Dungeon Kurashi No Moto Yuusha Chapter 1

Dungeon Kurashi No Moto Yuusha Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Chase and Escape

I am surrounded.

I noticed it the moment i woke up in the middle of the night. Blum clicked his tongue unconsciously.

The forest is small, even the hut is small too.

From the surroundings, some dangerous presence is approaching. Though I’m not certain, but there number isn’t just one or two.

(…….Here we go again. How many is it this time?)

I muttered and sigh in grief. Then, i raised my body quietly. During that time, The murderous presence gradually approaches.

(……Unlucky. This feeling, Have they began already?)

When Blum got off the bed he held his breath and grasp the sword belt in his hand. He secured it into his waist slowly without panic. After that, he grasped it again. The holy sword which is called the love sword that has cut the demon king in two in one sweep is fixed in the sword belt.

At that moment. From the dangerous presence, One strong person approached the hut silently.

(…….Well, escape is impossible now. I have no choice but to engage.)

When Blum clicked his tongue for the second time, the door was knocked. It is a violent rude sound.

「You should’ve come with a key from the start if you want to enter.」

Blum did not approach the door and responded from a distance.

There is no answer. Instead, the door opens slowly.  Perhaps  the other side is also cautious.

On that opened side of the door, there was someone covered in full armor. The face is covered with helmet so i don’t know the gender. On the contrary, it was even difficult to perceive the materials of the armor. It is full moon tonight but the intensity of light isn’t enough to illuminate the deeper part of the forest.

「Blum Dilmond 」

The rude visitor in armor muttered in a low voice. It is a vague voice of possibly a gallant young man or a husky woman.

(The identity is unclear. ……But judging from my experienced, it’s probably a knight )

A guess had floated in his mind. For some reason Blum’s life is aimed by many people. Most of them were Knights that received proper training from the Kingdom.

Well, anyway.

「 That’s right, in this darkness only the height is what i know.」

Blum answered while his hand is on the hilt of the sword. He partially draw his left foot, he always draw his foot so he can always pull a strike anytime. He throws a question while doing that.

「……So, who are you?」

「Regretfully, we’re not allowed introducing ourselves.」

It said that, but the doesn’t look regretful at all. Blum snorted a little.

「So your greetings are like that, Even though intruding at such time. Then, i wont also introduce myself. …..Also your friends are are spreading their blood thirst in the surroundings, it is impolite」

When Blum said that, the Knight’s shoulder moved a twitch. Then spoke in admiration.

「…..Hou. You noticed. As one would expect from the “Hero” Blum. The one who defeated the Demon King alone」

Blum frowned in the word ── “Hero”. Though it’s a seemingly brilliant title, but right now it only sounds like an irony to the present Blum.

The knight continued to speak.

「However, that is the story of the past. Now you are no more than a mouse. You’re just merely a rat covered mud while being chased」

「Oh, Is that so.  What are you then? You, who is chasing a mouse in such a remote place. A ditched manservant cleaning a dirty rat」

「……..You son of bitch」

To that words of Blum. The knight became enraged. Even if he yells his expression won’t be visible, but signs of anger appeared on his fingertips.

(Getting talked back and then shivering in anger, you should’ve kept your mouth shut. )

Blum felt a little bit sour and sighed calmly. The knight that’s trembling in anger reached out his hand to the handle of his sword.

The moment──has finally come. But Blum, boldly ignored that movement.

(Here’s another trap. The information in sight is not trustworthy──)

Even if Blum had become rusty, he is still a former Hero. His ability cannot be underestimated. My plans will certainly work, i have the odds in my favor because I’m prepared.

Being careless would be fatal.

(The tactics of using traps──Feinting a flashy move.)

Blum murmured that in his mind, he stepped out from the sight of the knight while drawing the holy sword from its sheath.

The tip of the holy sword is going to the side of the door──There’s nothing there but the wall. The knight raises a cry.

「Hey, what are you doing?  You bastard, my companion──」

「You’re noisy」

Blum cut off his words and gave order to the Holy sword.

「Light, pierce it」

After he said those words, the holy sword emitted a pure white light and enveloped the room. At the same moment, the tip of the sword fired a mass of light. A shining sharp light pierced the wall.

And in the next moment.

The sharp light that pierced the wall raised a fierce roaring sound and exploded. The crude wood has vanished and its fragments scattered everywhere.


A scream was heard from the other side of the broken wall. A little while later, a sound of *Thud* has resounded. The people hiding and aiming for the ambush has caught up in the explosion and was blown away.

They wouldn’t die to that degree── but they won’t be able to move for a while. Blum put his attention back to the knight.

The knight remained still while his hand is on his sword. He probably didn’t cope up of what happened.

Toward the knight Blum spoke.

「A lone person appearing in front, Then there are people lurking behind waiting for the right time to strike. The presence of those people are visible so it’s easy to discover, it is already to late to approach unnoticed.

