Yuusha toshite shoukansareta kedo, uragirareta node. Chapter 1

Yuusha toshite shoukansareta kedo, uragirareta node. Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Maou and Hero, at first it’s by mouth  ◆

With the outside appearance of summoning the Hero to defeat the Maou, Yomawari Meguru was summoned in order to deal with other countries. However, that plan has been rolled back to square one. Because Yomawari Meguru is just too strong.

That’s the only reason.

Although Yomawari Meguru was not someone endowed with high aptitude for magic, his skills and physical capabilities surpassed the limits. Moreover, with the kind of magic he possesses, which allows him to manipulate space and time, his capabilities for combat is overwhelmingly superior──but nevertheless, it’s not that he doesn’t know fear. No, rather than that, it can be said that his soul and body movements have full knowledge of what fear is.

When Meguru recalled the time he was summoned to this world and tasted the thing called fear for the first time──he first thought about the former Maou who’s running right in front of him right now, Pearlnight “Resurrection” Halwehi.

Former Maou, no, even right now she’s probably still a Maou.

A girl who’s called the strongest Demon.

The fact that Meguru met Pearlnight should not have been possible under normal circumstances, it was an exception among exceptions.

He sent a fleeting glance at her.

While looking at the girl running before him, Meguru heaved a sigh. It has been 3 days since they met again. In order to thoroughly mow down their enemies, the two haven’t taken any decent rest.

Still looking at her, Meguru reminisced.

It’s about the time back when only one week had passed since Meguru was summoned.

It was the first time Meguru had practice training.

The meaning of that training was truly significant.

If a goblin village was formed near the Kingdom by whom Meguru was summoned──it means that’s also their destruction. Goblin extermination was Meguru’s first subjugation act, no, more like his first time training under a schedule.

And though he also performed mock-battles with the Kingdom’s Knights, those were not to the point of a life-and-death battle.

For that reason, he was not fully entrusted with the extermination of goblins. In case of an emergency situation, 10 people, including the Kingdom’s Knight Leader and the Knight Order Vice Leader, were by his side, all ready to jump into the fray if he ever needed help. As this mission is his first step towards becoming a hero, he didn’t want to spoil it. Of course, he did have the confidence to devote himself to the training──however, even with that mentality, his first mission was a touch out-of-reach for Meguru.

「Compared to practicing 100 times, you’ll gain more experience from actual combat. It’ll be good if you can act without thinking too deeply about it」

With only that being said by the King, Grimmoire Kanaberal, Meguru didn’t really think much about it.

He only thought of it simply as his first step to become a Hero.

Even the country itself didn’t really put too much hope into Meguru, they thought that if anything happens the Knights can just step in and rescue him. If he could gain some experience and from there, nourish his level then it was going to be all good.

And then, it was the day appointed for the extermination of goblins. Together with the Knights, he located the goblin’s village. But when they broke into the place──Yomawari Meguru felt fear.

It was Fear.

First time seeing this scene of taking lives and ready to be taken his own life, fear piled up inside him.

It was certain that he feared.

The reason is, it was a straight-forward outbreak of war with the goblins.

The goblin village he broke into──────had already been annihilated.

It was a cruel scene of easily surpassing the number of 40 or 50 dead bodies of ugly midgets. But dead bodies weren’t really dead bodies either, as they were all scattered into pieces.

The sudden situation made him unable to comprehend the things that happened, he had doubts that they killed each other. It was not impossible for this to happen to low-grade monsters. Next on the list should be an attack from a foreign tribe.

However, the result was skies different than what he was thinking of.

In the middle of the sea of goblin dead bodies, a single figure of a girl bathed in blood standing stock still gave him the answer.

Even though the girl wasn’t injured, from her mini-skirt that had been dyed red by fresh blood, drops of red-color dripped down to the ground.

「What’s this? You people are…」

Saying so, the girl turned towards his way.

This girl exterminated the whole goblin village.

The situation was unthinkable no matter how much one racks his brain, Meguru needed a few more seconds before he could comprehend all this. Even if he knew the answer he got was correct, there was no way he could just comprehend it instantly.

And fear, was the thing that rose up inside of him.

It took him several seconds to liberate his body from that fear.

A few seconds.

Only a few seconds.

The few seconds he used to blink his eyes to sort out the information inside his head, those were the fatal few seconds that Meguru could never take back.

「What a bother」

Just before he closed his eyes, the voice of the girl could be heard.

