Link the Orc

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Link the Orc Chapter 2

Link the Orc Chapter 2

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I ran lightly as I looked around the battle field. Even after I took a rough estimate, there were 3 times as more humans than the orcs. There were a lot of them. Unlike the orcs, humans didn’t attack if there was a chance they could lose. They were a cowardly race. They had launched a preemptive attack, since they were confident they could win against us.
There was a good chance I would die here.

Should I retreat?

Mmmm?! What the hell did I think just right now? Retreat was only for the cowards. How could I think of such a thought?! I had only thought about it inside, but I was a proud orc warrior. The fact that I had such thoughts made me embarrassed.


I let out a yell to shed the embarrassment and useless thoughts. Unacceptable. I was sure the wound to my head was the cause. I would have never thought such thoughts if it wasn’t for the blow to my head. Even if I was hurt, I couldn’t believe I had such weak thoughts. I was sure I had received a massive blow to my head. The large wound made me delirious for a moment.

After settling my heart, I took in a deep breath then I let out a strong yell.

“I’m a warrior of the orc race, Garakar! Brothers! I will join you on the battlefield!!”

For a moment, I behaved in a disgraceful manner, but I possessed the biggest body in this unit. Basically, the strongest warrior led the other warriors. When my brother realized I had joined the battlefield, they would fight more fiercely.

I targeted the closest human as my target. I grabbed the axe handle with both my hands, then I swung it with all my might. The human swordsman, who had become my target, gritted his teeth and he raised his shield.


Foolish human! A human dared to think he could block my axe!



My axe hit the shield. The shield was half destroyed, and the human fell onto his knees as he couldn’t withstand the strength transferred through my axe. He dared to block my attack head on, so the human’s weak body had been broken. He probably had a broken arm or an injury of such nature.

I immediately split the defenseless human’s head. The sensation of the axe splitting the head traveled up my arm, and it was transmitted to my head.
I was excited. This was a battle. I immediately ran towards another human.

One… I kicked the shield, and the human fell over. I stomped hard three time on his thigh and face, then I ran forward once again. Normal orcs were two times as heavy as a human. I was especially large even amongst the orcs, so I was about three times as heavy as a human. My three stomps were enough to gravely wound the weak human.

Two… The human hadn’t expected the man in front of him to fall so easily, so he stood there dumbly with his shield in hand. I rammed him with my shoulders. The human desperately raised his shield to block, but I charged him before the human could even set his feet. It was impossible for him to withstand it.

The human’s body flew into the air with his shield still extended in front of him. The human couldn’t move from the shock, so I walked past him after I stomped his head. I had put more strength into my stomp than the one before, so the human’s skull was crushed into a pulp. The sensation of the head being destroyed underneath my foot made me more excited.

Three… Unlike the three stupid humans I killed before him, this human didn’t try to block my attack with his shield. He pushed his sword forward as he tried to stab towards my neck.

This human was more sensible than the humans that had been in front of him. Still, there was a huge gap in strength between a mere human and an orc. If a human wanted to block a normal orc with a shield, at least 5-6 people had to block in unison. So a lone human would inevitably die, so he was attacking to wound me before his death. His actions were sensible.

The attack was quite sharp. If this attack was performed against one of my brothers, then they would have been in trouble. Of course, I wasn’t like my other brothers. This attack wouldn’t work against me. I swung my right arm outwards as I deflected the sword. My arm was cut, but it didn’t matter. My hide was tough and thick, so the wound wasn’t that deep.

After I deflected the sword with power, the human lost his balance and his entire right side was exposed. It was unguarded. I immediately swung the axe in my left hand towards his neck. The head was separated from the body, and it flew high into the sky.

I stopped my steps for a moment, then I picked up the human’s severed head. This human had worn more colorful equipment than the humans he had killed prior to him. He must be a human with a fairly high rank. I immediately threw the head towards the humans. It was funny to see the humans retreat from fright.


I opened both my arms and I let out a roar. I heard my brothers in various locations answer back with roars. I put the blood coming out from my freshly cut wound on my right arm on to my palm, then I smeared it across my face.

Yes. This was it. When my face was smeared with warm blood, I felt a huge boost. My entire body started to feel like it was burning up. I felt heat. This was an enhancement I was feeling. I was sure the death god Karok was looking over me.

“I will prove my bravery to Karok!”

I started running again. I ignored the few scattering humans that had broken from the formation as I ran past them. If I killed such weak beings, I won’t be able to prove myself to Karok. My target was the group of humans in the back, who were still maintaining their formation.

Humans grew stronger as they worked together. The humans stood side-by-side with their shoulders touching each other, and they raised their shields. Even an orc would be halted in his progress. Then the several dozens of swords would stab from everywhere. No matter how tough and hard the orc’s leather was it would inevitably be pierced.

This was why they had worth as a target. I would throw my body against them to clash against strong foes. There were hundreds of thousands of orcs in existence. If he wanted to catch the eyes of Karok amongst the many orcs, a normal battle wouldn’t be enough.

The group of human was slowly getting closer to me. Several dozen shields and swords were raised in concert. As they drew closer, their strong spirits assaulted me. I felt a squeezing sensation over my entire body, and I felt death coming closer to me.