……….Not bad. If the other party isn’t me」

「Kuh── Monster!」

The Knight raised a strong voice while unsheathing his sword. That voice served as a signal and all the presence surrounding the hut began to move at once.

Blum smiled wryly, but the knight ignored it and started to run. Even if the holy sword is powerful, but in such a narrow space it would be numerically inferior.

Blum went out of the hut by jumping from the broken wall the he destroyed earlier and at that time

「There he is! Don’t let him escape! 」

「Becoming a Knight commander won’t be a dream if we kill him ── I will have you die for me.」

Several man with weapons are running while shouting. When i looked properly, there seems to be five of them.

(That’s a little bit many──but its okay. I’ll force my way through)

Blum didn’t care about them and ran toward the front. He will pass the men after a few seconds.

The equipment of men was slightly different from the knight a while ago. The armor is different, but their swords are identical. They were lightly dressed and moreover they don’t wear helmets. That’s why i know that they are men.

No helmet, lightly equipped swordsman──I have some knowledge of that. The highest percentage among the assassins that was sent to Blum are the lower class knight of the kingdom.

It seems like the first person wearing a 『Helmet』 that appeared a while ago is the leader of this party. A body that is protected with the fine armor is feature of an upper-class knight.

And while he thought about these things carefully.

Blum unconsciously cut down the men while passing each other. Blood gush out from the joints of the men that were not protected by armor, they scream and lie on the ground.

It seems like one person wasn’t able to do something like that. That person had his arm turned up and got his throat cut and died.

(One person is dead. He wouldn’t have died if he wasn’t a little unskillful)

Blum grasped his sword again while muttering to himself. The fight is yet over. A troublesome one remains.

「……Seriously, all the members were defeated……!」

When I looked back in that voice, there was the knight from while ago. It stares at the men lying down on Blum’s feet while regrettably groaning.

However, the knight did not immediately jumped and approach. The knight grasped the sword while intently staring from the inside of the helmet.

(The Knight is unexpectedly calm. )

Although the knight’s companion were cut down in front of his eyes, the behavior of that knight is rational.

(…..It was able to somewhat work out his senses but no matter how you look at it, it’s not enough to kill a hero like me)

Blum turned his sharp eyes to the remaining Knight.

「…….Well, by looking at it you’re the only one left……What will you do?」


The knight held his breath, and step back. But, his hand is still holding a sword.

「…… No matter what! This mission is His Majesty’s decree.  I can’t go against it!」

「…….That old man, finally putting out as far as an imperial decree」

Blum felt that his stomach feel sick from the cornered voice of the knight’s yell.

This half year, assassins kept on coming. But I never thought a direct order from the king has gone out.

(But with this i understood. They will follow wherever I escape)

Blum murmured while he stares at the knight who raised his sword while shaking. At that time.

The knight who became stiff stepped forward while holding his sword.

「Though the plan failed, I still have this sword.  I will not fall behind to a traitor like you! 」

The knight kicked the ground with strong force. It was the kind of expression which understands difference of their abilities── but still encourage himself. Blum prepared the holy sword while clicking his tongue.

The knight charges with power without feeling the weight of the armor while yelling and swings his sword. The handling a sword isn’t bad. But, a little it is too upfront.

Blum slightly retreated while the back of his shoe remained attached to the ground. The knight’s sword passes in front of his chest.

「The morale is good」

While saying that he hit the arm of the knight who became full of openings. The right arm which holds the sword The impact of the blow passes through the gap of the armor. Though it’s reckless to strike i with a sword, we don’t have to worry that it will break if it’s a holy sword.


The arms of the knight dropped the holy sword due to the impact. A muffled moan, leaks out from inside the helmet.  But Blum takes the next step without mercy.

The rider’s foot which has begun to move in order to pick a sword up was brushed off. The knight hardly defended it and crashes into the ground with his face.

「Let’s stop this match already」

Blum pointed the tip of the holy sword to the knight and  ── he suddenly noticed. The helmet of the knight is no longer there and the face became visible. It could’ve came off when he crashed.

「Mn? You…..」

in that instant Blum smiled at the real face of the knight. having been illuminated by the moonlight, no matter how look at it was a face of the woman. Though the face is not completely lifted, it’s clear that it’s a beautiful woman. It seems that even the burning red hair shines vividly in moonlight.

Apparently, The age seems to be also young.  It is probably around mid 20. Adding her husky voice a little while ago, it is the completion of a beautiful female knight.

「…… It is a woman. Well, Female knights are not uncommon nowadays.」

But even so, Blum didn’t put away his sword. It is the fashion of Blum to give the enemy a fear, a wound and sometimes death.

After all, he dedicated his entire life to kill the Demon King. Let’s cut some corners because it is a woman.

