Nine Heavenly Star Art Chapter 5

Nine Heavenly Star Art Chapter 5

Chapter 0005    Cousin Ye Xuan

Chapter 0005    Cousin Ye Xuan

Ye Chen exited his residence. He quickly walked towards the Patriarch residence. He was very excited and couldn’t wait to inform his father regarding the matter of his meridians recovering.

When he reached the clan main house, Ye Chen noticed that there were a lot of people in the hall of the clan house. Ye Zhantian, Ye Zhanlong and even Ye Zhanxiong himself were there too. Also present were Ye Moyang, Ye Kongyan and Ye Zhanxiong’s daughter, Ye Xuan.

After taking a glance through the whole hall, Rou Er was there too. Although Rou Er had a special status in the Ye clan, many elders had always considered her as their own daughter and wouldn’t mention the taboo.

Everyone seemed to be disputing over something. Each of their face were brimming with red and looked extremely angry. Noticing Ye Chen, Rou Er faced him and waved at him. He then silently proceeded towards her side as he directed a slight smile to her.

“Ye Zhanxiong, you tell me now. What is it that my son, Kongyan does not suit your daughter.” Ye Moyang coldly snorted. “Whether it is character and talent, Kongyan could be considered among the top in the Ye clan! You fellow brothers, are you all looking down on me, Ye Moyang?”

From the side, Ye Chen looked towards the center of commotion. He could see that Ye Xuan was hiding behind Ye Zhanxiong as she had a sorrowful expression. Ye Xuan was the third uncle’s daughter, Ye Chen’s little cousin. She was borned with an elegant face full of attractiveness. Her talent was also not bad and currently, she had managed to reach the peak of fifth rank. With just a bit more, she would be able to break through to sixth rank. As for the one standing beside Ye Moyang, Ye Kongyan, his tensed face was gloomy.

“As for our children’s wedding, they should be the one to decide. If there is no feeling between them, they won’t be able to gain happiness. Xuan Er, are you willing to marry Kongyan?” Ye Zhanxiong looked at his daughter before continued, “Don’t hesitate to voice out your true feeling.”

“Wedding should be something parents decide with the help of matchmakers. Before marriage, how could there be any feeling. Wait till they have interact more often, then naturally feeling will be able to be developed. Ye Zhanxiong, you are just trying to find an excuse!” Ye Moyang furiously said.

Xuan Er was a little girl who was honest and gentle. She would rarely voice out her own opinion. As for Ye Kongyan, he had a very nasty sinister character which was exactly like Ye Moyang. If Xuan Er was to marry Ye Kongyan, it was an absolute move which would never bring any happiness. What was Ye Moyang scheming when he was trying to force the marriage to third uncle.

Ye Xuan raised her head to look at a number of elders there. Then, she also took a peek at Ye Kongyan. With a strong determination in her gaze, she voiced out, “Uncles, elders, I have just broke through to sixth rank.”

Sixth rank?

The crowd in the main hall were caught in surprise for a moment. Looking at Ye Xuan with a surprising expression, Ye Zhanxiong suddenly asked, “Xuan Er, this word of yours, is it true?”

“En.” Ye Xuan nodded.

Ye Zhanxiong grabbed one hand of Ye Xuan and began to operate some mysterious qi to detect her rank. A moment later, he pleasantly nodded, “It really is sixth rank!”

“Congratulation third brother!” Ye Zhantian wished to Ye Zhanxiong wholeheartedly. The Ye clan finally had a qualified successor to lead at last.

Before 18, to reach sixth rank, the future would be very promising. In their lifetime, they would be able to cultivate till eighth rank or even ninth rank if lucky and become the clan guardian. If they are not able to reach sixth rank before 18 years old, the meridians would solidify. Unless they are to consume marrow washing dans to aid them in clearing the impurities in the marrow, the highest rank they would be able to achieve is sixth or seventh rank.

Once Ye Moyang heard such statement from Ye Xuan, his facial color immediately changed for a bit. Once Ye Xuan had reached sixth rank, the elders would never force her to do anything she would find unpleasant. When any clansmen reached sixth rank, their position in the clan would be completely different.

“Xuan Er does not really dislike Brother Kongyan. Three days ago, Xuan Er had registered herself to sit the entrance exam to Sect Qingyun and had obtained the qualification to enter the sect. Xuan Er plans to cultivate there for two years. As for the matter regarding marriage, lets just wait two years later before deciding.” Ye Xuan’s words were indirectly turning down the wedding proposal of Ye Kongyan.

Ye Kongyan stared at Ye Xuan with a thick aura of hatred. Ye Xuan was clearly trying to reject him and made him lose face.

“Xuan Er obtained the qualification to enter Sect Qingyun. This is indeed a good news. All elders, how about we wait two more years before discussing this matter any further?” Ye Zhantian looked at Ye Moyang.

Ye Moyang pondered for a moment. As for Ye Xuan entering Sect Qingyun, it wouldn’t hinder much of his plan. But since his marriage proposal had failed, he was still a bit unhappy. He then snorted, “Since it is like this, I’ll see what you guys are going to say in two years time. Don’t need to send us off, we will take our leave now!”

