Dungeon Kurashi No Moto Yuusha Chapter 5

Dungeon Kurashi No Moto Yuusha Chapter 5

Dungeon Kurashi No Moto Yuusha Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Pledging Trust by Doing (Demon/Foreplay/Missionary)

In the deepest part of the Dungeon. In Blum’s private room.

In the middle of the room Blum stares at Irene’s naked body once again.

Her red underwear has been removed gently, it is beautiful.

Overall, she have a slender figure, but her breast grows really well. Her waist doesn’t have any fat and feels nice, her body that has such shape reflects a sexual impression.

Her pubic hair which is identical to her silvery hair quietly flourished between her thighs and lets you sense the deepest part of the woman which is concealed.

And most of all

Her skin is beautiful, wherever he turns his eyes, her transparent white skin doesn’t have any stain.

That’s the extreme virtue that she possessed──at the same time the demon showed something once again

The world of the demon. He heard that’s it’s a sterile ground that doesn’t have a sun. If that so, then it isn’t possible to have stains.

Remembering nonsensical thing, he smiled wryly. He’s already nude too. Irene also stares at the hard the well-trained body of the slaughterer the Hero.

「…… It’s a body like a forged blade, it’s also an embezzling naked sword……」

Irene touched Blum’s chest and murmured in a small voice.’ Just as it is, her fingertips crawled to the wound mark that remains in his body.

To the distant breathing sound is her beautifully well-featured face. A face which is slightly red with an expectation towards the thing that will happen next.

The change of her usual fair-skin is showing.

Blum mutters while being conscious and excited by looking at it.

「Actually, I killed the Demon King with this body like a blade. That’s not only it, it also kills……in various ways.

「Woman……Isn’t it?」

She said in a teasing way. Blum shrugged his shoulders.

「Please, Though that was my intention, but behaving like that would possibly kill me. Handling a woman’s lie is tricky」

The corners of Irene’s mouth slightly raised. It’s her second smile.

「That’s humble, However, that’s somewhat different coming from who seems always full of confidence?

Irene said so and withdraw the hand from her chest and let touches the lower abdomen. Blum’s penis reacted from the female smell before its eyes.

「This one, rather than a blade it’s a spear. Are you going to kill me with this?」

Irene unintentionally giggled, the penis spear of Blum was late in war preparation and being stroke by her fingertips. Her white and slender fingers. From the delicate sensation, Blum reacted in a twitch.

While enjoying the caress of the fingertip, Blum touched Irene’s breast slowly. It’s greatly large to the extent that it barely spills from his palm. The breast that cannot be managed doesn’t seem to be satisfied either. The sensation where the fingertips sinks without even putting power is sweet and obscene.


When her breast was played with, Irene held her breath a little. It becomes a ticklish expression.  Her skin may be really sensitive.

Blum teasingly continued to softly caress it. She had a good reaction, but only mingling it would be wasteful.

「…u… Uu……」

A breath of an enduring came out from Irene’s small mouth. Her eyebrows are miserably drawing. It was a flirtatious behavior.

Irene’s eyes seems like saying something. Blum sensed it and hastily kisses Irene without stopping his caress. It went and intertwined with her tongue for the first time.

Irene accepts it and firmly grasped penis with both hands. Rubbing it up and down. It was a manner different from Blum caress.

He responded. He embraced her and strokes her back with his available hand then he add a little strength caressing her breast. He put his finger tips on her nipple and plays with it after pushing it. Then something stiff begins to mingle from the sensation of the soft breast.


Irene’s breathing has fallen into disorder. Feelings have come out.  Sensing that, Blum separated his lips for a moment.

He leads her by the hand and let her sit down on the bed. Then, he continued caressing her.

While sweetly biting the nape of her neck, he went down to her breast and put his mouth on her nipple which became hard.


Irene indulgently moaned and the caressing hand stopped. Her consciousness was directed toward her own pleasure.

