The Legend of Shane & Davine and The Battle Begins oneshot

The Legend of Shane & Davine and The Battle Begins oneshot


Shane & Davine


The battle begins

Ishan Dutt


1. Kings OF Fantasia

In this universe, there are many dimensions. Each dimension has its different world with different lives. There is a place Fantasia in one of the dimensions, it’s a magical world where magic and creatures of all kinds live together.

It’s a magical world where humans, vampires, werewolves, dragons, ogres, witch & wizards and many magical creature lives together.

Everyone had their own dynasty and kingdoms, but they were all live together. Everything was going well until……..

Two warriors  born in the land of Fantasia. They are known as Foress and  Ratanculas .

Time   passed ,  Foress becomes a king of vampires while Ratanculas becomes a werewolves king.

Foress is 28 year old ,he’s  a man with wrinkled in the face with spiky blue beard and with a bald head.His eyes are red like blood , and his nose are skewed .he is 5’9” and is very thin. His clothes are quite masculine, He wears armor t-shirt and pant and  boots and prefers them to be black. he also wears an overcoat . A notable feature is his distinctive walk.When he walks , he keep his left hand on his waist . His behavior is full of malicious.

Ratanculas  is 25 year old young king with long yellow hair that touches his knees, His eyes are blue like water ,and his nose is short and thin . he is 6’1” and has broad chest. His clothes quite fit and stylish with pattern. He often wears gold bracelets on his left wrist. A notable feature is his nice voice. His voice has the guts , people seem appealing his voice .His behavior is like gentlemen and kind king.

In  both  kings there  is a similarity  and a difference. They wants  blood for their thirst. But werewolves didn’t  want to harm the humans and vampires likes to drink their bloods.

Foress and Ratanculas are best childhood friends. Both of them spend time together and grow together. Ratanculas wants to become friendly to everyone in Fantasia but Foress wants to rule over Fantasia.

Then one day Foress was destroying the whole Fantasia in his vampire form. Everyone was running here and there with the fear. Foress grabs a man and sucks his blood and says “You can’t escape”.

The messengers of werewolves see everything and they come to Ratanculas palace and told whole things to the Ratanculas.

After hearing the message Ratanculas become angry, but he controls his anger and said “Foress and I were good friends. Go and tell him to stop destroying the Fantasia.’’

“as you wish, my lord, ’’ messenger said that and transform into werewolf.

He reaches to the palace of vampire. The two soldiers at the palace door stop him and ask “who are you and what you want?”


Messengers transform into the normal form and said that “I am the messenger of were-wolves; I have the message for your king from my lord Ratanculas so, please let me go.”

Both soldiers whispered to each other and one of them said to the messenger “stay here”.

The soldier goes inside the palace and asks Foress that “My lord, the messenger of werewolves have some message for you.” Foress tell him to send him inside.

The messengers come inside the palace and look around the palace. The soldier lets him to the hall where Foress were drinking blood in a silver goblet. He wipes his mouth and asks the messenger “what message do you have?”

The messenger hail down and said, “Long live lord Foress, King Ratanculas has asked you to stop the devastation. Don’t kill innocent people.”

After listening  this Foress became angry he stands and transform into a vampire. He fled, and came near to messenger and sat on him. He put his sharp nails on his face and said “he‘s no one to stop me. Go and tell that to your king.’’

That messenger returned to the palace and tells every word of Foress to his king in front of the court. King Ratanculas can’t control his anger and said that “I want to leave alone for some time; the meeting will proceed after 1 hour”.

Everyone waiting for the king’s decision, but Ratanculas can’t take his decision, He only remembers the friendship of Foress He ask himself that “I can’t fight with my friend what can I do?”

   After sometimes he gets an idea. Again court meeting continues and everyone is waiting for a king's decision. King Ratanculas come to the hall and everyone salutes him, then he sits on his throne and say, “werewolves and vampires can’t live together. I want the Partition of Fantasia.”

Everyone in court gets surprised by the king's decision. Everyone stare each other. Later they agree with the king's decision.

At midnight king Ratanculas go to his royal bedroom and meet his wife Sara.

Sara has fair look and long red hair. She is 5’8”. Her clothes are usually quite old fashioned and she prefers them to be red colored. A notable feature is her smile. Now days she is pregnant.

After watching the worried expression of his husband, she asks him, “What is the matter, why are you so worried?”

Ratanculas explain everything to her. After listening to him, Sara says “I believe in you, you willdo your best.”

King Ratanculas gave a smile to her and said “good night my queen”.



It is dawn, but there is still full moon and darkness in the sky. There is never sunlight in some place of Fantasia, Especially where vampires and werewolves live.

On that day Ratanculas prepare to go to every city of Fantasia to meet their king. Firstly he went to human dynasty, where human king Bradus welcome him and take him to his palace. There were gold and silver everywhere, not only on the wall of the palace even the court people wearing the dress with gold and silver embroidery.

King Bradus was old, he has round face and trustful eyes, and he is 5’4” and fat.
He takes Ratanculas with him to show his palace He has also arranged a welcome ceremony in honors of king Ratanculas Then Bradus take him to a room. 

This place was very special, only the royal bloods of every Dynasty were allowed to come. When the both kings were alone in the room Bradus begin the meeting and asked him “Now tell me what is your purpose to come here and what can I do for you?’’

King Ratanculas take a deep breath and said it is about the Partition of Fantasia.
King Bradus ask him why he wanted so….;

Then Ratan told all the trouble that was brought by Foress . Bradus have thought for a while and say I will consider your concern.

It is dark outside and the king went to sleep. Ratanculas went to sleep in the royal guest room. The only thing that he was thinking at that time was what would be the decision of king Bradus.

It is morning, Ratanculas is preparing for his next journey to wizard dynasty. When he was ready to leave, he saw Bradus near his horse. He goes near and asks Bradus “Is everything is alright?” Bradus move his hand forward and says we are with you, and then they hugged. King Ratanculas ride on his horse and starts his journey to the world of wizards. 

When he reaches, wizard dynasty, King Ormaan also welcomes him. 

Ormaan is of the same age as werewolf king. He is fair having long black beard and wearing round shape glass.

After talking about their personal life they begin to discuss on the major problem of Fantasia that was its Partition. After knowing the whole truth and the situation, the wizard king agreed.Meanwhile, he meets an ogre’s king  Ogrus and then dragon king Shenlong.

Ogrus have a green color body and red eyes with horns on his head; he is 7’2” and has six packs. He only wears an animal skin. A notable feature is his bad teeth,Whereas; Shenlong is an old man with small, friendly eyes and long moustache. He is 4’9” and is very thin. His clothes are usually quite fine and he prefers them to be patterned.

Both of them also agreed to Ratanculas proposal.

After all these meetings Ratanculas return to his city. Every citizen welcomes his king. Firstly, he goes to his palace and meets his queen. She welcomes him with love. He tells her, everyone has agreed  to my proposal. After these entire harsh journeys, there was relief on his face. When the queen saw his king in relax she gives a little smile.

 Next day, the council has been gathering on the land of Fantasia. 

Council was a group of people, who spread knowledge and justice in fantasia. All of them wear a white dress with hood. 
All kings from every dynasty and three expert guardian are the member of the council.

 Everyone was present there except one the vampire king Foress. Everyone there was worried about Foress. One of the guardians says that this assembly will not start until everyone is present there and no decision will be taken. 

All people were looking at each other and talking each other, suddenly the door open and king Foress comes inside with his two elder sons, Gordon  and Pitusha.  Foress have more children. Three sons, their name were Tony, Gemminics, {the twins Gem and Minnics} and two name Medusa and Chily.


One guardian says to Foress to take his place, Foress smile and says “with pleasure” he looks to his children and tell them to sit.

Assembly begins; Ratanculas put his view in  front of council. After 6 hours of assembly, guardian finally gives a decision. They agree to Partition of Fantasia.

Then one guardian said. “Fantasia is now country instead of state”. ‘‘The entire kings write the name of their state in a paper kept in front of your table”. another guardian said.

 All kings write the name of their state on paper, and give it to the Guardian in the hall.
One guardian start picking paper and one by one announces the name of every state loudly.

“The Human’s state is now known as Mysticon,

The Wizard’s state is Abra city,

The Ogre’s state is now Demonland,

The Dragon’s state is Doragonrando,

The Vampire’s state is called as Vampire state,

And lastly the werewolf’s state is Wolf domain.”

Everyone in the hall stands up and claps.
“Now everyone here having their own state, I think all of you are happy now.” One Guardian says.

All people stand and go away from there, except the two kings-Ratanculas and Foress with his children.

“Kids go to your mother,she would wait for you,” Foress said to his children. They go out of the assembly.

Ratanculas go near Foress put his hand on his shoulder and say to him “let’s forget everything and have a new beginning.” But Foress get angry and remove Ratanculas hand away. It’s too late now Ratan… Too late… he says and goes away from there.




Ratanculas was happy with the Partition, but some time he becomes sad. Lastly, when he sees in the town, he saw  everyone  there, today there were only werewolves.

 Foress is angry in his Palace; he was throwing things here and there. His minister Zin came to visit him.

Zin has tan skin, dark brown eyes and short black hair; he is 5’7” and has a muscular build. His clothes are usually loose and he prefers them to be dark colored. A notable feature is his nice cologne.

Zin asks “why you are so upset, is there any problem my lord.”
Foress give an angry look to him and says “what Ratan think of himself, it was  better when fantasia was one; he also insults me in front of everyone.”

“It is good for us my lord,” Zin says. 

Foress Look at him with full of surprises and ask, “How?”

His minister Zin starts explaining. “When Fantasia was one it was difficult to attack on whole dynasty, now think over it every dynasty is now separated. Now you can destroy every dynasty without any problem. You can spread vampire all over the land of Fantasia.’’

Then Zin goes to window, and continue his words that “you can rule over Mysticon, Demonland , Doragonrando, Abracity, Wolf domain along with Vampire state.”

After listening this Foress become happy, he immediately announces for the preparation of vampire armies.

Then everyone in Vampire state goes to the palace and become the part of vampire army.

Vampire armies are ready till midnight, all of them wear armor with the symbol of a bat and their flag is of red color with the bat.

Next eve, Foress is also ready, he wears black armor with spikes on the shoulders, and he takes his weapon saber with him. He sits on his horse and ordered his army to step forward in direction of Mysticon. Every soldiers move forward    and   Foress is leading them.

In Mysticon, the sunset and moonrise in sky. Everyone is live in peace and enjoys their life women are buying vegetable and chat with one another; Children are playing on a street.

 Suddenly, one child sees something in the sky. He asks his father “what’s that father?” 

Father doesn’t answer because he also doesn’t know. After sometimes they are visible in the sky. They are large amount of vampire army in bat form.                   People of Mysticon didn’t understand what is happening.

Then Foress come forward and order them to shoot arrows on people, every vampire start shooting arrows from the sky. After seeing large amounts of arrow coming toward them people start running in fear.   Many people die from that arrow and vampires still attack on people of Mysticon.

Commander at palace gives news to king Bradus.

The commander has brown skin, light brown eyes and black wavy hair. He is 6’3” and has a muscular build. His clothes are quite tacky. He has a faint tattoo on his nose. 

