Dungeon Kurashi No Moto Yuusha Chapter 3

Dungeon Kurashi No Moto Yuusha Chapter 3

Dungeon Kurashi No Moto Yuusha Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Reunion and Pledge

That thing…….

On the pendulum clock two lion was painted while biting each other in relief.  In the room where the elegant furniture were painted, only that one is strangely brutal. Blum can’t shake off his bewilderment while looking at it.

(How……can that be?)

He murmured and looked around once more.

Plants which he never saw before was displayed in the room. The strange plant has trifling golden flowers and that’s not a metaphor. The stem cannot endure the weight and the flowers are pointing down.

He has worried when he entered the room at first, but it had become very interesting. Irene explained that it was a flower from the world of demons and it didn’t require sunlight.

It doesn’t need sunlight── in other words it means that it can grow up in the underground.

Here in the underground, is several hundred meters away from the surface, it is a space deserted by the sun.

Furthermore, the former demon had change the underground into hell──The depth of the underground labyrinth is the headquarter of the king demon. It’s a dangerous domain where there are many traps, and brutal demons dominates over.

Despite that…..

「Well, It’s been a long time. I also didn’t think I’ll meet you again in this underground labyrinth 」

Sitting on a sofa which seems to be first-class──Blum looked toward the smile of the handsome boy witch a childish face who’s in high spirit.

From that cheerful smile, he is glad to meet an old friend, Though it might be tactless but if he thinks about the situation ── He can’t feel something like that.

Blum narrowed his eyes directly and began to talk.

「The same thing goes for me, Al. I didn’t think even that I’ll meet you in such a place」

Handsome boy with childish face ── Al. His full name is Alkanon Roize. His age should be the same as Blum, they’re both twenty years old.

He is a former companion of Blum, The young imperial court mage of the Zavaku Empire. Originally, a human shouldn’t be in this kind of area.

However, he is actually here.  The most inner part of the dungeon, in a room that connects to the throne.

It’s seems to be his private room.  He is sitting extremely relaxed and the sitting position is also very natural.

「Nevertheless, Blum, Why are you even in a place like this?  I thought that you were welcomed as a hero that saved the country」

「…….Well, there are various reasons. I was only treated as a heron in only a month. Now, I’m a pitiful fugitive targeted by an Imperial decree. I came here to seek refuge for the time being」

「…….Oh my, it isn’t gentle to get your life targeted. May i know the reason why? 」

Witch a cheerful smile, Al asked. Blum was a little perplexed, but he eventually nodded.

「You might say, the reason is the holy sword」

Blum said so and remove the holy sword from the sword belt.

「The main cause why I was pushed o become a Hero. The Holy sword.  This selfish fellow chooses its master. That was the beginning of the everything」

Blum stared at the holy sword with hate and continues.

「The holy sword is originally a property of the royal family of Kieto. An ancestral treasure. 『When there is a crisis in the royal family, its brightness will brush off the dark clouds 』 that’s what the legend says.

Oh…… The hardship, the crisis actually came 」

「It is the descent of the Demon king 15 years ago.」

「Yup. The royal family were greatly flustered about the powerful enemy that appeared. The demon king who acts violently in various places, the thieves had rampaged and the public peace was disturbed. The start of negative chain.

But, the royal families were not able to take an effective step. They know that it was a correct answer to defeat the demon king who was a ringleader, but it did not go well. Though the Demon king declared war, he seclude his self in this dungeon.

A large-scale subjugation corps was sent in several times, but all of it has ended in failure.

Using insidious traps that can fracture their knee and the demons who can move freely in small spaces. Probably that was a thing similar to the empire.」

「You’re right,  to secure the war potential, The kingdom and the empire that has been fighting each other for several dozens of years has made a temporary truce and suspended their hostilities」

Al floated a sarcastic smile.  Though it did not laugh at Blum, but his mind actually did.

Anyway, Blum continued.

「When such distress five years ago has spread out. The holy sword finally began to move and a host was chosen and was trained to kill the Demon king. It is pitiful sacrifice with the purpose to only kill one person. Oh, and that pitiful sacrifice was me.

In order to capture the dungeon, Kieto and Zavaku reached an agreement that the best people from the large scale military will be sent.」

「That was us, the demon king subjugation party」

Al spoke. Blum slightly nodded.

「That’s right, and it was half a year ago when the demon king was killed. The demons quite down in various places, and it’s the reason we became a hero in a leap.

