God of Skill

By Ayase51

God of Skill Chapter 1

God of Skill Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - The Beginning

"Aww' man i'm sleepy as hell for going to the camp was useless after all." ' Hy guz my name is Ayase Haruta first name is Haruta and second name is Ayase .Well im a typical day-to-day useless guy you can find anywhere but i was much of a looser than other useless guys cause at least they has a where the could fit in their life and has some talent to do something. Neither im special in doing something nor i do fit anywhere i go. almost i've went to every type of school and every extra class that is there which i know. Well i think i should give it up in the end. after trying it for my past 16 yrs well that makes it since i was born'

Is what i used to think until this incident

When i opened my eyes it was a … nothing i guess it was complete white

"Hy kid im sorry"(??)

When i heard that voice i turned towards it more than standing on nothing what made me surprised was it was a super cute young girl even if i say young it's more like around my age wearing some fluffy fluffy dress and gave a aura of princess also what's with kid it's not like im younger than you

"Who are you and where am i"(Haruta)

"Well I'm goddess actually the queen of all god to say not that we have a king and we're inside you dream"(goddess)

Goddess huh well i can see where this is going you know like those stories in manga and light novel isekai was it.. Wonder when did i die no wait she told that this was a dream right also i did wonder why there was a girl who i never met before so she's a goddess that makes sense why there is a unknown girl here she's more or less my type from appearance alone though

"Well that makes sense cause last thing i remember is going to sleep . and Your telling me that goddess huh?"(haruta)

"Indeed i'm am. It doesn't seems like your surprised”(goddess)

“Why indeed i wonder maybe because i don't believe you or it is just me being like this”(haruta)

Isn't it obvious i'm surprised when someone sees their perfect ideal type girl calling themself a goddess even if i saw her in real life ill still call her goddess

“Well whatever anyway I'm here to to apologize cause it was my mistake that you have no skill"(goddess)

"Oi oi i dont have the habit of putting my fault on others so just get going"(haruta)

So we are going down to business right through  huh..

"Your kind…. gross. So just tell me what you want i have lots of work to do"(goddess)

(is this how someone at fault behaves i wonder)

"Ive lots of them wishes I mean"(haruta)

"Sorry but i can only grant one. And dont go like your wish is to have 10 more wish"(goddess)

"Hmm... my wish huh....it will be....well before that is there someone known as god of power not like war God but a god of power who has every power across the universe"(haruta)

"No there isn't"(goddess)

"Then I would like to become one god i mean the god of skills"(haruta)

"  -o-; what you know being god isnt easy as you think"(goddess)

" cant you make that wish come true and telling that your the king of god and like i can believe you goddess it seems dont make fool out of me"(haruta)

"Well child you do really know how to provoke others just because im young ruler dosnt mean you can make me do whatever you want… yapari your gross"(goddess)

" kora..kora...look who is talking. Someone who cant even make a child's wish come true"(haruta)

"Fine ill make you a god under one condition that you wont be able to stay in this world is it fine "(goddess)

"Does that mean ill be transported into another world or something"(haruta)

"Thats right you will be transported more like teleported to a world without any gods supervision"(goddess)

"Which means"(haruta)

"You will have to take care of that world"(goddess)

"So I'm a scapegoat for your unwanted world right?"(haruta)

"More or less if your fine with this condition ill grant you that"(goddess)

"Not even trying to hide it are we…. Whatever not like i have something in this world within my reach to be attached to this world"(haruta)

"Isnt it obvious cause you gross… well take care you will be teleported after few days"(goddess)

'Well thats how i started my life as god'

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