shouliang Zhao said. But his eyes showed hostility and fear.

"I brought my trump card here aiming for the championship. How is there already a 7.54 meter performance? This boy should not be underestimated!" Thinking about this, Shouliang Zhao looked around and asked, "Which one is the best?"

"Over there. That boy in the white track jacket and blue pants." Coach Sun pointed at Haiquan Fang, who was walking with the other Group A participants.

Shouliang Zhao looked in his direction and found Haiquan Fang. However, he also saw a familiar figure besides Haiquan Fang. It was Dai Li.

"Dai Li! Why is he here!" Shouliang Zhao was showing hostility again. "What a small world!"

Chapter 124: A Strong Opponent

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Although they had not seen each other for two years, Shouliang Zhao still recognized Dai Li right away. He had not expected to see Dai Li here. His mind suddenly returned to the events of two years ago.

Two years ago, Shouliang Zhao had held a training class for the high school PE entrance exam. Shouliang Zhao had since labeled that period of time as a permanent stain on his life. At the time, Zhao was a coach for the City Sport Team, but had been defeated by Dai Li, who had not even graduated from college. This had directly led to Zhao's infamy.

The training class had been willing to pay Shouliang Zhao a large amount of money because of his status. But once word had gotten around that Zhao was not as capable as a college student, no training class was stupid enough to waste money on an incapable coach. They could easily spend that same money employing two middle school PE teachers.

Unfortunately, that was not the only bad luck Dai Li had brought Shouliang Zhao. His brother, Shouren Zhao, who had worked in a sports school as a director, had fired Dai Li as revenge for his brother. However, none of the athletes in the sports school passed the second-level athlete qualification exam. Because of this, Shouren Zhao lost the president's trust. Shouren Zhao would later mess up several more times; he was unable to even maintain his director's position. Shouren Zhao was then transferred to the security department as a director. It seemed as if Zhao had moved sideways, but how much power did a director of the security department really have? Shouren Zhao's original power had been completely taken away.

One could argue that the destinies of the Zhao brothers had been negatively altered because of Dai Li.

Shouliang Zhao was no longer able to continue teaching training classes. Without the extra income, he could do nothing but coach on the sport team. Shouliang Zhao concentrated on training until he finally got some achievements. At the beginning of this year, Shouliang Zhao was transferred to Yuzhou City Youth Team, and was in charge of the long jump team.

This time, for the Provincial Youth Games, Yuzhou City had decided to send a group to compete. Shouliang Zhao was the leader of long jump team. That was why he was on the field.

What a small world! It has been two years; why can't Dai Li disappear forever! I asked about him before, they said he was coaching in Qingcheng City, but later went to the Provincial Youth Team. It looks like he is the chief coach of the long jump now! Shouliang Zhao was jealous of Dai Li's fame.

Zhao knew that only chief coaches were allowed to lead athletes onto the field. Because Dai Li was here, it meant that he was a chief coach.

Shxt! Shouliang Zhao swore secretly.

It took Zhao dozens of years to become a chief coach; Dai Li was only in his twenties, yet he was able to lead an entire team by himself. How could Zhao not envy Dai Li's success?

To make matters worse, Shouliang Zhao was only a coach for the City Youth Team. Dai Li was already working for the provincial team. Dai Li held a higher position than Zhao, which made Zhao even more upset.

The next second, however, Shouliang Zhao burst out in laughter. He looked over at his athlete, his eyes shining with coldness.

This is a good time for you to taste failure, Dai Li! Today's championship belongs to me! Your 7.54 meters is nothing! My trump card Gang Yang can do way more than this! Get ready to be my stepping stone! Shouliang Zhao thought arrogantly. He turned to his athlete with a confident look.

Shouliang Zhao told Gang Yang, "Gang, group A's best score is 7.54 meters. You must exceed it!"

"Coach, this is just a qualification contest. Seven meters is enough to be promoted, is it necessary to jump that hard?" asked Gang Yang.

"What do you know! Do as I say. I have other matters to attend to." Shouliang Zhao's had a sly look on his face.


Dai Li did not see Shouliang Zhao. He took Haiquan Fang away from the arena and went directly to the lounge. Haiquan Fang would surely qualify for the final.