Then Bradus says with anger “So Foress wants to fight with us. Ok, then prepare armies for battle. But first you help injured people on Mysticon.”

Commander salutes him and goes toward the main door. Suddenly the Door open and a fast arrow come inside and throw the king crown away from his head. King Bradus ran to pick his crown. Foress enter inside and cut the commander's head off. He quickly gets near human king and throws him down and put his feet on his face.

“This is your place, you fat king of Mysticon”, Foress says. 

Bradus gets angry and says “you have to pay for this Foress.” He pushes Foress with full power and grabs his sword and attack on Foress, but Foress dodged his attack and grab his hand and take his sword.

Then Foress look at him and say “oh, you don’t have to do it”. King Bradus get scared, he tries to free him, but he can’t.

 Then Foress cut his right hand. King Bradus scream with pain and get down on the floor; he looks at his hand and blood over the floor.

Foress lick the blood from the sword and throw it away. He orders his soldiers “get this king away and lock him in the dungeon”.

Soldiers follow their king’s order and take king Bradus with them and lock him in the dungeon.

At night Foress celebrate on his first victory, he organized party on Mysticon’s palace , while on same time Bradus state secretary secretly goes to his king. “Only one can save us from this vampire, Ratanculas the werewolf”. King’s secretary says after see the condition of his king. 



4. Ratanculas died


Ratan was celebrating a party in his palace, today he has become a father. His wife Sara has given birth to two beautiful children. He goes near to his wife, who has both baby in her lap and he holds, both of them in his hand to kiss them on their forehead and announces their names.

“My elder son will know as Fernado culas  and younger will be Leonardo culas.”

Everyone in the place was clapping, but suddenly a soldier came near to the king and whisper in his ear. The expression of Ratan’s face suddenly changed. He rushes to his meeting room where Mysticon’s minister of state was waiting for him. The minister told him everything about  Foress job.

Ratan stops him in the middle, “It’s enough, you don’t have to tell more,” he says standing on one side of the room.

He commands his minister to prepare soldiers for war.

He says “we have to save people of Mysticon and stop Foress’s destruction.”

On one side Ratan was preparing his warrior for the war against Foress, and the Foress was getting ready to Attack on Demonland.  

The next morning forest was ready to attack on Demon land with his army. But Ratan’s army was waiting behind the trees to stop Foress and his army. King Ratanculas was sitting on a tree and watching Foress army.

When Foress army went away from the Mysticon palace .Ratan signaled to his two soldiers to move forward. Both soldiers see the guard on the top of the palace, and then they ran toward the guard and transform themselves into werewolves and grab the guard and throw to the ground.

Ratanculas transform into a werewolf and jump down from tree and shout “attack…..’’.

His army gets inside the palace. They were moving forward and killing every vampire on their way .They save the slaves and reach Royal Palace of Mysticon. Foress’s. Minister and some guard were on the  palace door and they look at Ratan with full of surprises.

Minister says “king Ratanculaswhat are you doing here?

Ratan see them with full anger and say “I am the death of your king.”

 After hearing Ratan words, the minister gets angry and attack on him, but Ratanculas defeat the minister and go toward the dungeons. He starts looking for king Bradus and finally find him in the prison. Ratan imprisons king Bradus.     

The king Bradus was badly injured. He looks like a beggar of the street rather than king.

King Bradus hugs Ratanculas and start crying. King Bradus just cry like a small child who get afraid of something, then he says “thank you my friends, you come here to save my people?’’

Ratan smile and say “I am always there for my friend”. Then he says “come with me my friend”. He let the king Bradus to the hall of the palace where all citizens of Mysticon were already gathered for their king.

Ratan brings crown for the Bradus, but Bradus interferes and say “what are you doing? Foress is still alive, he will come soon and where is my son?’’

Then Ratan says with confidence “don’t worry about your son, Demit is fine with my soldier. He is the greatest warrior like you Bradus.”

 He also says “don’t worry about those vampires. They can’t come inside this city.”

“But how” Bradus ask him. Then Ratan explain him everything and said “my soldier has put a shield around the city. They put garlic cross all around your city which makes an invisible wall. No freaking bats will dare to cross that wall’’.

After knowing everything, Bradus feel some relief. He says “Ratan, I have lost my hand during battle and, you know, job of king is full of responsibility. I want to give this responsibility to my son”.

Ratanculas laughs and say as you wish Bradus. Ratanculas calls Demit and put the crown on his head. Everyone cheers together “all hail king Demit, all hail king Demit ………”

Demit has a small nose and full lips and fine gray hair. He is 6’0” and is underweight, his clothes are usually quite masculine and he prefers them to be white. A notable feature is his white sparkling teeth.

Everyone celebrating at night. One soldier of Mysticon come there and says “some vampires are heading toward us.” All of them frightened and start running here and there but Ratan shout “everyone quite”. All of them stop.

Ratan start saying again. “Don’t be afraid, they can’t come in.’’

“How can you be so sure?” one old man asked. “Come and see with your own” Ratan answered him.

Everyone goes out to see everything by themselves. Four vampires were coming toward them. Everyone was afraid except Ratan .

All vampire look at each other and talk to each other.

1st vampire says “what the hell they are doing outside?’’.

Then 2nd vampire answered “they are going to attack on us, you fool”.

 Then the 3rd vampire says “now tell me how you can say that?’’

2nd vampire points his finger toward Ratanculas and says “look over there, king of the werewolves   Ratanculas with his wolf armies . 

4th vampire laughs, he has slowly come forward and say “what are we waiting for, let show them the  power of vampires.”

1st vampire says “charge’’.  All 4 come down to attack, but all collapse and start burning, in few second they become ash.

After watching all this all people of Mysticon take a deep breath, now their city is safe from vampires. King Bradus come forward and he says 3 cheers for king Ratanculas.

People shouts “hip, hip, hurray………… 3 xs.”
Next morning Ratanculas preparing  to  leave.  King Bradus suddenly come there, and then Ratan says “welcome my friend how is your wound”.

Then Bradus says “Ratan please stay here for some more days”. Ratan smile and says “I am sorry my friend, but I have to return to the Wolf domain to take care of it and also spend some time with my sons”.

Bradus become very happy and says “what! Your sons had born, congratulation friend, and what do you mean by sons? Do you become father of more than one son”?

Bradus ask in surprise. Ratan laugh and says “yes my friend you became uncle of two handsome boys.”

“Soon my son’s wife is going to give birth to his child. Anyway, congratulation again for being father’’.Bradus said.

Suddenly Bradus become sad and says “sorry I have nothing to give to your son.’’

“Don’t worry Bradus .your love and good wishes are enough for my children”. Ratan says   and keep his hand on his shoulder .

both of them hugged each other and say “good bye’’.

Ratan sits on his horse and start his journey back to his state.

He happily rules his state with her wife and son for 8 years. Meanwhile Foress want to take his revenge and waiting for a good chance.


After 8 years he got a chance.

Ratanculas was going to meet his human friend in Mysticon city. Ratan takes a few of his personal soldiers and starts his journey to Mysticon.

He crosses the border of wolf domain, then crosses forest and reaches desert.  Suddenly, from the sand the army of vampire came out and attack on werewolf army.

Vampires were in the lead because they were more in number. Watching his army being killed.

Ratan transforms him into a werewolf and   starts fighting with vampires. The Vampires were coming and Ratan was killing them, Ratan was killing everyone but suddenly from behind, beneath the sand something was moving.


He was Foress he suddenly comes out of sand and attack at Ratan from behind, he stabbed his sword into Ratan’s heart.

Ratan shouted in pain and fell down to the ground. Then Foress change into normal form.

Foress lick his blood from the sword and say “HmmmTasty”. He throws his sword and starts roaming around his body and says “you always want to become a great king”.

Ratan blood spread all over the ground and he can’t move. Then Foress come in front of him and say “you think you are a great king, but you are nothing but a poor beggar for me.

Foress kneel down and smile while saying that “I will destroy your wolf domain and no one can defeat vampires. We are the most powerful creature.” Then Foress stands up, raise his both hand and say “we rule all over the land of Fantasia”.He starts laughing aloud.

Meanwhile, Ratan change into normal form, he grabs his wound, and turn toward Foress and shout, “that’s enough…. you are so proud to be a vampire, I can’t stop you but one day someone will  come  and he will destroy you and your whole vampire army.” 

Foress get scared and after few minutes he starts laughing, then he says “oh, my friend, you are never going to change, you are going to dead, and still you are making jokes”.
Ratan also smiles and say “remember my word Foress, this is not only my last words, but also my promise,” Ratan fall down and take his last breathe.

He starts reminding his lifehis wife and his both sons. His only last word is “good bye everyone… and sorry Sara and my sons.” Then he died and the great werewolf king gets his end.  

5.  attack on wolfdomain


The news of Ratanculas ‘s death flow like a wind all over the Fantasia. Foress start thinking thatnow he’s only the strongest being alive and his power increases. He goes to attack on wolf domain.
At wolf domain, werewolf general comes to visit Queen Sara.

General is an old man and has white, straight hair, he is 5’9” and thin. His notable feature is his voice.

He meets Queen Sara and gives her the news that “Foress and his vampire army is going to attack on us.”

After hearing his word queen Sara ordered his general “get the entire citizen with you immediately and let them to the cave toward the east.” 

General reply “all right queen, but what about you?”

 Then queen says with confidence “I’ll come back later.”

Again general, try to say with tension “but queen” 

However, queen interrupts and reply “not any word this is my final order and one thing more take Fernard with you safely. I will take Leo and go to the village to see people.”

General says “Queen Sara, our soldier do this job, you don’t need to worry about the villagers.”

General tries hard to convince queen, but he failed. Queen shout “Fernard come here”.

Little Fernard with little Leo come to meet Sara. Fernard is an 8 year old young boy with black hair and has blue eyes and Leo is also an 8 year old boy but 5 minute smaller than Fernard, he has yellow hair and green eyes. Both of them are just like Ratanculas.

They salute queen and general salute them. Fernard ask “what happens mother why did you call me?” she tells Fernard to go with general and kiss on his head. Fernard become confused, but he follows his mother’s order.

Again, general tries, but queen interfere and say “get away quickly, this is for our future”.

General can’t understand anything. suddenly, one soldier come and say “vampires, are coming this way”.

Queen holds the Leo and look at Fernard saying “be safe”.

General, leave the room and ask his army to get all people to the cave to the east.

Every soldier does the same thing, and gets every citizen to the cave. All soldiers are shouting that “get to the cave, vampire are coming”.

But one old man comes forward and says “why are we running, we are the werewolf and we have a great king Ratanculas.”

One soldier comes forward and says “look old man, the first thing our king is dead, and secondthey are in large no. and third this is our queen order to save us. So, you still want to fight?’’. 

The old man gets scared and says “no”. Soldier then push him forward and say “so, move on”.


At  the castle, queen Sara wears her armor and get her swordLeo stare at her seating at the corner and ask her  “are we going to die mother?” , “ Not now, son’’ queen reply with hope.

