Dungeon Kurashi No Moto Yuusha Chapter 4

Dungeon Kurashi No Moto Yuusha Chapter 4

Dungeon Kurashi No Moto Yuusha Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Demon maid relationship

He decided to join hands with Al that night.

Blum was given a guestroom and he is on the bed.

(…Though various things happened, but I was able to settle down in this place….)

Muttering wearily, he looked around the room.

The room is wide, three people might be able to stay in it. Unlike the private room of Al a short while ago, there aren’t much furniture. A gray carpet was spread on the floor and some illumination fueled by magic was on the ceiling.

It’s underground so there isn’t any window and it’s seems ventilated by magic, the temperature and humidity are also comfortable.

In addition from the big bed, there’s also a set of a table and a chair where you can write. But he’s not comfortable to sleep in this kind of room.

(Well, it’s a first class room and the hut is also awful.)

Blum muttered while lying in the bed, after that he became absent minded.

Hereafter, the role of Blum in this dungeon will be discussed tomorrow.

Blum had captured until the 5th level of the dungeon today and his tired.

……No, he was always very cautious of the assassins in this past six months. The fatigue was more severe than he expected.

(…..After all that, I’ve become very sleepy ──)

As soon as he was instantly taken by drowsiness, Blum raised his body and at the same time he extends his hand to the Holy sword.

(…..Calm down. There isn’t any enemy here)

He muttered as he confirmed. It was an unconscious action. Even though he fell asleep, his body remembered his former habit to confirm whether there are enemy in the surroundings before sleeping.

(……Because if relax my guard, I might be assassinated while sleeping anytime.

I’m still not used to sleep without worrying.)

Then, Blum had a bitter smile

The door was knocked and a voice spoke.

「── Excuse me for coming this evening. It’s Irene」

「 ? Oh, it’s open, please come in.」

Blum is feeling suspicious but he gave a reply for the time being. The door opens quietly and Irene entered the room.

Then, Blum noticed. Her appearance is different from a while ago. He was wearing a maid dress a while ago and now she’s now wearing a night dress with a super thin fabric.

It’s a fiery red which harmonized in Irene’s white skin. Frankly speaking, it suits her, but that is not the problem.

「What is it? In such time and also with such appearance」

While Blum asks, she who has a lascivious appearance approaches slowly.

When she reached in front of Blum she reports with her usual indifferent voice.

「I was ordered by master to come here, because you’re tired I’ll let you see a 『good dream』」

「……That guy」

Blum groaned and held his temple.

There’s only one meaning of that 『good dream』when a woman with such appearance come.

「 Tell that bastard『to mind his own business』」

Blum said and sighed. Irene frowns in response

「That’s unexpected」


「All men want to enliven that lower part of their body. That’s at least how they are, until you」

Irene said plainly. There’s neither disgust nor unpleasant feeling from that. She seems to have unusually grasps about a man’s sexual desire.

Blum shrugged while looking at her.

「I’m also basically like that. Even, I can’t resist against instinct to such extent.

However…….until now, I don’t have any good experience with woman, they only hide a knife under the pillow」

Among the assassins sent to Blum, a lot of woman were included, in such cases they pretended as a person who doesn’t fight and approach him. And as a matter of fact, a competition to kill him first was set.

「Because of that I began to kill several times. Even I desperately trained, to reject my lower part though it’s still not good enough.

Besides…. I don’t want to kill the woman whom I’ll embrace so I endured it」

So Blum was able to kill them with ease. Violence is the greatest weapon of Blum.

Blum shrugs his shoulders and continue.

「The way you say it, man are simple. They would easily become attached, when you talk about their lower half of their body.

If it’s done in that way, then every kind of strong soldier will become easy.

It’s not because they are charmed by you…. It’s their nature I want you to understand that」

「……I see」

Irene nodded in agreement. However, Immediately after that.

「But that won’t do, because I’ve already received master’s order.」

She said so and stepped closer. She’s stubborn. Blum smiled.

「Then, How about this, I’ll tie you up in the bed.

I’ll treat as a tool rather than a woman. With this, there’s no worry about catching me off guard. Of course, I’ll kill you immediately if I sense any kind of magic.」

Rather than a proposal, he intended to threat. With this much, you would hesitate even though you have nerve of steel.

That will also give her an excuse to Al if return without fulfilling her duty, this shouldn’t be a problem.