The second his eyes were closed, the girl standing in the sea of dead bodies vanished from his field of vision.

In the end, she vanished only from Meguru’s sight. When he turned back and looked at the people that should’ve been whom he would seek help from, all the standby Kingdom Knights were scattered into pieces.


In. To. Pieces.

They all turned into dead corpses.

No difference from the goblins, all the Kingdom Knights who followed him also got annihilated.

However, Meguru alone remained.

Under normal circumstances, Meguru should’ve turned into pieces too, but it was not the case.

Towards Meguru, the girl only projected out her blood-thirst.

And she approached him.

「What are you. An irregular?」

So she said. Then agreeing to herself, the girl nodded “un un” and disappeared to somewhere.

It wasn’t really luck in the middle of misfortune, though.

In any case, while being called a Hero, Meguru ended his first practice training with a bitter result of not even getting into any training at all.

A few years after that.

Right now he’s acting together with the girl he met that time, the one that should’ve been killed by him.

Is this fate?

「Geez、I can’t even laugh at this joke」

Meguru murmured in a troubled manner.

「Hn? Did you say something?」

Pearlnight turned around towards Meguru, saying so.

「Nope. It’s nothing」

「Hm, that so. We should see my castle anytime now. There shouldn’t be any more pursuers since we came all the way here」

After 3 days and 3 nights of running non-stop, the castle walls filled with blooming star-like Linalia flowers finally became visible.

It is the castle that Meguru and his hero party marched in in order to defeat the Maou. The state of the castle hasn’t really changed compared to several months ago.

「This way」

Saying so, Pearlnight dashed off, following suit is Meguru. Having the tightly shut doors smashed, Pearlnight kicked the door that should’ve been opened with a key and kept walking upstairs.

After all, it’s still her own house, what are we gonna do about cleaning up after this?, he thought while the sounds of around 6 more doors being smashed reverberated the empty castle.

「O-Oi. Pearlnight, aren’t you breaking too many already?」

「No, we can’t open them if I don’t do this. Right now, Prism is extending a defensive barrier extending over this castle. The doors won’t even move a tiny bit if you try to open it normally. That’s why I’m smashing all the doors together with the barrier’s ceremony. Still, even if it’s Prism it would require some time to reconstruct the barrier. See? If we hurry up we can secure this area」

Pearlnight said so while laughing.

This chick is something, thought Meguru.

Breaking defensive barriers into pieces with just going around kicking things, even the Imperial Court Magicians would faint with foams bubbling from their mouth if they heard about this.

「Now then, we’re here」

Pearlnight said so while kicking a door flying.

Craaaaaaash–making a huge sound, the door was flown off to the other side of the room and fell down.

From the empty space where the door should’ve been, the inside of the room could be seen. In the middle of the room, there’s a girl with sky-colored eyes who’s wrapped in maid outfit, opening her mouth with an expression that literally said what the hell just happened.

「I’m home, Prism. Looks like you did quite a good job being in charge while I was away. I’m thankful」

「P-Pealrnight-sama, I’m not worthy of your thanks. Your safety should be above anything else」

The girl named Prism shook her head while answering Pearlnight. Because she shook her head a bit too vigorously, her beautiful sky-colored hair fluttered along.

「Then, why the hell are you here. Yomawari Meguru」 (TN: Uh oh. The typical obnoxious tsundere loyal servant?? Please no…)

So said the girl with a reaction as if it’s the most natural thing ever.

It was to be expected. Just a while ago he was trying to kill her beloved and respected Pearlnight as a Hero.

For that reason, Meguru was troubled.

He was unable to find words to say towards this girl who’s honestly projecting blood-thirst while glaring at him.

Seeing Meguru like that, Pearlnight threw in the lifeboat.

「Prism, from now on Meguru’s going to make enemy out of the world. So, won’t you forgive him? If we do that I can continue to live, too. We also intend to make this place our base for a while. It’ll save me troubles if you can get along, no?」

「If Pearlnight-sama said so then I have nothing else to say. This one, Prism Riverside, shall assist you with all sincerity of my body and soul for Pearlnight-sama’s sake」 (TN: Yup. It’s confirmed. This author has “godly” naming skills LOL)

「That helps, I can be at ease with you here. Be it me or Meguru, both our faces are too well-known to the public」

Saying so, Pearlnight placed her hand on Prism’s head, gently patting her. Prism on the other hand, was ecstatic with a satisfied expression.