Sara hides his son Leo in the castle and says that “Leo, I am going to the village to check everything; you just stay here and keep hidden”. Leo looks at her eye and whisper “okay, come soon”.

Queen gets transformed in to a werewolf and goes to the village.

Queen reaches in the village, and She looks everywhere that no one left behind, suddenly one child come out of his house, queen Sara ask  “hey kid is there anyone else with you?’’

The kid says “yes, my father”. “Okay, then get your father to the cave on that way”.

Queen tells him pointing his finger to the east. Then Queen Sara moves forward to check another area and then four vampires come to Sara and surround her.

Then, Foress come in front of her and says “you can’t escape now, it is better for you that you become my slave forever”.

Sara gets tempered and shouts at Foress “don’t ever think about this, you killed our king, I would like to die rather than your slavery”.

 Foress slowly move forward to Sara, he stands very close to her, Sara stares him continuously, but Foress take his sword and stab her on the belly.Queen fall on the ground and start screaming, holding her belly.

 “poor lady, if you accept my offer than you don’t need to die ” . Foress says and move away.

In the cave, everyone gets panic and general tries to calm them. Then prince Fernard ask general “where is my mother and my brother”.

General look at him and think for a while and tell him “queen is still outside”.

“What?” Fernard get shocked.  General get down his head and say “pardon me prince this is all your mother’s order .I tried very hard that she comes along with us”.

Fernard have thought for a while and get outside the cave, general stops and ask him “where are you going prince?

Fernard turn around and say “I am going to bring my mother and brother back.” Then he starts sprinting toward the village.

After a few minutes he reaches to the village. Whole town and village was destroyed, the vampire gets all the people from town and make them slaves.

He start looking for his mother, he appears in that place, and searches all around. Suddenly he sees a woman  laying on one side, that woman was actually queen Sara. 

He comes and sits near his mother. He carries her body on his lap and start crying. Later Fernard ask her “who did this?”

 Sara whispered “Foress”. Then she takes a deep breath and say “Fernard…. Take care of Leo and yourself.” Fernard remember about Leo and ask her “where is Leo now?’’

Sara tells her that she hide Leo somewhere in the palace.

Fernard instantly run toward the palace and find Leo, he starts screaming “Leo where are you?’’ Leo heard his brother's voice and come outside and meets Fernard.

Fernard come along with Leo to meet his mother, Sara but she was already passed. Leo start crying and Fernard hold him tightly. General come and get both of them back to the cave.

After reaching to the cave, Fernard promise himself that he will kill all vampires and destroy their dynasty and he holds  his brother's  hand and take him to the room.

6. son of ratanculas


13 years passed, Fernard and Leo both were grown up.

Fernard become tall and has a short spiky black hair, he is 6’10” and has a light build. His clothes are usually quite revealing and he prefers them to be patterned. A notable feature is his nice smile. He has marked on his right shin.

Leo has an angular face, he is 6’9” and is broad chested. His clothes are usually quite new and he preferred them to be light coloured. He often wears a sapphire necklace and red band on his forehead with the symbol of a wolf on it.

Fernard is now king of werewolves. Both Fernard and Leo are fighting with vampires. Fernard get married with Ormaan’s daughter Briana.
Briana is a beautiful woman with an oval face, black eyessmall nose and red mushroom cut hair. She is 6’0” and is narrow waist. Her clothes are quite fashionable and she prefers them to be dark colored. She often wears a silver ring on her right hand. People tend to find her attractive and younger than she really is.

Both of them have a son named Davine. He is now 4 years old.

On the other side, Foress children were also grown upForess is sick, he is suffering from deadly disease that’s why he made his decision, and he gives all his responsibility to his elder son Gordon. 

Gordon is a muscular guy with golden hair and red eye and small nose. He is 6’ 7” and has a 6 pack. His clothes are usually quite fitting and he prefers them to be dark colored. People tend to find him attractive and he looks younger than really is.

Foress were lying on his bed, he call his all children in his room. His all sons and daughter gather in his room, then  Foress  trying to tell his son Gordon that “you must be careful, and you have to think about the last word that Ratanculas said”.

“Ok, father’’ Gordon grabs Foress’s hand and say.

Now Foress take a deep breath and says “now it’s time to leave”. He closes his eye and sleep forever.

In the cave, Fernard and Leo are training. Fernard is using spears and Leo is using a double saber sword.

Leo tries to attack with saber but Fernard block his attack and says “well, you are good brother but not better than me”. 

Then Leo smile and says “yes, I am not better than you, actually I am the best”. Leo attack again and Fernard fell down. Leo move forward and give him a hand , Fernard  grabs his hand and stand up.

 Young Davine arrives in the training room and says “father, I want to learn to use a sword. I want to be like you and Uncle Leo”.

“Why not’’ Leo said that and give  his  sword. If your father doesn’t teach you your uncle will do. Davine laugh and say why not, and they begin their training.

 Fernard is standing aside and watching his son and brother training together.
Suddenly Briana come there and says to Fernard, “army chief wants to meet you immediately”. 

The army chief has tan skin, brown eyes and thin mustache; he is 59” and thin. He is the son of the general who save Fernard and Leo 13 year ago.

Fernard went to army chief and asks “what’s  the matter chief ?”

“Your majesty Foress is dead” chief says.  

“That’s good news’’ Fernard gets happy.

“But majesty Gordon is now vampire kings and he is planning to attack us.” Army chief said.

After listening this Fernard takes a deep breath and commands his chief prepare the army for war.

 Leo came there and request Fernard, “Brother please takes me with you”. But Fernand tells him that you have to stay here and take care of these people.

“But, I want to”. Leo tries to say, but interrupt by the army chief. Army chief come and say to his king Fernard that “we are ready to go, lord”.

Firstly, Fernard meets his wife and son Davine and says to Davine “take care of your mother’’. Briana gives him his armor and weapon. He wears his armor and grabs his sword and a spear and gives the signal to move forward with his army.

Meanwhile, LeoDavine and Briana stand on the top of the summit and look downFernard and his army was going away.

1 month passes, everyone in wolf domain’s cave are happy. Leonardo is training with his saber, Davine playing with his friend and Briana writes a letter to her sister.

1 month later, only few soldier returns with critical condition. After seeing this, Leonardo gets worried, then Davine come there and say “what happens” but Leo sends him back. Davine get little scare, but then goes back.

Leo come forward and says to one soldier “tell me, what happens in battle? And where is my brother?”

Every soldier didn’t say any word, meanwhile Briana arrives there.
Then one soldier says that “it’s a trap my Lord, we all have been cheated.” 

“What, are you serious?’’ Leo asks with surprise. “Our army chief cheated us, he works for Gordon and he kills our king.” soldier says to Leonardo.

After listening to that Briana gets faint down.

Leonardo and Davine run to her and try to wake her up, but both of them are failing to wake her up.

After 6 days, she opens her eyes. She found herself in her bed. Then Leo comes to visit her and say “are you okay now?”  Briana start weeping and says “how do you think I am okay, I lost my husband forever.

Leo feels that he never means to ask that question. He tries to leave her alone, but Briana stops her and ask her “where is Davine?”

 “He is fine; he goes outside with his friends.” Leo replies to her question.

Davine is a little boy and now his father leaves him forever. Now who is going to take care of him?” Briana says to Leo.

Leo starts thinking for a while and says nervously to her “I promised my brother, that I always take care of his whole family”.

He kneels down and asks her “Would you like to be with me forever as my wife? I always take care of Davine like a father.”

Briana looks at him and says “yes, but only for Davine”


7.  birth of Guardian


One year passed.
In vampire state, Gordon’s brother Pitusha is celebrating a party with his younger brothers and sisters.

Pitusha is a second son of Foress and younger brother of Gordon. He has an angular face, bushy eyebrows, a pointed nose and rounded jaw. He is 6’0” and has 6 packs. His clothes are quite stylish and he prefers them to be purple colored. He often wears a bracelet on his right wrist. He has ability to remove his enemy power.

Suddenly, Gordon come there and says “what’s going on here?” Everyone stops and looks at Gordon, Pitusha comes forward with a smile and says “nothing brother, we are only having a party”.

Gordon then asks him seriously “party for what?’’.

Then Pitusha answered him with attitude “there are two reasons, 1st today is my birthday, my all brothers and sister remembers this except you, and 2nd it’s a death anniversary of the werewolf Fernardo”.

After saying his word Pitusha starts  laughing, but Gordon stops him by telling him that “Fernard is not only our enemy, whole werewolves are our enemy and don’t forget Leo is still alive.”


“Yes, you are right’’ Pitusha get serious.

Gordon gives a scroll to Pitusha and says “take it”. Pitusha take that scroll and says “what is this?”, Gordon smile and says “it’s your birthday gift, how you all going to think that I forgets my own brother’s birthday”.


Pitusha get excited and open the scroll. Gordon explains to him about the scroll that he made him king of Mia, a city of wolf domain .

Oh, that’s really cool, thanks brother”.  Pitusha says and hugs Gordon.

Pitusha  start showing his scroll to his brother Tony and other brother and sisters.

Suddenly, the royal sorcerer comes there and tell Gordon “lord, there is a bad news”.

What news?” Gordon asks him seriously.
“It’s about Ratanculas, his words that he says to your father is going to happen”. Sorcerer tells to Gordon.

 “But about which words are you talking” Pitusha ask the sorcerer.

“That his last words he said to your father, and I am afraid to say, but it’s truly happening” sorcerer answered.

Gordon gets angry and says “stop playing games, sorcerer and tell me?”

“My lord, there is the child going to birth at wolf domain, he is the son of Leonardo, he is not an ordinary child as I feel hilarious energy inside him” sorcerer tell them.
Pitusha start laughing and say “oh! How ridiculous, how do all you people believe that?”

But there is no even smile at the face of Gordon , he calls Pitusha and says “go to wolf domain and finds out what is really happening ”.

Pitusha get surprised and say “Are you serious, you still believe this”.

“Be serious brother Pitusha, don’t you remember even our father was talking about this before he died”. Gordon shouted at Pitusha and get calm down.

Pitusha get serious and says “ok, I am leaving now”. Then Gordon suggests him that goes there in normal form and tries to avoid their attention.

Pitusha along with 3 soldiers leaves the castle and goes to wolf domain.

Meanwhile, at the wolf domain all the people are waiting for the baby, everyone gathered outside the Briana room. Then one old guy says to his wife “It’s a moment that all we are waiting, our guardian is now coming here”.

 “You are absolutely right”. Old lady smile and says.

Meanwhile, at the top of mountain Pitusha and his 3 soldiers arrives and start looking at them.

Suddenly there is light comes out of the room, everyone gets surprised, then Leo comes out holding a baby.

He raised his baby high and says “our  guardian has arrived now.”

Every person transforms into werewolf and start howling. And shouts “all hail King Leo, all hail King Leo

Pitusha feels powerful, energy and get scared , he turned around and says “we have to return now.

He transformed into a vampire and fly, and then another 3 also transform and fly away.

“He is going to guard us from the vampires and my elder son Davine becomes his guardian”. Leo shouts at public with a smile and grab Davine shoulder.  Everyone cheers for Davine.

