Almighty Coach

By Victory General,过关斩将

Almighty Coach Chapter 117

Almighty Coach Chapter 117

Continental Corporation, president office.

"Manager Fang, Haiquan's training intensity has increased again," the book assistant reported.

"Again? Last time you told me the same thing. Haiquan's training is already longer and more intense than all the other athletes', and now it has increased again? Is he still keeping up?" asked Fang.

"Yes, he is still persisting. It seems like he doesn't want to give up," answered the assistant.

Manager Fang nodded. "We are similar. He inherited my stubbornness. Keep watching over him, do not let him get hurt."

"Do not worry Manager, there is always someone monitoring. Even though Haiquan's training intensity has increased, his coach gives him massages every day to relax his muscles. It works," reported the assistant.

"Is that young coach named Li? He is smart, knowing when to let Haiquan take a few steps back before the impossible happens, all while not hurting his self-esteem. He has been taking good care of my son. Be sure to pay him back later," Manager Fang ordered.

"Sure, I will let the driver deliver a Continental Square golden shopping card to him," replied the assistant.

In actuality, both the Manager and his assistant misunderstood Li. They thought Li had arranged all those things on purpose in an attempt to please Manager Fang and dissuade Haiquan.

Having been a rich man for such a long time, Manager Fang had experienced many people waiting to please him, as well as many different ways that did please him. Fang was used to it, and always thought that others, especially those of lower status, were attempting to do so. It was no wonder he felt like Li was pleasing him on purpose to benefit from it. It was because of this that he thought Li was "smart."

Li had actually never meant to please Fang. All he was doing was trying to promote Haiquan Fang's growth.


Haiquan Fang truly loved the long jump. Previously, when other teams had come to pick out athletes, some coaches had wished Fang join their teams. Fang was unwilling to leave, however. He only wanted to be on the long jump team. Under Li's guidance, Fang had transformed into a completely new person. His grades increased rapidly.

A-level talent was extraordinary indeed. Other coaches could help Fang improve, but not as effectively as Li. After all, Li was at the junior coach advanced level, which was much better than the other coaches on the youth team.

The entire long jump process could be divided into four parts. The first part was the running start; the second was the takeoff; the third was to rise high; and the last part was landing.

There were two methods for accelerating. One was active acceleration, similar to a sprint. This method required higher ability, which suited athletes with quickness. However, it affected takeoff accuracy and performance stability, which led few top-level athletes to utilize this method.

The other method was to gradually increase one's speed, which could guarantee takeoff accuracy and stability. On the other hand, however, it was much more difficult. Professional athletes often chose this method because it was reliable.

The takeoff and rising high into the air could be considered a complete action. The most important thing for the takeoff was to not step on the takeoff line. Otherwise, the athlete would receive a zero.

Rising into the air was the crucial part of whole long jump. After rising into the air, athletes could choose one of three techniques: the knee-tuck method, the back-straightened method, or the walk-in-air method. The knee-tuck method was commonly taught in high schools, and was the most traditional way of performing the long jump. It required low technical skill, hence the reason professional athletes rarely used it.

The back-straightened method was to straighten one's back after takeoff. This action improved the athlete's ability to pull their stomach in, bend their hips, and stretch their legs, which lengthened the distance between the takeoff and landing points. Its one drawback was that it was difficult for athletes to maintain balance when in the air.

The walk-in-air was a posture that became popular following World War II, and was still popular among professional athletes to this day. The movement required the athlete to make a three-step walking movement in midair. The athlete was able to keep good balance prior to landing, which was very beneficial.

The three techniques all had their pros and cons. The world's best athletes had to master all three styles, but they could make choose whichever they wanted between the three based on their takeoff.

Right now, Haiquan Fang was using walk-in-air style. For young athletes, only those who were proficient adopted the style. Because the technique contained three steps, if the takeoff was not high or long enough, one could not complete all three steps. Usually young athletes were not as strong as adults, so the walk-in-air method might not work well for them. This was why many young athletes chose to use the back-straightened method for their performance.

However, without hesitation, Li had Haiquan Fang grasp the skill. Fang didn't disappoint Li, and after a while he got the method down.

On the training field, Li was giving instructions.

"Haiquan, after you complete your three steps in the air, remember to pull in your stomach as much as possible. Only in this case can you stretch your legs. Also, wave your arms firmly."

But Haiquan suddenly stopped. He stared at somewhere far, murmuring, "That guy looks like Mr. Zhu."

Li looked in the same direction, seeing a man walking towards them.

"You know him?" asked Li.

"Mr. Zhu is my father's driver. He used to take me to school when I was young," answered Haiquan.

As they were talking, Mr. Zhu stopped in front of them.

"Coach Li, Manager Fang wanted me to meet you." He took out an envelope from his pocket and handed it to Li. "Manager Fang said to thank you for taking care of Haiquan these last few days. This is a thank you gift."

Li opened the envelope. Inside it was a golden card.

"A Continental Square golden shopping card! I heard that each card shows its value by number. If the number begins with 1, it is worth 18,888 yuan, if it starts with a 2 it means 28,888 yuan, etc." Li searched the card carefully. It did not take him long to find the number.

The first number is a 6! This card is worth 68,888 yuan! That is a lot, even more than my annual income!" Li was shocked. He never thought that Manager Fang would give him such a big gift.

To ordinary people, 68,888 yuan was a large sum of money. But to a billionaire like Manager Fang, it was nothing.

"At the Continental Square, the ground floor is a supermarket; the first and second floors are a hypermarket; the third, fourth, and fifth floors are big brand kiosks; the sixth floor has a cinema and entertainment stores; and the seventh floor is a huge food court. It is a wonderful place for fun! If I use this card, I wonder how many people will envy me!" Greediness flashed across Li's eyes, but the next second, his eyes were clear again.

Li gave the card back to Mr. Zhu without hesitation, "Thank you, but I cannot accept it. Sorry." Li rejected the card straightforwardly.

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