Almighty Coach

By Victory General,过关斩将

Almighty Coach Chapter 36

Almighty Coach Chapter 36

Now that I'm at the advanced level of a sophomore coach, next time I will be upgraded to a junior coach. Even though it requires 5,000 points of empirical value, I could still make it one day. At this upgrading rate, I will become a junior coach within half a year, Dai Li thought, counting time on his phone.

"Half a year is not enough," rang the System's voice. Dai Li's enthusiasm was cooled abruptly by the chilling reality. The System continued to remind him, "It's December now, soon you will have winter break. The new semester begins in February, but ends in July. Remember that you can only gain value points while you are working. So based on this speed, you won't be upgraded until next December."

"Oh no, I forgot that we have winter and summer breaks. Then does that mean that I need to wait 10 months? It seems like I need to reopen my training class in the summer," said Li.

"You are not at the advanced level, which means that you won't get much empirical value when training ordinary people. Once you reach the junior level, you may not receive any value from ordinary trainees at all." After a pause the System added, "but accordingly, your training will be more effective than before."

"That makes some sense. I do feel that my training is more effective than that of the other assistant coaches," Li said.

"Once you become a junior coach, your training effectiveness will increase rapidly, or even make an earthshaking change," the System added.

"That's something that will happen in the future. I don't care. Well, show me my rewards, what do I get this time?" As Li thought this to himself, the System presented a gift pack in front of him.

Li opened the package. There was an antique book gleaming gold.

"A sparkling book? Wait, is this a book of Kung Fu secrets? Yi jinjing? Nine Men of Power? Buddha's Palm? Don't tell me it's Ritual of the Void, I would never castrate myself." Li picked up the book. There were two bold words on the cover: Slimming Exercises!

"Slimming exercises?" Li immediately looked through the book. It was a picture book, and had a little man that was presenting a series of movements, which looked like broadcasting gymnastics.

"What the heck is this?" asked Li.

"Slimming exercises, literally. Just follow the movements step by step, and after finishing the entire series, the trainee will lose weight. This exercise is very effective, and works immediately. The trainee can see the result within one day, be slimmer within three days, and be totally different after ten days!" the System introduced.

"That's impossible!" Li didn't believe it. He asked, "I'm not fat, I don't need to lose weight. Why did you give me this?"

"This is not for you, it's for your trainee. But you have to train your student by yourself. Otherwise these exercises won't work. If your trainee practices by themselves, it won't work either," the System explained.

"You mean that I have to lead the whole training, just like what I did in broadcasting gymnastics in high school? I act as a leader, and all the others follow my movements?"

"You are right. You are the leader. However, since the exercise won't work on you, no matter how many times you do this, you will not lose weight," the System added.

"Is there any size limit? How many trainees can I have at a time?" Li asked.

"There is no limitation. As long as that person is on your training list, and practices under your guidance, that individual can enjoy the benefits of this exercise."

Li was excited. "Hooray! I'm going to be rich! I shouldn't come to this university. How about I open a fitness center instead? There are so many people trying to lose weight, if I lead them through practice everyday, I could earn a lot of money!"

"Stop daydreaming. You are not going to be rich," the System said, bursting Li's bubble. "This slimming exercise only works for athletes. It will be of no effect if used by ordinary people."

"Then this is a piece of shxt." Li was upset. His dream of being rich was dashed.

How many athletes are there in this country? People like Haiyang Chen, who were at a C+ level, could only reach the amateur athlete level after a month of training. As for ordinary people, it was almost impossible for them to be professional.

"What a chicken rib! Such a useless exercise! It looks cool, but is not effective for ordinary people. The upgraded detector is helpful for detecting some talents, but this slimming exercise only works for a specific group of people!" Dai Li felt that life was so hard. He had been working and waiting for three months and was finally able to upgrade, but had gotten something bad! What a bitter surprise!


Soon another month had passed. It was time for winter break. The whole school became empty, and many of the windows in the canteen were closed. Dai Li was not able to leave school with the other students. He was put on duty for another month, and had to spend Spring Festival at school.

It was a pity that Li was a newbie! In government departments, there was an unwritten rule that newbies should do more work than the others. Only seniors were able to live a leisurely life, drinking tea, reading newspapers, or doing whatever they wanted. Therefore, things like remaining on duty during vacation fell naturally to Li.

The work was boring. With the students back home, there weren't many things left to do. The so-called "to be on duty" was actually waiting for any potential phone call in the office. Luckily he got paid for 100 yuan everyday, which made him feel better.

Li liked this kind of life. He charged his phone at the two power banks at night, and on the second day he would kill time with WIFI, reading online novels, checking Moments on WeChat, playing King of Glory, etc. He also registered for a Tengxun TV prime membership, so when he got bored he would watch TV.

What a relaxing life! I would like to live this way. Dai Li sighed, then he looked up at the clock on the wall.

It's five o'clock. I'm off duty.

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