On vampire state, Pitusha arrives fastly at castle and meet Gordon. Gordon is sitting on his bed and thinking. Pitusha comes there and say “brother its true, it’s really happening, that idiot sorcerer is telling us the truth”.

Gordon has no fear in his face he says “don’t be afraid Pitusha, he is baby boy and we could kill him easily with our bare hands”.

“Prepare the army we are going to attack at evening”. He says with full confidence.


Meanwhile, at the cave, Leonardo held a party for his son's birth and Briana is holding a baby and Davine just sit beside her and look at the little baby.

Then Leonardo comes and says to Davine “hey Dave, look, who comes to visit you?” As Leonardo completes his words Ormaan arrives there. Ormaan is now old man having white hair. Davine get excited and shout “grandpa are you, did you bring something for me”.


Ormaan laughs and says to Davine “of course my child today I will teach you a special spells which teleport anything from one place to another, are you ready Davine”.


“Of course, grandpa” Davine replies with curiosity.

“Then ok, are you ready” Ormaan asks him. He starts trying to remember the spell and say “now, what’s that spell is... Can’t remember that… what’s that… oh yes got it, now Davine reply to me LUMINO SUUCERER”.

Davine also says that spell, and then there is small portal open beside him. After seeing that portal. Briana can’t control herself and ask “what is this father?”


“Let me show you”.  Ormaan said to Briana while taking out a coin from his pocket.
Davine, and Briana watches him carefully, Ormaan take out and throw the coin in small portal. The coins get disappeared after reaching portal.


Davine surprisingly says “where is that coin grandpa?” Ormaan laughs on his words and says “Davine look in your pocket?”

Davine quickly put his hand in the pocket and get surprised because he grabs the same coin that Ormaan threw in the portal.


“I will always remember these spell grandpa”. Davine give back the coin to Ormaan and said.

“I am proud of you my child” Ormaan reply.
Then Briana asked Ormaan “father, where Sister Juliet and his son Orion is ?”


Then Ormaan answered her that “she went to trip with her husband and son”.
Suddenly, there is excursions start outside the cave. Ormaan asks Briana “what’s going on”.

Briana doesn’t know what to say. She goes outside for quick checks and get shocked, she comes running inside and shout “vampires, they attack on us”.


Everyone gets panicked and start running here and there, Briana starts thinking and after a few seconds she requests Ormaan “father will you teleport our guest to the safe place”.


“But” Ormaan asks falteringly.

No need to say anything, just do it quickly Briana say to Ormaan with tension.
“As you wish” after saying this Ormaan play pinch and with lightning speed every guest gets disappeared.

At outside of cave Leo standing with his army and every vampire surround them.
Then Gordon comes in his vampire form there from the sky and land near Leonardo and get back to his normal form.

 “Leo my friend, will you not introduce me to your son”. Gordon smiles and asks Leo.
“What do you want now?” Leonardo calls out.

“Nothing, I only want to see your child death.” Gordon says and starts laughing, every vampire also starts laughing.

“Nobody going to touch my son” Leo says angrily and transform into werewolf.
He goes near the Gordon and throws him air. Gordon quickly transforms into a vampire and takes Leo with him in the sky.

After this, every soldier transforms into vampires and werewolves and start fighting and hence war gets started.

Meanwhile, inside the cave Briana tells Davine “you must get your brother out safely and if you find any trouble then cast “LUMINO SUUCERER” and also take care of yourself.”


Davine did not understand anything; he asks her “why do you want me to do that?”

But Briana only says “just do it now” because she also doesn’t know what to do.
He did what he had to do, he grab his little brother and start running.

At outside Leo act as a barricade and don’t let any vampire inside. Then Briana come there and joins the fight.


Leo looks at her and asks her while fighting “what are you doing here, where are the children?”

Briana also says while holding sword “don’t worry, they are fine”.

Leo asks Briana “Will you use your spell”.

Yes, I will”. Briana replies and tries to cast spells but it failed.

Briana gets shocked and tells “I don’t know why, but my spell is not working”.
Gordon calls his brother Pitusha and ordered him that “go and kills both children”.


“With pleasure”, Pitusha  reply and transformed into vampires and fly to the forest and start looking for Davine and baby.


Davine stops in the forest start looking all around. Then Pitusha comes out from shrub transforming in normal form and say “you can’t hide from me, give me that baby”. 

Davine get back and grab his brother tightly, and jump on the tree quickly, he jumps from one tree to another.

Pitusha again transforms into vampire and start chasing.

Here, every werewolf tries to stop vampires, but no. of vampires is more than werewolves so they are in the lead.

While Davine reach near the gulf and stop. Pitusha also reach there and say “now you can’t escape child, so give me that child”.

Davine get scared and did not understand what to do, suddenly he remembers his mother words.

He smiles at Pitusha and moves his hand toward the gulf and cast spell in his minds and throw the baby into it.
“Ha, ha... Pitusha start laughing and say you made my job so easy child, you killed your own brother.” 

He flies in the sky and say “now I am leaving you alive, accept this as a return gift”. He meets the Gordon and says with excitement “we win this battle brother”.
You have given good news, Gordon became very happy.

He turns to Briana and say, “once your father had insulted me so you have to die”. He takes a spear and attack Briana, but Leo came between them and the spear goes across his chest. He saves Briana.

Gordon and other vampire turn into bat and flew away.

Briana went near to Leo and say, “why have you done this?”

“I just save your life, you have to live and fight, you have to take revenge of our son”. Leo says while dying.

“No, our son is alive”.  Briana says during sobbing.
Then portal opened and Davine comes outside, he can’t believe in his eye. Everything was destroyed; only a bunch of soldier was left

Davine looks all around and search for his father and mother. Davine finds his father and mother. He goes there and says “mother, father, I am back now?”

But it’s too late, Leo has passed away and Briana is holding his body in the ground.
Father, wake up, you can’t leave me now”. Davine says and start crying.
Then Briana asks Davine “where is your brother?” 

Davine sit near the Leo head and say “I send him very far from this world, I send him to the dimension”.

You have done a great job, Briana says to Davine and call one soldier and ordered “get all the dead body of soldiers and bury them with honor”.

Soldiers follow their queen ordered and bury the entire dead body soldier in the ground and put their weapon at the top of their grave.

Then one soldier comes to visit Davine and say “come quickly, prince, we are ready to bury king Leonardo”.

“Just go, I will be there” Davine answered him.

After burying Leo body Davine ask Briana “mother, I had done all things as you said, I send my brother to the dimension but how did he come back”.


Briana goes near the Davine and hugs him. Davine feel relief. Then Briana continues to say “when the time comes, your brother will come back. Until now we will live in this cave hiding from the enemy and make promises that you will become the guardian of your brother and take revenge from vampires”.


Davine grab the Leo sword and say “I promise”.


Everyone gets into the cave and Briana sealed the cave with her  magic.

8.  Guardian in town


10 more year pass.

Davine is now 15 and became the king of wolves; he looks smart, he has small nose and black spiky hair. He is 5’0” and has 6 packs. His clothes are usually quite stylish and he prefers them to be pastel colored.


During these years Davine was fighting with vampires and finishing them with only one hope soon his brother will come back.


But the Question was when and where?
But his small brother was growing up in orphanage of a town name Cambille. Here he got his name Shane. He got his name from the owner of the orphanage, Mr. Dullick.


One morning….
Shane… Shane wakes up, it’s too late, Shane‘s friend Baltus was trying to wake him up.

Shane is now 10 years old, he has a round face with brown hair, small nose and big brown eyes. He is 4’5” and has short torso. His clothes are casual and loose. His notable feature is his voice people tend to find him cute and smart and he looks older than he really is.


Baltus has a round face, big nose and small black eyes. He is 4’9” and has a beer belly. His clothes are usually quite loose. A notable feature is his accent, which   people usually find funny.

Shane opens his eyes and sees Baltus in the towel. Perhaps he came from a bathe

“Baltus, why are you making so much noise,” Shane asks.

“Get ready faster, Mr. Dullick has called everyone in assembly hall,” Baltus answered
“Hey! Why don’t you wake me up” Shane says While being prepared.


“Why I don’t wake up u! Then what was I doing…. singing a cradle song for so much long time”. Baltus says in angry.

“Will you both stop fighting”. Suddenly Trini came There and stop them to fight.
“Why don’t both of you get ready, it’s too late”. Trini explains them.

Trini has olive skin, and green eyes, small nose and blonde hair. She is 4’6” and thin. Her clothes are usually quite loose and she prefers them to be neutral.


She wears her uniform which is white shirt, brown tie and brown pants and get ready.
Shane also gets ready and Baltus is only staying and look at him.

Trini asks Baltus that “hey Baltus, how foolish you are, you wake up Shane and make him ready but you are still not ready”.

“You always say me foolish”. Baltus shout in a drowsy voice.


Then he moves and point his face toward Shane and says “hey Shane, am I a foolish guy.


Shane is tying his shoelaces, Shane moves his head and says “nope”.

“See, Shane also agrees on that”. Baltus say happily.

Ok, fine I get it, but now get ready” Trini  says.

“I can’t go today; actually I have a fever today”. Baltus says and sneeze.


OK, then take care of yourself, I am leaving now”. Shane says and grabs his bag.

“Take care” Trini also says that.

Then Shane and Trini get out of the room and goes to assembly.

Every child stands in the queue.

Mr. Dullick is the owner of the HOPE school.

Mr. Dullick is 5’11” and is lean. He has white hair, which is less brittle. His distinctive feature is his distinctive clothes.

He stands on stage in front of the queue and announces “good morning children, Cambille government organized a school sport event in which our school gets a chance to compete and most important thing that winner team gets 1 gold trophy and scholarship”.

“Wow, Shane you must be participating in this competition”. Trini says with excitement. 

“I didn’t know that government also gives chance to the loser”. Rocky says and push Shane hard .

Rocky is older than Shane. He is 4’11” and has a heavy build. He has a faint scar on his left foot. A notable feature is his distinctive walk.

He grabs Shane’s collar and say “look, if you are going to take part in a competition  then I will get you”.

Shane doesn’t get scared he grab his hand and moves away and say “I will participate and become the winner”.

“You are dead” Rocky goes to hit, but Mr. Dullick comes there and say “rocky if I am not wrong, today is your duty to serve breakfast”.
“Yes, sir, I am just going there” Rocky says him politely and leave them. Shane, Trini, Mr. Dullick looks at him.

Mr. Dullick says to Shane “Shane you are a talented boy in this place, I think you have to participate in the competition.

Yes, sir, I will”. Shane says confidentially

“Good, I like your confident”. Mr. Dullick says while wearing his glasses.
Mr. Dullick gets excited and says “now two boys going to take part”.

“Two boys ?” Trini asks, surprised.
“Rocky” Shane whispered in Trini ear.

“Is there any problem?” Mr. Dullick ask Shane and Trini .

No, sir, nothing” Shane says to Mr. Dullick . Mr. Dullick says “your completion will hold over 2 days, so you have to start your practice”.

Then he looks at Trini and say “your class had already start you are getting late.”

“Oh yes, I am so sorry” Trini look at her watch and run quickly to class.

“But sir, who going to help me in practicing, there is not any chance that rocky going to help me”. Shane says in tension.


