Boku no Kanojo

By 砂糖こむぎ

Boku no Kanojo Volume 1 prologue

Boku no Kanojo Volume 1 prologue

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This might be a bit sudden but I definitely don’t like ‘teachers’. It might be okay to say that I don’t like people that are called with that name. However, I’m only a humble high school student, so I can’t exactly ignore them. Just like the person in front of me, Fujiki Maka-sensei.

She is the most popular teacher in the whole school with the name "Unobtainable flower". Such an old-school expression. Though, this beautiful teacher is standing right in front of me right now with a serious expression—-

"Saigi Makoto-kun, I, Fujiki Maka—-like you."

……Uhm, wait a moment, please. A confession……confession? C-Confession?! I-Impossible….! I was confessed to?! By Fujiki-sensei?!

No no, really wait a moment, calm down. Calm down, me. Listen now, Saiki Makoto, you have to remember. The reason you came to dislike ‘teachers’. That’s right, you should never forget about it. That was—

When I was in kindergarten, there was a teacher that I really liked. She was really beautiful and smelled really nice which was why I was always clinging to her. The rather mature me made a ring out of flowers and gifted that to her. I probably saw it in the TV, it was something that should be a ‘Engagement ring’, I suppose. That teacher happily accepted that ring and played along with it. But—that teacher…..just a few days later, she announced that she would marry soon….and left the kindergarten.

That woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You really did it now!—is what the young me thought at that time but it really left behind a scar. Of course, I’m well aware that she didn’t mean any harm with that but that wasn’t all that obvious to me as a kindergartener.

You really did it now!

Flashback, finished.

After that—-from grade school to middle school, while I was slowly growing up, I didn’t manage to get rid of this feeling. You might even call it that I was being wary of every female teacher. And that was all because of that trauma. No, it’s not really a trauma. Truth be told, it’s not like I hate that kindergarten teacher any more. That event was merely the trigger—–but my wariness concerning teachers is the truth.

Like that, I became a high school student and even in my second-year—-I still don’t like ‘teachers’.

Even so—–even I just said that, I’m being confessed to by a teacher.

It was a certain day in spring where the falling cherry blossoms symbolized the new school year. After school, I was called into a certain classroom. The person who called me was none other than my English teacher Fujiki Maki-sensei.

Weird, I don’t remember giving her a reason to call me out here. Thinking about it…..yes thinking about it! All of a sudden! All of a sudden she confessed to me! The one person that isn’t good with teachers gets confessed to by one?!

"You seem to be in quite the shock, Saigi-kun. Well, I understand that."

The person in question is speaking silly talk.

Fujiki-sensei—–likes me? If I remember correctly, she became a teacher in her twenties while I am a second-year student in Class A. When I say twenties, she should be about 24 or 25, I suppose. That makes her about 7 years older than me.

She doesn’t seem to be wearing that much make-up, a natural beauty. Natural brown hair was hanging down her back and her ears were barely visible. Her outer garments were a dark blue and she was wearing a tight mini-skirt. Her slender legs stretching out from that mini-skirt have gathered quite the popularity on school grounds. Right now, she was standing in front of the windows in the classroom. You could probably paint her like that and sell it off as an art piece.

"I can understand that you might be doubting me. Why would a dull male student like me be confessed to—-something like that, right?"


Although I can’t exactly deny the fact that I’m not really a popular high school student, should a teacher really say something like that to said student?

"…..And what the hell are you doing?!"

"Fu, even I am not so sure about that." She laughed cynically as she came closer to me.

With quick movements, she opened the buttons of her white blouse!

U-Uwa….A-A valley..! H-Her breasts! Her skin, so white it’s shocking….and so soft looking…..! This might not be the first time in my life that I saw such a cleavage but these are the breasts of the most beautiful teacher in this whole school….!

"H-How is it? I do have some confidence in terms of size and form, you know? Ah, hey, don’t get aroused!"

"So it would be fine if I don’t get aroused?!" It’s true that I might be thinking something bad but I clearly can’t be blamed in this situation!

Being attacked from this distance, I could even see her BH! Just what I would expect from a grown up; a simple, yet erotic mix of underwear….

"By the way, Saigi-kun."

"W-What is it?"

"Depending on your answer, these breasts might be yours to use how you want to…..?" She might have been snickering but her cheeks were slightly flushed.

She could just tell me if she was embarrassed….that being said, does something like that even happen? An adult getting embarrassed because of a kid like me?

"No no, isn’t this a bit weird?! A confession….were you serious about that?!"

"I wouldn’t confess to you just for the giggles. Still, that was my first confession… think that you would steal my first time….."

"Uhm…." Can you not say such a misleading phrase as you flash around your breasts right in front of me?!

