Dungeon Kurashi No Moto Yuusha Chapter 2

Dungeon Kurashi No Moto Yuusha Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Emergency, Dungeon

Several days later after the hideout in the forest was attacked by the female knight.

Blum is near the vicinity of the stronghold──Dungeon of the former Demon king.

「As usual, it’s big」

He looked at the stairs of the huge underground and suddenly muttered.

This dungeon is the so called underground labyrinth, you cannot see the appearance from the surface. The entrance can be confirmed from the surface by the words “It’s just merely the beginning”──  in a certain part of the Entrance

And these huge stairs is the border of the Kingdom and the Empire is leading to the most genuine and recognized entrance. Though there are other cave connected to Dungeon, if you used that you’ll suddenly fall in the midst of monsters, that’s why it isn’t recommended.

「Well then….., I should go.」

Blum carries a bag of preserved food on his shoulder which is good for several days and began to walk slowly. He set foot in the gloomy entrance of the dungeon.

「…….It seems like I’m being consumed」

Cautiously walking step by step, suddenly such thoughts came to his mind.

These stairs are too huge and it’s totally like a mouth. Its huge monster in the dungeon called mouth. He is dependent on the spoils and packed them as his food. (TN: Not very sure on this one)

Blum smiled wryly into that thought He didn’t think about such ridiculous thing in the past.

(…… The innards are small, well, it’s because I wasn’t alone before.)

When he challenged the dungeon before he actually had a companion. The best from Kieto and Zavaku has been chosen.

The Saint knight Viola, The Mage Alukanon,  The priest Noa and Blum the bearer of the holy sword. This team took three years time to capture and finally kill the Demon King

Which happened half a year ago.

However, those companions are naturally no longer in this place.  They went back to their respective workplace after accomplishing the job.

(Having a place to stay──is also nice)

He’s shaken inside. He understands that, because Blum wanted a place to stay that’s why he came here.

(I have no choice but to go, even if there is nothing ahead I’ll still advance because,  I don’t have any more a place to go)

I shook my head to drive away the thoughts that has becoming dark. Blum’s shadow kept advancing towards the gloomy dungeon.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

The dungeon continues until the 25th floor. It was at least half a year ago when Blum reached the deepest part.

The twenty-fifth floor. Though the numbers isn’t that much, but the danger in the underground is real.

There are several reasons.

First of all, the area of Dungeon is wide. It can’t be measured, it also varies from every level, and the smallest floor is as wide as the palace of the kingdom. The lowest floor may be even as wide as the capital.

And in this needlessly wide area there is only one path leading down to the next level. There are also multiple entrance.

To explain it in more accurate way. 『There is only one correct path that reaches the deepest part.』

In fact there are some loopholes if you only go down to the next floor. Also, picking the wrong path will mostly lead to a dead end or in a worst case scenario to deadly trap.

Additionally 『During a trial』a strong guard that protects the gate also exists and stop the intruder from moving forward.

Even the well-equipped demon subjugation party took three years to reach the deepest part.

That is

(I make sure the way is carefully ascertained, and proceeds with extreme caution. It’s not possible to lower your guard…..)

── Those were the important characteristic of this dungeon that Blum has remembered.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

…… But then.

「How can this be.」

Blum cannot understand the scene before his eyes and muttered with a sullen face.

Instead of a torch, the light of the holy was used as a substitute and illuminated the grotesque sight.

「…….This, it is a buttocks.」

Okay, it is a buttock. From the strangely slippery wall of the dungeon, human butts had somehow grown. There is no underwear attached, it’s a bare ass.

A there isn’t a pinnacle hanging on the crotch so apparently it’s an ass of a woman.

「No, It is the component that I can’t understand. Why is it sprouting out an ass of a woman? 」

I crouched down while muttering suspiciously and I brought my face close and try to observe it.

However, the fact that it’s an ass is the only thing I understood. I discovered that it seems to be a skin of a young woman judging from feeling the skin.

