The Flower Selling Girl is a Replacement Bride Chapter 25

The Flower Selling Girl is a Replacement Bride Chapter 25

Here is another update to the series!

FYI… I was considering to complete Lise and Wizard’s story only (which means chapter 38 will be the last chapter to translate). However, I began to contemplate on dropping this series sooner because mainly, I didn’t get what I expected and sort of lost my interest. On a side note, I felt bad because I am the one who started picking up this series because of my expectation… I am in a dilemma! o(╥﹏╥)o

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Chapter 25

Wizard's Birthday (First Part)

Wizard's birthday is approaching.

Lise was wondering on what to give.

She could have asked Wizard on what he wanted.

However, that wouldn't be a surprise.

She tried to consult Vinan.

Upon asking, Vinan said with a serious look.

"I think that he will be happy if Lise-sama is the gift…"

He answered by giving her a riddle.

(I am the gift? I wonder what he means by that…)

"No, I am thinking on what Wizard-sama might want."

"The thing that Wizard-sama wants… as expected, it's Lise-sama, right?"

"I am not an item!!"

No matter how much she talked about it, she didn't make any progress, so she concluded the conversation of that topic, and then returned to her own room.

(Wizard-sama doesn't like sweet things… So handmade sweets might not be a good option.)

Thinking hard about it, Lise came to realize that she might not know much about Wizard.

Wizard's room is so tasteless that there's nothing special there.

Lise is now taking lessons in embroidery.

She wondered about giving him an embroidered handkerchief.

Lise decided to do so.

She would be happy if he would receive it and could use it as a means to wipe out his sweat.

However, Lise was not good at embroidery.

Upon trying to consult it with her private tutor, the tutor looked surprised for a moment, but then she decided to lend a help.

From that day onwards, Lise secluded herself in her room, and worked hard to make the embroidery on the handkerchief.

Lise advanced the needle according to the procedure she learned from her tutor.

(Somehow, it seems to have formed something).

So she thought while looking at the extended handkerchief, but suddenly she heard a voice from behind her.

"Lise? It's already late. Aren't you going to sleep soon?"

Lise hid the handkerchief in a hurry.

Wizard noticed Lise's strange behavior and cross-examined her.

"Recently, you've been neglecting me, just what are you up to?"

Wizard pouted a little.

"Eh… I'm not doing anything in particular."

"Don't lie, didn't you just hide something? Is that something that you don't want me to see that much?"

"…yes, uhm, I am just doing an assignment that my tutor gave me."

Lise somehow managed to come up with a reason, but Wizard's bad mood didn't improve.

"For a tutor to be giving out assignments that should be done until up this late at night, does she want to be fired?"

"Please don't! That's not it! Actually-…"


Lise was in dilemma but as she thought, she wanted it to be a surprise.

"…I won't say."

"That's not good…"

After saying that, Wizard pulled Lise's hand and lead her to the couple's room.

And just like that, Lise was tossed onto the bed.

"If you don't want to speak, then I will make you want to speak."

"What are you going to do?"

"The usual thing."

Saying that, Wizard pinned Lise down.

"It's already late today…"

"I'm going to continue until you tell me what were you doing."

Wizard's eyes were bewitchingly glittering.


Lise remained quiet.

Wizard removed the nightclothes skillfully using one hand.

In a blink of an eye, she was already in her underwear.

In the middle of Wizard taking off his clothes, Lise seemed to try to escape, but she was quickly found out and caught.

"Where are you going?"

"Today, uhm, I'm not in the mood to…"

"I will make you in the mood to do that."

Her underwear was taken off and dropped onto the floor.


"What is it?"


Lise kept silent.

She decided that she won't say anything no matter what happened.

[NSFW Part Starts Here!]

Wizard extended his hand and began to caress her breasts.

He rubbed it more persistently than usual, and he rolled the tip of his tongue over after holding them inside his mouth.

"Aaahn, yaaan, noo…"

"Stop… yaah…"

Just like usual, towards the long caressing, Lise gasped and raised her voice.

"Lise, do you feel like telling me?"

Lise shook her head.

"Is that so?"

Wizard held both of Lise's knees and lifted them high enough to reach his waist, and he spread them widely open.


While caressing the pleasure bud with his tongue, he also inserted his finger inside Lise's vagina.

He began to move his finger inside of her.

Only one of her leg was being lifted at the moment.

He sucked her pleasure bud strongly, and Lise screamed.


"Did you come? You are drenched wet, you know?"

"D… don't say that…"

Lise felt dizzy in her embarrassment.

"You still won't tell me after all this?"

And then, a slightly surprised voice could be heard.

"I, I won't tell you."

Saying that clearly, it was as if she was pouring the oil into the fire.

Without any kind of warning, suddenly Wizard inserted his thing.


The big thick thing suddenly entered her vagina.

Wizard began to intensely shake his hips.

He poked the places different than the usual sweet spots.

She felt weird upon feeling a slight frustration.

"No, stop, Wizard-samaa…"

"Please do the usual spots…"


Wizard began to drill the usual spots.

When he did that, a staggering pleasure ran inside Lise.

"Nnnn!! Waah, yaah!"

"Unn, yaaah!"

"Lise… shouldn't you confess by now?"


"Embroidery… nn!"


Lise closed her mouth after thinking that she was so close to tell Wizard.

"Since I'm not good at embroidery… I was just practicing."

"But why wouldn't you say that honestly?"


"Well, now?"

The sound of intense skin-and-skin colliding echoed.

The sound of liquid could also be heard.

"No, I can't. Yaaaaaaa!!"

And so, Lise came.

Coincidentally, Wizard also came.


He poured in all of his semen inside of Lise.

[NSFW Part Ends Here]

Short summary on what happened during NSFW Part :

Lise blurted out that she was practicing embroidery because she wasn’t good at it. However, Wizard knew she was still hiding something, but Lise won’t tell him.

Lise was completely exhausted.

The pouting Wizard went out of the room.

Lise who was left alone, somehow felt like she wanted to cry very much.

Even though she just wanted to surprise Wizard with her gift, she made him angry.

Lise did not mean to make him angry.

However, as a result, she made him pouting.

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