“I know, that’s why Baltus will help you”. Dullick suggest him.

From that day Shane start practicing until competition start.

After two days, every child gathers at the Cambille sport center.

“At last, today is the day that we all are waiting for school sport competition”. Baltus  get excited and said.

“Yes, Baltus you are right”, Shane says and wears his track suits.

“Hey Baltus I heard that they prepared the list, will you check out the list and says whom I going to compete ?”. Shane said and starts warming up.


Baltus go and check the list and says “let me see, it’s a wrestling”.

Shane stops and says “are you kidding”, he snitch the list from Baltus and check it.

He sees the lists of sports in which he participate that are wrestling, shooting, fencing, long jump and race.

Then Baltus puts his hand on Shane shoulder and ask “what happen, are you alright?”

 Again, Shane checks the list and says “this is not right, I didn’t participate in these games”.

“What are you saying Shane, if this is not yours, then what it is? Who wants to change your list?” Baltus asks him.

“I don’t know” Shane answered him and tries to remember.

“I know who done this.” Trini come there.

“What?” Shane asks Trini.


“When both of you go outside, I saw Rocky’s buddies, Pan and Chen went inside your room, I thought there might be something fishy. so, I wait for them outside the room. After a few minutes both of them come outside and one of them had a list”. Trini explains the entire incident to both of them.


“Oh no Shane, I think you have to go and tell Mr. Dullick everything” Baltus advised him.

“No, we are not going to tell anything to anybody. Rocky wants me to leave, but I am going to participate and win this event” Shane says. He grabs a bottle and drinks all water.

As fine as you wish” Trini says and move on.

Pan and Chen come to meet Rocky in his room.


Pan has deep eyes and has pointed chin. He is 4’8” and has a small build. His clothes are quite formal. He has a strange birthmark on his right hand. A person tends to find him very unattractive.

Chen looks similar as Pan but his clothes are casual and his birth mark on his left hands.


Pan and Chen ask Rocky “Rocky, why did you want us to change the list”.

Rocky laugh and say “it’s simple boys, those games are professional, Shane is never going to win that”.


Pan and Chen look each other and Rocky says “I think you both don’t understand, never mind let see in the games”.


Competition begins; Shane and Baltus go near the boxing rings.

“Think again Shane...” Baltus says, but Shane interrupts in the middle.


“Don’t worry…” Shane said, but stop in the middle because he can’t believe in his eye.He look that there is big guy standing in front of him. His name is Marko, a student from another school.

Marko is a fat guy. He is 5’2” and is broad shouldered. He has noticeable scars on his left arm.

The referee comes there and says to Shane and Marko “now get inside the ring ”.

Shane gets in the ring and Baltus wish him luck. Both Shane and Marko get in the ring and look at each other.

Shane gets aside, and look all around the ring, and then he finds Trini and Mr. Dullick in the middle of the crowd.Trini shows thumbs up and Mr. Dullick smile at him and wishes him.

With the bell ring, 1st round starts Marko run and hit the Shane very hard, Shane fell down.

“OH! That’s really hurt ”. Rocky laughs and say to pan and Chen .In the ring Shane can’t attack him and Marko hits him continuously.

Baltus stand beside the ring and shout “Shane do something, otherwise you lose”.

But it failed; Baltus gets scared and start praying.

Then the bell ring and save the Shane. Shane gets at the corner of the ring and Baltus bring his towel. He gets in front of him and says “Shane you can do it, just try to remember that you say to us, just focus”. Shane closes his eye and remembers his promise; he remembers that he never breaks his promise.

Then referee call them for the second round, Shane open his eyes and go there with confidence. Again with bell ring 2nd round begins, Marko tries to hit him and Baltus closes his eyes, but Shane dodges his attack and hit him in his jaw. Marco gets down.

Everyone there gets shocked and surprised, especially Rocky, Trini and Baltus can’t believe in their eyes. The referee starts his countdown, Trini and Baltus also start countdown “10 , 9 ,8 ,7 ,6 ,5,4 ,3, 2, 1 and he’s down ”. Referee raises a Shane’s hand and announces him a winner.

Shane can’t believe that he won. Everyone stands and clap for him.


Later, Shane wins all competition one by one and get ready for final game that is 1200 m race.

Shane goes to his room and lies on his bed and yawn. Baltus comes there and give him a glass of juice. Shane sits and take juice, then Baltus looks him and say “Shane, are you going to take part in the race, it’s seem like that you are tired and I think you should take a rest ”.

Shane drink his juice and wipe his mouth and say “don’t worry my friend, after this race; I am going to take a long rest”.

Shane gives his glass to Baltus. Baltus feels proud of his friend and says “I am going outside now”. He goes outside the room.

After that Trini gets in the room with excitement and says “Shane I am very happy today, today’s is my lucky day”.

“Why? Because  I win all the games” Shane start making fun of Trini.

“No, idiot that not, during your games, one family decided to adopt me as their child. Tomorrow we will leave this city” Trini said happily.

“Wow! That’s a really great, who are they?” Shane says happily .

Trini sits on a chair and says “I don’t know clearly, but Mr. Dullick says they are a good family”.

Suddenly Baltus comes there running and say “Shane, you have to go now race is going to start now”.

Trini think for a while and says “Shane and Baltus, after this race promise me that both of you come to, meet me last time and best of luck Shane ”.

“Last time, what she talking about? ” Baltus gets confused.Shane grabs Baltus and says “let go, I will tell you on the way”. Shane tells everything to Baltus.

“What seriously, Trini going to leave us, and who going to adopt her?” Baltus asked Shane.

“I don’t know and I am going to the track race is going to start now”. Shane says and goes to the track.

Everyone was ready to race and there are only 4 participate that are Shane and Rocky from ‘HOPE’ and Jake and Kane from another school, ‘MIRAGE’.

Kane has a long face and big eyes. He is 4’10” and has a muscular build. He often wears a rubber band on his right hand. A notable feature is his distinctive hair. That is straight light brown hair which is so soft.

Jake is 4’10” and has a medium build. His clothes are usually quite form fitting and he prefers them to be light colored.

Shane gets besides the rocky and says “listen Rocky; let’s forget all things and focus to win this race together”.

But rocky ignores him and says “I am going to win this alone without you”.

All racers get at starting point and do little warm up.

Then referee comes there and shouts “get your position”.

All players do the same and get their position.

Referee move his gun up and shout “ready steady go” then he fired.

With the gun shot everyone started running.

Meanwhile Trini come beside the Baltus, Baltus is cheering for Shane. Then Trini asks Baltus “how many lap they are going to take?”

Baltus think for a while and say “I am not sure, but it may be 3 laps ”.

Rocky is running very fast, he runs in the first position. Suddenly he sees that Shane comes beside him.

Every audience starts cheering for Shane. After listening this Rocky get angry and push Shane hard.

Shane can’t control himself and hit the ground and Shane is falling on the ground.

Kane and Jake stop and goes to check him but force from their crew to run and complete his race, so, they continue to run.

Baltus and Trini get close to the Shane. Everyone wants to know what happens to Shane.Both of them check Shane and there are bruises in his knees.


Then Baltus shows him sympathy and say “believe my friend you were playing nice ”. Shane look at Baltus and say “what do you mean by were? I can still win the race.”

“Don’t be fooled Shane, Baltus is right”. Trini explains Shane.


“No, I am not going to lose this race, now move aside, I have to complete this race ” Shane says with confidence and move both of them aside.

Shane starts running slowly, everyone also starts cheering him, and Mr. Dullick feel proud of him .Slowly –slowly Shane increases his speed and completes his 2 laps in a minute, then Shane cross and leave Jake and Kane behind.

Jake and Kane stop they can’t believe in speed of Shane.


Rocky runs happily in the 1st position, then he saw  the finish line, his smile that he is a winner, but Shane cross him like a wind, rocky stop there and get confused.

Finally, Shane crosses the line and wins the race. Everyone jump on their site.Trini and Baltus hug each other and start dancing.

Later everyone gathered near the stage where the mayor is going to give a prize to the winner.

The mayor has tan skin and bushy eyebrow, pointed nose and bladed head. He is 5’8”and is very fat. His clothes are quite formal.

The mayor gets on the stage and grabs a microphone  and says “today is a great view for us, I can’t see anything like this in my whole life, I am not going to take so much time. So, I call our winner ‘Shane from ‘HOPE’ ”.

Every start clapping and shouting “go, Shane”.

Shane comes on stage and get near the mayor. He fell embracing on the stage. Then mayor gives his medal and says you have done great job”.

Shane smile and says “thank you sir.” Both of them shake their hand.

Shane gets aside in a corner, but mayor continues to say “there is no winner without training, so would like to call Baltus on the stage who had done a great job as a training partner”.

Everyone claps again and Baltus comes to the stage.

The mayor gives a medal to Baltus and congratulates them.

Trini look them and feel proud of them.

Mayor grabs their hand and raise up higher.

Rocky looks everything standing aside. He was angry. Pan and Chen come behind him and say “Rocky your plan is foiled again, what are going to do now?”

Rocky look at Pan and say “just wait and watch”.

Here everyone congratulates Shane for his victory. Then from one side Trini comes in front of him and says to Shane “ Shane it’s time to leave, I am going to stay in the hotel today, at evening we go to the airport and fly to Veltican  city, our new home ”.

“That’s why I want you to come and meet me at the airport,” Trini says with excitement.

Then Shane says “ ok, are you not going to meet Baltus ”.

“No, but I already tell him to meet me at airport” Trini said to Shane

After a few minutes, both of them go their way. But both of them don’t know that Rocky was listening them.

Shane gets back to the Hope, he was lying on a bed. Then Baltus gets into the room holding a  burger. he grabs a chair and start eating. The whole room is silent; suddenly Baltus says “Trini is so lucky because she get a very nice family.”

“Yes, you are right,” Shane says to Baltus

Both of them get serious.

Then Shane says “alright Baltus, there is only 3 hours  left, then we will together go to the airport, until then.” Shane yawn

“Let's take a rest”  Shane says and turn around on his bed. Baltus also gets in bed and sleep.


9. Return to Fantasia


At eve, both Shane and Baltus get ready.

Then Shane remembers something “oh shit, we didn’t buy any gift for her”.

“Don’t worry, I am going to buy a perfect gift for her, just wait for me ”. Baltus said and grab some money from his piggy bank.

He quickly goes to shop. Shane only waits for him and 1hr has passed.

Shane gets tense and talk to himself “Where is this boy, we are already late”.

He checks his wrist watch and says “only1hr left in flight”.He roams here and there. Suddenly somebody knocks, the door.Shane thinks that it may be Baltus.He goes and opens the door, but there is nobody.

Then he checks right and left and think maybe somebody playing a prank.then he looks down and found a letter.

He takes a letter and come inside the room.He checks the letter, then he opens it and start reading:


Shane folds the letter and throws it, he sits on a chair, close his eye and start thinking.

The whole room is silent and there is no voice, then Shane stands up and wears his shoes and goes outside.

He reaches near the church and start shouting “rocky where are you, I come here, so leave Baltus now”.

