Almighty Coach

By Victory General,过关斩将

Almighty Coach Chapter 89

Almighty Coach Chapter 89

The men's 110m hurdles team selection game immediately became the focus of the Beikou Training Center.

A lot of people felt that Feixiang Lin was asking for trouble. After all, he had not been training seriously for two years. How could he compete against other professionals?

Nobody thought that Feixiang Lin would win. The public had no idea about Feixiang Lin's condition, but the national team knew everything. An Achilles tendon rupture was a disaster for a hurdler. It signaled the end of the hurdler's career. There was no getting around it.

Moreover, everyone had witnessed Feixiang Lin's performance. He was so against training that there was no doubt that he would not have a good time. Teng Dong, on the other hand, had been training hard every day, and was always the first person to arrive and the last one to leave.

Last month, the main hurdlers had all gone to highland for training. They had no idea that Lin had increased his training intensity. Because of this, people thought Feixiang Lin was still nowhere close to what he had once been.

Even recently, when they had seen Feixiang Lin working hard, they had felt that he was simply grinding a spear before a battle.

"Isn't Feixiang Lin's workload quite high?"

"I say it is useless. Tomorrow will be our team selection. I have never seen an athlete perform well with only last-minute preparation."

"He has not trained seriously for two years. Even though he has broken the world record before, he does not have much left. If I were him, I would ask for a waiver, otherwise I would feel ashamed if I lost the game."

"Hey, look, Feixiang Lin is coming!"

"Huh, he really is! I admire his bravery."

The audience gossiped in a low voice.

There were very few requirements for a team selection. Seven athletes were in the game. After they warmed up, they stood at the starting line. The Beikou Training Center owned the best equipment, and their electronic timing system was undoubtedly accurate. There would be no mistakes made today.

Standing on the blocks, facing the track he had missed so much, Feixiang Lin felt something different.

Two years later, I am finally back! Lin sighed with emotion. He closed his eyes, reliving past competitions.

At that moment, Feixiang Lin noticed that his body was shaking with excitement. Every cell in his body was ready to go, as if they were having a celebration.

This is what it feels like to come back to the field. Feixiang Lin took a deep breath, hoping to inhale the atmosphere into his body. He suddenly felt that everything around him—the red track, the white hurdles, the blocks—were were welcoming him back home.

I belong here! Feixiang Lin bent down to touch the track. Recognizing the familiar smell, he had to try his best not to cry.

He raised his head and looked into the distance. The finish line was right there, waiting for him, like a lighthouse in the dark, showing him the way.

That is where I'm heading! Feixiang Lin's hands were holding the ground steadily. He was ready.


Dai Li was anxious.

Feixiang Lin's current ability is 783, which is at the top amongst national athletes. It should be enough to get a national championship. But Teng Dong's ability is above 800!

Dai Li had detected all seven athletes. None of them were as good as Lin except for Teng Dong.

Teng Dong had 813 ability points, which was 30 points higher than Feixiang Lin. However, his talent was only an A-, much lower than Feixiang Lin's S-level talent.

Generally speaking, once an athlete's ability was above 800, the person had the potential to win a world championship. But it did not apply to every sporting event. Athletic events always had fierce competitions, especially in the men's 110m hurdles. Teng Dong's ability was just above 800; it was impossible for him to win gold. Unless he were to compete in a competition where the other top hurdlers were all absent, he would not have a chance.

Unfortunately, however, it was a cruel truth that Teng Dong had a higher ability than Feixiang Lin.

It will be difficult for Feixiang Lin to make up the 30-point gap. I should use the explosive force halo to help him. But when I was training high school students, the halo's force weakened as the speed rose. How much power can the halo provide to Feixiang Lin, a world-class athlete? The so-called 10% explosive force increase is a lie! Li took a deep breath to calm down, but he was still worried about the effect of the halo.

"There must be some misunderstanding. A 10% explosive force increase is not equal to a 10% speed increase," the System suddenly said, showing up out of nowhere. "The effect increases explosive force by 10%, but such an increase cannot exceed the body's limits. You are a coach; you are training humans, not Superman. The System cannot offer any promotions that are above one's body limit."

"What do you mean?" asked Dai Li confusedly.

"It is simple. Let me explain it this way: let's say that a man has 900 experience points in explosive force, and his extreme limit is 1,000 points. After his ability increases by 10%, his explosive force increases to 990, and he can enjoy the complete power of the halo. However, had his explosive force been 950, then the halo could only increase his ability to 1,000 points, because it is his body's limit. Because of this, the halo can only utilize half of its power. Does that make more sense?"

"I see now. The quicker the athlete is, the closer they are to their body's limit, which means they will improve less. That weakens the halo's power. Say, if one's explosive force has already reached its peak, then the halo is useless, right?" asked Dai Li.

"Yes, that is correct. No matter how magical the Coaching System may be, it cannot overpower the human body's extreme limit. The System cannot turn an athlete into Superman," said the System, "But although the System cannot exceed physical limits, the limits can increase through training."

"I know that. I used to not be able to do more than twenty push-ups, but after training I could do 40. But I'm not talking about that. I wonder what will happen if I use it on Feixiang Lin." Dai Li paused, then said, "I want to know how much if an effect the halo will have on him."

"You still don't get it. I told you before. Extreme limits, remember? What is Feixiang Lin's extreme limit? Is it really that poor?" the System taunted.

Dai Li suddenly understood. Obviously, Feixiang Lin's limit was far higher than this—he was the record-holder! This meant that he had a high limit. Currently, there was a huge gap between his ability and that limit. The explosive force halo could offer the maximum increase.

"So the halo can be extremely effective! The 30-point gap will no longer be a problem." Dai Li finally relaxed. As he began to calm down, the proctor of the race called everyone's attention.

"On your mark. Get set..."

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