Nine Heavenly Star Art Chapter 4

Nine Heavenly Star Art Chapter 4

Chapter 0004    Nine heavenly star art

Chapter 0004    Nine heavenly star art

Returning from his father’s place, Ye Chen arrived at his own residence. In his room, it was only filled with simple furnishings.There was nothing within beside a wooden bed and cupboard.

Within him was the flying dagger, it is as if there is an indistinct connection between them. It feels like it is trying to communicate with him which slowly starts frightens Ye Chen. Don’t tell me this dagger is a living thing and it has its own consciousness? Although he was a little afraid, Ye Chen soon calmed down. Even if anything was to happen, his situation would never be any worse than now. Thus, what does he have to fear?

Ye Chen sat down on his bed and a while later, he entered a state of meditation. Again, he attempted to touch the flying dagger with his consciousness.

A red ray of light was spiralling around the body of the flying dagger. As it was suspended within the sea of consciousness of Ye Chen, it looks like  a sun, illuminating the whole region.

Time rapidly flew by. One hour, two hours, three hours; the flying dagger’s reaction was becoming more intense.


Boundless energy permeated out of the body of the flying dagger. In front of such devastating energy, Ye Chen’s mysterious qi was like a little stream being compared to Yellow river; it was such a pitiable tiny amount.

This energy rushed along the route all the way to fill up Ye Chen’s broken meridians. Even though lots of energy had been dissipated, it was still an amazing amount.

His heart seemed to have receive a heavy blow. Ye Chen groaned and spit out a  mouthful of blood. With his hand holding onto the bed for support, he began to take deep breaths trying to recover.

“Such terrifying energy!” Ye Chen thought while feeling a lingering fear. Even during his peak three years ago, the mysterious qi which he condensed could not compete at all with this enormous energy. Such a degree of pure essence energy, it is definitely far above the level of mysterious qi.

Perhaps it is some kind of unusual mysterious qi!

After the surging energy from the flying dagger, Ye Chen felt some changes in his body. Like before, his body shed layers after layers of dander. It was the same process like certain animals which shed their shells. After shedding, what was being exposed was fair and clear skin. His body was glowing like a newborn.

Although the broken meridians still had not recovered, Ye Chen could feel that in his body was a mysterious power and an ability which seem to bring the effect of rebirth.

While in the drowsy state, Ye Chen felt that he had been brought into another unknown space. He was suspended above sea level. Surrounded by the vast, boundless sea, he could hear a voice which was trying to summon him from far away. However, Ye Chen did not know what the voice was trying to say.

Boundless mysterious qi began to rise up from the bottom of the sea and without a care, dissipate. Ye Chen was surprised to find out that this endless sea was made from condensed mysterious qi.

How much mysterious qi was needed in order to condense it into liquid form from a gaseous state!

Plus, it was a vast, endless ocean!

Such an enormous amount mysterious qi; even millions or thousand of millions of martial artists would not be able to use all of the qi up after tens of thousands years!

The voice grew further and further away. Eventually, it disappeared completely.

“What is this place? Seems like a dream but also seems like it’s not a dream.” Ye Chen’s mind moved. Don’t tell me this strange space is related to the flying dagger in my consciousness? The senses of my body is so real, this is definitely not a dream!

He thought of one possibility. Perhaps this endless ocean is the world inside the flying dagger?

Ye Chen was full of curiosity towards the flying dagger within his sea of consciousness. It is said that this flying dagger was handed down from the ancestor of the Ye Chen. It was because of him obtaining this flying dagger, he then transmigrated into this world.

While he was half awake, Ye Chen could feel that the energy in the flying dagger kept overflowing over into his meridians route without any obstructions. The originally broken meridians, after continuously being supplemented by the mysterious qi, gradually traces of healing appeared.

Ye Chen felt as if his mind was floating and fluttering within the sky. He had this feeling of wanting to sleep yet trying to be awake.

After an unknown amount of time, Ye Chen heard some sort of noise from outside of his residence. This made him to get up from his bed.

“Just now, was I dreaming?” While Ye Chen was in the middle of pondering, he noticed the cold sweat at his back. Suddenly, he felt that something was not right here. Previously, whenever he woke up from sleep, his body felt as if it had been broken. As of now, the intense pain was completely gone. Instead, now there were traces of mysterious qi. Ye Chen was extremely shocked to find out that all of his meridians in his body were now completely filled with a special kind of mysterious qi.


“All of my meridians have healed!” Ye Chen could not help to be emotionally moved. After waking up from a nap, he found his broken meridians have magically recovered. An enormous and dense mysterious qi which looks flood-like was surging in each of his meridians, rushing towards his dantian. (TLN : dantian=energy center)

Ye Chen’s heart could no longer calm down. Feeling the strong influence of ecstasy. Three years, a full three years! During the time when his meridians were broken, he had tasted countless pains of life and today, he finally got rid of this haze which kept bothering him for three years!

This period of three years, Ye Chen had undergone endless tests to build his current strong heart and will. Although he was extremely happy, he didn’t forget to control himself. Soon, he patiently checked his body.

Every part of his body, hands, legs, body, organs, they were all like a newborn's. A stream of pure yang qi was flowing throughout his body.

Ye Chen thought of one phrase, which was the realm of pure yang!

When the body was first born, the yang essence was very strong and as pure as jade. It did not contain even a single trace of impurities. However, when the body aged, it was exposed to more contamination and eventually caused the body to be unfit to practice martial arts. It is said that only when you cultivate mysterious qi all the way to the peak of tenth rank, only then will you be able to use mysterious qi to purify the body to reach the state of perfect yang realm like during birth. When that happened, your martial arts will increase by leaps and bounds. Even your lifespan will be extended.

