Almighty Coach

By Victory General,过关斩将

Almighty Coach Chapter 39

Almighty Coach Chapter 39

Since the day Dai Li had received the Slimming Exercises, he had not practiced it yet. The main reason was that he could not find a suitable trainee. The working conditions were too harsh, and it only worked on professional athletes. Normally, if an athlete could strictly control themselves, their weight would not change much. In addition, Dai Li was focused on training sprinters. Usually sprinters had low body fat, and it was a luxury to them to gain fat. Therefore, sprinters rarely need to reduce weight. Li didn't have many chances to find an appropriate trainee.

Today was his lucky day. He had finally found an opportunity to prove the exercises to be effective. Thinking about this, Li asked Yu, "Alright, stop whining. You wanna lose weight? I have an idea."

Hearing that Li had a way to solve this problem, Feifei Yu immediately stopped sobbing as if she was under Li's spell. She stared at Li with fixed eyes.

Li cleared his throat and said, "I have a series of secret slimming exercises—I mean, five-animal boxing, which was passed on from my ancestors. You know five-animal boxing, don't you? It was created by the miracle-working doctor Hua Tuo, so it is very effective for losing weight. They say you can see the results within one day, be slimmer within three days, and be totally different after ten days!"

Feifei Yu's face was full of doubtfulness. Li must be exaggerating. Even though Yu was young, she would not believe in his "five-animal boxing."

The blood flushed into her face. He felt that he was overenthusiastic. Even a kid would not believe him. He added awkwardly, "Alright, we both know that it's not the five-animal boxing. But the exercise is indeed effective, would you like to give it a try?"

Yu shook her head decidedly, then responded with politeness, "Thank you for your kindness, but it's getting dark outside, I should go back for dinner."

Li had spent so much time searching for this opportunity, how could he miss it? He stretched his arms to stop Yu and said sincerely, "How about you try first? It won't cost you much time, only about ten minutes. If it is not effective, you won't have lost anything. But what if it is effective? You could then lose weight and get back to your original status."

If it was someone older than Li she would label him a drug dealer, but he was still too young. She had been spending too much time on training, so she didn't have much social experience. Hearing Li's words, she hesitated for several seconds, then nodded in agreement.

Li was overjoyed. Finally he had a chance to prove it!

Let's first detect the world champion's ability level. Dai Li added Feifei Li's name onto the training list, then detected her abilities.

Object: professional athlete;

Professional field:

200-meter individual medley; Ability: 643; Talent: S-;

400-meter individual medley; Ability: 677; Talent: S-;

50-meter freestyle; Ability: 532; Talent: A;

100-meter freestyle; Ability: 541; Talent: A;

100-meter backstroke; Ability: 502; Talent: A-;

100-meter breaststroke; Ability: 479; Talent: B;

Butterfly stroke; Ability: 582; Talent: A;

Butterfly backstroke; Ability: 565; Talent: A.

That's a lot! Is this what a world-champion-level athlete is like? Such an all-around swimmer! But now that I think about it, the medley contains freestyle, backstroke, butterfly stroke and breaststroke. She should be a master of all these skills.

Dai Li looked through the results. The whole list not only contained Yu's best performance in the individual medley, but freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly stroke as well. Except for the B-level talent in breaststroke, she had A-level talents for all the other events. She even retained an S-level talent for medley.

S-level talent means that one is capable of breaking world records, and Yu did create a new world record for the 400 meter individual medley. She has a 677 professional ability value. She deserves to be called "world champion." None of my trainees have a 200 ability value. There's such a wide gap, Li thought to himself.

"600 more in ability value is not good enough to become a world champion, she is not even able to earn gold in national competitions," the System explained to Li. "Normally, ordinary world champions possess more than 700 professional ability value, while in fierce contests, only athletes with over 800 professional ability value have a chance to win."

"Then why does Yu only have 677 ability value? She is the record holder in 400 meter individual medley," Dai Li said.

"This is due to her performance decline. She was able to break world record, which indicates that she once obtained over 900 ability value when she was at the peak. It seems like she has fallen back rapidly if her current ability is only three-fourths of her previous capacity," the System explained.

After hearing this, Li sympathized with Yu. She was once standing at the top, but now she was not even capable of winning one more gold in national competitions. Moreover, she was only around 18. How could she bear such dramatic changes?

I really hope that this exercise is effective. I want to help her, Li sighed.


"Follow me. One two three four, two two three four, three two three four..."

Li led the exercise while marking time. Yu stood opposite him, following his movements.

To be honest, Li was teaching Yu what he had just learned. Since he had never taught others this exercise before, it was his first time doing this. Fortunately, this exercise was simple, and with an experienced trainer like Li, it was easy to follow the pictures step by step. At least he could fool Yu, who was a beginner.

Why do I feel like I'm doing broadcasting gymnastics just like in primary school? Yu was following Li's actions, but she felt that something was wrong. Was Li a liar?

As Yu was debating whether to stop or not, she felt a warm current emerge inside her body. and was gradually flowing through her body. Just like a sunbeam in a chilly morning that slanted through the window then in the body, she could smell golden sun. The warmth made her so comfortable that she would like to go to sleep like this.  

I have never experienced such warmth before during my training. Yu had been an athlete for ten more years, but she only felt tired, exhausted, or even painful after training. However, this warmth was something that she had never expected to have.

Is it working? Yu's attitude began to shake.

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