While I think about some things. A female knight looked up unsteadily. A thickish eyebrow which is a depiction of strong will, moreover there’s also a mole under her eyes. Being impressed, the situation of the woman is likely to change, Blum imagined an inappropriate thoughts.

And ── apparently the mole under her eyes makes her especially stunning.


Being directed by the tip of the sword── Signs of death is right before her eyes. It caused the woman to shriek. Her eyebrows draws near together because of fear, sure enough, the mole under her eyes enhances her femininity.

「Ah, aaah!」

She looks up and snapped, she started backing away due to the terror of death.  However, her feet can’t move well, her movement was crude and dull.  Even so, her hands and feet kept moving. The tip of the sword continues to seize her cool-headedness, her heart began to break.

「Wa-wait….! I beg of you, please wait!」

She kept yelling in panic. Though her red hair was liberated from the helmet there are still amount of sweat on her forehead, I don’t mind that kind of state.

Blum spoke while looking at her with a plain eyes.

「Asking me to wait. It is you who suddenly tried to kill me without any room for discussion either. Isn’t somewhat unreasonable to beg for your life because the tables had turned?」

Blum advanced one step While thrusting the tip of the sword before the eyes of the female knight.

「A, ah…..」

With the expression of being fully frightened, she tries to rub her buttocks against the ground as if she is a bug in order to to escape from the tip of the sword.

「You’re a knight right? You received an imperial order and came all the way here? If it so, be prepared for it. ── Your death is inevitable.」

Blum cruelly sentenced the female knight to death.  He narrowed his eyes that conveys that she will be killed.



The female knight has began to sob convulsively and has began to cry. Without looking away from the tip of the sword, large drops of and tears flows in her cheeks.

──In fact If you look carefully, she peed her pants. Her fear has exceeded the limit.

A miserable disgraceful behavior — However, It is cruel to blame her.  Cornering her is the person who even slaughtered the demon king.

(….In a place like this)

Blum judged that she is completely broken, and pulled a sword.

The bloodlust has vanished. Well, nothing will progress if i say more. It’s inevitable to cut off the neck of an enemy in a spring of battle, she peed and her face was strained by tears, I also have no interest killing a nonresistant person.

「Hyaaah uu……. Hgu……」

Probably because the presence of death has suddenly vanished. The tense has disappeared and she fell down backwards. She falls on her back and stopped moving. Seems like she fainted.

Blum quietly sheathe back the holy sword and looked at it. He lightly sighed.

(Half a year ago i had a fight against the demon king with this sword. When I returned in triumph to the Capital, I was extremely praised. And then──)

He stopped his thought and send a gaze to the female knight that has fainted. Though she stopped urinating, A shameful pool of water has already spread wide.

(When the woman was threatened, started peeing her pants. Although originally that is not what a hero would do)

Blum self-mockingly muttered to himself. Then he shook his head and changed his thought.

What would i do from now on? First of all, it is necessary to think about this.

(The assassination party by that Imperial decree of that old geezer won’t end here. This hideout has been discovered and I have to hide somewhere again)

Blum has begun to walk to the hut while murmuring. I must leave this place as quick as possible but I didn’t have any aim for the moment.

(……Taking refuge across the empire’s border? No, whichever i choose the name of the hero will still be use in politics. Damn, what an idiotic hero, carrying only troubles and great misfortunes.)

I cursed in complaint while turning my bad thoughts toward the sky.

……Inside of the kingdom and empire is useless, escaping from the continent itself….. They could’ve keeping a watch in the port from the very beginning. Yes, it’s troublesome.

Even if it’s a little inconvenient isn’t there a safe place for the time being?)

It was an absurd thought. Bulumn Continent has been divided into two, Zavaku Empire and Kieto Kingdom and has ruled it for nearly 300 years. No matter where i am in the continent, I will catch their eyes.

(──No, Wait. )

Blum suddenly stopped walking. While touching the handle of the holy sword, he mutters.

「……Underground labyrinth Dungeon where the king demon shut himself…..」

It was a stronghold of the former demon king, Blum remembered that it was built in the borders of two countries. The territory of the demon where which is full of trap and the demons filled with murderous intent.

If it is the deepest part of that place, the assassins may not come very often.

「…….Can i go over there?」

Blum looked up at a night sky by feeling skeptical about that idea.

I didn’t drop in that Dungeon since I killed a demon king. Therefore, I don’t hardly know the present situation.

By the death of the demon king, it possible that it has became a simple labyrinth. in that case, the value as a hideout is low just and inconvenient.

「……No. I’ll go first. Either way, I’ll need a place to go.」

Blum muttered and nodded. And gave a bitter smile.

──A place isn’t attacked by a assassins. A small home is only what i wished for. Hero who saved continent before,  Place where one can live in peace.

If it is the Dungeon which the demon king created.

(──Even if it’s ironic  )

When he recalled that much, Blum withdrawn a wry smile was and sighed.

It was an awfully heavy sigh.

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