Pervert King Seong Gui Nam Chapter 2

Pervert King Seong Gui Nam Chapter 2

Pervert King Seong Gui Nam 2

2. Voyeurism. Serious at that.

"But darling, it's probably better to look for another place."

As soon as the short but intensely passionate sex was finished, Kang Hee Yeon, not as a realtor, made an honest confession.

The gist of her words was, three people had already cancelled their contracts in one year because the house was possessed by a ghost.

"I'd have ignored it if it was once or twice, but all four said the same thing. There's a lot of tenants that are hostesses because it's an entertainment district nearby. They say there's a male ghost that appears at night and starts to… masturbate. It creeps me out."

I glanced over at the ghost behind Kang Hee Yeon, the ghost that she couldn't see.

He bashfully smiled and avoided my gaze.

He acted all elegant and refined while keeping his honorifics towards me…

Now that I think about it, I glossed over it since I was busy, but he was masturbating with an unpleasant look on his face.

Was he a voyeur when he was alive?

"To tell you the truth, one male died here about a year ago. That's probably when the male ghost occupied to this place."

Even for me, it's a rather unpleasant notion to live with a ghost.

But the ability he showed me, the ‘Fuck Screen’ was too good to let go.

The Fuck Screen disappeared as soon as I came, so probably the fucking ghost took it back.

Just as I expected, he whispered into my ear as if he read my mind.

[If you live here, I'll give you my ability. Let's become a team. Let me watch you have sexual intercourse.]

Definitely a voyeur.

I suppressed the want to say, 'this shit fucker is finally showing his true nature' and shrugged to Kang Hee Yeon.

"I like this place."

"Hey, it's ghost ridden."

"I don't believe in that sort of stuff. And let him appear if he wants to. It's not like he can do anything to me. Not to a man. But hey…"


"Now that you mention it, I think I see something…"

I said that out of playfulness.

She squeezed up against me while buttoning her blouse in her underwear.

"Ugh, stop that. I'm scared everytime I come here."

You have sex when you're scared?

I smirked and said it's a joke.

That's that, but I'm getting riled up seeing her in just her white blouse and underwear.

"Can we have another go?"


"I'm stronger on my second time."

"My knees hurt…"

That's what she said, but she nodded abashedly as if she wanted more.

That's what I expected from a pro with a A-rank sex drive.

The ghost behind her gave me another thumbs up.

[Hyungnim is the best.]

Kek, total nutjob, watch if you want to you nut.

I became brazen from the earlier sexual relation.

The words hidden deep in my desires such as 'suck my nipples', 'rub my dick with your stockinged feet', burst out of me.

It was on a floor with nothing but a thin pad, but we explored our sexual chemistry taking each other's body heat for blankets.

She dutifully carried out all my requests, and she requested dirty, vulgar swear words when she reached her peak.

Swearing. What a weird kink.

It wasn't something that I had experience with before, but I tried ad-libbing the dirtiest words as best as I could with the words that popped into my head such as 'you're a bitch in breeding season', 'this bitch tastes amazing', 'what a dirty whore', and the like.

I was worried if I was going overboard, but Kang Hee Yeon was screaming moans as if caught in ecstasy.

It was the proudest moment of my life.

The fucking ghost masturbated with the happiest look on his face.

Despite Kang Hee Yeon's dissuasions, I signed the contract for the ghost-infested house and finished moving in two days later.

Kang Hee Yeon wouldn't accept the brokerage fee.

But instead asked for my contact info.

-We seemed to fit well together so let's undo some stress now and then.

That's what she sent me through KakaoTalk. (KR IM app)

What a cool woman.

Is this what divorcees are like? (돌싱녀 = 돌아온 싱글 여자 single woman returnee)

(돌싱녀 = 돌아온 싱글 여자 single woman returnee)

'I'd be happy to' is what I replied with.

It was the start of an erotic relationship focused strictly on physical pleasure with none of the responsibilities or duties.

The 'sex-partner' I have only ever heard of in stories.

I took a monthly holiday from the shop, went to the convenience store to buy a beer after finishing unpacking and had a conversation with the ghost.