Ye Moyang turned and abruptly left; Ye Kongyan followed closely behind.

The crowd silently watched the figures of both men leaving the hall.

“Ye Moyang’s sudden proposal of Ye Kongyan, what is his intention?” Ye Zhanlong frowned. This old fox Ye Moyang, what is he scheming in his heart?

“Seven days later, it will be our clan’s ancestor ceremony! Since Chen Er’s meridians had been broken, the successor of the clan have been vacant for three years.” Ye Zhantian suddenly mentioned this out of nowhere.

“So it is like that. This old fox is trying to push his son to be the next successor of the clan. In our younger generation, many of them have been injured or died. The ones who are left and have the qualification to be successor are Ye Kongyan, Ye Xuan and  Rou Er. Rou Er has an unknown origin and thus isn’t able to fight for the place of successor. If Rou Er is to marry Ye Kongyan, she naturally wouldn’t be competing for the place. Just like that, Ye Kongyan would automatically be the next successor of the Ye clan.” Ye Zhanlong thought for a moment and finally realised the deep scheming. He took a glimpse at Ye Zhantian, “I wonder how long has this old fox made his planning?”

In front of Ye Chen, Ye Rou and the other younger generations, Ye Zhanlong did not try to cover up his disdain on Ye Moyang.

“Xuan Er is going to Sect Qingyun and will not be able to compete with Ye Kongyan. Because of this, Ye Moyang this fox was only willing to let it be. Otherwise, he definitely wouldn’t back down.” Ye Zhanxiong coldly said in a low tone.

“He did not see what kind of heart Ye Kongyan has. Does he even qualifiy to be the next successor of the clan?” Ye Zhanlong sneered.

Ye Zhantian sighed with a bleak expression, “Among the younger generation, Ye Meng and Ye Ming are still small. This time, I’m afraid there is no way for us to stop Ye Moyang anymore. After all, the successor of the clan had been vacant for three years. This really give a very good excuse to Ye Moyang.”

Ye Chen did not understand why his father and the elders were so conceding to Ye Moyang. As long as they did not allowed Cousin Ye Xuan to enter Sect Qingyun and let her compete for the place, then won’t this problem be solved? However since the elders had all agreed on this, there must be some reasons which they could not mentioned.

To let his father experience such distressing situation, Ye Chen was somehow saddened.

“Chen Er, why are you here?” When Ye Zhantian noticed Ye Chen, his eyes were filled with fatherly love.

“Dad!” Ye Chen stepped out forward from the crowd. He then suddenly proceeded to kneel down in front of his dad, “This child has wronged you!”

Ye Chen must had already knew about the matter of him begging Donglin king. Taking a sigh, he walked towards Ye Chen who was still kneeling and with his two hands, he tried to make him stand up with his eyes filled with sadness. “Dad is fine. Chen Er, quickly get up.”

“Dad, this son of yours is unfilial. I have let you worry too much.” Ye Chen raised his head and tears could be seen filling up his eyes. At this very moment, his heart was filled with a variety of complicate feeling.

“The floor is cold; it will be bad for your body posture….” Ye Zhantian held the arm of Ye Chen and prepare to support him to get up. Suddenly, he was as if being electrocuted. With an expression of hard to believe, he looked at Ye Chen, “Chen Er, your meridians….” The last word ‘mai’, Ye Zhantian did not said it out. It was just that his heart was shocked till his mind being blanked out for a moment. Only after a few breath was he then able to recover from being speechless. (TLN: Meridians=jingmai. Thus, the mai is referring to the second word of jingmai)

“All of you can dismiss. I want to have some words with Chen Er.” Although Ye Zhantian was barely able to keep a calm face , there was still some trembling which could be detected in his voice.

After supporting up Ye Chen, both father and son walked towards the back of the main hall.

Looking at the back figure of both father and son, Ye Zhanxiong sent a glance at the man beside him, Ye Zhanlong, and asked with a doubtful tone, “What is happening to our first brother?” He was able to notice Ye Zhantian was acting strangely. Don’t tell me that Chen Er’s body condition had turned worse? Sadness could be seen in Ye Zhanxiong’s face.

Ye Zhanlong wore a puzzled expression as he looked at the back of Ye Zhantian. Shaking his head, he said, “I also do not know.” Among the brothers, his relationship with Ye Zhantian was the most intimate. He was clear of every single trace of emotional change of Ye Zhantian. A moment ago, that slight change of expression in Ye Zhantian’s face was not sadness. Instead it looked more like excitement.

“Let us dismiss then.” Ye Zhanlong waved his hand. He wanted to go there and have a look. However, after considering for a moment, he decided it would be much better to let big brother and Chen Er to have their own private space.

“Second uncle, is there anything wrong with Brother Ye Chen?” Ye Rou walked to the front of Ye Zhanlong and asked him with a worrisome tone.

From the eyes of Ye Xuan, trace of concern was leaking from her gaze. In her heart, she was secretly praying. Brother Ye Chen, heaven will help the worthy.

“Rou Er, you don’t have to worry. Your Brother Ye Chen will be fine.” Ye Zhanlong smiled while patting the little head of Ye Rou.

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