When i touched it, it trembles timidly so i also found out that it’s alive. Though I understand that, it’s just nothing special.

「……..Nope, that’s not it.

…..It doesn’t grow particularly from the walls. Even if open gap, it doesn’t seem to get off」

When I looked around there are several holes in the wall. Apparently one of them seems like a shape of human which was thrust from the head into the wall.

Possibly, this might be one of the traps of the Dungeon. That looks pretty stupid.

Well, anyway.

Finishing his observation, Blum made a possible guess.

「Probably…… Illegal miners」

This dungeon is the center of the continent, It possesses abundant magical power from the spirit veins nearby. Therefore ores tend to save magical power inside and become packed. They are all called Demon ores, regardless of their size.

Because the demand for the tools that’s fueled by magic, has been increasing in the urban areas, a good value is attached to the demon ores. So the people crawling deeply into the dungeon leaves off their trace. Even the demon king often catch a sight of them, half a year ago.

they are called illegal mines and they are treated as a criminal by the country. However, the Dungeon is at the border of the empire and the kingdom and it’s not clear whether the empire or the kingdom is the one to give judgment to them.

Additionally, it’s dangerous to dig without permission and carry out valuable fuel materials, as a matter of fact there are really few arrested cases.

They also taking advantage of claiming their selves to be 『adventurers』 without considering about the danger.

Apart from that.

Blum looked down at the poor figure of the illegal miners and whispered blankly.

「…… Their appearance is strange. Depending on the trap, demons won’t come out to kill」

I mutter and look around.

Blum right now is on the fifth floor of the underground. He covered this Dungeon once, so he grasps 『The correct path』.

Therefore he arrived here without taking too much time. The path was somewhat destroyed by some demons but it was properly connected again, blowing them up by the power of the Holy sword while advancing, he didn’t meet any problem.

However, Contrary to such a favorable distance, Blum was not able to wipe out the the feeling of there is something wrong.

The quality of the traps had change from the last time he came here. It has become mild, back then such things like dialogues are unnecessary and will immediately begin to kill you

「…….How should I say this, it seems like they were partially lined up 」

Blum remembered the trap which he came across on this fifth floor with a wary face.

First thing. The illegal miner has stepped on a switch which was camouflaged as a floor stone, the illegal miner was thrust by the tentacle that suddenly expanded from the floor and fainted. Usually spears will fly out and kill that miner but for some reason it was tentacles.

Second thing. The moment the female mage leaned against the wall, slime attacked her and melted half of her clothes and her face was filled with tears. Normally when you get grappled by slime you’ll die from suffocation, but somehow it only dissolved the clothes.

Third thing. When the mimic caught and swallowed the lower half of the woman, she didn’t shriek but instead she raised a flirtatious voice. Originally, that is the place where you meet your death in an instant, but they were doing a different thing inside.

And last, it’s this buttocks. Though it was a solidly built to bind, it doesn’t seem to have the ability to kill or to wound.

The traps has strong intention to humiliate rather than to kill.

「…… It is somehow sexually indecent. I don’t really remember these kinds of things….」

Blum scratches his head and talked to himself.

Blum continued to recall things.

Also the deployed demons are considerably biased.

Originally there were a lot of weak demons in these early levels, but now it became so meager. You won’t notice the slimes and the tentacles unless they’re approached.

「……Is this because the demon king died? 」

A scholar proposed a theory that during the demon king was alive, the powerful magic of the demon king stimulates the monsters before he was overturned.

If that’s the case then the monsters has weakened when the Demon king died, the allocation of the inhabiting monsters has changed, and it may not be off the point.

(Thankfully it’s easy to advance…..but it’s a little bit unreliable as a hideout to keep out my pursuers)

── while thinking about those kinds of things.

I heard a sound from a distance, Moreover, It’s…… from behind.

(They came from behind…….While I had been preoccupied?)

While not getting surprised, Blum became wary and focused hearing the sounds.

(Footsteps…..Is it a demon…….)

I turn around while thinking.