Shane looks all around. He moves forward and start looking for them.

Suddenly Pan and Chen come behind him and grab him. Both of them take him to the cliff.

Where Shane looks Baltus hand is tied up and his face is covered. Shane tries to get near the Baltus but Pan and Chen hold him tightly and tied him

“Shane -Shane who do you think you are?” Rocky come there and said.

“You want me Rocky leave Baltus alone ”. Shane gets angry and says.

Rocky grabs Shane’s neck and say “No, if I am going to free him then he goes and call for help. That’s why you both have to die.”

But pan stop Rocky’s hand and say “you can’t kill him in that way, you can easily get caught ”.

“So, what do you want”?  Rocky asked pan

Then pan explain him “we are on top of the mountain, so it is easy to throw them from the cliff and nobody going to suspects on all of us”.

Rocky look all around and there is nothing but only one church. Then he looks down the cliff that is very deep.

He laughs and says “that’s a good idea “. He says to Chen that gives him sleeping pills.

Chen takes out the pills and give it to the Shane doesn’t open his mouth and refuse to take it.

But rocky forcefully gives him pills and say “it is very strong. Now he sleeps for 3 hrs. Or more.”

Then he ordered Pan and Chen “untie him and throw him from that cliff and then we will see his buddy”.

Pan and Chen untie him and hold him, they get at the corner, but Shane does nothing. He feels drowsy.

Both of them swing and throw him from the cliff.

Rocky gets near the cliff and say “bye-bye and sweet dream”.

Shane falls from the cliff, he feels drowsy. He feels that it is the end. But then he sees a light of hope.

The light is so bright that why he close his eye .

Later, Shane slowly opens his eyes and found a tree above him. He sits down and get surprised because he is in the middle of forest. He looks all around.

“Am I dead” he said and pinched himself to face.

“Ah! That hurt, ok then I am alive, but where am I”. Shane stands up and cleans his dress.

He looks at the moon and star and says “it’s night, I have to go back and say everything to Mr. Dullick ”.

Shane starts walking and later find a village, “he thinks that maybe there are some people who helps him”.

He goes to that village and meets a woman who is stitching a cloth and her children are playing around him.

The woman has wide face and large nose. She is 5’4”and fat. Her clothes are quietly loose and she prefers them to be pure white.

Shane meets her and asks “excuse me, will you tell me the way to city ”.

A woman looks at him and asks “it look like you come from another place, that’s why you don’t know the way to wolf domain ”.

Then Shane says that “not wolf domain, I am talking about Cambille ”.

“Cambille?” Woman gets confused.

She starts laughing and says, “Ha, ha, ha you come to wrong place kid; there is no place like Cambille ”.

“How it is possible ” Shane says.

Suddenly one villager come there in a panic and says  “everybody run, 4 vampires are coming ”.

Every villager gets inside their house and locks themselves.

The woman grabs Shane’s hand and says “come with me ”.

Shane doesn’t get anything; he goes with the lady in her house.

Vampires come in that village and start destroying the village.

Shane peeks from small hole and get surprised, he can’t believe in his eye. He asks the woman “what are they?”

“They are vampire, who drink blood and destroy everything ” woman said.

Shane gets panicked and says “Vampires, that can’t be possible I always know it’s a story ”.

The woman looks him strangely. She goes to ask him, but suddenly she hears a sound.

Then his son says that “mother, sister is still outside ”.

After hearing this woman quickly peeks from another hole and Shane follows her.

They see a girl standing at center and vampires surround him.

Shane gets angry, he wants to help. Then he finds a sword beside him, he grabs the sword and look it. It has the mark of the wolf.

He takes his sword and come outside and shouts “hey you leave that girl alone and come to me ”.

One of vampires says “is that child talking to us”.

“Yes, he is, go and kill him” one of them said.

One vampire transforms and attack on Shane.

Shane gets scared, he closes his eye and attack with his sword. When he opens the eyes, he, his look that he cut the vampire’s head off.

Every villager looks this and become happy.

Vampires get tense and all of them attack together.

One vampire shouts “you are dead kid.”

Shane gets frightened and say “oh, no”.

He starts moving back, but suddenly from behind one arrow comes and hit a vampire. Shane turns and sees that one old man standing behind him with a bow and arrow.

Both vampires stop and say” we are leaving now, but no one going to save you from King Gordon ”.

Vampires flew away and every villager celebrates their victory.

Shane go and meet the old man.

The old man is 5’11” and is very thin. his clothes are quite sensible and he prefers them to be patterned. he often wears steel bracelet on his right wrist.

Then Shane says “thank you for saving my life, I owe you one ”.

The old man smiles and puts his wrinkled hand on Shane’s shoulder and say “no we owe you one, you save my granddaughter’s life and everyone ”.

Shane looks at the little girl and says “ So, she is your granddaughter.”

“Yes, she is my granddaughter, after my son's death, my son’s wife and her children’s are only left in my life” old man said.

Shane feels sad and says “sorry, this is so bad”.

Then he takes a sword and gives it back to old man saying “this sword’s belong to you”.

The old man takes a sword and smile. He gives it back to Shane and say “now, this sword belongs to you, just take it”.

“How? This sword is your property how I am going to take it ”. Shane said

“Actually, this sword doesn't belong to us, one year ago our troop went to the desert and found this sword and I believe that you never chose your weapon, weapons chose you” old man said to Shane.

Shane takes the sword and keeps it on his back and says “ok, I will take it, but will you tell me what's going on, and how did I come this place ”.

“I am not able to give an answer to this question, if you go to wolf domain, you will get your answer .Now come inside and take a rest for a while” The old man said and get inside his house.

In wolf domain, one soldier goes to meet Davine in the cave and says “Lord Davine, vampires had attacked on nearest village ”.

Davine grab his sword and says “let go, we have to stop them ”.

Soldier stops him and say “but vampires are running away ”.

Then Davine ask him “what do mean by ran away, do they cause any harm ”.

“No, my lord I got the information that a kid killed a vampire and save the villagers” soldier said.

“What's a kid?” Davine said and think for a while that maybe that kid is his brother or not.

He orders his soldier to leave him alone and go to meet his mother Briana.

Davine going to ask her question before that Briana says “he is back, your brother is back”.

Davine sit there and say “how can you say that?”

“I believe that, Davine and remembered that promise that you make to your father.” Briana said to Davine.

“Yes, I remember that, I have to protect my brother from all dangers ”. Davine answered

Briana gets near the Davine and say “Now go and find him before Gordon ”.

“Gordon?” Davine asked.

“Yes, you have to find him before ” Briana said

“Alright, I am bringing my brother back ”. Davine get excited and said.

In Mia, Gordon comes to visit his brother Pitusha. They are talking to each other.

Suddenly one vampire come there and told everything to them.

Gordon gets angry and kills that vampire. Then Pitusha say “calm down, big brother, we will get that kid. Go back to vampire state and a take rest”.  

Gordon, calm down and say “ok, I am going back, but before that I am going to meet Tony. Hope you will take care of kid”.

Gordon transformed and flies in the sky. After that Pitusha call 4 soldiers and order them “go and kill that kid ”.

In a village, Shane wakes up and get fresh. He comes outside and get is still night.

Then he meets an old man and ask “why there is still night, I think that morning ”.

Old man laughs and says “yes it is morning, but there is some place where never get morning.”

Shane still gets confused and says to him “I am leaving now ”.

“Take care” old man said.

After that Shane takes his sword, farewell all villagers and leaves the village.

Shane starts moving and thinking that “this is like a dream ”.

After Sometimes he reaches into the middle of forest.

Then he stops, he feel that somebody following him.

He turns around and looks all around. Then 4 vampires in normal form come there without warning.

Shane starts moving backward and start running. All vampires transform and start chasing him.

Meanwhile, Davine on his horse, searching for his brother.

When he reaches near the bridge, he looks across the bridge that a boy is running toward him and 4 vampires are behind him.

Shane gets to the bridge and sees a guy with armor sitting on a horse. He thinks that guy will definitely help me.

He tries to call him before that Davine get off his horse. He runs and transform into werewolf.

He jumps above the Shane and attack on the vampires.

Shane has seen this and gets fainted.



Shane slowly-slowly opens his eyes and find Davine sitting in front of him. Try to burn wood.

Shane sits and looks all around and find himself in a cave.

“Sleep well?” Davine asked Shane.

Shane move backward and says “are you going to kill me ”.

Davine smile “if I want to kill you then why should I saved you before?”

Shane feels some relief and introduces himself .

“My name is Shane. And you are?”

Davine reply “I am Davine culas.”

Davine looks at Shane and ask “are you come here from small hole or portal?”

Shane tries to remind and say “I remember now, Pan and Chen throw me from cliff, then I saw a light and woof! I am here ”.

Davine becomes sure that Shane is his brother.

Davine smile and quickly hugs him and say “I know that you will come back one day brother. I know that guardian of Fantasia will come back ”.

Shane tries to free himself and ask him “brother, Fantasia. I don’t know what you are talking about ”. He can’t understand anything.

Davine explains everything to Shane but Shane gets nothing.

Then Shane goes to the exit of the cave and say “I know this is kind of amusement park, and believe me, I really enjoy this but I have to go now ”.

Shane takes a long breath and asks him “please, tell me the exit of this park.

Davine says “this is not a park, you are in Fantasia ”.

Then suddenly there a thunder and lightning occurs. From that Ormaan comes before them.

Shane gets frightened and says “now what, a magic show ”.

But Davine get excited and say “ grandpa it’s good to see you”.

Ormaan looks at Shane and say  “it’s good to see you back ” .

Then call Davine “Davine come here in the corner, I have something to tell you ”.

“Just wait here”. Davine said to Shane.

Davine and Ormaan get to the corner and start talking, Shane tries to hear them.

Davine ask “what do you want to tell?”

“Actually, your mother sends me for your help; she thinks if you failed to remember everything to kid. Then I will use my magic to remind him everything”. Ormaan explain him. Davine try very hard so, he agrees with him.

Both of them meet Shane. Davine say to Shane “this is the last thing if this thing not work, then I will show you the way out”.

Shane accepts this and says” alright, do it now”.

Shane sits on the rock and Davine go beside the Ormaan and say “get ready grandpa”.Shane looks both of them .

Ormaan takes out wand from his pocket.and try to remember the spell. And say “ah! Got it  MEMMOIR   RETURNIOUS’”.

After this Shane get current on his head and lay down screaming and holding his head, he starts rolling and hitting the ground.

Davine get tense and say “what happen to him?”

Ormaan  says “don’t worry, just wait here and watch” .

Davine and Ormaan watch him.

Shane closes his eye and find himself in a dark place. He starts shouting “hello, where am I?”

Suddenly he sees some image that are separation of fantasia, Ratanculas, Foress and another vampire, his birth and how he meets Mr. Dullick in Cambille. He sees that it was a rainy day and the little baby was crying on the ground and man come there, and that man was Mr. Dullick and a baby was Shane himself.

Then Shane opens his eye and stand up. He has tears in his eye. He looks at Davine and says “where is Mother?”

Davine and Ormaan get happy because Shane remembers everything.

Then Ormaan says “I think I have done my job, it's time to go now”.