「Err, sorry for the stupid timing but, won’t you lend me the bathroom?……It really is painful being like this」

Prism’s eyes of resentment and hatred pierced straight towards Meguru, but soon, as if it was nothing……

「Then, please wait for a minute. Right now, I’m rewriting the barrier so that you can walk around freely………………okay, this should be fine. With this the doors should become openable. Also, Pearlnight-sama please don’t go around breaking doors anymore」

Understood. As Pearlnight said so, the two of them headed towards the bathroom.

◆       ◆

After moving to the bathroom, he took off his clothes while Pearlnight did the same right behind him.

Exposing her naked body, her moderately small breasts and her well-taken care of, beautiful pubic hair could be seen. He unintentionally turned his gaze away.

「What are you being surprised for. I also got soaked in blood and rain-water, you know? Unfortunately there’s only one bathhouse in this castle. That’s why we can only enter together. Don’t put yourself on edge like that, I’ll take everything off so…」

Saying so, Pearlnight stared at his crotch while entering the bath first.

「Come on, what are you doing. I’ll wash you so hurry up」

「Wa-Wait. I’m good so you can just go on ahead. I’ll bathe later」

「What are you on about, we postponed it 3 days already. I can’t endure anymore so hurry up and come on in」

From inside the bath, Pearlnight stretched out her arms and grasped Meguru, pulling him in. Then she forcefully made him sit on the stool.

「What’s with you. I didn’t do anything and you’re already erect?」

「I can’t help it, dammit. It’s been accumulating!」

「I see. It can’t be helped, then. I’ll wash you while you’re erect. Hamuu」

Saying so, Pearlnight held the erect penis glans in her mouth.


「Hnu……lick…………chuu……amuu……nmuu……puwaa. How was that?

Felt good?」

A bit awkward, she let go of the penis, looking at him, seeking an impression.

「Hn, well, it’s okay……hnn」

He put up a tough front.

「Hmph. Pretending to be tough huh. Then how about this. Hnn……juuru……」

Completely different than just now, she suddenly chewed on it, crawling her tongue around.


In a blink of an eye, the penis was smeared with saliva as she further swallowed it.

Pearlnight screwed the penis into her narrow throat while slurping, making obscene sounds and starting her fellatio.

Though it looked a bit unpleasant, the penis continued to indulged in her suction without responding.


Sometimes the stimulation given by the penis was too much for her to handle.


Sometimes Pearlnight breathed out while vigorously putting the penis deeper and deeper inside.


For a second Pearlnight seemed to pulled the penis out, but she vigorously jammed it back in, swallowing the whole penis perfectly.

He felt a never-before pleasure rushing through his whole body from the depth of her narrow and hot throat.

Pearlnight slowly restarted her fellatio, but the strokes got longer it couldn’t be compared to earlier.

「Pearlnight, wait, I can’t……」


She wasn’t going very fast, but the unending sticky stimulation continued on constantly.

After pulling way out to the tip of his glans, she plunged it back into her mouth until her lips are pressed against his hips.

Pearlnight kept up the deep-strokes as if tasting the penis, but the time interval between each round trip shortened gradually.


After breathing a breath, Pearlnight suddenly sped up.


Not changing the length of each stroke, with a speed like she’s throwing her face into his hips, she sucked on the penis.

It wasn’t long until his endurance ran out, his limit has been met.

「No good……Pearlnight! Uuu……!!」


The moment his ejaculation began, Pearlnight pressed her lips against the root of his penis, plunging the whole thing into her throat.

「Hn……cough cough……」

The pulsing penis dumped loads of semen down Pealnight’s throat’s depth. As if urging on the ejaculation, Pearlnight shook her head, indulging in the penis.

After a while when the ejaculation stopped, Pearlnight made slurping sounds, slowly pulling out from the penis that has not 1 drop of semen left on it.


After pulling the penis out all the way from her mouth, Pearlnight looked at him, opening her mouth wide. As she opened her mouth with her lips making slimy sounds because it was wet with semen, small bubbles of semen could be seen down her throat.


Like that she closed her mouth, then after showing an appearance of carefully tasting the semen, her throat rang a sound, slowly gulping everything down.


As Pearlnight opened her mouth again, he understood that all the semen has already been swallowed straight into her stomach.

「Thanks for the meal」

Saying so, Pearlnight smiled with a satisfied expression.

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