Long jump was a solo event; it was every man for themself. Therefore, even if an athlete knew all their opponents' tricks, it did not help them in the slightest. It was unnecessary to watch group B's performance.

As for the athletes, knowing nothing about the opponents meant fearing nothing. Dai Li hoped that by taking Haiquan Fang away from the testing area, he could maintain his positive attitude and stay calm.

7.54 meters. Such a mark is competitive even for the National Youth Team. He might be able to win the championship! To others, 7.54 meters would be an outstanding performance, but for Haiquan Fang it is ordinary. After all, this is Haiquan Fang's first competition. He is still too nervous to do his best. Dai Li looked at Haiquan Fang with hope. He felt that not that the qualification period has passed, Haiquan Fang had grown up.

Dai Li leaned back in his chair playing with his phone. Not far away, a young coach in his thirties looked anxious.

Last year when I was in the Weightlifting Championships with Aiguo Jiang, I may have looked the same; nervous for no reason, like a headless chicken. But now look at me—I'm pretty calm. I'm grown up! Now that I think about it, Jiang can apply for retirement at the end of this year. It is August now. In four months he will leave the team. Time has passed by so quickly! Dai Li continued reminiscing on everything he had done in the last two years.

Suddenly, someone shouted outside, "Somebody in group B got 7.63 meters!"

"What? 7.63 meters?!" This got everyone's attention.

Dai Li also stood up with surprise. Even for a national level youth game, Haiquan Fang's 7.54 meters was outstanding, and would probably have won a medal. But a 7.6-meter score was at the top level among adult long jumpers.

Dai Li vaguely remembered that in the last Olympics, the long jumper who had represented the country was disqualified for his 7.71-meter score. 7.63 meters was quite close to that mark.

However strong you are, there's always someone stronger. I thought Haiquan Fang would be the best, but there is someone better, Dai Li thought as he walked out from the lounge with the others. He wanted to get a look at the amazing long jumper.

"That guy over there, he is the one who jumped 7.63 meters! He is Gang Yang, from the Yuzhou City Team."

From Yuzhou? He is from my hometown! Dai Li looked across the field and found Gang Yang.

He looks older than Haiquan. He must be an 18-year-old. To obtain such a grade, he must have B or B+ talent! Dai Li approached Gang Yang until he was 20 meters away from him, then detected his characteristics.

Impressive! He has 374 ability points! But why is his talent only a C, and not even a B-? An 18-year-old athlete with C-level talent, but 374 ability points. How did he make it? Who is his coach? They must be amazing!"

Chapter 125: An Overage Athlete

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Dai Li was astonished. He knew the detector was correct, and Gang Yang's performance did match his 374-point ability. But what Dai Li could not understand was if Gang Yang only had C-level talent, how did he acquire 374 ability points at only 18-years-old?

Under Dai Li's guidance, Haiquan Fang's ability had grown to 350 points. But Haiquan Fang had A-level talent, which indicated that he had the potential to become a world champion. C-level talent could only make a good athlete; it could not make a national champion, let alone a world champion. There was a huge gap between the best world athletes and the top national athletes.

Haiquan Fang and his A-level talent made for a gifted long jumper; Gang Yang and his C-level talent should only make for a skillful long jumper. There was a huge gap between the two—a skillful long jumper could never keep up with a gifted one, even if he had begun training two years prior.

This does not make any sense. Even as a senior-rate coach in my senior phase I could not help an 18-year-old C-level athlete obtain 374 ability points. Who is Gang Yang's coach? He is so good! Dai Li stared at Gang Yang, waiting to see who his coach was.

Gang Yang left the arena and began walking towards to athletes lounge. A middle-aged coach immediately walked up to him.

So that guy is Gang Yang's coach. He looks familiar. Have I met him somewhere before? Dai Li was terrible at remembering faces. He searched in his mind carefully for a long time until he finally recognized the man.

Shouliang Zhao! That is Shouliang Zhao! Why is he here? Dai Li was in shock. Soon, however, he remembered that Shouliang Zhao was the long jump coach for the Yuzhou City Sport Team. It was understandable why he was the coach of the Youth Team.