The ghost's name was 'Gam Seong Dae'. (Play on words: Seong Gam Dae is G Spot in KR)

He was the tenant here about one and a half years ago, and 25 years old at the time of death.

"Why did you die."

[I stepped on a bar of soap when I was drunk.]


[Yeah. I would've lived if I got to the hospital in time; it's a tragedy of those that live alone. Hyungnim should becareful too.]

"Son of a bitch."

[But I still don't know hyungnim's name.]

"Seong Gui Nam. Precious (貴) Gui, Male (男) Nam."

[Hahaha, what an awkward name. It sounds like genitalia, male. Hahahaha.]

"Then are you Gam Seong Dae because you're a G Spot (Seong Gam Dae)?"

[Huh, now that you say that. We're like a match made in heaven.]

"What was your job. Twenty-five, so a student?"

[No. I dropped out of college and worked in Gangnam. Do you know what seonsoo is? (TL note: Yes, the Gangnam in Gangnam-Style. Seonsoo is the same word for player/athlete, but I guess it works as 'he's a playa' sort of deal too)

(TL note: Yes, the Gangnam in Gangnam-Style. Seonsoo is the same word for player/athlete, but I guess it works as 'he's a playa' sort of deal too)

"Seonsoo? Like a hostbar seonsoo?" (He says Ho Ppa as in host bar)

(He says Ho Ppa as in host bar)

[Oh, you do know.]

I thought he might be an aspiring celebrity with his good looks and lengthy proportions but turns out he's a host bar seonsoo.

"Did you make decent money? From what I hear, all but the best don't make anything worthwhile and end up with deteriorated health."

[I was an ace. To be fair, with my ability it was easy once I got picked.] (He says choice but that's the host bar term for getting picked)

(He says choice but that's the host bar term for getting picked)

"Oh yeah, the Fuck Screen (This fucking name…) thing. Did you have this when you were alive?"


"What did you do to get it?"

[Umm, I don't know exactly, but it appeared when I was in middle school.]

"Out of the blue?"

[It's a long story, but our ethics teacher was a young woman. How do I put this… kind of the vulgar/coarse type? Not how she dressed but the air around her you know.]

"Yeah, I know. Looking like a cheap whore?" (Ssanti = looking cheap/easy/etc)

(Ssanti = looking cheap/easy/etc)

[Yeah, that. Her eyes didn't match the subject of ethics and gave off a sultry and lewd mood.]

"That must've been nice. Our school never had a teacher like that."

[The kids liked her a lot. I liked her too.]

"I like cheap looking women too."

[But the bullies made me masturbate in her class. I was the bread shuttle.] (Iljin is kinda like a school gangster the kind seen in JP manga/novels. Pan shuttle is where they force the bullied kid to go buy them bread.)

(Iljin is kinda like a school gangster the kind seen in JP manga/novels. Pan shuttle is where they force the bullied kid to go buy them bread.)

"What a fucking eventful life. So, did you do it?"

[What's a shuttle to do.]

Gam Seong Dae said that and laughed with a 'hahaha'.

Wackjob. No reason to stay positive but he did.

I took in a gulp of beer using that as a snack. (Anju is the term for snacks during drinking alcohol)

(Anju is the term for snacks during drinking alcohol)

"Khh, you keep a bright outlook on life."

[What is there to life. If you can't fight it, nothing can be done besides enjoying it.]

"Fuck, how did you enjoy masturbating in front of your female teacher."

[Hahaha, at least it was a male-only middle school, if it was a coed school, worse stuff would've happened.]

"So, what happened. Did you get caught?"

[Yeah. When I ejaculated, I got caught because a moan came out without me noticing.]

"You're the biggest nutjob I've seen. You ejaculated?"

[I did it with sincerity. It was easy to get into it probably because I jacked off a lot thinking of her.]

"But weren't we talking about Fuck Screen? How did that appear?"

[Ah, that comes next.]

The female teacher felt something was wrong when she heard Gam Seong Dae's moan and the kids’ giggling and came toward Gam Seong Dae.