I know that I should be averting my eyes but I’m a still growing boy so that might be a bit too much to ask, don’t you think? Still, that was her first confession, huh. I’m sure that if you were this beautiful, you would only be confessed to!

No, wait. Even if I trust her on that, what now? Should I even trust her confession as a whole?

That’s right, there’s no way that the ‘Unobtainable flower’ would be confessing her love to me. Leaving out the male students, she’s even crazy popular with her colleagues. She’s not just a pretty face, but also a very admirable teacher. Still in her twenties, her classes are very easy to understand. Whether she was in the classroom, the hallway, the teacher’s room or just walking around, it seemed like a scene out of a drawing. Even so much, that no one dares to go on the offensive.

Aren’t you all just little chickens?—is something I often think but it’s not like I can’t understand their reasoning. She’s just so immensely beautiful that it’s hard to approach her. Of course, I never once thought about approaching her. I mean, she’s a beautiful teacher….a teacher, you know? Of course, comparing her to other more aggressive teachers, or the ones who only cry about their problems when they open their mouth, she was a way bigger problem. In a certain meaning, the others don’t have another side. Just as you see them, good-for-nothing teachers all over. If only I paid attention to them, there was nothing to be afraid about.

Aren’t you all just little chickens?

But, what should I do against her? What would happen if I carelessly approached her? That’s why, I have to take my distance from her no matter what. Even if she’s my home-room teacher, I can just minimize the contact with her. At the very least, that’s what I’ve been doing until now but….

Today I was specifically called here. What do you think?

"You’ve gotten silent, I see. Yeah, maybe I could try a bit harder….but don’t tell me, you prefer panties over breasts….?!"

"I’m not a member of either faction!"

Don’t put a hand on your skirt! Your hand!!!

Even though she’s supposed to be the unobtainable flower, you keep showing me things I shouldn’t be able to see so easily!

"O-of course…..depending on your answer, I might even give you a part of my underwear as a present….you know?"

"Even if I were to receive something like that…."

I don’t feel like that’s the main problem here either.

"Fu, you sure are stubborn, Saigi-kun. I even chose this deserted room so that I could seduce you a bit to make sure that you would give a positive reply…..How rude."

"So the question of who exactly the rude one is isn’t integrated in this conversation?"

Aren’t you thinking of me as merely an idiot? Well, I really am one I guess.

While she was sighing in resignment, she still came closer.

W-What is it? Wanna fight? I’ll just say this upfront but I’m pretty weak. I don’t even have the confidence that I could win against a girl.

"Okay okay, don’t be so on guard like that. I won’t eat you."


With one push, she pushed me down onto a chair close by.

"Ahh, I feel so calm right now."

"…….! I don’t feel calm at all, though?!"

Just when I wondered what she was going to do, she pressed her breasts on my head.

Her breasts…..! Her breasts are…..! They are hitting my head, hitting my face!

"T-They are hitting me, Sensei!"

"What is? If you don’t say it out loud and clear, I won’t know what you mean."

"The things you’re strongly pressing against me!" What is she saying while she just snickers to herself!?

"You can stay like this when you answer…or would you prefer it if I made you stand up while you answer me?"

"F-Fujiki-sensei isn’t the type to do that, though?"

And, it’s not like I’m an M.

"By the way Saigi-kun, Kawarasaki-sensei let’s her students stand-up during her whole class if they can’t answer a question."

"I don’t understand the reason for that….except she wants to have a feeling of superiority maybe."

Giving teachers a rebellious answer is something like a bad character trait of mine by the way.

This person called Kawarasaki-sensei is one of these nasty teachers who’s asking the students impossible answers, as some sort of bad hobby.

"It might be really clever to just stay silent. At the very least, most of my students do that."

"I’m not an idiot that would raise my fists. I’m more of the silent-type." Though, there might be a lot of students that wouldn’t hold back against Kawarasaki-sensei.

"Still, going against your teacher is a no-go. It doesn’t matter with Kawarasaki-sensei but I don’t want you doing that to me. I will have to give this cheeky Saiki-kun of mine a punishment."

"Eh? Punishment……wha-?!"



It really was a sound like that. A sound that definitely should not be heard in this situation. And, a soft feeling remained on my cheek. First her breasts and now this…….hey!

"What the hell are you doing, Fujiki-sensei?!"

"A kiss."

"Don’t reply with a shy face! Why a kiss?!"

"It should be fine to kiss the boy that I like, right. I wouldn’t be doing that with someone I don’t like."

"I’m not the boy you like but your student, right?!"

"You don’t have to get so aroused just because I kissed you on the cheek. Here, another punishment."

