Wu Shang Jin Shia

By Ni Tian Er Shang

Wu Shang Jin Shia Chapter 1

Wu Shang Jin Shia Chapter 1

Teacher hitter

This year’s summer is especially hot , the Sun parched the earth like a stove on the sky, dazzingly bright.

With distracted mind Chen Ju watching through the window, the scattered thin pine branch that barely managed blocking the scorching sun.

Listening noisy sound came from student around become so bored.

April 29! College entrance examination will come in later month.

“College Entrance Examination, huh?”

Chen Ju does not help reveal a wry smile on his face.

“Maybe after month later I will be free.” thought with bitter feeling.

The transcript of the exams were also made down Chen Ru felt bittersweet , like a spilled bottle Gomi .

With point like language at 119 seems for best. Math with 150 point, only got the lowest scores with 47 points. English 77 points, and liberal arts got 203 point to sum it up in total got more than 440 points.

His performance in this main class was almost on the deadly last .

This result in regular class may not be too embarassing, but in this class, the result brought shame to all. Thus with this result made everyone despise more on Chen Ju.

But three years ago, Chen Ju with 721 points (out of 730) of the test results knocked the door of Sahnyang City, a main middle school in this province, in terror.

At that time, he was everyone talent. But three years later, he become the most annoying poor student and drag in the teacher eyes.

Sitting quietly in the corner of the classroom, the corner near the window, There are some brooms and ash buckets. Such an environment is undoubtedly extremely dirty and messy, especially at this time, from time to time there are a few bloodthirsty mosquitoes, which excited to open-mouthed sniffing the smell of sour sweat floated in the air, sensing the endless fragrant blood.

But, this messiest and dirtiest place is Chen Ru exclusive area of operations over the past year.

Now, the students in the Class, just approved by the teacher of various branches of the results are discussing.

Good students got so excited when hearing on other classmates insincerely congratulate in the false civility, said his own a good luck or something.

The bad students, with the grief and indignation, have said that this step, because the small group leak, overall to lose, or is not careful, I have not seen that is the topic, but I have not done anything. In short, as long as others seem to be more careful, the scores would be more on the dozens of points or percent.

Chen Ru sitting quietly in the corner, watching everything on the sideline. For these is not enter society, but contaminated and some false atmosphere of the students with a lot of regrets:

It is not a shiftless, drifted to the present, the societal changes so fast? Better or stems from the envy, you will feel so within the students?

Quick flashing its thoughts in mind, Chen Ru settled down to just random thought on his mind.

These last three years, he seldom talks and rarely communicate with students, but with indifferent eyes see everything around.

“Ding Ding……” The death knell common electric bell rang up, the noisy in the class got little calmer, but with different mood.

The class is not necessarily quiet before class.

After the bell passed 2-3 minutes, geography teacher Keding walk smilingly holding cup of tea on the right hand and material lesson plan on left armpit. Putting the lesson plans, cups and other things on the podium, with two knocked and smile on his face: “ha ha, good exam! Congratulations first to all of you here on this!”

Zhou Keding only 1.6-meter or so, short and stout, and having a gold tooth in the mouth and laughs, but is extremely wretched. He had no conscious, always thinks he is good. Everyone knows everybody here in the heart of this smile, felt extremely sick

“Oh, also your teacher teach you well-” in the classroom, several top students study led the booing, nosing out twos and threes.

Have to say, in this context, the top students head quite spiritual, and good with flattery.

Quite satisfied within a platform for next student’s response, Zhou Keding has made a gesture, calming down the students, and he said with a smiles : “Guys, just last month. As long as you win the first test. You will go to a bright golden road. At that time, official, rich, is not a dream. So, come work hard this month!”

Zhou Keding’s is quite inspiring. Audience in the 17-18 year old young men and women, although inexperienced has been tempted in the bad side, and got the burning passion at the moment.

Moreover, more top students of this class is full of theirself. They believe they can control their own destiny, achieve their great dreams. naive about the cruelty of society.

“Now in society, the man who does not have work or women who do not have money, not to be good
To have your ideal comfort, you can only fight this one. More than a month said not much, say less, depends on your actions and hard!” Zhou Keding sharp eyes swept the crowd an eye again to social facts have encouraged this group also failed to enter the society of young rookie.

Social mores changed, all the young boys and girls have no right to “man and woman which does not have money” It is repugnant. That Ke Zhou although his words is vulgar, also stated the truth.
Just inspired top, naturally take poor hitting, used to make cautionary tale for all students. But Ke Zhou governance students informally.

But inspired top student, naturally bring poor students against what used to make a negative example for all students. But this is the only way Zhou Ke handling the students governance.