And from his still wriggling penis came out one last drop of semen and landed directly on top of the female teacher's lips.

The teacher licked it without thinking.

At that moment, Gam Seong Dae felt dizziness come over him, and blacked out with his penis out in the open.

[When I woke up, I was in the nurse's office. From my memories, that's when I saw the Fuck Screen.]

"Isn't that too surreal?"

[Isn't it the same for hyungnim seeing ghosts?]

Well, same shit for seeing ghosts or that.

"But what happened to the teacher. I gather she was completely shocked?"

[Ah, I slept with her.]

"Woah." (He actually says Wo-mae which is what old, country folk say when they're surprised)

(He actually says Wo-mae which is what old, country folk say when they're surprised)

[The teacher had sexual desires towards me, and it showed up on the Fuck Screen. She wanted to have a personal face-to-face after school, then started to suck my penis. So, I just went for it. That was my first.]

"What grade was that?"

[Second year of Middle School] (KR Elementary goes 1-6 then 1-3 for mid and high. So, in effect it's 8th grade)

(KR Elementary goes 1-6 then 1-3 for mid and high. So, in effect it's 8th grade)

It's surprising enough that his first time was in the second year of middle school, but it's astonishing that the partner was his school teacher.

What a tremendous fucker in various ways.

I thought it was plausible if his good looks continued on from his childhood.

[What do you do hyungnim? From what I heard before, I assume you work at a restaurant.]

"I work at a rib restaurant over at SamCheon Tri-section." (Galbi=rib)


[Rib Service?] (Pun for Lip service. To be honest not sure if the author wanted it to be lip or rib. Written the same way in Korean.)

(Pun for Lip service. To be honest not sure if the author wanted it to be lip or rib. Written the same way in Korean.)

"Huh? How did you know"

[That's the only Rib place around there. I've been there before. But I don't remember seeing you there.]

"I haven't been working there long. The Sajangnim has about five restaurants and I move between the places. He told me to try working here as well, so I moved. Hyung made it to Chief from Deputy. (Sajangnim = Syacho/CEO/Owner)

(Sajangnim = Syacho/CEO/Owner)

[There're titles when it's a rib shop?]

"Yeah, we have titles like a normal company."

The place I started my alba (part time job) at the 3rd year of high school (Senior year) was the Sajangnim's 1st restaurant that sold wine samgyeopsal. That was the start of the almost 15 year career at sajangnim's restaurants and moving between them.

(part time job)rd(Senior year)st

Although I never graduated from college, because I started working early I have quite a bit saved up and I have a salary to match the salary of friends that work at corporations.

Obviously, the work hours are longer than a normal corporation, but I don't have any regrets or complaints.

My dream is to start my own restaurant under sajangnim.

But one thing bore on my heart.

"I haven't had a relationship with a woman."

[Don't albasaeng (part timers) date each other a lot?]

(part timers)

"The place I work at has a lot of young kids that date each other, but when I first started working, there weren't any girls around my age. The only females were ee-mos (auntie) and males were married hyungnims. Since I hung out with the married men I always went to brothels and barely ever dated. I thought that was cool back then, but it's a deep regret now. Uh-phew…"

[You can meet them from now on.]

"I would like to. But I don't know how to deal with women. There's a time and place for dating and what do I know, since I've only went to cusion houses (brothels). I'm still a 20 year old youth at heart, but everyone at the shop treats me like an Aje (ajussi =old man).

(ajussi =old man)

Recently I've started to think brothels are no longer entertaining and a waste of money.

Just going to let out some water once or twice a month at anma-bang (massage parlour, the sexy kind).

(massage parlour, the sexy kind)

But even that is tiresome, so I've taken to just dealing with it by jacking off.

[No way, 34 is still young. Our Madame (host bar madame is a title) hyung doesn't have any problems hanging out with twenty year olds?]

"Don't compare seonsoo to regular people."

[Hmm, that kind of weak talk isn't good.]

"What isn't good."

Gam Seong Dae lightly bit his thumb and answered.