Kiss Kiss

Kiss Kiss

T-This person….she followed up twice after that…..!

"But, with this you should understand, right? We aren’t in America here and I wouldn’t just kiss a boy I don’t have any feelings for. My confession was the real deal, okay?"


For adults, something like this might be a normal thing. I mean, I’m not familiar with the world of adults, you know? Thinking that way really is relaxing alright.

"Ahh, that’s right. We’ve already kissed, so call me ‘Maki-sensei’. It’s fine, a lot of the other students also call me like that, so nobody would think that of it as weird. Now, repeat after me, ‘Maki-sensei’."


"It seems you still need punishment—-"

"Maki-sensei. Yeah, I’ll call you Maki-sensei!"

If she kept going like this, I would be too happy—–no, just troubled!

Leaving aside the fact how exactly it would be troublesome, if I can be freed from this, I will gladly chose that option.

Really, why is this happening?–I thought.

Really, why is this happening?

I’ll just say this upfront, but my grades are in the middle-class, just like my athletic abilities and my looks. I’m also not the tallest of the boys. I wouldn’t call myself an idiot but I’m just a normal high school boy you can find anywhere.

That means—–yeah, it must be that.

Truth be told, I thought it was weird. For a beautiful teacher like her to confess to a normal, boring student like me—–

"As if that would happen just like that! What are you planning, Sensei?"

"Eh, eh?" Seemingly surprised because of my sudden outburst, she finally moved a step back.

"Sensei, you should be aware of what status you have in this school. It’s a bit embarrassing to say it out loud but you’re called the ‘Unobtainable flower’. Why are you confessing to a Student A kind of guy—-"

"I’m clearly not such an unobtainable flower—-You should be well aware of that, right?"


It’s just as she says.

I am probably the only one in the whole school who knows that she clearly isn’t an unobtainable flower. She’s taking off her clothes, kissing me on the cheek and so on. And, she knows…that I know? Huh? Why?

"Woman have secrets but Saigi-kun hates that, right?"

So she’s got my likes and dislikes marked already….

So she’s got my likes and dislikes marked already….

"But, this clearly isn’t about Sensei’s secret right now."

That’s right, the conversation was drifting in the wrong direction.

"….It’s true that I’m a teacher, and you’re a student. I’m an adult, and you’re still a real minor."

Why was that ‘real’ part in there?

"I do like you but—-yes, if Saigi-kun were to accept, I would fail as a teacher."

"Eh? Well, yeah…"

Even though she was the one that confessed, what is this beautiful teacher saying.

"That’s why, if Saigi-kun were to say yes, I will resign as a teacher and atone for that as along as I live."


"Maybe I’ll become a nun….yeah, there’s a cloister nearby."

"As if!"

Ah, that wasn’t formal language. But I couldn’t hold myself back from retorting! After confessing to me, this sounds way too fishy! On top of that, why would she go so far if I were to say yes?! I don’t get it!

"I will train you to fall in love with me. Once that’s done—–it will be our farewell!"

"So you’d be fine with that?!"

I give up! I don’t get anything! Well that was the case at the very beginning too, but still!

"It’s fine. I don’t care about the result. Just, I want to teach you while having this feeling. So you better prepare yourself, Saigi-kun."


She came closer to me, leaned over and looked at me with upturned eyes.

Ugh…for an adult, she’s really cute.

Ugh…for an adult, she’s really cute.

There are a lot of people that you could describe as beautiful or lovely, but when she looks at me with that unbeatable smile, she’s projecting a weird cuteness onto me…..!

"It’s fine, my feelings for you are real. I’m sure that you’ll be able to feel the same sooner or later."

"…..Sensei really is weird but don’t go pulling me into this."

"No worries, we have time. I’ll raise you, from "A normal student’ to ‘A student that loves me’……!"

Her lips were smiling but her eyes were dead-serious. Completely different from that teacher when I was in kindergarten. When I had confessed to her, her eyes were also smiling.

And also, assuming that she’s serious, how is she planning to train me….?

This is bad… really bad…. I was keeping my distance from ‘teachers’ but now that question still popped into my head. Probably because her age wasn’t that far away from mine, I unconsciously treated her as something special. Her breasts, her slender fingers that lifted up her skirt, there’s no way I couldn’t pay attention to that!

Love, special lessons, resigning as a teacher if I confessed to her, she kept on throwing all these weird topics at me. Her serious eyes are causing a disturbance inside me.

I shouldn’t be accepting all of this but my heartbeat wouldn’t slow down.

No good. Her ‘training’ might have already started….

No good. Her ‘training’ might have already started….

This —— was Sensei’s and my prologue. In this deserted room, everything started, plain and calm.

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