……  However, the world isn’t that sweet. I who returned in triumph to the imperial capital, began to fall down from there in one month. …..It is the result of the continued selfishness of this holy sword.

Even if the crisis, the demon has passed away, this foolish thing remained to recognize me as its host. In other words I cannot return it to the royal family and felt unpleasant.

Moreover, the royal family── No, the ministers got furiously enraged rather than the royal family. It’s because, I am an orphan and doesn’t a relationship neither a connection to the royal family. Actually, the holy sword was ancestrally handed down in the possession of the royal family, that’s why it isn’t politically pleasant」

「……So, 『That fellow has so much affection to the hero. He’s going to take over this country soon!』…….Something like that?」

「That’s amazing Al. Saying the same thing and the same phrase by that baldー by his Excellency the minister.

……Well, it is something like that. Since there is no longer a Demon King, my existence is just an obstruction. It’s as if a common person suddenly butting in and flipping things over.

Probably because of the public sentiment that made me officially made me a Hero…..A lot of professional assassins is being sent under the water」(TN: He meant a lot of assassins has been sent secretly to kill him secretly)

Blum finished talking, and sighed. Then, directed his gaze to Al.

「My circumstances are like this. Like me, you who should be originally a hero, why are you in such a place? Having a demon maid attendant」

Blum glanced at Irene ー who is quietly behind Al. She was in the room from the very beginning, but she haven’t spoken a word. She may be the type that doesn’t speak if it isn’t needed.

“Ha ha, my circumstances? Particularly, nothing, it is not so serious.  The outline is the same as yours. My life is aimed by the Empire I’m also a fugitive who had run away here」

Al said and shrugged.

「The Empire?」

Blum draws his eyebrows and has lost the tone of his voice. Al was an Imperial Court mage before the trip to defeat a demon king began. In other words, He is an elite. Moreover, he is also so young.

If his distinguished services of the Demon king subjugation come in succession, he will be praised and be envied. He lost his footing from jealousy, and was pursued by the country.

That is the speculation of Blum,

and he sympathized with him at the same time. There are small difference in details, but he was thinking that this fellow is also in similar circumstances.

「Is that so….. You are also having a hard time.」

When Blum spoke heartily, Al smiled wryly and nodded. Then opened his mouth.

「Good grief. They don’t need to get angry to that extent. It’s only, the imperial princess and the Empress, a mother and daughter donburiー」


Blum stopped the word of Al. He thought he heard some inexcusable thing.

「……What’s with the Imperial Princess and the Empress?」

「Eh? It is the mother and child donburi. After having returned in triumph and celebrated a victory party then I was seduced. I was invited in bed and enjoyed the threesome overnight」

Al spoke it blankly. From behind Irene’s was looking at him as a garbage and Blum agreed to it.

Disregarding that feeling of Blum Al continued.

「But it was exposed. The Emperor is very angry. I was put on the wanted list and I turned my tail and escaped.」


Blum was on his wits end. That reminds him that this fellow is like that. Though his face is a handsome young man, inside lies a dirty minded carnivorous animal.

I withdraw what I said, this guy ── is not a friend. He’s just a fool)

Blum felt a dull pain on his temple and looked up the ceiling. The ceiling of Dungeon which is made from inorganic material. Naturally words of comfort cannot be written on such place

「Well, those sort of things isn’t nice. It’s now a story of the past. What’s important is what you would do from now on]

Al laughed carelessly. It’s a nice smile for a person being chased by the country.

「……Well, that’s right」

He have various things that he wanted to say but he swallows it for the time being. It’s no use even if he criticize Al here.

「Come to think of it, the state of this dungeon isn’t strange? Until the fifth floor something unusual was there」

Al nodded when he asked then he said

「That’s right. It was around three months ago that I came here, at that time the state of it was strange, the dungeon was dead. The function stopped in too many places because the demon king disappeared.

And i repaired it. I think that it is the result of having a different appearance. While repairing it, i remodeled it in my preference]

「….Then the buttocks on the wall in the fifth floor…..」

「Yes. It’s the trap which I thought about. It’s interesting don’t you agree?

I opened a hole on the wall and picked a large drop of Demon ore from the depths. When they get tempted and touched it, the mechanism of shutting their ass and firmly holding it so it won’t fall off is divided.

After that, the goblin nest nearby will take their weapons and tear off their underwear without permission.」

「……So that’s why their naked like that」

Blum groaned and sighed but Al laughs happily.