Here it comes! Said Chen Ru out of the people. Sure enough, Ke Zhou eye a sweep contemptuously at the last few seats on the poor students, with cold tone: “You don’t need learn some people, clearly had by this time but still do not work hard, don’t get into University, which will only become the pillars of society, and later trash……”

Suddenly, in front of the top students who proudly look back to discern, all eyes are showing a trace of disdain they turn the head. It seems to be more they look at several people in the back row they will stain their eyes.

His turning point was the row behind the anger overflowing more than dozen students. “Damn, what! Once want to encourage top students who will take stepped the foot on us? F*cking rubbish.” Sitting in the row before Chen Ru, Zhang feng, can’t help but whispering in low voice, Ke Zhou was despicable to the extreme.

He is always one of the Zhou Keding repressed vigorously, in his heart always have hated Zhou Keding so much.

“It is! The teacher certification of Zhou Keding fat motherf*cker also proved to do through his brother-in-law, has no qualifications to say.” Next to Zhang feng, Chen Jian was also a look of disdain.

Zhou Keding’s brother-in-law Wang Hao, the chief of the Sahnyang Bureau of Education, is the personal connection. but also because Wang’s Hao will Zhou Keding can enter the Sahnyang No. 1 Middle School to teach the high third year on liberal arts classes.

The sound that they talk is light, Zhou Kewen heard, but actually not.

Chen Ru sitting in the corner has not participated in front of their talks, but his corners of the mouth are exposed to sneer.

“Well, we don’t worry about such a society column of bug, to enter the society, they will gonna eat bitter fruit. ”

Nodded, Zhou Keding Extended two hands to take two to think very humorous colors, with a smile, “as the saying goes, “life had three big celebrations, winning promotion and getting rich people’ wife, so long as you are admitted to a university, you are in high road, you will look for the work easier to get the money, it can also want to get. As for his “dead wive’s,” but it is your teacher for me, ha ha ha ha ha ha, everybody knows the yellow-faced old woman in my family is not worthy of me…..”

“Ha ha ……” top students in the classroom were slightly surprised a moment, smiling dryly with few people together, the rest are stunned and some have stayed!

All the girls were still a bit reserved, eyes wide with the boss, not crime looked opposite Zhou Kewen. But nothing, just all gotten beet red on the face.

Zhou Keding on their student’s performance seems to be with sincerity, Chen Ru feeling mouth suddenly broke into a fly-only nausea, feeling the worse.

“Junk-” Just when Ke Zhou is very proud of his sense of humor, suddenly came out of like splashing a cold water in the room. Only a top student laugh in the classroom, altough came so suddenly but it is still resounding buzzingly.

Chen Ju is really despise this extremely shameless people! School teachers and students all know this guy at home is always wanton abuse of his wife, trying to domestic violence. Now, he actually openly promote shameless thoughts in front of his students? Is this not fraught or what!

Of course, Chen Ru is not a Justice who is very strong if the Ke Zhou didn’t openly in front of so many students as humor so shamelessly, Chen Ru will not give a damn about this teacher’s private affair

“Wow……” Chen Ru blurted out this word, saying very loudly. Suddenly, the entire classrooms are strangely turned around, after finding the source of the sound, they look is silly found out to see Chen Ru.

Although everybody knows, Zhou Keding’s attitude, but people did not think Chen Ru of the year hardly popping out of a word from the mouth, has dared to publicly criticize Ke Zhou, this is dumped on Zhou Keding’s face like slap on the face.

Zhou Keding surprised a moment, did not think this class the most famous puzzle today I do not know what he eat the wrong medicine or not, actually dared to insult myself in front of everyone? Then making it more furious.

“Bang…” Zhou le rushing down from the platform, standing in front of Chen Ru, shoutimg in thundering rage : “Chen Ru! What did you say a moment ago?”

Shrugging his shoulder, Chen Ru looked up deep glance at Zhou Ke, with cold face said: “No, I said, junk it.” The tone is light, but his eyes on Zhou Ke have a deep and infinite disdain.

“Wow-” The podium made noisy again, with the student looking at Chen Ru dumbfoundedly. How come he dare openly to insult teacher again? When this Chen Ru became so bold? At this moment, all of the student shocks to find themself do not know much about a schoolmate whom always sit in the corner.

“My God, awesome……” Many students which can’t stand Ke Zhou, worship Chen Ru to death. This guy was the first to dare to faced person like Ke Zhou who yells at him with disdain.

Zhou Keding had never so mad, just like a whole head congestion feel sick. However, he also managed to take into account the image of his own teacher, still didn’t played rough on him.

Of course, he is force to be able withstanding the 1.79-meter Chen Ru height countering with his 1.6-meter height.

By taking a deep breath, glancing Chen Ru with poison eyes, Zhou Kewen pale face and cold voice said: “I do not think in my class as I get out of here. I Ke Zhou does not give you like trash.”