「Umm, I get it, I don’t mind. If you wish, you can also use handcuffs.」

She said such a thing with a straight face.  Blum responded with a wary face.

「…….I Understand. You were able picked me up in the Dungeon. In other words, you’re a powerful demon to such extent,

I’m convince because you immediately made a decision and nodded to my ridiculous proposal. Even if that’s a strict order from your master Al」

Blum paused. He glances at Irene’s reaction. But, she doesn’t change her expression at all and only stared at him.

Blum let out a sigh and continued his word.

「…. First of all, I was preoccupied with Al a while ago and forgot it, but your existence is very mysterious.

…..Who are you? 」

「 I am,  an existence that doesn’t have much existence. If I forcibly say, I am the former subordinate of the demon king whom you killed」


Blum frowns and immediately became wary but before he make a move it became troublesome, Irene has restrained.

「Ah, It’s troublesome, so please stop making a hasty judgment. I’m not thinking of having a revenge for my former master. To begin with, I disliked the demon king」

Blum frowns more deeply to Irene who said unexpected thing smoothly.

The former subordinate who doesn’t like the demon king and for some reason she’s now under Al. I don’t understand a connection of it.  (TN: IKR? it would be much better if you’re her master)

「……Though it’s sad, I’m not that smart. Please explain it in a way a fool can understand」

「…..Ehー Troublesome…,..」

At last Irene finally said that I’m troublesome, but she’s patiently staring

「….Understood. I’ll only say it once.」

She sighs in surrender and begins to talk.

「First of all, I will correct your knowledge.  A short while ago you commented on me that I’m a『powerful demon,』 but that was wrong.

If you me compare the power of human world and Demon world, I am weak and small. I was only able to pick you up because I’m good with transfer magic」


Transfer magic is such a high class skill, it’s not a small levelー Blum thought that but for the time being he decided to devote himself as a listener. He urged her to continue.

Irene nods and continued.

「Well, I’m small and such a weak. Basically, for a long time I’ve been living in a wind.

In the demon world, Keronzevi that’s the real name of the former demon king── He arrested me and made me a slave and I work while thinking that it was inevitable

When the Demon king conquered the earth, I was also brought to accompany him. A small fish who can’t even resist became his companion」

In such a heavy story, Blum backed away for a little. But, Irene has a calm face and her mouth doesn’t pinch.

「Because of that reason, when you killed the demon king, to be honest I clapped my hand

Of course, I might killed next, so I endured and take refuge in the Dungeon」

「That was overwhelming, That demon king….」

Blum felt pity and murmured. It’s only natural that a grudge will grow against that man and even celebrated when he died.

「However….. That cheerful feeling didn’t last long either」

Irene lost her tone and her voice became small. It is hard to understand it because she usually have a flat tone of voice

「Though I was freed from the rule of the Demon King, I noticed that

….『Oh? Can I return back to the demon world without that stupid power of the demon king? Isn’t dangerous? 』」

「Don’t change character suddenly, because it’s confusing」

I retort while nearing with it, but Irene ignored it flatly and resumes.

「Moreover, because the Dungeon is consist by overwhelming magic that controlled by the devil king, when he was gone, it became rapidly dull.

Half of the traps stopped, because many monsters had come to shelter, they simply scattered in the field. And the so called Illegal miners came and acted as if they own the place.

…… It’s a very unpleasant situation.  To be honest, I can’t even win with my combat power against them. To the very debt which I solidly maintained……. I shut myself in the throne room」

「…..Your life, began to fall with a countdown 」

「It’s none of your business. …..Well anyway, It became like that for a little while, then the time when even the most inner part to be uncovered has come.

It was the Dungeon Conquest of Alkanon Roizeー── It’s the present master. As a matter of course, it is a fatal situation for me. I, who cannot win even against the Illegal Miners cannot beat the head mage of the former hero party」

「…..But, Al, didn’t you try to kill you」

That’s obvious because she’s alive right now. Irene nodded a little.

「Umm, you might say it’s like that. The first thing came from his mouth is 『Because you’re cute』」

「That’s how that guy is. Then, you and Al’s interest had matched, something like that? 」

From the story Blum was able to connect everything. Irene who became tired after talking sighs and nods a little.

「Yes, The magic device you saw a while ago……The Dungeon core because I knew the processing method of the magic stored in that.

Instead of telling, I asked it to make Dungeon a safe home. That’s why, I do chores as a housemaid.

Roughly speaking … That’s relationship between me and master, in other words it was a form of interest.