Wait a minute. When did Shouliang Zhao reach such a high training level? If his training ability was that good, he would have already been above coaching at this level. He would not need to earn extra money in training schools either, because he would have plenty of money from his fame. But if Shouliang Zhao does not have this much talent, why is Gang Yang so impressive? Zhao cannot possibly have the Coaching System, can he?

Thinking about this, Dai Li called on the System. "Hey, tell me, do you have any siblings?"

"I understand what you mean," the System immediately replied. "I can honestly tell you that I'm the one and only. There is not a second me."

"Then how do you explain Shouliang Zhao's behavior? How could he have improved his training ability this quickly?" Dai Li was deep in thought.

In the distance, Shoulinag Zhao was enjoying everyone's admiration.

Envy me! Admire me! Haha, I see your faces. I know, I know, my outstanding student is a great surprise to you!

Shouliang Zhao looked out into the crowd. He soon found Dai Li.

Dai Li, there you are. I must have shocked you! You will never figure out why Gang Yang can jump 7.63 meters. Take your whole lifetime to think about that. I will never tell you that Gang Yang is older than 18... Shouliang Zhao chuckled to himself.

Gang Yang's actual age was not 18, but 22. Shouliang Zhao had secretly changed his age so that they could make a big splash in the Youth Games.

This was not the first time athletes had "changed" ages. Some athletes had two ID cards—one for their own use, with their true age on it, and the other for entering competitions. There were several special cases where athletes had already thoroughly prepared by the age of only seven or eight-years-old just to ensure themselves a better future. They would not only change their age, but renamed themselves as well, so that once they were examined for qualifying rounds, they could avoid getting into trouble. Even in the national team training camp, many athletes changed their ages. There was a saying that said "the longer one has trained, the younger that person will be."

During the 1990s, it was quite easy to change ages. A few cartons of cigarettes, several bottles of wine, and a red packet with thousands of yuan in it could get you a fake age. Once the registration system became a network, however, it was much more difficult to falsify the information. But there were still holes in the system; if one had a big network, he or she would probably have a chance to do it.

Gang Yang was one of those athletes. He was 22-years-old, and was ineligible to compete in U20 Competitions. By changing his age, however, he was able to participate in U18-level Youth Games. Twenty-two and eighteen were two very different age levels, which meant that there were many physical distinctions between the two. Moreover, Gang Yang had a four-year training advantage on the other 18-year-olds, which ensured he would undoubtedly outperform the others.

Dai Li would not have been surprised if he knew about Gang Yang's true age. The age difference explained the wide disparity between the two talent levels. Gang Yang's ability points were slightly higher than Haiquan Fang's, but he was also six years older. Gang Yang definitely had a stronger figure, and had received more training than Haiquan Fang, yet he only had a very slight advantage in ability. What Dai Li had hypothesized originally was true—the gap between A-level and C+ talents was too large to overcome!


Continental Corporation, President's Office.

Dalu Fang stretched his arms, then stood up from his chair to overlook the view from a window in his office.

The Continental Corporation Tower stood beside the sea. Dalu Fang's office was on the top floor, facing the sea. The view was gorgeous. The weather was nice, with bright sunshine visible everywhere. The sun cast its golden rays on the calm sea, and the blue water glistened in the sunlight. However, Dalu Fang was in no mood to appreciate the beautiful nature. His mind was already thinking about the Youth Game arena.

Haiquan Fang's contest is not finished yet, is it? Mixed feelings welled up inside him. 

From a business standpoint, he did not want Haiquan Fang to get a good score. On the contrary, he hoped his son would come in last place, so that he would most likely give up the long jump after a confidence-breaking event, and study in the UK just as he had planned.

Emotionally, however, Dalu Fang hoped Haiquan Fang would finish in first place, and even win a medal. As a father, he definitely wished his son all the best. Even though he did not agree with Haiquan Fang's choice at all, he still wanted to see his boy succeed.

"Haiquan Fang would look forward to seeing you there cheering for him!"

Dai Li's words flashed across Dalu Fang's mind, which made Fang fidget. He hesitated, then finally walked back to the table and pressed a button on the phone in his office.

"Get me a car. I'm going to the Civilian Sports Center," said Dalu Fang.

"Yes, Manager Fang," the assistant replied on the phone. Then he said, "Manager Fang, may I remind you that you have a meeting with the sales department?"

"Cancel the meeting! Change it to another time."

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