The small berry which is yet to be touched became harder inside his mouth. The tip of his tongue moderately teases around her nipple creating a circle. Her back which is being stroked trembled. When the rhythm occasionally out of order and becomes fast, her shoulder trembles. Her reaction is really good. It is a body which is worth being drowned. .

Blum licks the nipple of Irene which became perfectly welled up. Irene bent backward.

Her erect nipples became more sensitive. Feelings beyond the scope of being tickles has sensually began to occur.

(A bit longer or a bit stronger?)

He playfully bit her nipple. While being grasped by his front tooth, he plays with it by the tip of his tongue. Irene’s hand held down Blum’s head. An appearance being elated while holding him. Blum’s tongue seems to be satisfied,

He continued caressing her for a while and when Irene’s feeling is rising, he caress her other breast.

Having done that, the strength of stimulation has reset. Contrary to the accumulated licentiousness in her body, the first stimulation is too weak. Did it made her impatient?

He understood it. He understood it and dares to do it.

「n……Unexpectedly, courteous….」

Irene is impatient basing from her voice. But Blum ignored it and took his time teasing Irene’s breast.

Irene’s both nipples are pitifully erect and her scruff reddens by lust.

At last Blum released his mouth

And stares at Irene’s face. The corner of her eyes falls down by obscene affection, sweat subtly floated on her foreheads. Her lips slightly opens and leaks a weak sigh.

Frankly speaking, it’s flirtatious or speaking badly, it can be said it’s closer to a female expression

「It’s a nice face. I’m boiling up!」


Being highly excited──in such situation, she feels embarrassed. Irene mortifyingly threw out a word of abuse.

Blum’s who’s smiling wryly next to her began to move her hand. It’s because he uses his left hand to caress her back, his right hand extended inside the thigh of Irene.

And gently touch it between her thighs. Under the pretense of gradually approaching the center, He moved his hand in opposite side of her thigh. He repeatedly do it, a tantalizing stimulation.

「Uu…… Nn……」

To her impatient feeling, Irene’s voice became much sweeter. Then,

「Not yet, are you teasing me? We are already ready.」

Irene spoke painfully and took Blum’s hand and led it between her crotch. It has gotten damp, It’s already moist while it’s being touch by his fingertips.

It’s certainly wet in a condition where it can endure insertion soon.


「I’m the type that saves my favorite dish for last. Though it’s bad, I want to enjoy it a little more.」

Blum spoke and took Irene’s lips again. Their tongues intertwined. While doing so, the finger that touches her private place moves slowly.

He didn’t put it in her vagina. He teases it in order to knead her vagina. Love juices which slightly looks like a slime made an indecent “Kuchukuchu” sound.

「Fuaah…… Nn」

Irene’s waist draw away. Odd stimulation may be not to needed it anymore, but Blum chased her waist that tried to escape,

Blum’s finger crawls continuously between Irene’s groins and moves, but he only kept avoiding giving the decisive stimulation. Eventually, Irene stopped kissing Blum and bit his shoulder.

It doesn’t have enough power to make it painful, but he felt a silent protest. It was such a gesture or possibly enduring her voice.

Even so, Blum continued persistently caressing with his finger. And after a while,

Blum pushed Irene’s body and pushed it down on the bed. Their eyes met. Is he finally determined? Conveyed by her wet eyes filled with lust.


When Irene muttered she opened her legs voluntarily. A white delicate leg, a splendid M letter is formed.  In the center, there’s a red petal which is severely impatient, it gives off a glossy slippery obscene liquid.

The body which lived as her weapon──Though she said that, as far as he can see it, it’s a beautiful secret place. Or possibly that’s why she chose it as a weapon.

Well, anyway. Irene seems expectantly waiting for the insertion. Penetrating his hot hard penis would be simple.

But Blum

「Don’t be impatient, the night is long. I also became excited」

He grinned when he said that, he brought his face slowly into Irene’s secret place and loosen it thoroughly.

「…….That’s nasty」

「I usually don’t do it, but maybe it’s because it’s you」

Blum responded to Irene who spoke while sulking. Her reaction is too good that he already want to get in the ride.