「Haha, well anyway What would you do from now on Blum?」

「Well,  I thought that I would hide myself and came here. To be frank, I can’t think of any destination, but I can’t give up in this situation.」

Blum shrugged while feeling desperate. in addition to that Al groans.

「With no destination in mind, that kind of thing. Isn’t actually good」

Al said so and stood up. Then he theatrically spread out his arms and announce

「I intend── to make this dungeon, my paradise. The Kingdom and the Empire cannot interfere in this invincible labyrinth.」

「Oh, that’s fantastic.」

Blum smiled wryly to the pleasant mood of Al. When Al nodded, He lost his tone and drop into a small voice.

「But there are a lot of insufficient things in it. It’s still necessary to reestablish the traps and the demons too are rapidly decreasing in numbers A lot of things are insufficient, there’s no end to it. …….. And most of all the problem is」

「The problem is?

Because Al cut his words, Blum asked. Then Al stared into the thin air to think about something. However, he eventually settle himself and spoke in an eager expression.

「…….I think showing it would be easier to understand. Blum can you come for just a short while?」

When he says so, Blum began to walk without giving an answer. Blum frowns and turns his eyes to Irene.

「Please go so you can see it.」

Irene spoke without changing her expression. There doesn’t seem to be any particular explanation.

「…..Well, after coming this far I’ll go until the very end 」

He is worried a little, Blum murmured ── and followed behind Al.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

After facing Al in the throne room a short while ago. Behind the throne, He was taken inside to the most deeper part.

「Al what kind of place are you going to show me?」

「Well, wait a little longer, because we’re near]

Al said that while muttering something like an incantation. And in that moment.

[Gogogo], with the sound of the rumbling ground, the throne shift sideways little by little. Then stairs following another underground appeared there.

「……..This is a secret entrance.」

「It is. Well, there’s something I want to show you underground. ──Will o wisp light」

Al made a fire magic to illuminate the stairs and walked down. Blum shrugged and followed.

The stairs were not that long. There’s only a straight path so it’s unlikely to get lost.


After walking down the stairs Al spoke and shows what ahead. It’s a secluded space that extended towards the room.

There was an illumination so Al’s fire magic is no longer needed. However, his heart felt astir by the brightness for some reason. He wonders if the pale light is coming from the inorganic material.

(……No, It’s something else. It’s similar to the light the Holy sword emits──)

While muttering, Al began to walk slowly.  He was heading to the source of this light. There is some kind of device in the depths of the room. It was the source of this light.

「Al, This thing is by no means just an ordinary fashionable light?」

[haha, of course. That magical deviceー is the Dungeon core. In the bottom of this place, is the Spirit veins…… that linking up the continent. The Spirit hole. The continent’s greatest overwhelming magical power, this device draws it and stores it.

It is theoretically the thing same of a completed devil ore. Because this is sucking magic intentionally, the scale can’t be compared.

The traps of the dungeon pulls magic from this device and operates. In other words, it’s a heart of the Dungeon]

「The heart. This device…..」

Blum muttered and looked at the device once again. The device is supported by a cylindrical stand which expands from the floor, with a transparent container installed in it. The container is enormous sphere, where liquid is filled inside. The liquid is very clear and also emitting a light.

「I guess, that’s the magic power. Also, the strong density to the extent that it materialize……」

Blum draws his eyebrows and muttered.  Usually magical power doesn’t independently materialize in the physical world. This is because it dissolves in some substance, that’s why it can materialize,

But that’s only possible when it turns to an extremely high density. That was what Al said. However, this never occurs naturally.

「I agree. That magic is super-compressed.  However, it’s worthless in that condition.]

「Is that so?」

「Yes,  it’s in a state suitable for preservation, the purity is too high. I wanted to show you this…….It’s the weak point of this Dungeon.」

Al said such thing while frowning as id being troubled. Blum nodded silently. Al continued to speak.

「The former Demon King intended to control the world by using this almost infinite supply of magic power. In other words, he was able to control this liquefied magic power.

Specifically……He processed this magic by using special magic, and let it spread out in the Dungeon. At the same time, it seems like he also operated that magic to boast his invincibility.

However, the demon king didn’t come out from this dungeon. I think….. It’s because he doesn’t want to leave this place where he can be invincible.」

「That’s news to me, such information did not reach me, who was ordered to assassinate him.」

「I wonder, even I did only know about this recently. We could’ve completely gain victory」

Al smiled wryly, then continues again.

