Beautiful Girls in the Underground Prison Chapter 1 part1

Beautiful Girls in the Underground Prison Chapter 1 part1

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Afternoon in the Rank C Prison

Part (1/2)

In the dark prison where light was barely visible, from the corridor a bowl in inserted into the rooms one by one

Mariko Shinohara went near the washbowl and thrust her face into it

In the same room, next to her Asumi Imai was eating in the same fashion

Her two hands were restrained behind her by handcuffs, and a solid chain was attached from her to a ring on the concrete wall

There was also a thick chain connecting her legs, which would occasionally make a sound when the woman moves

Mariko was a female teacher with beautiful black hair trimmed to her shoulder length, beautiful pupils she gave off a modest and neat appearance

She who was a popular teacher with a prospective future, her life turned into hell in just a moment

Now she was a slave who lived as a meat toilet in a dark dungeon

Her body gives off a really bad smell

She is always tied up

And has to remain naked the whole time

Mariko was a language teacher at a junior high school before she was brought to hell a year ago

The father of a student was a founding member of the "club" and he fell in love with her when they met

For Mariko who loved her job as a teacher, she was dragged into hell by that person

And this was just the beginning

Everyday, sometimes many times a single day, a number of customers use the livestock that are in hell

They do everything to satisfy their animal tendencies

The place where they were is known as "Murai Psychiatry Institute" a private owned facility, which is used as the base of "club"

The records are properly maintained so that no one will doubt about what is happening

However, in the back is the isolated space behind the large iron door is a sexual hell

Women who were kidnapped by cunning guys are used as they please

In the underground where light never reaches, just a few hundred metres away from the dungeon a couple is happily walking, and families are enjoying their time together

The heavy iron door opens, and the sound of two pairs of shoes is heard

Inside the dungeon are various rooms with metal railings, and in almost every room were two beautiful animals

All the animals were naked except for the collar and the shackles, and everyone was eagerly eating the food like dogs

The food in the bowls was something similar to animal bait

The food smelt like leftovers, but everyone was eating it enthusiastically

But still none of the animals lost their beauty to attract a male's gaze

"I heard the story…..but I have to admit, it really is a good view"

A man was speaking, clearly this was his first time here

He was completely covered in black, and only his eyes could be seen

"Yes, now is feeding time, so we don't usually use them"

"If you made a reservation one would be provided for you, but since you didn't you will have to choose from the animals that are free"

"Yes, I have heard of the "club" it really is as good as expected"

"Oh, thank you for the compliment…. And restrain yourself from forming any scratches on the animal's bodies; it's a nuisance to the other guests"

The eyes of the black hooded person reveal excitement

The man in the blue hood is the trainer of the "club", he trains every single livestock or animal in here

As the men were looking around to choose

The man in black hood was amazed with the number of choices

There was everything from, young lolis to mature milfs, wash board breast to bulging breasts, every type of woman was here to be enjoyed

A customer at such at time?

While eating Mariko looks toward the corridor

In the opposite room, two animals were also eating while making noise

At first it was impossible to eat the bait, but after 1 year passed it turned into a habit

But still it was impossible to completely get used to it

Mariko felt nauseas every now and then

In the "club" unless it was ordered the slaves were not allowed to look up

But unable to suppress her curiosity Mariko raised her head and looked towards the black hooded man

At the same time even black hood saw her

Where every slave was stuffing their faces to eat the bait, there was one animal that was looking at him

Her breasts were not big, but the black belt around her waist increased her appeal

A ring was attached to each side of the belt, and in each ring her hands were kept

Even if it was for one moment he noticed her

"Hey, raise your face"

While she knew he was speaking to her, she pretended to not understand and kept stuffing bait into her face

"17! Raise your face!"

As she raised her face he saw that it was in her mid 20s, not too short black hair, from her intellectual appearance she should have been a teacher

"What’s your name?"

While she was feeling hesitant, the trainer opened his mouth and answered

"Slaves do not have names, this one is No 17"

When she was being spoken about she spread her knees and pushed her breasts forwards

They were trained to do that

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