Irene’s flower obscenely squirm when Blum’s mouth kissed it. Her obscene nectar overflows from the inside while being licked, then reaches to suck up her reddened labium. (TN: Labium)

「Haa …… N. …… Ah, nn, nn, ah……」

Irene leaks a breath and began to seductively panting. Though it isn’t flashy, but it’s an honest tone.

Blum felt that the bottom of his stomach became hot from her voice. His erection became strong without even touching, he wants to hear more of her voice and raised a cry.

It’s the cry of a beast that every man keeps. Then, he relied on the senses of his tongue and feel around her vagina and invade it. The tip of his tongue wriggled and pushed with all its might.

「Fuu – …… Nn, ah ……No way, the depth ……」

Blum ignored Irene’s muttering and kept on caressing his tongue. He slurp her nectar that constantly springing out and passionately savour her vagina.

Then, he fit his finger into the opening of her vagina. In her unraveled state two fingers was put in selfishly

「Here I go」

He gave his signal and without hearing an answer, Blum let his fingers invade her vagina.

「Uu, ah……!」

When he completely rub her vagina with his fingers, Irene clearly raised a lovely voice. Her vagina wriggles at the same time and tightens around the invading finger. While sensing that, Blum draw in deeply his fingers.

「Ah, ahh, ku…… Ah」

While leaking a seductive voice, Irene endures the pleasure while bending loosely back and forth. Seems like getting into foreplay isn’t much her preference.

(Still i want to do it that way) TN: not sure on this one

Blum smiled wryly at the sadistic feeling that expanded in his mind. Strangely, he’s not against it.

「Aah…… Inside, rubbing against them……!」

Irene seemed to be preoccupied from the stirring sensation of his finger. Continuously doing the stimulation repeatedly, she might reached the peaked of her climax.

When Blum made his decision, he shifted his attention to that place──her clitoris that hasn’t been touched yet. Slightly concealing his intention, he unraveled it and touched it without resistance. Peeling and touching it── without resistance.

Blum slowly brought his available hand close to the clitoris, gently peels the skin and exposed the sensitive fruit inside.

Then Irene reacted, in a state that have become impatient.


「Ah, It’s commonly a woman’s weak point. Um, seems like the appearance isn’t different even if it’s a demon」

Blum said it heartlessly, and Irene’s clitoris which is trembling in congestion while being held by his mouth. He stick it lightly, and softly licking by his tongue.

「Eek, au, ah……!」

Irene’s reaction is violent.  Her waist quickly rose up and began to loosely tremble. The climax is near.  It was such a reaction.

But he didn’t mind it and persistently tortured her clitoris in his mouth. Her bare fruit is severely being teased, Irene’s voice grows more and more.

「Ah………! No use, It is no use. Such thing, impossible…….! Ah──」

Irene screams and her words stopped mid-way and in the next moment. .

「No goodー already exhausted!」

Irene bends backward and screamed. Her waist is not the only one trembling, it’s her entire body and lies down completely exhausted on the bed.

Her white skin, rapidly increasingly blush. She switched over from a calm maid, to like a disordered female……It was such a change. .

That appearance, is too obscene.

── And it was beautiful.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

「You came loudly」

Blum pulled out his finger while saying that. Then, indecent thick nectar slowly spilling out from Irene’s secret place. The a mount is much more than a while ago. Besides, the thickness seems to have increased, too.

After looking at it, Blum looked into Irene’s face. Irene who noticed it quickly hides her face by her arm.

「What’s the matter, I’ve already seen your face, it’s not a big deal」

「……Truly wicked, don’t you really understand?」


Blum shrugged his shoulders. Her body has been seen and her bewitching obscene face has been seen, the embarrassment is very different. Especially, since her usual facial expression is few.

It’s her personality to conceal and not show her true feelings, It can also be said that most of all she hates her fluttering face being seen.

So, for this reason, she doesn’t want to be seen.