My axe fell on top of the several dozen shields that was bunched to act as a single shield.


The shield wall shook for a brief moment, but soon the shields bunched together once again. Then swords started appearing from the gaps between the shield wall. The swords stabbed and cut against my body. In a flash, half a dozen wounds were newly formed on my body.


Yes. The difficulty should be this high. It was dangerous and painful, but I was also excited. It was fun. I felt my death approaching, but his gaze was present where there were violent deaths. Oh Karok. Please look at me. I am your creation and your son. As your warrior, I offer this intense battle to you.


Once again I swung my axe as i clashed with the shield wall. It was still sturdy. It seemed it would be hard for me to break through the sturdy wall by myself. However, I heard my brothers’ roars from close-by. Fire was lit under them when they saw my actions. They were also warriors, who wanted to receive the gaze of Karok. No brothers of mine avoided his gaze, because they were afraid of death.

Kwahng! Kwahng! Koohng! Kwahng!

My brothers and I rammed into the shield wall, and the sound of axe striking was continuous. The shield wall fluctuated wildly.


“Koohoo… Koohoo… Koohoo…”

I was out of breath. There were 4 blades embedded in my body, and there were almost 100 wounds on my body. The blood I was losing made a puddle, and the arm holding up my axe was shaking.

I’ll be dead soon. It didn’t matter how strong a life force an orc had. I possessed one of the strongest body amongst my brethren, but it was hard to see me survive this many wounds and blood loss. But…


I let out a laugh. It had been fun. I had been brave today. My brothers had also been brave, but I had been several times more brave. I was in the forefront receiving the blades of the humans. I battered the shields in front of me and I killed the most humans. Moreover, we had won.

There were over 300 human corpses lying across the plains. There were humans that were weak, but they also had those who were courageous and strong. The number of my brothers still alive gave evidence to this fact. There were only about 10 of my brothers left. We started off with around 100 of us. However, over 90 of our brothers died in battle. Moreover, half of the brothers still alive would also be dead soon including me.

However, no one was sad or depressed. Instead, we were happy. We had faced a strong enemy without backing down. We charged forward, and we were victorious.


From the innermost part of my heart, a victorious roar rose out from me. The few brothers left answered me.

The brothers, who went ahead of me, must have traveled to Karok’s side. They had been brave. Moreover, my few remaining brothers will also be by Karok’s side. I will be placed closest to Karok. This was why I was pleased. I would be happy to survive and continue to fight. However, I would also enjoy dying, and traveling to Karok’s side.

My legs were shaking, but I will never kneel. Soon, I will be going to Karok, so I wanted to meet him in a dignified manner. My knees will only bend afterwards.

“Garakar! Garakar!”

“Garakar! Garakar!”

My brothers chanted my name. Why were they doing this? Is it because they witnessed by bravery?

“Garakar has been chosen by Karok!”

I’ve been chosen by Karok? If I was chosen by Karok then… I quickly looked down at my body to look at it. A red fog was emanating as it surrounded my entire body.


My laughter leaked out naturally. Karok still wanted me on the surface of this world, and he expected me to fight to entertain him. The red fog started to gradually thicken. Soon my entire body was encased, and no one from the outside could see me. Then…

-You have received Karok’s Blessing.

You have been promoted from orc warrior to big orc warrior..

You’ve earned the Skill ‘Karok’s Sight.’

I heard the voice. It was Karok’s Message. When Karok’s blessing was given, the messenger delivered his words for him. Amongst all the dead orcs, who had died in the past, the ones closest to him had the honor of fulfilling this role. I would probably perform this role later too.

I could feel it. The red fog was slowly being absorbed by me, and the swords embedded in my body fell to the floor. The wounds started healing, and my body started to get bigger little by little. A bigger body was a criteria for strength. I was getting stronger.

“Gwahhhhh! I’m the orc warrior Garakar! I’ve received Karok’s blessing!”

My excitement was mixed with pleasure. I let out a roar of happiness. My brothers let out a roar of congratulation.


-The morning sun is up~! Please get up from your bed~.

Hahnsahng opened his eyes with the sound of the alarm.


A cuss word slipped out from his mouth. He couldn’t help it. He had the same damn dream again. Moreover, it had continued from the exact point it had ended previously.

“What kind of dreams are these?”

He still felt the euphoria he had felt as an orc even though he had woken up from his dream. It didn’t feel like a dream. It felt as if it had happened for real, and everything had just happened minutes ago.

“I’ve never had a dream like that in my life.”

Hahnsahng pushed himself up then he got off his bed. If he had time, he would have rested a little more until  the lingering image from the dream disappeared. However, he didn’t have the time to do so. Hahnsahng got ready for work, then he started putting aside the images incrementally.

As with any man, it took him 5 minutes to clean himself. He didn’t put much effort into picking out his clothes. After putting on the clothes, he stepped outside. Then…

“Jeez. That surprised me.”

He was surprised when he saw the blue, red and white light surrounding people’s body.

“I guess my disturbing dreams last night is causing me to see apparitions now….”

Hahnsahng rubbed his eyes, then he looked at the people once again. The light surrounding their body was still there.

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