The Resolute Cannon Fodder Teaching In Ancient Time

By Phoenix Oh Phoenix,凤啊凤

The Resolute Cannon Fodder Teaching In Ancient Time Chapter 1

The Resolute Cannon Fodder Teaching In Ancient Time Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - First encounter 1/2

The Resolute Cannon Fodder Teaching in Ancient Time: Chapter 1 - First encounter 1/2 Grain Rain season, the sky was slightly overcast. There was a light rain at Jiangling moments ago. The roof tiles and walls had been dyed into deep gray, rainwater slowly dripped down from the cracks, converging on the ground and forming into a stream. Black clouds converged in the sky, the cold wind blew through the streets, fluttering the conical bamboo hat of the people that was wearing one. Xu Zhen leaned on the short wall and looked outside for a while. Seeing that there was hardly any people outside, she took out a stack of writing papers from her house and hid it in her embrace, then walked to Yunmo Store unhurriedly. Yunmo Store was a store that sold and bought books. The store had a large number of customers. It was said that they sold books very quickly, and as long as you gave them money, they were able to help you buy any kind of book you wanted. Few days ago, Xu Zhen wrote a book about birds, flowers, and fishes, introducing some plants and animals that could commonly be seen at Jiangling, indicating which one of them were poisonous, and which one of them were edible. At this era where there was no (Compendium of Medical Herbs), it was a rarely seen good book. Unfortunately, the sales volume wasn't good, a total of 20 copies of the book, and in the end, only 5 books was sold. When the time limit arrived, the rest of the books were returned to Xu Zhen. Today, she brought 10 (Guidebook for passing the imperial examination for sure), hoping that this kind of book which was similar to the assessment book during the modern time would be able to bring her a bit of wealth. Who would have thought that, the moment she entered Yunmo Store, she heard loud noises. She first went to the store owner to entrust the store owner to sell her books. After finish entrusting, she went towards the place where the loud noises were at. At an alley which was at the back door of Yunmo Store, a servant who was wearing deep-blue clothes was currently placing his hands on his hips and shouting, "Beat! Give me beat!" "Bang! Bang! Bang!" The sound of rattan hitting against a physical body could be heard, and on the ground, there was a puddle of dark red blood. Xu Zhen first thought that it was someone beating up a stray dog, most probably a case where the stray dog bit someone or something, and thus did not have the cheek to go stop the person. However, after she went up and look for a while, instead of a dog, she suddenly discovered a ragged figure wearing worn-out clothes. The person that the worn-out clothing covered was extremely weak and thin. The person's face was lying down on the ground, hair was dried yellow like weeds, messily covering the person's back, and the bottom part of the hair was covered in the color of blood. The figure that was being beaten seemed to be a 7/8 years old child. How could this even be good? Xu Zhen was relatively shocked by this, as she immediately walked over and asked, "What happened?" The few people stopped and looked at her. The servant who was giving out commands also stopped commanding and took a look at Xu Zhen. Seeing that Xu Zhen was familiar-looking, he thus told her, "This small child stole a book from the store." Xu Zhen said, "It is only stealing a book, why did you all looked like you all wanted her life?" The servant said righteously. "This small child stole quite a few books. She did not have the money to pay, and there is no one at her house, therefore she had to use her life to pay for the books she stole!" Xu Zhen could not bear it and quickly said, "Stop, I will help her pay." The few people opened their eyes wide and looked at her, seeming to have never expected that there would be this kind of stupid people in this world. Xu Zhen asked, "How much is it?" The male in charge came back to his senses. After sizing up Xu Zhen for a while, he did not feel that Xu Zhen was someone who had money and thus stretched out his hand and said casually, "10 taels!" Xu Zhen almost fainted. 10 taels?! She had transmigrated over to this world for almost 3 years already. With great difficulty, she finally recognized the currency and economy, depended on doing odd jobs and writing books and had finally saved 10 taels. But who would have thought that she would have to hand out the money away right now? However, she also did not have the choice to leave and ignore the child. Her not being able to bear seeing the child die was one matter, she herself also needed to enable herself to gain benefit by saving the child. —— Because she was not an ordinary transmigrator. And was an illegal transmigrator who needed to rely on 'merit points' to continue living. Once the merit points on her become negative, she would die, and furthermore be dragged back to hell. After all, this life was stolen by her. As for how to obtain merit points, it was actually quite simple, it could be obtained by doing good things, or making a bad guy turn over a new life. Normally on the second day where Xu Zhen did a good thing, she would be able to obtain merit points. Unfortunately, to maintain her life, she also had to use up a lot of merit points. During this month, she had searched all around the place, and although she had done quite a lot of good things, the number of merit points she had right now was only 5. There were too little points right now. If a slight accident was to even happened, she would die for sure. Therefore, she had to save this child no matter what. When Xu Zhen was preparing to take out the money, she suddenly thought of something. She took a look at the servant and asked cautiously, "Can you lower the price a bit……" The servant shouted, "No!" Xu Zhen didn't dare to delay any more. She took out her money bag miserably, took out 2 notes which had extensive gold and passed it to the servant. Upon seeing that, the servant went into a daze for a while. He did not expect that Xu Zhen would be able to pay the money. Not sure what background this woman has. The servant did not think much. While revealing out his badly damaged teeth and smile, he said that Xu Zhen had a good heart as he extended out his hand to take the money. Xu Zhen was reluctant to part with the money and did not let go of the money when the servant tried to take the money. The servant turned angry and said, "Young woman, if you don't loosen your grip, I will have to continue whipping the child!" With a worried face, Xu Zhen loosened her grip. After taking a few looks at the money, she finally gave up. The few people who were beating the child dragged the rattan and left. Xu Zhen walked up, bent over and checked the little girl's breathing. Placing her finger on the little girl's nose, the breath that her finger felt emitted out blood foam which was burning hot to the point that it could roast up a person. She did not dare to anyhow move. She asked the servant to help search for a doctor. After waiting for the girl's injuries to be handled finish, and have been fed with medicine, then was she finally able to be at ease. The servant was still standing at one side. Xu Zhen asked, "Where is her house?" The servant replied, "Don't know." Xu Zhen pondered for a while and felt that something wasn't right, "Then how did you all know that she had no one in her home and did not have the capability to return the money?" The servant took Xu Zhen's money and had been warned a few sentences by the store owner, thus he answered patiently, "The store owner occasionally saw her at the worn out temple. She didn't seem like she has a home." Xu Zhen said that she understood, so the child was a little beggar. When saving a person, might as well save to the end. She borrowed a stretcher and asked the servant to help carried the girl together back to her home. The body that Xu Zhen reincarnated into was not too poor. She had a house which had roof tiles built onto, outer walls that had been wiped with white lime, and did not have too many relatives. Altogether, she had a total of 3 clay houses which she had to herself. Right now, there was one more person, a little beggar.


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