Unparalleled Emperor

By One Leaf In Sky,一叶青天

Unparalleled Emperor Chapter 2: Destiny

Unparalleled Emperor Chapter 2: Destiny

The day's practice was over; Dao Ling was left alone in the room.

He looked around, groped in the drawer liked a thief and took out a black bag.

A quick smile appeared on his face when he watched the bag. He left the room and trotted to the college's grove. There was no one here. He sat on a bluestone and waited quietly.

"Brother Dao Ling."

With a sweet laughter, a young girl in blue came over. She was a beauty with dark hair and soft smile. Her eyes filled with expectation.

"Here you are, Wang Ya." Dao Ling stood up and looked at her. He grinned and felt warm inside.

They grew up in the slums and had a very strong relationship. She moved out one year ago, but they still kept in touch with each other.

He was full of affection for her because she did not alienate him although he was a garbage. She even said that if they could join Star College together, she would like to be his woman!

He was very happy with her innocence and kindness. In this college, he faced all sorts of cynicism, just like in an icy city. He didn't know what to do!

He felt lucky to have a friend to rely on.

"Brother Dao Ling, did you bring the stone?" Her sweet smile was gentle and she secretly scanned him. Noticing the black bag, she was glad inside, but still pretended not to see it and asked.

"Yes, you can borrow it for a few days, but it can't be too long. Otherwise my lame dad will get angry."

He answered, touching his head. Dao Ling always called his father "lame dad" and his father was old but uninhibited. His father was a miner, and though their life was hard, his father tried his best to earn money and sent him to the college.

Inside the black bag was a fist-sized blue stone.

The stone was beautiful and crystal, with some blue light surrounding it, looking dreamy.

The expression on his face was odd, and he didn't know what to say. Actually it was ok to give the stone to her for a few days. What made him embarrassed to say was the stone was used to trim his father's toes!

He had always wondered where lame dad had got the glittering stones and why he wouldn't let him take them out of the house.

Wang Ya had seen the blue stone before, but this time she asked to take it away for a few days.

She was the only friend he had, and he didn't want to refuse her. He didn't want to lose her.

"Here you are, and remember to give it back to me in a few days." He handed her the stone.

She stared at it, her heartbeat speeding up, her eyes filled with rejoice. She slowly took the stone with trembling palms, carefully identified it for a very long time and quavered, "Wang Ling cousin, do you think it is blue crystal? I feel like this is it!"

Her exciting voice made Dao Ling instantly frown. It was Wang Ling!

Wang Ling was the most talented genius in college. He had 10,000kg of powerful strength in Body Forging Realm! Wang Ling was popular in the college, and he had already broken through to the realm of Spirit Rhyming, so Dao Ling knew him.

Body Forging and Spirit Rhyming were two initial realms of cultivation.

But how did she know Wang Ling? And called him cousin?

Dao Ling frowned and had an ominous foreboding. After looking around, he saw a young man in white walking out of the woods in front of them.

He had an imposing appearance and long hair, with arrogance on his face. When he noticed the blue crystal, he was so astonished that he pointed excitedly at the rock and roared, "Yes, it is the blue crystal!"

He almost fainted with excitement, rushing frantically towards the stone.

Dao Ling's face changed greatly, and shouted, "Wang Ya, what do you mean? How could you tell anybody else? We made a deal not to tell anybody about it!"

Lame dad had warned him before that the stone could not be known to others. But Wang Ya used both hard and soft tactics to ask him to take the stone for her. He had no choice but to give it to her. But Dao Ling never expected that this would go this far. What did she want?

Wang Ling ignored what Dao Ling said. He was very excited to examine the blue crystal carefully. He yelled in his heart, "Look at the blue crystal. It weighs 2.5kg. It's a treasure. I didn't expect it to be so easy to get, ha!"

"Anybody else?" There was a sneering smile in her eyes, that was no longer as sweet as before. She said with a cold sneer, "Wang Ling cousin is not anybody else. By the way, thank you for your blue crystal."

"What the hell do you mean?" Dao Ling clenched his fists so tight that the veins on his arms bulged. His slightly sharp finger nails inserted into the flesh, bringing a sharp pain. He gritted his teeth and shouted, "You're a liar!"

Wang Ya sneered, "I'm not a liar, I just need this blue crystal. You will give me, right?"

"I won't give you the stone, lame dad only has this one!" Dao Ling felt heart broken, his fists clenched, and his face ferocious.

He really couldn't believe that the only person in this cold world he could rely on had been cheating on him. It was like the end of the world for him.

But deep in hear Dao Ling gasped in shock. Was this stone really the treasure that lame dad said? But there was still a lot in his house! He pretended to be out of control and yelled, "This is my family heirloom. I won't give it to you."

Wang Ya grinned and arrogantly said, "You must give it to us. It is your blessing that my cousin needs your family heirloom. And during this time I bent down to talk to you, this is something that ordinary people couldn't even think about, let alone you are garbage. I will take it as a reward."

Dao Ling was rageful and he stared at her defiant eyes. She was like a goddess overlooking a nonentity. And she was so haughty as if she was a reincarnated fairy.

Dao Ling was so furious that his clenched fists cracked. Was this girl still the person who grew up together with him? She had become so vicious just in one year, and it was all for a stone.