「Anyway……This magical power doesn’t spread over the dungeon. It is necessary to process another phase.

Fortunately, process method used by the Demon King was left behind」

[Even if it stayed, where is it?]

「It  was not entirely left behind. Well, it’s not important where it is. Even if I use the method of the Demon King but there’s a problem.」

Al shrugged his shoulders. It’s easy to say, but the contents has been clearly omitted.

「……The fact that you can use the same magic that the Demon King used. Such skill that surpassed the point of being human….Oh, well. Looking at the situation right now, there seems to be a problem isn’t?」

「Yes, It’s better to shape and carefully control the Demon king’s magic. That would be slightly troublesome for a human to handle it. The details has been omitted, however…..In order to start, there a special thing is necessary」

「Al, do not put airs on me. I’m very amateur when it concerns to magic」

Blum exaggeratedly shrugged his shoulders. Al nodded while smiling wryly.

「Haha, I’m sorry. ── One necessary method is the strong negative feelings of a living creature」

「Negative…… Feelings?」

「Yes. Fear or unpleasant feeling that can stir the heart of every living beings. In other words……A method that is very evil befitting to a Demon King」

When he paused in speech, Al ironically laughed and continued.

「Emotions are power. Especially in magic. The Demon King know it well and arranged this method, and this Dungeon was made.

Scattering and luring them with the Demon Ore, humans will approach…… laying out a trap with monsters that can entangles them.

Giving fear and despair will give birth to negative emotions, new magical power will be obtained by the core.

In addition, their own miasma is mixed with the magic that was obtained, spreading out the Spirit Veins….The power spread out to the Demons in the continent. Even if nothing is done, chaos in the continent will continue deepen.

Thieves and unemployed people will continue to increase, if that happens they will dive in the dungeon to get Demon ores.

…..Haha. A very good cycle will be made by understanding human desires accurately」

「…..I see」

Blum floated the same smile as Al. An ironical smile.

Human desires continued giving power to a demon king. Therefore he had a hard time for many years. It was a composition of their own fault, he can’t help but laugh.

Al continued it while staring at him.

「If there’s an exemption that would be you and the holy sword, but sure for the humans they would continue to fight in eternity. Approximately, This Dungeon is well-made and in fact, that’s a good news for me. Anyway, even when the Demon King died Humans did not changed their way.

Demon ore is a tree of money, they will certainly succumb to their desire and step into this dungeon.

In other words, I’ll partake in the system built by the Demon King. If it turns well…..It will truly become my paradise.」

Al has approached one step closer and points at Blum’s chest and spoke with a broad grin.

「ーThen, If you who have the holy sword, the only cause why the Demon King failed, ecome my companion, becomes my companion.

This is will be an invincible paradise. Don’t you think that’s very fantastic?」

Al cuts his word and stretches out his hand slowly.  ーI was invitedーAiming together the paradiseー


Blum stared at the hand that was held out for a while.

The reason is because there is a hesitation.

He understands that there are no other ways to live unless he take that hand. There is a limit to run, from place to place alone in a large continent that’s why he came here.

However, He still hesitated.

He would have to let it go that’s what he thought.

In exchange of getting the same boat with Al, Everything── He have to let go everything so far in his life. That act will completely lose the possibility of living an honest life that he longed for. That’s why he hesitated.

……  However.

「……Anyway, I wonder if that isn’t a great life either.」

Blum muttered while smiling wryly. Blum who was a war orphan, hardly remembers his parents faces. He knows that he was lucky, when he knows so little on how this world works, he was chosen by the Holy Sword. After that, every day he immediately murdered his enemies before his eyes and while he was being toyed by fate, the name of the hero which smeared with blood has spread.

There was nothing he obtained. He only tasted inconsistent feeling and lost things that wasn’t even there.

Then. Starting a new life from here might be not bad.

Beside ー the dungeon core Al spoke and exposed Blum’s life line and seeks his cooperation. It isn’t also fun not to respond to that.

「…….Okay. I’ll resign to it」

Blum murmured, and grasped Al’s hand. Al wickedly distorts his well-featured face and spoke.

「 ……The contract has been established. We are comradeーpartner once again. The party at that time is without a doubt the most powerful, but you and I becoming partners isn’t really bad. Don’t you think so?」

「That’s right. Between the others── we are indeed well matched. To join hands in the depth of this place, it seem we really are matched」

Blum also laughed wickedly. It’s unthinkable that a former hero, has smiled like a Demon King.

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