Irene cuts her word and suddenly closed her eyes. I don’t understand what it meant, anyway she opened her eyes before I began to think.

After that, she said.

「And now, To show appreciation to the visit of master’s old friend, as a reunion gift. I was ordered to attend you all night. To make the interest of you and the master more clearer]

Irene picked up the hem of the negligee. There’s a little glimpse of a white thigh

When Blum got his mind stolen, Irene sat down on the bed. She took Blum’s arm and forcibly pressed it unto her chest

「ーWere you able to understand?」

「Ah, perfectly. That guys is really careful」

Blum smiled wryly and stood up slowly, Irene who looks up absentmindedly stared and spoke.

「…… I said it a while ago but a man is simple. When they thought of surrendering their lower part of their body, they become a very easy creature. Especially, a beauty who like you in particular has high effect. It’s more than enough, you know? 」


Irene has silently looked up at him. She’s verifying his answer. For some reason. It was such feeling.

「You’re not just mere present. You’re a chain to control a violent equipment called me…… placed as an insurance. The guy wasn’t satisfied with a mere trust (Shinrai) that he left back for three years.

After all, the only weak point was shown to me, the dungeon core. Therefore he wanted clear foundation……of trust. (Shinyou) That is you」

What’s the difference between trust (Shirai) and trust (Shinyou) ?」

Irene pointed out a part different from the subject. In some respect, it’s amusing. She didn’t smile but he thinks her cheek loosened a little.

Blum also laughed. It seemed to be slightly ironical.

「Trust (shinrai) is groundless because it’s 『reliance』 and 『faith』. Therefore you’re angry when you get betrayed.

Trust (Shinyou) is well founded because it’s based on 『Fidelity』 and 『To make use of』. Therefore it doesn’t matter when you get betrayed.

Therefore a betrayal, is not exactly a betrayal.

It’s a Pre-established harmony. Because there were some mistakes, it only leaves as a natural result. 」

When Blum said so, Irene smiled this time.  It was a pleased smile.

「That logic, before coming here,  master said the same thing. After all, you and master are friends.

And…. This me」

Irene murmured and stood up. Then she approached and moved her hand to Blum’s neck. He stared at her eyes was drawn slowly,

And they kissed, a kiss that only touched their lips. The hand which he clenched in the Dungeon was cold, but the lips is hot.

After several seconds has passed, their lips separated. Irene laughing and speaks.

「To buy your trust (Shinyou)….. I want insurance. Not only to master. Me also.

And as for me, to have the value of your violent power, I’m stepping I want the overwhelming violent power of the hero Blum.

Therefore, I, the property that I only haveー I’ll sell this body.

I came here including with master’s life…..Sooner or later the outcome will arrive 」

「I see, that is your weapon.」

At a distance as she heard a breathing, Blum responded. Irene nods.

「Yes, I snuggle up to someone and extorts them so I can live. You think that’s cowardly? 」

The gesture of Irene tilting her head, has a charm of unfairness. Keeping her usually emotionless expression, Is this because she’s aiming for this gap. Suddenly reminded such thing, Blum smiled wryly, and shakes his head in disapproval.

「No, Everyone clings unto something to live. For a farmer it’s the field, for a soldier it’s the sword, a blood relatives is even reliant to immaterial property of the king.

So, as for me…. its violence, for Al clings to magic so he can live. I know it.

…… For you, It’s 『Femininity』isn’t? If so, that’s one way of living too.」 (TN: Woman is the correct word but I used femininity to make the sentence sounds better)

After he said that he kissed her, and it was naturally accepted. After a while their lips parted again.

Blum holds Irene’s chin and made her face upward. While tightly entangling with her glace, she spoke.

「 I withdraw my previous remarks.  First of all, I’ll buy you overnight.

If you entwine with me and take me magnificently….In a place different from the joint struggle with Al, the coexistence between you and me will be formed.

You, the bearer of the holy sword will become my guardian is what I want to say, but probably in the present condition, the strongest body guard」

「The sound of being called the strongest is very wonderful ……Because I don’t have that much when I think of it.」

Irene smiled in those words. Though it’s a small smile it’s surprisingly bright even though it’s expressionless.

Though it’s sizing up, it’s a trust worthy smile. She stayed looking for a long time, it was an expression where you could feel relief

(…..Feeling relieve after grasping her self-interest.)

While murmuring with such ironic feeling.

Blum started to undress Irene slowly.

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