Blum slowly touches Irene’s arm. Though she reacted twitchily, there is no appearance of shaking it off. After confirming that, he slowly removed her arm that covering her.

The face of the female which became entranced was there. Her eyebrows get together and lowered the corner of her eyes. Her cheeks reddens and there’s a bead of sweat on her forehead. Her long ears which is a feature of the demon race also reddens.

「….. Wanting to see the face of woman who hates it, you’re the worst 」

Irene said an abusive word with her bewitching face. Of course, he didn’t feel any intensity of fear. There is only loveliness.

Besides──she didn’t resist having her arms removed. Even now, she’s not really displeased.

「That’s right, but you’ll be violated by that worst man now. How about it? Feeling happy?」

While saying that, Blum’s hard erect penis covered Iren’s secret place. The glans of his penis touches her petal, and made a damp and lewd sound.

「Mmf, uu……. It is a worthless feeling. Yes… really」

Irene spoke while letting out a stifling breath. It is and aggressive words.  However, her hips voluntarily vibrated. The glans of his penis and her petal are rubbing and Blum’s senses was poured by stimulation.

「…… However」

Irene’s bewitching face turned towards him., and held Blum’s face with both hands. Then spoke,

「You are the worst──I, who desperately want to be penetrated by you, it’s the worst. So it’s a tie.」

「It seems so. As a good for nothing fellow, Let’s get along well as much as possible」

Blum laughed and drops a kiss on Irene’s lips. .Then caught her thin waist and took the posture of insertion.

「Here I go」


They whispered each other and started the insertion. The tip was swallowed deeply. Then, what to do afterwards is easy.

He drives it until the base, her licentious vagina coiled around it. Blum frowned from the licentious stimulation while he thinks the he might discharge accidentally.

However, Irene seemed to be also the same. Her honey pot was ready from the very beginning. She greatly bent backward from the impact that penetrated her at once until the very depth.

「Ha Guh…… Uaaah. Good…… It feels good……!」

Irene made a sensual voice while her white slender stomach is waving. A seductive nasal voice. A voice that will thrust a man’s animal nature.

An expression, that is indeed very aroused. Her forehead drifts away with sweat, her eyebrows draw near from pain, moistened eyes, her  lips that became weak is partly open is extremely enchanting.

In addition, Blum became aware of it and trembles. From the bottom of the stomach, a chilly sense rises up.  If the woman is feeling good, the man also feels pleasure──However.

「……It’s a nice expression. I’ve never been this highly excited until now」

He becomes more excited, Blum began a deep penetration. It’s a feeling that might accidentally discharge, moreover, there’s an exaltation that he may ejaculate any number of times.

Therefore, Blum drove his waist without hesitation. While intently looking for the angle where Irene will be in agony the most.

「「Ah…… Ngh. This is, extremely good. That angle……!」

Irene is also seemed to be already drowning in pleasure too. She confessed her weak point without hesitation and lewdly demand.

She’s eager to be rubbed inside, when he slightly extended it far back. Just there, there’s a part where it feels rough in that place, his penis feels pleasant when it touches that rough part even if his penis is penetrating deeply.

Blum pulled Irene’s waist. He takes aim at the same place and at the same angle. The glans of his penis was rubbed in that rough part, her senses that became numb ran through her back.

「Ah, uh ah, Nn Ah, ahhh, ah u. This is..──no good… It’s only me again….!」

Irene is at her limit and raised a lovely voice trying to appeal, but he thrust without minding it. He strikes persistently over and over again. Blum is also about to reach ejaculation. There is no meaning to stop it and it was not possible in that state either.

He continued thrusting until his ejaculation. In addition, Blum strongly hammer his waist.

「Ah, aah, afuuh. ──Ah, aahhh……」

Irene endured profusely the deep penetration that increased violently. The nape of her neck became bright red, losing her strength instantly Her eyes is seductively moist, It was flickeringly with light full of indecent affection.