Chen Ru fists clenched, suddenly stood up, thought about him was his teacher, he forced down his anger, but the sound is colder, “Teacher, when there is a paragon of virtue of people like you said, don’t listen to it.” With that, he turned around and no longer stays, strode up to go outside the classroom.

Chen Ru was mad, Ke Zhou watched Chen Ru back is certainly gnashing of his teeth. His face darkened and could not help shouted in rage: “What have your mother and father did not teach you to respect for teachers, and take the best -” He hasn’t finished, but Chen Ru jerked, his eyes cold almost breathtaking in face relentlessly towards Ke Zhou.

At this moment, all the people of two eyes fall on Chen Ru, body trembling roughly, and become blank head.

“F*ck you mother no father teach garbage –” Chen Ru suddenly mad, suddenly rushed back to Zhou Keding suddenly slapped two slap in the face. “Ah!” You die-“Ke Zhou outflow of blood on his lips, grabbed the nearest stool, fiercely hit Chen Ru

The presence of all students face pale with fear, such a scene has been completely intimidated to their greenhouse flowers group . They didn’t think that they would saw such a spectacle.

“Courting death-” Chen Ru slipped slightly, a left hand grab stools lightning-fast, take advantage of drag-back, Ke Zhou’s body to his feet.

Sneering, Chen Ru right fist suddenly blew Zhou Kewen’s stomach. “Puff……” Lots of tea and gastric juices sprayed out, Ke Zhou is like dead dog shrink down to the ground holding his stomach.

“Now I’m sure you got the teacher’s title was not live with true flair!” Disdain looked at the Zhou Keding on the ground and frightened the classmates, threw the stool into the ground, Chen Ru carrying bags turned and sped away.

“Mother, brother Chen Ru is really have great personality, I like it very much. However this make Zhang Feng looked at Chen Ru full of admiration. In Shannan No. 1 Middle School, Chen Ru dare to engage fight with the teacher.

“This honest man when gets angry is really fearful!” Chen Jian sucks the mouth, in a low voice whispering.

Far more than it is terrible! All have looked at each other eyes, the heart is now the ups and downs. Chen Ru look in the eyes is really very sharp.

“Not good! Mr. Zhou fainted, send him to the medical office quickly!” Several top students shouting loudly after Chen Ru left in the classroom.


Walking aimlessly along the Shanyang City, Chen Ru heart at a loss. “Today seems to be too impulsive! “This impulse, was it caused by the pressure of the college entrance examination?

Shaking his head, Chen Ru feet suddenly kick in on a mineral water bottle, suddenly the water bottles flying magically in the air across with a floating curve into the garbage bin next street.

Hand holding worn on the chest of a strange dark red ancient jade, with empty thoughts floating away. This scarlet jade pendant is only half a thumb in size, dark red color, positive engraved with a small but exquisite Wen (mosquito). But the style is very ordinary.

This thing was his father Chen Yongtai Tower (in the name of a collapse in Tallinn of native place, is buried the tomb of the monk)
has no intention of it to come. Chen Ru has been looking at red string tied up on the necklace he worn.

This is Chen Ru first gift from his father, his prized personal wear
memory. When loooking this ancient jade, Chen Ru will think of his father.

Unconscious in the street went dark, a ride back to his sister in shanyang Town Center clinic

“Ah Ru, today is not the weekend, how did you come to me?” Sitting in front of the computer is busy accounts receivable Chen Youlan showing a little surprised when saw his younger brother silent come back.

Chan Yau Lan looks not beautiful, but still worth watching, although her temper is little provocative but she is have smart behaving and still can get along with the neighbors extremely better. She is popular and will try to helping a friends who have any difficulties to solving the problem the best she can do.

His face flashed unnatural, Chen Ju barely smile, “May 1st finally to have a few days off to relax.”

Today is April 29, Chen Ru is not lying, it’s just that his holiday is starting from tomorrow afternoon

Chan Youlan whom still collecting money did not find a trace of color on his brother’s face, nodded, smiling: “That you let me live these days, MOM also helped me take care your little nephew, allowing her to buy some food for you to replenish your body.”

Chen Ru little nephew Xie Bingcheng, only eight months old, was handsome, smart. Very cute. Chen Youlan and her husband Xie Wei is very busy, asked your mother Li Cheng to take care of the children.

“No!” Chen Ru shaking the head, looking his sister eyes, said: “Elder sister, I want to return to my hometown to see the grandpa and grandma for these days, while still convenient.”

“He has not left from the shadow of the pain, the college entrance examination,” Chen Youlan has suddenly looked up, a faint sigh, a sadness came upon her. But even she can’t forget the scene two years ago, what can she do much for her younger brother?

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