「…..Blum Dilmond is it? 」

A voice which seemed to be slightly troubled resounded to Blum’s ears.

It was a woman, she is extremely a beautiful woman witch a very pale face. She is dressed as a maid which isn’t suitable in a dungeon. In addition, it was practically thin and extremely frilly dress.

But Blum ignored that. There is something that he needs to be more worried.

(That is)

A lovely silver hair of the woman with ears that has jutted out. That’s the matter of concern. Pointed ears is one of the features of the demons in other words it is a proof that she is also a dangerous person. It makes sense when you think about that pale face. Most demons have extremely pale face.

(……Why is a demon here in this upper level, Even the demon king did not come out beyond the 20th floor, In addition, she also know my name──)

As expected, something is became different in this dungeon. Blum’s wariness has reached the red gauge.

「Ah, certainly I am Blum……But what kind of person are you? 」

「Even if you ask what kind of a person I am, It is what you see I am」

The mysterious demon maid, spoke in a troubled manner. As anyone would see ── she’s just simply a maid. However, her expression is unexpectedly gloomy while holding unto her frill.

「Well, I’ll give my name for the time being. Irene is my name」

「Irene, it’s a nice name. So, what kind of duty does Irene do? For a demon wearing a maid clothes in a dungeon, I also don’t remember you.」

When Blum said that and shrug his shoulders, the eyebrows of the demon who introduced herself as Irene twitched a little. Seems like she doesn’t touch much the area of her maid clothes. I know that it’s just a nonsensical thought.

Irene heartily sighed and then she speaks.

「I’ve been asked by the head to pick you up」

「Pick me up? More importantly…… The head? 」

Blum didn’t understand what she meant and asked backed. Though it is obvious, the inhabitants of the Dungeon doesn’t have a head.  Moreover, the other party has killed him with the holy sword.

Though the typical words of humans changes its meaning when demons use it, He still became curious about that head.

(Head of the demons…..That person is called the demon king, but that’s impossible.

That person, was certainly killed by my hand──)

「Ah, if you’re thinking something, it would be useless, honestly it’s troublesome so please stop it.」(TN: I shortened this one)

When Blum was lost in thought.

The demon Irene briskly approached him.

After that,

「Your hand please」

She said that stretches out her hand.

「……What, my hand」

「Using transfer magic, I’ll bring you to the head, or do you want to travel across the remaining 20 floors?」

If that’s the case then he wouldn’t mind──Though her eyes seems annoyed?

Blum sighs. Then he unintentionally──moved his eyes to the wall where there are buttocks.

(…..Traps that became like a sexual harassment, the odd allocation of the monsters. and the mysterious wall that sprouted some buttocks. Do the demons using that as a 『Welcome』?

……This kind of combination is worthless, in fact, the information that the demon king is alive is actually much better news)

In that case, I need to immediately go to the deepest part, to kill the Demon King once again. Not thinking too much is mentally healthy I guess.

However, the reality is cruel and seems somewhat stupid…

The naked buttocks── are trembling in the wall── they may be feeling cold. As a matter of fact, those are absolutely worthless.

Blum turned his eyes to the holy sword while grasping it. He sighed and put it in the sheath.

(…….Idling here is meaningless, I guess I don’t have a choice.)

Blum returned his eyes to the female demon named Irene.

(Aside from trusting this demon, I’m interested to their head, Well, I think there would be no loss from meeting him)

Besides, going to the deepest part is my goal. If they say they’ll let me live in the 20th comfortably, it might not bad to take it.

Blum looked at the eyes of Irene who kept holding out her hand to him. Those eyes doesn’t have any color other than sense of duty. Blum sighed again and opened his mouth.

「……….I don’t know the reason. If I meet your head, will I have an explanation? 」

「Who knows. The chief just contacted us so I don’t know.」

「Is that so, …….Damn, what’s with that」?

Blum cursed, but eventually held out his hand. It’s cold, but it’s a soft hand.

When Irene grasps it lightly in return, she draw her tiny jaw, then spoke.