「Ah, nnn. Uu, nn…… Y-Yesh aaaah……!」

With a glare, Irene opened her eyes widely. She seemed to be already in her limit.

She is a little early than Blum, her waist had shaken while trembling.

「No good, I’m already cumming──!」

With a crying voice, Irene’s back had greatly bent backward and stimulates a climax, her vagina severely tightens. The movement of the squeezing has became much more intense and it also cornered Blum.


Blum said and shot his semen. It impudently surge inside of Irene’s vagina. Irene was passionately violated by his semen and trembled.

However that’s not the end.  His penis throbbed and and struck it into her vagina. While her senses are being driven by the climax, Irene raises a gasp like a scream.

「Hyaah!? Ah, ah, ah, aaaaah—」

Irene trembled while shouting.  Rather than that, it was a tone which almost acting violently.

Again it corners her, Blum’s penis didn’t lose strength while ejaculating. The tension draining from her vagina fell into his penis and being pressured inside, and she’s being attacked by waves of much more pleasure.

And then her lewd body starts to obscenely wriggle a little. Gripped by the vagina, it tries to squeeze the still hard penis, it tries to squeeze his semen.

「Aah, I’m still c-comin to hold it anymoreeee’s, but…… Don’t pull it!」

Irene fell into a ill-natured cycle and the nape of her neck flushed red while continued cumming. Or perhaps, from the start the way she climax was intense.

(What aー loud cumming person…..!)

Blum was dragged into her lewd reaction , and did a long ejaculation. His brains seems roasted by pleasure.

It was understood, only after becoming this way── the compatibility of the body of the people, apparently the reckless and excellent. The woman who piled up her body into her partner for the first time, haven’t ejaculated this much.

「Ah…… Uu……」

Irene who trembles like having a convulsion has finally calmed down. Blum looked into that face while being connected together.

「………… Are you all right?」

「…… A-a little…… I’m tired……」

Irene listlessly, muttered a response. To that, Blum has nodded.

「It seems so」

Blum smiled wryly and slowly pulled out his penis. As expected he lost some strength after ejaculating that much.

「Sorry. I got carried away a little too much」

He felt some guilt when he see Irene who’s panting. But Irene shakes his head slightly.

「……..No. Haaah….., to tell you the truth, it has been a long time……and our body is more compatible……..than I had thought…..

After that I have no more stamina……. But…… I’m alright now. Still, you can continue…..

「When you say that thing to the person, it’s necessary to pay attention  to the persuasive power. Saying 『I’m alright』while losing breath, are you a child?

It’s pleasant to embrace you, but I have no hobby of teasing a woman who’s completely physically exhausted.


While saying so, Blum lifted Irene in his arms. Then, continues

「Moreover……. I’m not impatient, because I’ll embrace you without limit from now on」

To that word, Irene opened her eyes widely.  Is it because she understood the meaning of it.

To embrace her without limit, in other words she gained『Trust』to that degree. With the body which she called as a weapon.

「It’s a…..Contract approval?」

「That’s what it means.  …..That body, to think that I tasted it once and become also exhausted at the same time」

Blum said a vulgar thing while smiling wryly. I haven’t been concerned with one woman very much until now ーthank you, I have a feeling the time to tenets had come.

When Bum confirms that Irene seems able to sit without help, he guides her to face each other. After that, He directly stares at Irene and spoke.

「I, Bearer of the Holy Sword, Blum Dilmond. Whose special ability is assassination and combat in general. Though being a muscle-brain is his strong point too, I’ll be counting on you again」

「…..That’s cruel self-introduction」

Irene smiled.  However, she tightens her expression immediately and took a deep breath, after regaining her breath she spoke.

「 I, a mere demon race, Irene Crown. The special ability is transfer magic and sexual techniques in general. Though only a woman, I’ll be also counting on you」

She said and laugh a little. Blum also smiled wryly while scratching his face.

Thus, in the depth of the deep underground.

Blum and Irene, tied with a self-interest and lust ─strange and distorted, but sincere relationship has began.

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