Ormaan hugs them and says “take care”.

Ormaan move back and get disappear.

Davine takes Shane outside and say “let’s go everyone waiting for their guardian”.

Davine and Shane sit on a horse and go to the cave.

Gordon gets the news that no vampires are able to kill the kid.

Gordon calls out Pitusha that “listen carefully, next time I want his dead body”,

Pitusha make him believe that he will do this.

Both Shane and Davine reach near the cave and where every citizen soldier are waiting for them.

They make way for Shane and Davine to the cave.

Shane looks at the cave and says “this is so small”.

Davine laugh and say “let go inside, and see how small this cave is.”

They stop at the cave entrance, then cave gate open and together they step inside.

Shane can’t believe this because there is a whole city, forest, river, and waterfall. He looks up and down he touch a tree and say “this is just like heaven”.

“Yes, our mother made this, now let’s go” Davine told him.

Shane and Davine start moving through a forest and reach to the city. The citizen looks at them strangely and talks to each other.

They make way for Davine and Shane; both of them reach to the palace where Briana was waiting for them.

Davine meets Briana and say “Look mother who’s here?”

Briana hugs him and says “I always know that you will come back”.

She grabs his hand take him to the balcony. Everyone stops and look at the queen.

Queen raises an Shane’s hand and say “your guardian is back”.

Then one guy from the crowd asks “what’s your name?”

“Shane” Davine shouted.

Everyone starts cheering for Shane.

Shane can’t believe this and say “this is a dream”

Briana order Davine “son, take Shane with you and train him for fighting. Help him to choose his weapon and armor.”

“Alright, I will help him” Davine said

Then Davine call one soldier and ordered him to bring all weapon and armor.”

A soldier quickly follows his order and brings all weapons.

Davine say to Shane “go and select your weapon”.

Both Davine and Briana step aside and Shane go  there and look all the weapon that are bow and arrow ,sword and shield ,crossbow ,saber ,twin blade ,dagger and spear .

He looks them carefully and finally made his decision

He says “I don’t need a weapon, actually I bring my weapon”.

He takes out his sword from back and shows them and says “once, I meet the old man, who told me that you never chose your weapon, weapons chose you”.



Davine bring Shane to the training room.

Both of them stand in the centre  and start their lesson.

Then Davine say that “first we are going to learn some moves of sword ”.

Shane takes out his sword and say “shall we start”.

Davine smile and say “let’s begin, you just follow my moves”.

Davine start training him, sword moves and Shane follow him.

Later he teaches archery to Shane and wrestling.

A month passed, Shane learns so many things.

He gets to experience in sword techniques, archery and makes himself a tough kid.

Shane learn everything seriously, his body gets bulked up and he got six packs.

During training, Davine says to Shane that “to become a good leader, you need a good army, to control this army, I am going to teach you hand movement.”

“First, if you want to say move forward, then raise your hand and signal them with your fingers to move forward”

“If you want to stop them, then raise your hand and say halt’’.

“If you want to gather all in battle. Just make hand fist ”.

“If you want them to spread all over the area, then rotate your finger ”.

Davine explain him with hand movement and Shane looks that carefully.

Suddenly, Ormaan arrives there with lightning and thunder and say, “oh, great, both of you are trained hard”.

“Grandpa” Shane and Davine said together.

“What are doing here?” Davine asked him.

“I call him to train Shane”. Briana come there and said.

Then Shane comes forward and says “what he going to train me ?”.

“He going to teach you one spells just like he teaches to Davine” Briana said.

Ormaan come forward and say “I want both of you leave this room alone for me and Shane ”.

Both Davine  and Briana leave the room.

Then Ormaan says “today I am going to teach you a shield magic ”.

Then he asked Shane “are you ready”

Shane gets excited and says “yes, I am”

“To make a shield you have to concentrate and cast spell SHIELD APPEARO’’. Now repeat with me ”. Ormaan said to Shane.

Shane repeats the spell with Ormaan.

Then Ormaan play pinch and say “let me demonstrate to you”.

Suddenly four black shadows appear there.

Shane gets aside and looks them.

All of them have attacked on Ormaan and Ormaan cast the spell.

All attacks were failed. Then he counterattacks all attack and every shadow get disappear.

Shane gets impressed and Ormaan tells him to try. Shane get ready to learn spells.

Then Ormaan asks him “are you ready ”.

“Yes, I’ll do my best  but can you show me this again ?”  Shane replies.

Ormaan smiles and  play pinch again and 4 shadow raise again .one of them, attack on Shane and Shane dodge him and cast SHIELD APPEARO’’, But it’s failed and he get hurt.

Then Ormaan says “ you have to focus  hard ”.

Later, Shane focusses and do this again, and its work, but for a very short time.

They train for two days.

Shane gets injured; he looks at Ormaan and says “let’s begin”

Ormaan play pinch and shadow raise again.

This time they all attack together and Shane close his eyes and focus for a while. Then he opens his eyes and cast spell “SHIELD APPEARO’’.

After that shield appears before him and stop the attack of shadow. Then he destroyed all the shadow with one counterattack.

There is so light, so Ormaan close his eyes. When Ormaan opens his eye and find that Shane standing in front of him. He smiles and say “am I ready?”

Ormaan also smiles and says “yes, you are ready,” he pinch again and all the wound of Shane get healed.

Shane looks his body. He felt well now.

Then Ormaan moves back and get vanish. Shane comes out of training room where Briana and Davine are waiting for him.

They meet Shane and Davine ask him “is your training complete”.

“Yes, grandpa teaches me to use magical shield”.  Shane said.

Briana gets near the Shane and Davine and says “both of you are ready now to defeat Pitusha, go and free Mia city from Pitusha.”

Both of them get ready and wear their armor.Davine wear blue and white armor and take his weapon bow and arrow and saber with him while Shane wears red and black armor and take his weapon sword on his back and dagger with him.

Both of them are ready, and then Shane checks himself and says “that’s really cool.”

“Yes, I know that”. Davine said .

They go to see their mother and take bless from her. Briana hugs and bless them and say “now go and kill that vampire Pitusha”.

Then soldier come inside and say “queen,  army are ready to go”.

Queen made Shane commander of the army, but Shane refuses and says “no I can’t, Davine is senior and had more experience than me. So, he goes to command all army.”

Briana get agree with him and made Davine, commander of the army.

Davine and Shane get outside and meet their army. Then Davine get in front of them and start his speech.

He begins to say “my, friend, I am not going to lie to you, but this may be your lucky day or bad day”.

Every soldier listens to him carefully.

Davine continue and say “today you are going to die for your, anyone who wants to get back, do it now”

Nobody gets back from their position.

Davine and Shane look at each other and smile, then Davine take out his bow and shout “everyone moves forward”.

But Shane stops them. Davine doesn’t understand and ask him “why did you stop us?”

Then Shane says “sorry to stop, but if go there walking, it will take so much time and vampires get warned easily”.

Davine listen to him carefully and say “you are right, so what’s your plan?”

Shane thinks and explains his plan “your magic portal is the best way to transport us safely to Mia border”.

Davine impressed with him and say “that’s a great plan. I don’t know you have experience in battle ”.

Shane laughs and says “it’s simple I just watch so many  movies”

“what is  movies?” Davine get confused. He never heard that word in his life.

But Shane says he “forget that and open portal”.

Davine move forward and say “now stand aside”. He  raises his hand and imagine Mia border in his mind and cast LUMINO SUUCERER”.

After that a portal opens in front of them.

Davine command his army to jump inside the portal.


All 100 soldiers jump inside the portal and look around, after them Shane and Davine jump out from the portal and reach at Mia boundary.



In Mia, every soldier hides in the forest behind Shane and Davine. They hide behind a tree and look to a city where people are forced to do the work and vampire makes them slaves, they tied people and beat them .

Shane get angry and get up to attack, but Davine grab his hand and say “calm down Shane, do not make any mistake”.

Then Davine turn around and talk to his army “my friend today is the great day, 50 soldiers going to attack from this side and 50 from the other side. I am going to lead this side and you Shane is going to lead either side. Got it Shane? Shane? Shane?”

Davine didn’t get his answer, so he turned around and find that Shane is gone.

Davine look for him and then he peeks through the shrub.

He sees that Shane is moving to the city slowly. He whispered “hot headed kid, never going to listen anybody. He made me commander himself and not listen my any command”.

Shane gets into the city and attack one vampire from behind. Every vampire gets alerted and attack on Shane.

Then Davine say “there is a quick change in Plan, attack now”.

Every werewolf come out from the forest and attack on vampires and begins their battle to free Mia.

Shane and Davine get the city people and say “don’t worry; we are not going to harm you, get to the safe place”.

Shane untied all the slave and say “don’t be afraid and leave this place”.

Davine comes in front of Shane and say “are you not going to listen anybody”.

Shane can’t say any word. Suddenly they hear some voice that is “stop werewolf princes or your queen going to die”.

They follow that voice and see a man standing there holding their mother. He put the sword on her neck. That was an army chief who once killed Davine father ‘Fernard’.

“Bastard” Davine scream and get his bow to attack.

“No, no, no, don’t make any mistake prince Davine, get your weapon down or your mother is going to dead. So it is better to surrender yourself now”. Army chief said.

Davine find himself hopeless, he has no choice left. He put down his weapon and surrenders himself. Shane follows him and throws his weapon. And he also surrenders himself.

Army chief laughs and command vampire soldier to “lock down queen and werewolf army with other prisoners, and bring these brothers to lord Pitusha palace, he wants to meet them personally ”.

4 Vampire soldier tied them with chain and take them to castle.

The 1st soldier has a narrow face, small eyes and a large nose. He has a light build. A notable feature is his accent, which people usually find annoying.

The 2nd soldier has triangular face, big eyes and a small nose. He has an average build. He has bruises on his right cheek.

3rd soldier has a square face and wide eyes. He is broad shouldered.

The 4th soldier has a round face, pointed chin and a pencil moustache. He is thin.

Army chief transforms into werewolf and go to the palace.

On the way Shane feels very sad. He looks at Davine and say “I am sorry this is my fault ”.

Davine forgives him and say “everyone made a mistake in his life, don’t worry, we will find anyway ”.

Shane remembers something, he reminds that the army chief said that he lockdown his mother and army with other prisoners.

Shane asks 1st soldier “hey you, can I ask you something”.

But the fourth soldier says “stop talking and move fast”.

First soldier stops the fourth soldier and says “never mind, both of them are going to die, let him ask”.

Then Shane asks him “who are they prisoners?”

Soldiers get angry and refuse to say, and then 2nd soldier says “don’t worry, he will do nothing, listen kids, those are prisoners’ werewolves and human those are not died at war. Some of them are refugees”.Then the 4th soldier says “that are enough now move forward”.

Davine just listen to them quietly. Shane gets something in mind and he starts smiling.

Davine see Shane strangely and say “we are going to die and you are smiling ”.

Shane gets near the Davine and whispered in his ears that “hey Davine, If you really forgive me then I got an idea”. Davine listen to him carefully and says “what’s that? Shane looks at vampires and says to Davine “listen, we are going to free our mother and all prisoners and I am sure that some prisoners are going to help us”

Davine asks him “are you sure, this is going to work?”

