Almighty Coach

By Victory General,过关斩将

Almighty Coach Chapter 62

Almighty Coach Chapter 62

Using one's finger to push the muscles was more appropriate when performing the relaxing massage of the shoulders, but Song didn't expect anything of Dai Li anyway. He was just curious. However, the effects could be felt right away. Song felt the difference right as Dai Li's hands were on his shoulders.

He does know about massaging. The strength is perfect and the direction he pushes in is also very comfortable. It's true that his massage makes me feel very nice. I had a meeting for the whole afternoon, and my shoulders were felt as if somebody had put vinegar in them. But now with this massage, they are not aching anymore! It's so comfortable…

He began to enjoy the massage and his facial expression was showing it. He had completely forgotten that he was laughing at the athlete for being short-sighted a few minutes ago.

Song was completely into the comfort that the massage brought. His eyes began to blur and the thoughts in his head started to take over.

"Alright, coach Song. How do you feel?" Dai Li's voice dragged Song back to reality. Song then realized that the massage was over.

He stood up unwillingly and moved his shoulders. He could feel that his shoulders were very relaxed, almost as if they had lost weight. It was a feeling that was hard to describe with words. Even the periarteritis of his shoulders, which had bothered him for years, had seemed to disappear.

Li's massage was not powerful enough to cure his shoulder. The main cause of periarteritis of the shoulder was the pathological changes of the parenchyma. The result of the changes was that the ligament around the shoulder joint and tendon suffered from chronic inflammation. It would make the external forces less bearable for the shoulder. If Li did the relaxing massage to his shoulders, which could relax the muscles, then all the symptoms would be released effectively. This was what made Song feel like his shoulders had been cured.

"Li, your massage's effect is even better than many vegetarians!" Song praised him from the bottom of his heart. Song finally understood why these athletes had quit their meals and stood in line just for his massage.

"Coach Song, if you feel my massage is good enough, feel free to come again," Dai Li smiled.

Li's reputation grew and grew, to the point that both the athletes and the coaches praised him a lot when they spoke about him. The athletes' respect towards him was quite understandable. After all, Li could give them relaxing massages, so he was indispensable in their eyes. As for the coaches, they respected Li for the same reason. Coaches could improve strength training when the athletes were no longer suffering from muscle soreness. This made every single coach in the weightlifting team appreciate Dai Li very much.

Guangyi Ma, however, was not one of them. He kept looking for chances to drive Dai Li away. But it was very difficult considering the conditions now. He didn't give up. He thought about it for half a day and decided to speak to Coach Song. Even if he couldn't kick Dai Li out, he would give Guangming Song a bad impression of Dai Li.

Song shouted, "Come in" when he heard the sound of knocking. Guangyi Ma pushed the door and went in.

Song sat in front of the computer, which blocked half of his head. He raised his head and saw Guangyi Ma. He pointed at the sofa right next to him and gestured to Ma to sit down.

Ma said right after he sat down, "Coach, there is something I need to tell you. Dai Li is too overbearing. He grabs those athletes to do the massage every day, and it influences their times of having meals. The food is cold by the time they go to the cafeteria. They are already very tired after an entire day of training. It would be too horrible if they couldn't even have a hot meal! That might have a bad influence on their training."

He stopped and saw that Guangming Song was thinking deeply on the other side of the computer screen. He continued, "Even more than that, if they want massage, they can go to the professional. We pay the professional just to ask him to give massages to the athletes. Why does the amateur Dai Li do his job? He is doing someone else's duty instead of his. What if he hurts those athletes? Coach, I think you should do something. It might influence the daily training if we just let him be."

Ma looked at Song. Across the computer screen, Song was looking down. Ma could not tell what he was doing. He waited for 7-8 seconds and finally saw Song raised his head. Song stood up and pulled out the in-ear headphones.

Song laughed like he had no choice. "My wife just sent me a few long voice messages. I don't think it's very appropriate for others to listen to the things concerning my own home, so I put on the headphones. What did you say? I didn't hear you clearly."

Ma was very embarrassed that he had said everything with such a passionate and exaggerated tone, and all his saliva had burst out when he had spoken, yet it had all been for nothing. Not even a single word had gone into Song's ear! Ma had no choice but say it again.

"Coach, I was saying that…"

"Wait, it's time. Let's talk as we walk." Song stopped Ma and grabbed his coat, ready to leave. Ma stood up and followed closely.

"Coach, where are you going?" Ma asked casually.

"I'm going to Li for the massage!" Song said. "This newcomer Li is very talented. He knows how to massage, and he knows it well! The effects are even better than some of the professionals. My shoulder has bothered me for years, you know. I've gone to many people, but nobody could cure it. After Li massaged me last time, I felt much better. Last night it was raining, but I didn't feel uncomfortable the entire night. I moved from one side to another on the bed and it didn't hurt at all! I need to find him to massage me once more today…"

Song's words sounded like a commercial from the TV shopping channel. However, Ma felt like a herd of American bison had stepped on his heart. He was very confused. Coach Song had already confirmed Dai Li's massage, and he had even gone to Dai Li happily. There was no way that Ma could do something about this massage. He didn't want to go against Song's opinion! Now he felt very lucky that Song didn't hear anything because of his headphones.

"Right, what were you trying to say?" Song asked.

"Oh, well…" Ma wouldn't dare to repeat what he said, even if you had beat him to death. "I forgot. Look at me, I have such a bad memory!" Ma played dumb. He realized that Dai Li had already gained Song's favorable impression. It might be too late to kick him out now.

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