Dao Ling's voice was a little hoarse, "I see. You've been cheating on me during this period of time, just for such a stone."

"Dao Ling, how dare you say that!" Wang Ya was irritated, pointed at him and said, "Some time ago, I ask you to give me your blue crystal, but you just didn't want to do that. Now, how dare you ask me why? If not I said to be your woman, would you give me the blue crystal? Will you?"

"How brilliant your deception is!" Dao Ling forced a smile, and he didn't know whether to cry or laugh that blue crystal was used to trim his father's toes.

"You are not qualified to let me lie to you. It is because of the blue crystal. I didn't believe that the thing I saw at the beginning was blue crystal. Now I believe." Wang Ya's face lit up. Taking a contemptuous glance at Dao Ling, she mocked, "It's just your delusion to have me as your woman. Don't be crazy!"

Wang Ya's look was cold and arrogant. Although she had a good relationship with Dao Ling when he was a child, it was different now. Now Dao Ling was just garbage who would be a mediocrity for a lifetime.

"Don't be ridiculous, my future is destined to be glorious. How can such a useless fool like you wanting to be my side? Dream on!" Wang Ya sneered and rejoiced in her heart.

Some time ago, Wang Ya attended an auction with Wang Ling and saw a blue crystal which was only as big as human's fingernail. But it was sold at the price of one million gold coins. It was hard to imagine how much this piece is worth?

Wang Ling's intoxicated and greedy eyes stared at the blue crystal. Then, he smelled it and found that there was an unpleasant odor on it. He frowned, "It smells like foot odor."

"How could it be possible!" Wang Ya smelled and then smiled. "This may be the unique smell of blue crystal. This is such a treasure that it weighs 2.5 kg!"

"Haha, baby, you are amazing." Wang Ling nodded with an overjoyed face, greedily sniffed the stone and slammed Wang Ya in his arms and laughed, "At the very start, I didn't believe such a treasure would be in a nebbish's hand. Now I believe it, haha, this is my destiny, no one can stop it!"

Dao Ling's eyes kept staring at the blue crystal with his fists clenched. How could he grab his stone back? That was daydreaming.

Wang Ling seemed to have noticed his gaze. Then Wang Ling got angry and shouted, "What are you looking at? You rubbish, do you think this blue crystal still belongs to you? I tell you that it belongs to me now!"

Wang Ling stepped up to him and grasped his collar and sullenly said, "Tell me, where did you get this blue crystal?"

"I said, this is my heirloom. I hope you can return it to me." Dao Ling said angrily.

Wang Ling laughed instead of getting angry. This trash still wanted to get his stone back? No way! He held Dao Ling in his hand and threw him to the ground, causing the earth splash after a great bang.

Bang! Dao Ling's body shook, and he felt painful like all bones in his body were broken. His mouth was bleeding, but he bit his lips, his arms slightly trembling because of his tightly clenched fist.

The strength of Wang Ling was so terrible that a punch was powerful enough to break a huge stone, which was beyond Dao Ling's endurance.

Wang Ya glanced at the young man who was twitching on the ground. She touched her chin and said, "Cousin, if this spreads out, it will be bad for you. I think we should kill him for all good."

"What a vicious woman!" Dao Ling's fists clenched, blood vessels on his arms bulging. His heart was full of pain and sadness. Would he be killed by such a bitch in this way?

Wang Ling nodded in approval and said, "You're right. We need to create an accident, or it'd be a big trouble if known by the instructor."

"I have an idea." Wang Ling patted his forehead and smiled, "A nebbish directly drinks the blood of the beast because he does not reconcile to the truth that he is a useless person, intending to create a way of cultivating that no one ever used. Isn't this a good story?"

"Oh, I understand, that sounds great." Wang Ya thought for a while, nodded and smiled, "Just do it."

Wang Ling snorted, then a bottle appeared in his hand. Looking at the red blood inside, he said contemptuously, "It's such a waste to use this bottle of Fire Kylin on you. But compared with the value of blue crystal, I'm still making a big profit."

"Maybe this is my destiny." Dao Ling were losing his consciousness. When he heard this, he laughed in his heart. Maybe this was the fate. Heaven Devouring was a rare cultivation manual known by no one. And its trick was to absorb the blood of the beasts to cultivate!

When Dao Ling first saw the introduction of the manual, he thought that this method must be pioneered by a lunatic, because the energy contained in the blood of the beast was so violent that it could tear the human body into pieces.

Wang Ling poured all the blood of the Fire Kylin into Dao Ling's mouth. And then he clapped his hands and smiled, "Let's go, he will die in fifteen minutes."

"Dao Ling, don't blame me. This treasure won't be properly used in your hands and I will let it exert thoroughly. I will soon break through the Spirit Rhyme Realm, you will never know how valuable the blue crystal is." Wang Ya smiled and left.

Dao Ling kept gazing at their leaving shadows and tried to suppress the heartbreaking pain. He slowly closed his eyes, trying to recall Heaven Devouring.

At this time, he felt that the whole body was burning, and there was a burst of energy in his body.

Just then, there emerged a mysterious wave in Dao Ling's body.

The blood of the Fire Kylin that rampaged madly in his body suddenly stopped and felt a burst of calls. Then it gradually evolved into various red torrents that flooded towards every part of his body.

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