[It's better for me if hyungnim can have more sex with multiple women. That's the reason why I gave hyungnim Fuck Screen…]

"You crazy fuck. You're a voyeur, aren't you?"

[Haha, yeah. Majorly.]

He's too proud of it for me to get mad.

"Why did you become like that. Were you like that when you were alive?"

[Yeah, it's probably because I've done some crazy shit ever since I was young, I couldn't get an erection even with a woman in front of me. Erectile dysfunction in my early twenties, I thought the sky was falling apart.]

His erectile dysfunction went on for a few months.

Even though he couldn't get an erection, his sexual desires were the same, so he ended up with depression.

Then one day he went to a Pension (basically holiday houses) with the female regulars and host bar seonsoos.

(basically holiday houses)

He accidentally saw one having sex there, and his junior that kept quiet for a few months made an explosive rise, was what he said the reason for falling into voyeurism was.

[Hyungnim. The only joy in life left for me as a ghost is masturbating to the sight of others having sex. Hyungnim, you need to muster up the strength.]

"I got it, you fuck. I don't think there's anything to worry about if I have the Fuck Screen you gave me?"

[No. The Fuck Screen doesn't tell you everything.]


[If the 'Impression of Me' is lower than a C, it doesn't show all of the information. The realtor ajumma had a good first impression of you, so it showed you that much. But ajummas like anything that's a male. Hyungnim, be honest, you're not popular with the girls, are you?]

"…Well just, I've never been confessed to first…?"

When I confessed I was rejected with the words 'I want to cherish the good oppa-dongsaeng relationship' or, 'don't want to lose a good friend'.

[How many have you dated?]


[No. Not at one time, but in total until now.]

"Yeah, three."


He was astounded as though he heard 'I ate dogshit for breakfast today'. It probably means 'just three?'.

just three?'

[Hyungnim is thirtyfour…]

"I told you. I haven't been in many relationships."

[Then what if you include Ssumnyuh?] (new word combined with 'there is something between them' and nyuh = woman/female)

(new word combined with 'there is something between them' and nyuh = woman/female)something

"Hey, I don't even know what the 'Ssum' thing is. If you date, you date, what is the 'ssum' thing?"

[Well, it's not a proper relationship, but you do everything that people in a relationship do? Or the cutesy stage before a relationship as well.] (꽁냥꽁냥


"I have no clue. I've always been distant from women…"

[Yeah, from what I see, hyungnim isn't the charming type of male. No sense of humor either.]

This fucker is the type to be excessively cool-headed and hurt the feelings of those around him.

"But my range of comedy is rather wide."

[The problem is you don't make use of it.]

"Yeah. If my friends do it, it's funny, but when I do it it's rather awkward. Nor is it funny."

[Jokes are battles of timing. The most important thing is hyungnim's style is shit. Your face isn't likeable either.]

"Mother fucker."

[It’s not that women like funny men, they like well styled men that are humorous.]

"Then what do you want me to do. Be born again?"

[No, you can be above average if you just dress well. Whether its men or women, hairstyle and fashion account for more than 80%.]

It felt like I was attending a pick-up artist's lecture.

Well, host bar seonsoo might as well be a pick-up artist.

Gam Seong Dae suddenly flew up and continued.

[Hyungnim's closet looks like shit, so let's go buy some clothes. I'll help coordinate your style.]

"Hey, is that really necessary?"

[Do you not want to have sex with more women?]

"I want to."

[Then do as I tell you.]

"Ugh, okay. But before, let me drop by the shop. I need to check if they're doing well on the dinner preparations."

[Does that shop fall apart when you're not there?]

"No, but just to check in on the atmosphere."

[Then I'll go with you.]

"Huh? You weren't a bound spirit?"

[I am a bound spirit, but it's conditionally bound.]

He explained that if he's next to someone that he's engaged in a partnership with, he came move with them.

Fucking hell, to become Kkambo with a ghost. (Term taken from a movie = Best friends)

Term taken from a movie = Best friends)

A grand alliance of sex huh.

< Voyeurism. Serious at that > End


Author's words

Ulssu. (Old Korean for way to go!/ there you go!)

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