“Let’s make a try “Shane says.

Then Davine ask him “what I’ll have to do?”

Shane smile and say “all we have need the location of prisons from these vampires, Davine asks them very politely that ‘where is prisons? And  I am sure they tell us ” .After that Davine also start smiling

Then Davine ask 1st soldier, “ where is that prison where the queen was prisoned”.

The 1st soldier refuses to say, but 2nd soldier tells them that “it is located in the island. 100 km far to the east’.

“Thank you” Davine said.

3rd soldier gets angry and say “what are you fools doing, all of you said everything to our enemy”.

Shane smiles and says “I agree with your friends”.

Both of them break the chain together and attack on soldiers. 4 of them transformed in vampires and attack on both of them.

Shane uses his magic shield and says “Davine opens your portal, we have not so much time to waste, we have to defeat them quickly ”.

Davine ask him ok, but for where?”

Shane stops one attack and says “anywhere but far.” Davine open his portal. Shane uses his counter attack and throw them into the portal.

At the end Davine close the portal. Shane asks him “where did you send them?”

Davine says “I don’t know, but I hope they are never coming back”.

Then Shane says “it’s time free them, Davine open the portal that teleport us inside the prison”.

Davine agree with him and he closes his eye and tries to concentrate the location of the prison.

Meanwhile, Pitusha was waiting for Shane and Davine.

Then one injured soldier comes and say “lord werewolf princes are free and heading to prison” then he faint on the ground.

Pitusha get up and tell to army chief “prepare everyone for battle”.

In prison, Shane and Davine one by one attack on vampire guard silently.

“That’s great, now free our mother and army”.Davine say and check all around.


They find their werewolf army in the cell.

Shane and Davine free them and say “move out quickly and grab your weapon ”.

Then Shane stops one prisoner and asks “where is mother?”

“Queen was prisoned in ground level”. prisoner said and run.

“Thank you, now go and cover the area.” Davine ordered them.

Shane and Davine go to the ground level and find their mother Briana

“Davine go and free these entire prisoner, I believe that they are going to help us.” Briana said to him.

Shane and Davine go and unlock the entire cell. Every prisoner comes outside and thanks to them.

But one prisoner come in front of them and say prince, my name is George, once my father fights for your father Leonardo. It’s my honor to fight with you. After that, every prisoners ready to fight.

George is 5’11” and has slender build his clothes are dirty and has a scar on his face.

Shane gets emotional and says “all of you are so brave, now there are total 1000 prisoners. I want that those who are orphan and had no family fight with us and other prisoners get to the safe place ”.

Then one werewolf soldier come there and say “lord Pitusha  and his armies are coming here”.

“Everyone grabs your weapon” Davine shout.

Then he asks his mother to take other prisoners in a safe place, Briana use her magic and teleport herself with them in safe place.

Then Shane command George to lead archer.

Pitusha and his army get near the island and stops.

There is a deep fog around the island. After looking this army chief gets scared and say to Pitusha “this is not good I think we should move back ”.

Pitusha hold him and say “listen carefully, we are vampires and vampires are not scare of anything. Then he transforms into a vampire and takes army chef with him and get into deep fog. Every vampire also transform and fly in deep fog. After sometimes they see the prison island. Pitusha get down with army chief and get normal form.

Meanwhile, Shane and Davine come outside the prison.

Shane gets near Pitusha and says “welcome, we are just waiting for you”.

Pitusha look at them and say “accept this kid, you’re lost”.

Shane smile and say “I don’t think so”.

After that, every werewolf comes out of the prison.

Pitusha get nervous, but he controls himself and says “now all of you want to fight us, that would be great ”.

Then he saw the moon in the sky, hiding behind the cloud. He says “we will start a battle, when moon comes out of cloud”.

Everyone ready and wait for the moon, both armies transform into werewolves and vampires.

Then Shane looks at George on top of the prison and signal him to get ready. George also signals him okay.



George quickly gets ready with archer. With the moon come out from the cloud, they start their fight.

“Attack and no mercy to anyone” Pitusha shouted.

“Let’s do it guys,” Shane shouted.

All werewolves start running to attack vampires. Pitusha then command archer to shoot.

Every archer gets ready and shoots, werewolves’s army see an arrow in the sky and they stopped.

Then Shane comes forward and uses his shield to stop arrow.

Every vampire gets shocked and werewolves get happy and excited.

Shane uses lots of energy so he gets tired, Davine get near him and ask “are you all right”

Shane gets his sword and says “yes, I am fine”.

Suddenly, Pitusha take his twin blade and attack on Shane, Shane blocks his attack with sword.

The war is started, both army fights with each other. Davine kill vampire soldier, one by one.

Then army chief comes and attack on Davine. Davine duck his attack and start fighting with him.

Here Pitusha attack continuously on Shane and say

“You are so weak, Shane” Pitusha said to him.

Shane only use to block his attack, but it failed, then he tries to use his magic shield. But it also failed and he fell down with one hit of Pitusha.

Shane lies on the ground and try to get his sword in hand, Pitusha comes near him and say “don’t you know that, there is no magic work for me. I have ability to deactivate the power or magic of anyone ”. Shane listens to him but can’t do anything.

Pitusha get his twin blade and stab on his stomach.

Every werewolf stops there fighting and George looks him from top of the prison. Davine try to get near the Shane but army chef blocks him .

Pitusha start laughing like a demon and start saying loudly that “look, your guardian is dead, now get down your weapon and become our slave ”.

“All your kings are losers, my father killed Ratanculas, and my brother Gordon killed Fernard and Leo. Now I killed this boy ”.

But there is something happening to Shane. His finger starts moving, his heart beat gets faster and body temperature rises and his body gets muscular. He's all wound get heal back to the normal. Then he opens his eye.

Pitusha feels proud of himself, he starts insulting of werewolves, every werewolf feels sad and hears his word.

Then someone puts his hand on Pitusha shoulder. Pitusha look that hand and it was hairy, and then he turns back instantly and see a werewolf standing in front of him.

He hit Pitusha with one punch. Pitusha get fell on the ground .

Davine and werewolves get back to normal and happy to see that wolf. That werewolf is Shane

Shane turns into a werewolf with sharp golden eye and brown fur and sharp teeth.

He moves forward and starts howling. Pitusha stands up and removes his dirt and then laugh.

He gets in front of him and say “let’s the party begin ”.

He runs and transform into a vampire. Then he comes and gets Shane and fly in the sky.

Pitusha take Shane so, far in the sky. Shane scratch on his face, Pitusha screams with pain, but don’t lose him. He takes Shane so far in the sky.

In the ground  Davine transform himself into a werewolf and attack on army chief.

He bites and scratch army chef and say “my father’s trust you, but you betrayed him ”.

Army chief gets normal and fall before Davine’s leg. He starts begging for his life. Davine also gets normal.

Suddenly the army chief grabs his sword for attack, but before that Davine stab his arrow on his head and then army chief dies there instantaneously.

Meanwhile, at the sky, Pitusha attacks on Shane and Shane attacks on Pitusha, both of them try hard , Pitusha block his attack and say “ now I am going to kill you and later your werewolves family .but Shane interrupt him and say “ you are not going to hurt anyone Pitusha , I am always going to protect my family”.  

At the end, Shane grabs Pitusha’ hands and break them and then he bites on Pitusha neck and breaks his neck.

Pitusha dies in the sky and get vaporized and Shane hit the ground very hard. He gets fainted.


1 day later, he opens his and find himself in the room, then he come out and see him is the castle of Mia and everyone there having a party. Then Shane finds Davine and asks “are we won?”

Davine hold his hand and say “yes, we won, now common, everyone is waiting for you”.

He gets to the hall along with Davine where everyone applause and welcome him. Then his mother comes in front of him and kisses on the Davine’s head and Shane’s head.

Suddenly there a messenger comes and give them shocking news. He says “Gordon and his brother and sister plans to attack again ”.

Everyone gets panicked even Davine and Briana also get in a panic.

But there is no sweat on Shane’s face. The Davine look on his face and say “is there something in your mind?”

Shane explains them about his idea that he is going to use his shield to cover the whole area of Mia.

But Davine refuses and say “you are not doing this, after that, you will lose your all power forever”.

Shane smile and say “that’s ok, these people, these places are more important than my power”.

Davine get back and doesn’t say any word. Then Shane raises his hand and start saying aloud that .

“I am Shane culas, Son of Leonardo culas, give my whole power to create a protection shield around this whole city and protect this city from evil spirit ”.

Then a light come from his hand and go into the air and made shield around the Mia.

Everyone  gets normal and start their party again. Then Davine is going to put the crown on Shane head, but Shane stops him and say “I am sorry, but I am not ready for this responsibility ”.

Then Davine ask “why?”

Everyone there only listens to them. Then Shane bows before him and give him his sword. Davine just look at him. Then Shane says “from now you are the king of werewolves and I am going back to Cambille and stay with my friend”.

Davine tries to convince him that “don’t go now, it’s your responsibility not mine ”.

Then their mother interrupts and says “it’s alright Davine, I trust Shane, and if he wants to go then he can go ”.

Shane smile and say “if there is any problem comes, I will return back to fantasia ”.

Then Davine opens portal to Cambille, Shane, get farewell to everyone and jump into the portal.

After some time he comes out of the portal and find himself in the air, he scream and start falling down. In Cambille, Nothing changed; Pan and Chen are going to throw Baltus and Rocky stands there and watching them.

Then somebody calls them from behind and say “Rocky leave my friend alone”.

All of them recognized that voice and turn around. There is Shane stands in front of him wearing different outfits and older. Rocky, Pan and Chen get shocked.

Rocky didn’t ask any question and attack on him, and then Shane dodges and attack on him with one fist. Rocky gets down.

Pan and Chen look at him and run like a coward. Rocky also gets up and run behind them.

Shane moves to Baltus and untie him.

Baltus  looks him strangely and say “what  happen to you Shane? You look different ”.

Shane holds him and says “just  found myself ”.

Baltus doesn’t understand. He looks at his watch and say “oh my god, look at the time, we are already late, Trini is gone ”

But Shane says “let’s go home my friend, Today both, Trini and I found  their family ”.

Baltus gets confused and look at Shane.

Shane laughs and says “I am just kidding, my friend, Trini gets along with her new family and I have you as my family ”.

Both of them get together and return to HOPE happily.

But in Fantasia, Gordon hides with his brother and sister somewhere in Vampire State.

Tony gets temper and mess up everything. Then Gordon comes to see him and say “what are you doing?”

Tony controls himself and says “our brother is dead and you are just asking what happen to me”.

Gordon get near him and say “don’t worry my brother; I got an idea in my mind”.

“What's that?” Tony asks with excitement.

Gordon gets closer to him and says “listen carefully; there is a human monster live in the city of that boy”.

“So, what’s in your  mind” Tony says

Gordon continues to say “that human monster is Metal, old friend of mine . He was sealed in some kind of  box, I want you to go to that city and free him. When he comes there is only left Dark in the city”.

After that, both Gordon and tony start laughing like demon and their voice echoes all over the castle.







the dark in the city

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