Unfathomable Doomsday

By 姐姐的新娘

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 28

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 28

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28 – Water Meter Check

It was Christmas, the streets were steeped in an air of joy.

This festive atmosphere had suppressed the fear coming from the frightening virus chain infection recently emerging in New Federation.

Lu Qiu hadn’t found the scene odd while walking through the streets, because New Federation had been injecting its residents with a strange sedative.

This may even be favorable for them.

Perhaps, if the city were to one day suffer an air raid, then as long as the effect of the sedative was triggered, the civilians could orderly take refuge in an underground bunker – just like ants returning to the ant colony.

For the ruling class, civilians were not that much different from ants.

In any case, what New China Federation didn’t lack was people.

Lu Qiu followed the memory … lookeing for his target, the Professor, who could develop a vaccine with the effect of suppressing the Blacklight Virus, Ye Fusheng!

He resided in an upscale estate in what was known as the posh district, located far away from the city center.

Arthas, covered in a cloak, followed behind Lu Qiu. Her ears hidden under the cloak were flicking as she looked at Lu Qiu’s attire; she felt somewhat puzzled.

Why … is Master dressed this way?

Lu Qiu wasn’t dressed in a Santa Claus attire, but rather in a blue uniform with the words ‘express delivery’ written on its back. Simultaneously, Lu Qiu was wearing a cap to block his unsettling-looking eyes.

Not knowing why, Lu Qiu could no longer use the Disguise Glasses after awakening the River of Death.

Just like when they had no effect on Arthas, who was a Lich Monarch.

Was he now a creature of the same level as the Lich Monarch?

Lu Qiu was not clear about it. He tidied up his clothes and pulled the cap on his forehead – lowering the brim of the cap as much as possible.

“Ar.” He felt like the Lich Monarch’s name was all too hard to say aloud; and so, he shortened it to two letters for now.

“Master?” When she heard her being called by Lu Qiu, Arthas’ cat ears, which flicked incessantly as she pondered about the purpose of Lu Qiu’s attire, suddenly perked up.


Lu Qiu threw a package, which appeared in his hands out of the blue, at Arthas.

“This is …”

“The Christmas gift; you might have to use it later. Stay here for the time being and wait for an opportunity.” Lu Qiu waved at Arthas behind him and headed towards the upscale estate two blocks away.

“Understood…” Arthas watched Lu Qiu’s rear view as he headed towards the estate.

Arthas was on stand by outside the estate.

When Lu Qiu reached the gate of the estate.

“Hold on. You aren’t from here, right?” After seeing Lu Qiu’s attire, the guard at the gate immediately stopped Lu Qiu. Lu Qiu looked quite strange – the brim of his cap blocked his eyes, effectively covering half of his face.

“I’m a delivery courier…”

“Delivery? Leave it with me; I’ll deliver it for you.” The guard had no intentions of letting Lu Qiu in. Only bigwigs could afford to live here … he couldn’t afford the slightest mishap.

“There’s no need..” Lu Qiu looked up and looked at the young guard.

“What no need?! Isn’t it the same to … leave it … with … me …”

The guard’s tone was somewhat harsh, but then his speech suddenly slowed down. He was met with Lu Qiu’s pupils; a pair of piercing, bloody pupils beneath the cap’s brim.

“There’s no need.”Lu Qiu spoke unhurriedly with an irresistibly gentle and inextricable intonation.

The Vampires were a race which seduced humans into depravity. Now that Lu Qiu had already awoken, he could change the mind of an ordinary person!

“There’s … no need …” The guard’s face had become devoid of all emotions.

“Right, there really is no need. I’m just a courier. I won’t cause any disturbances.”

Lu Qiu gradually shattered the remaining reason of the guard. In the end, there was an expression of fanaticism on the guard’s face!

If Lu Qiu were to tell him to die, the human wouldn’t hesitate in the slightest!

“Right … there’s no need …” The guard opened the gate while acting just like a zombie.

“Forget everything that had happened just now, and then have a nice Christmas, alright?”

The guard suddenly became clear-headed after Lu Qiu had snapped his fingers, yet there was no one in front of him …

“What had happened just now?” He covered his forehead with his hand; he couldn’t remember anything.

On the other side, Lu Qiu had entered the estate, and then followed a path further inside.

“Is this … smoke from gun powder that I’m smelling?”

Unlike a festive scent, Lu Qiu had sensed a harsh smell just as he had entered the estate.

Are there hidden guards? With his perception, Lu Qiu had indeed detected 7 or 8 auras along with killing intent.

After all, there was noway a person who was shouldering the hopes of humanity would let their guard down …

Hold on …

Shouldering the hope of humanity …

Lu Qiu’s pupils shook slightly, and he suddenly thought of something.

If he was part of New Federation’s upper echelon, would he let a person who was fitted with the knowledge of saving the entire Federation go on holidays? Even though there were people on guard, but it was too lax, right?

Ordinary level-B Espers could effortlessly break through such precautions; and that was being conservative.

It was quite obvious that New Federation’s upper echelons didn’t attach importance …

“Arthas.” While heading towards the depths of the estate with his head lowered, Lu Qiu was simultaneously communicating with Arthas via their souls.


“I have given you a Christmas gift before leaving, right?”

Christmas gift?

In the street outside the estate, Arthas opened the oversized package that Lu Qiu had given her.

If it wasn’t for the strength of the Lich Monarch … an ordinary person might not even be able to lift the package.

Arthas lowered her head, and looked at the great amount of black, metallic items inside; a hint of gun powder spreading from inside the package.

“Do you know how to use them?”

“I know …” Arthas knew how to use the technology from this era.

“Very good. Summon your Crypt Fiends, and let them bury these items in the ground. As for how to bury them, as the Lich Monarch who had led the undead army to purge the human world, you should know how to, right?”

Crypt Fiends were spider-type fiends which could live underground; they were an integral part of the Lich Monarch’s army.

“I know.”

Without hesitation, Arthas pulled out her Frostmourne and pierced it into the ground, without anyone taking notice.

A large amount of monsters with the outward appearance of giant spiders emerged underground. Under Arthas’ orders, one of the spiders dug out the soil below her feet, took away the huge package, and sneaked into the estate.

On Lu Qiu’s side.

“Even tough I might be overthinking it.”

Lu Qiu was already standing before the tremendous manor of the estate.

But isn’t it always preferable to have some insurance?

Lu Qiu looked at the number written on the plate, and then knocked on the door.

Before long, a voice came from behind the door.

“Who is it?” The person, who had spoken, had simultaneously looked out the window of the door; the person couldn’t see Lu Qiu’s appearance clearly because of the cap.

“I’m a courier …no…” Lu Qiu once more pulled on his hat, and cracked a smile.

“I came to check on the water meter …”


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