God of Skill

By Ayase51

God of Skill Chapter 3

God of Skill Chapter 3

Author’s Note / Request

Hy guys Ayase here i did a small mistake in character name in previous chapter weill i know you guys can guess who i meant i was the goddess Ament her actual name in egyptian mythology was Amunet who was a primordial goddess who was also known as ‘The Female Hidden One’. Ya also please enjoy my work tho i on know when i will update upcoming chapters but i will so please again point out m mistake so that i won't repeat ‘em in future

Chapter - 3

「An unfamiliar ceilin..」

(I always wanted to say that but there is none it's just a vast sky in front of my eyes … I guess i should wake up and look for a village or city. if she helped me with some money, i still can't believe that goddess was Amunet. what was she doing outside her domain which should be Egypt... whatever i'll look for that later first comes some shelter)

「Looking from the sun i guess the time should be somewhat around 11 am or 1 pm ., the isekai type themed light novel most of the MC’s who are teleported in grassland or plain area always can tell the directions which they have to go as if they had a compass with them or where they just that great ….」

When Haruta was looking around he found a bag behind grasses and since there was no one around he picked it up and found a letter in it 

The content of the letter was

『 To haruta

First let me inform to you that your the last soul that survived the attack from them as who they are you don't need to know it. The world your are in is a world which normal people get a god as a guardian spirit and even if their gods are dead the power given to them will be still with them and it can also be improved so there will be some gods which you don't know so look about that in library. As for where you are we dropped you near capital city and you have a family there and he body of your is a body of nobel daughter when you reach the gate just tell the guard that you have forgot everything except you name that is 〝catherine of duke Novák〞and they will take you to her family which will be yours from today. Her guardian god was Amunet and she soon died after sending you to this world and since your a god yourself you don't need a guardian god and don't let others know that if you care about yourself. As for your base ability i have given you a inventory of unlimited storage box ,a huge mana pool and a good physical body and since your mana pool is great you will have a great mental strength also you don't have to care about god's works just enjoy your life to fullest』

After he finish reading the letter the first thing he checked was his crotch

「It's not there. “My family jewel is  missing ahhhhhhhhh”」

After screaming for few minute he also realized that he was super short 

「I became a loli!!!!  Wonder how i look though since i'm a daughter of duke i might be super beautiful, also if there is magic there might be an academy for it to teach how to control your power also from my height i don't think that i might be more than 10 year old also i wonder what happened to this girl for dying at this age... ….. There is also a map in this bag ……. There is a small mark near capital i guess it's my position thank you god since it's like this i don't think i will get lost」

After he looked at the sun and fond it was moving higher so he thought that must be west and started to go towards north - west in accordance to the map. After walking for one hour he saw the gate of the capital. Even after he saw a huge line standing to enter capital he went straight towards the guard and told how he/she was as soon as the guard heard her his face became as if he saw a ghost and went running after telling her to wait 

「From his reaction i guess they gave a funeral to this girl. Well i guess he went to bring someone from my family or some servant. I thought he will ask questions after seeing my adventure type dress but he didn't than this means he have seen me before. Well what should i do till he come back」

As she was waiting she was looking at the big line waiting to go inside and she also saw two rugged guys coming towards her

「I guess they are coming because i didn't stand in line and cam straight towards the gate. The god said he gav me good physical body i didn't think the time to tat it will come so soon」

「Hey there beautiful girl girl wanna come play with us」(rugged guy 1)

「ya, ya come play with us isn't it boring to just wait in the line」(rugged guy 2)

“Ara it seems that i'm indeed beautiful as expected of a duke’s daughter. It seem there will be basterds like him here too. If you want to pick up a girl then at least think a proper line for it still as expected of classic pick up line of losers iit does make a girl angry also there isn't any guard around so i think i should deal with it fast” 

「nii-chan tachi i'm just waiting for the guard to return and i think he will be here soon so can you ask someone else」

「it's fine just come with us」(rugged guy 2)

Telling that he started to pull haruta/catherine and she tried to shook him of and shacked her hand a little but he was not there when she looked after shaking her hand not only she was surprised but everyone who was there had their jaw dropped after seeing that guy who was pulling her hand vanished in a second after few movement something fell down from empty sky that thing fell down in such force that even the ground was crumbled and formed a small craters when everyone peeked inside of it they found that guy who was vanished some movements ago and he was covered in a faint red colour aura

“ i think he activated his body enchantment magic while falling. Thank god i didn't have to watch a pool of blood also what is with this strength he that god called it just good physical body my strength is as it is a god evel strength well i'm a god so i guess it's possible.”

The another rugged guy who was with him started to run towards him shouting ‘Aniki’ and after checking he was alive he again shouted ‘thank god he's alive’ also catherine was also relieved that he was alive because she didn't wanted to be a criminal as soon as she came to this world. And soon after some guard came and asked what was the hugh noise which was made by that guys falling but as soon as the saw me their face became pale as they have seen a ghost

“Well i guess they have also seen her in past I guess”

After catherine explained her situation and what happened there they relaxed a little and gave that guy some first aid and after few minutes she heard someone's calling as she turned towards that direction

「Cat-nee sama!! You came back to meeeee」

Shouting that a cute little girl with white hair and blue eyes around the age of 6 or 7 came running toward catherine 

“Judging from her hair colour which is same as mine don't know about eye colour and the way of her calling me i think she may be my little sister. Also she will be super moe if she was smiling instead of crying like now. That's it i have decided if she really is my sister i'll protect her smile till the end from now on and if someone make her cry they will pay for that with their life”

While he was taking oath in his mind the girl came and hugged catherine as she was crying and saying “thank god you were alive” and few other things which i didn't understand because she was crying. Behind her there were also two people coming with a rich appearance and a worried and relieved mixing expression

“I think they might be this girls parents hey are relieved thinking i'm safe or particularly catherine is safe. I don't think now is the time to tell that i have lost the memories of m past (catherine’s memories) after reaching his girls home i'm pretty sure he will starting questioning me t should be prepared with a perfect story”

After the little girl finished crying we the four of us are going toward the house of duke Novák. After reaching the house the father like guy told me to follow him and as catherine has a huge confidence in her strength she followed her on the was to his office every maid and butler gave a shocked reaction after seeing catherine after reaching the office he closed the door after catherine  entered the room and came near her and picked her up and hugged her and started crying  

「cat thankk..god you wereee alive i'm realy happy taht you were alivedggdvbdhnnsbs 」

As he also acted like he little girl there was only one word from catherine mouth


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