I Become a Dragon in Other World

By Inumuramasa,Nekomasamune,狗村正,猫正宗

I Become a Dragon in Other World Chapter 3

I Become a Dragon in Other World Chapter 3

I Become a Dragon in Other World - 03 I Become a Dragon!

I Become a Dragon in Other World 


Isekai de Ryuu ni Narimashite


03 I Become a Dragon!


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This is chapter 3.

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  I run inside the forest with a desperate look.

 [What, what is that thing?]

   A giant boar chases me from behind.
   I pushed down the branch followed by cracking sound while hearing footsteps sound is approaching me.

   I’m screwed.
   My legs can’t be moved at all.
   The wild boar is approaching me soon.

 [Ha ha !?]

   My legs tripped by the root of the tree.

   I roll over on the ground.

 [Hurt... It's hurt]

   The place that hit the grounds hurt so much.
   How can I describe it, it's hot like my body burns.
   When I got up and restrained my waist, the giant boar is already in front of me.

 [awa... waaa...]

   The giant wild boar is dripping while staring into me.
   Even the fang longs very frighteningly, his eyes glare brightly.

 [No.. I can't anymore...]

   This beast makes [Bururuu] sounds.
   His huge breath blew my hair.

 [No! I don't want to die after all!!]

   It is too much to die in this way.
   I still have not got a boyfriend!
   I don't want to die in this place.

 [Hi, hii...!!]

   I crawl around trying to escape using my both hands and legs.
   My body still burns since a while ago.

   The boar opened his big mouth.
   As he shows a ferocious tooth, he brings his face closer to me.

 [No..get away.. absolutely don't want!]

   However, my feeling and my body are not synchronized, I can't move my legs.
   While covering my head using my hands, I curl up my body like a turtle.

---I don't wanna die I don't wanna die I don't wanna die I have never dated anyone yet I only have been born just for nothing I definitely don't wanna die.

   My palpitations become severe.
   My heart and stomach begin beating violently.

   My body doesn't stop burning.
   Is this a feeling when you are gonna die?

   It's hurt, it is like my body tearing from the inside.
   Suddenly, the sounds of creaking muscle are very noisy.

 [Buru!? uaah!?!?]

   The giant boar is leaking voice.
   Do you just say [Itadakimasu]?
   Don't make fun of me!
   I am not your plaything!

   I am desperately resisting by kicking its body.
   Then I hit him with something by swinging my arm.


   [Crack] a loud sound appears, there is a sign that something will fly away.

 (Wh, what!? My present body is!?)

   I caught a glance at the boar from the gap of my arms.
and then, That splendid huge fang is broken, I saw the back of a giant boar running away while crawling.

 (what is the meaning of it? did I just survive?)

   I un crawl my body.
   I relieved a little and breathed out, However, my surrounding seems to be trembling.
   I hear a loud sound when I put my butt on the ground.

   I wonder what is that sound?
   Is the danger still here?

   I unexpectedly saw my palm.
   I see huge claws on the giant palm of reptile-like creatures.


   What's this.
   I try to move it.
   While thinking about it, a huge white palm opens.

   I tried to flick the finger.
   Then the claws reflected in my eyes, and I fail to do it.
   I have a bad feeling about this.

   I try to inspect my body this time.


   What on earth is happening?

   There was a huge body shining on pure white dragon scales.
   It is a beautiful body covered with fine muscle.

   When I touch my belly, certainly, I can feel it.
   Perhaps, this is me ...?


   Because of my voice, the birds start flying.
   My cry turned into a terrible roar and reverberated in a deep forest.


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