「Then come, ……Space transfer travel」

In a businesslike tone, she began to start the magic.  To that procedure, Blum was amazed.

Usually, preparation is needed for such magic, she omitted the chanting and completed the magic, and she seems to be using omission activation technique.

She activated the magic with minimum chanting. Even a high-ranking magician cannot omit that much.

Using large transportation magic in such a minimum procedure, it’s impossible for a human  ── but it seems possible for the demons.

── Blum admired it obediently.

「…… Hn? 」

Irene looked puzzled. She lifted the hand of Blum and strangely looking at it.

「…..It’s strange, it is not possible to transpose by shortened chant. Though my only special skill…..」

Irene mumbled with a frustrated──or mumbled with a baffled expression.

(……Oh, is that so. Because she tried to transfer me, it takes more load than usual)

Blum had an idea about the reason that she failed the magic. This is fully Blum’s fault rather than her. So Blum lightly speak of a solution.

「Increase the output of magic, don’t think it’s a bother and do all the chant」

「Ha? ……..Ah, that’s true. We might be able to go if I step up a little 」

Irene said that and obediently increase the output of the magic. Then the bodies of Blum and Irene begin to be wrapped by a fleeting light. It is first stage of transfer magic.

「Ahem, then we shall go once more. ── Space transfer travel」

Irene mutters and start the spell again.

In that moment, the view is flickering, and the scenery vanished for an instant and after that instant.

Blum and Irene has transferred in front of the huge door.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Looking up at this extremely huge door, which seems familiar, Blum doesn’t even need to remember the characteristic of it

(The throne room…..)

The place where the former demon king was sitting and faced the intruder. The unfathomable demon that promises death. Before my eyes was the door that led me there.


It is the second time he look at it, Blum felt overwhelmed by the profoundness and cleared his throat.

「Well, let’s go, the head is waiting」

Irene spoke calmly. The feelings of Blum── in the past, when he desperately fought the demon king in life and death battle── doesn’t feel it at all.

Well, it is difficult to answer even if it was asked

Anyway, she approached the door, she hold in her hand and murmured.


It seems to be the signal of opening the gate.  The huge door which is like the gate of a fort, quietly opens little by little.

When the door finishes opening, Irene silently entered inside and signaled him to follow. There is no reason to disobey, so Blum followed.

But he held the handle of the holy sword. It shouldn’t be bad even if becomes very cautious. A short time after that.

(……  As usual, it’s dreary as ever. )

In the other side of the door, there was room with a very wide space. It is slightly dim, but there is a pale lamp which is appears to be magic and it doesn’t fall down.

Judging from the appearance, the layout doesn’t seem so different from before. A red carpet is laid out from the door until the throne, thick pillars supporting the ceiling are visible. And in most inner part is the throne.

Beside the throne, there was a shadow of a person.  Judging from the flow that might be the head of Irene.

Because Irene walks casually the shadow of that person rapidly enlarge. Soon after, they’re in a perfect distance where the silhouette can be identified. The face can’t be seen because it put on a robe.

Then, Blum noticed, the shadow of the person was unexpectedly small. I doesn’t overlap with the shadow of the demon king which he have seen.

(It isn’t that person……..Then, who on earth is this guy….)

While tensely muttering, Irene who had been walking ahead spoke.

「Master. I brought Blum-sama here」

To that word the shadow of that person subtly reacted. Then it answer with slightly carefree tone.

「Oh, I that so? That was quick」

The shadow spoke and raised his hand and pointed at Blum,

「Blum, it’s been a long time. How are you? 」

He spoke casually greatly him. To that voice Blum suddenly raises an eyebrow.

「That voice…..」

A familiar voice.  Moreover, it’s the voice he hears everyday half a year ago.

Blum had a clue and spoke

「Are you…..Al!?」


The robe of the Silhouette answered pleasantly and took off the hood and exposed his real face.

Without a doubt, His comrade in arms where the entrusted their life to each other until half a year ago, Alkanon Roize.

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