Almighty Coach

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Almighty Coach Chapter 64

Almighty Coach Chapter 64

After lunch, Jiang weighed himself. The scale read 73.49kg.

The actual weight of a weightlifting athlete was more than the weight class they belonged to. For example, an athlete who was in the 69kg weight class had to weigh more than 69kg. But if one was heavier than the standard acceptable weight, then he or she would not be able to take part in the games. Athletes would lose weight before the date of the measurement by going on a diet and not drinking water.

Jiang was 73.49kg, which was 4.49kg higher than the 69kg weight class. However, considering the fact that he had just eaten a meal and was wearing clothes, the weight actually fell in the normal range.

Dai Li used his weight loss exercise again. He used the weight loss exercise instead of the fat loss exercise because he had already tried the weight loss exercise on Feifei Yu, which had turned out to be a success. He had not tried the fat loss exercise yet, so he didn't know if it worked or not. Because he had told Jiang the effect could be seen after a single practice session, he chose the weight loss exercise to be sure he would see the effect.

"Come on. Get ready. Follow me. One and two, three and four, five and six, and seven and eight…"

"Li, I think your weight loss exercises are more like broadcast exercises, which we practiced when we were at school!" Jiang mumbled while following Li's moves.

"Don't worry. The effects are completely different. Come on, continue. Five and six, and seven and eight…"

"Five and six, and seven and stop!" Dai Li stopped his moves.

"That's it?" Jiang drew back his lips. "Li, are you playing jokes on me today? This broadcast exercise only lasted about 20 minutes. I didn't sweat at all. You told me that I could lose weight with just a single practice? I would rather run around a few times on the playground!"

"Weigh yourself and you'll know if you've lost any weight." Li dragged Jiang and let him stand on the scale. They looked at the scale together as he stood still.

"73.38? It's almost the same as before! I only lost 0.01kg, which could be due to my digestion. It doesn't count," Aiguo Jiang said.

"Jiang, think about it. It was 73.49kg. You lost 0.11kg, not 0.01kg!" Dai Li said and reminded him.

"Yes, you are right. It was 73.49kg. I lost 0.11kg in 20 minutes? Just by performing a single round of broadcast exercises? Am I dreaming?" Aiguo Jiang was shocked. He looked like he had no idea what had happened.

Dai Li didn't answer him directly, instead pointing at the scale. "You don't have to believe me, but you have to believe the scale."

Jiang looked at the number on the scale, then looked at Dai li. He screamed, "Li, are you God? It seems like this weight loss exercise really works. If we keep going like this, I think I can lose 7kg and get to the 62kg weight class!"

However, Jiang shook his head the next second. "No, even if I can lose 7kg, I would not be able to compete in the games. The muscle I would lose when cutting weight would not be sufficient enough to perform well!"

"Don't you worry. I know how to deal with it. I can help you maintain as much muscle as possible. As long as you can lose 7kg, you will be able to compete in games!" Dai Li said confidently. However, Jiang still had an unwilling expression on his face.

"Jiang, my bro, if you stay in the 69kg weight class, you will be kicked out for sure. Even if going down to the 62kg weight class does not mean you can definitely stay, you will at least be giving yourself a chance!" Li kept persuading him.

His words resembled what doctors told their patients. Doing a surgery did not mean one's life could be saved, but not doing the surgery meant a 100% chance of death. When facing the choices of probably living or definitely dying, normally people would choose the first one. Even if the possibility might be very low, it was still a possibility.

Aiguo Jiang suddenly understood. If he went down to the 62kg weight class, he would still have a shot at staying. If he stayed in the 69kg weight class, however, he would have to say goodbye to the weightlifting team. And if he left the team, the expenses for her daughter's future surgery would be a problem. He had no choice but to believe in Dai Li.

He nodded his head the next second. "Okay, Li. Please help me lose weight. I want to get down to the 62kg weight class!"

In the weightlifting training center.

Xiang Huang had woken up a bit late today. He rushed into the training center just in time. The coaches or the athletes were already there.

I overslept by ten minutes and was almost late, Xiang Huang thought to himself. He saw that Li and Jiang were doing the weight loss exercises.

They've already started warming up. What kind of warm-up is that? Looks like broadcast exercises. That type of exercise that barely burns any calories might work for normal people, but not for athletes. I doubt it will help them. Xiang Huang scoffed and ran to his partner Dongshan Cao, ready to start training.

After an hour, Xiang Huang wiped the sweat off his forehead and said, "Cao, let's rest for 10 minutes. We will drink some water and recover our physical strength." He took his big bottle and chugged some water.

Nice! Xiang Huang looked very satisfied. He looked around. He found that Li and Jiang were still doing the same exercises.

They are still warming up! It has been an hour and they have not finished yet? I knew it. Those broadcast exercises barely do anything. Xiang Huang shook his head and stopped paying attention to Li and Jiang.

After two hours, Huang took his second break to drink some water. However, he saw Li and Jiang were still practicing the exercises.

What the hell? Are they still doing broadcast exercises? Are they actually train this morning or not? Could it be that Jiang has decided to retire and become a PE teacher? That must be why he wants to learn broadcast exercises in advance!

After three hours, the morning training had almost come to an end. Many athletes began lowering their training load to soothe their bodies.

Huang looked in Li's direction again and found that Li and Jiang were still doing the same exact exercises.

Are they still doing broadcast exercises? Are they addicted to it? What kind of broadcast exercises are those, anyway? While Huang was thinking, Li and Jiang finished a round of exercises and stopped.

Li said, "My big bro, Jiang, let's stop it here this morning. Let's not interfere with your daily strength training."

Jiang looked at his watch and found that they'd been going at it for three hours. He nodded and began his strength training. Not far away, Huang's eyes were wide opened.

They are only beginning their training now, after three hours of warming up? It is almost time for lunch! Normally we warm up for 20 minutes, then train for the remaining time. But they did three hours of warm-ups with 20 minutes of training!

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