Other than this, in certain huge clan, when a baby was born, they will feed a rare dan to the baby to help in refining the body and also to maintain the perfect yang realm state of the body.

To reach the realm of perfect yang does not mean how powerful your mysterious qi is. Instead, the absorption of mysterious qi will be much easier compared to ordinary humans. This was why cultivation speed was several times faster or might even be tens of times faster than ordinary people. That was why in large clans, they will have numerous geniuses.

Ye Chen did not expect that he had accidentally reached the realm of perfect yang. Looking at the flying dagger in his consciousness, he began to recall the vague sound from the flying dagger. This flying dagger was too mysterious; he did not know the origin of this dagger at all.

When he woke up, his mysterious qi had reached the first rank.

Ye Chen began to revolve the mysterious qi within his body. He found out that the speed of that mysterious qi revolved was much faster than last time. Even when he was at the peak of sixth rank, they could not be compared at all.

Whenever he had any idea of touching the flying dagger, it will emit an enormous amount of mysterious qi. When he recalled the boundless ocean of mysterious qi, Ye Chen’s heart was moved. Don’t tell me that one of the usages of this flying dagger is to provide oneself with an infinite supply of mysterious qi from that sea?

Ye Chen kept absorbing the mysterious qi emitted by the flying dagger. Soon, the mysterious qi in his body began to get thicker and more stable.

A moment later, he felt that he had reached the barrier of his rank. Yes, he was still in the first rank but definitely the peak of the first rank. In front of this flood like mysterious qi, the barrier was simply as thin as paper. It was as if there was no barrier at all. Very quickly, it crashed down and broke.

I have broken into the next rank!

Second rank!

Ye Chen had not experienced the happiness of breaking ranks for such a long time. Even the last time when he entered the sixth rank, he was still not as happy as the current him when he broke into second rank.

Heaven would not disappoint a person with a firm resolution!

This sentence was true. Ye Chen clenched his fist. The inner pain in his heart of course had been wiped out completely. With such confidence, he was no longer a waste from now on!

After breaking through to the second rank, Ye Chen began to consolidate the mysterious qi in his body. This was preparation for him to break into a higher rank.

At this time, information which was similar to a mantra was flashing within the space of Ye Chen’s mind.

It was called the nine heavenly star art. It is a method to cultivate qi. All together there are nine sheets, each conveying a method consisting of gold, wood, water, fire, earth, ice, wind, thunder and lighting. The content which is so complex it can make anyone lose their breath when looking at them. Ye Chen found out that the contents of this nine heavenly star art was engraved in his mind. Every word of the art was clear.

Nine heavenly star art, experiencing nine times, die nine times, born nine times, only then will you be able to grasp heavenly law.

It is not known what kind of state the so-called grasping heavenly law is. Die and be born nine times, what does that mean? Don’t tell me I have to die nine times and be reborn nine times in order to cultivate this nine heavenly star art to the highest realm? Death was just like putting out a fire. But how do you resurrect?

Ye Chen found something puzzling. Among these nine sheet, there is a sheet which conveys  the thunder emperor art’s power method. Surprisingly, the general content of this art was somehow a bit similar to the internal thunder roll strength which is passed down within the clan. However, there are a lot of differences too. This thunder emperor art was more complete and more profound compared to internal thunder roll strength.

Internal thunder roll strength has a total of three layers. The last later formula was in the hands of Ye Chen’s father. When you are able to cultivate it to the highest realm, you will be able to reach the tenth rank. As for this thunder emperor art, it has a total of six layers. Once mastered to the highest realm, you will be able to break through the heavens and destroy the ocean. Ye Chen did not dare to imagine what kind of realm that is.

If you were to compare both, internal thunder roll strength was just a remnant from this sheet. It was even less than one-tenth of the thunder emperor art.

This flying dagger, exactly what relation does it has with the Ye clan?

Here, the power method was divided into nine levels. Internal thunder roll strength is without doubt the top three within thunder power methods available in this world. Within Donglin region with a countless variety of power methods, it could be considered a relatively more advanced martial art. This thunder emperor art, what kind of level will it reach?

These matters, even if you think till your brain breaks, you will not be able to understand. Ye Chen no longer wished to think about this any further. Since he had cultivated internal thunder roll strength for such a long time, naturally there will be a solid foundation of thunder circuits in his body. This thunder emperor art, he wanted to learn how to cultivate it right now.

Ye Chen began to immerse himself in the first formula of the thunder emperor art. Although the thunder emperor art was so complex that he was only able to comprehend a tiny bit of it, he was glad to endure this hardship.

Spending the whole night without speaking, unconsciously he had cultivated till dawn arrived.

The morning fog shrouded the surrounding. Ye Chen’s residence was located in the backyard of the Ye clan. That is why nobody would come here. With such a peaceful and quiet environment, surrounded by lush green trees, a small river flowing under small bridges. Although this place had not been managed much since their clan is having financial difficulties, it still contained a blooming and flourishing vitality.

Ye Chen came out from his hut and took a deep breath of the fresh morning air. From this morning onwards, he felt that the whole world has become different. Admiring the intoxicated greenery scenery coupled with the cold breeze, his heart was unprecedentedly very peaceful and calm.

After trying to comprehend the thunder emperor art for the whole night, Ye Chen found out that there were a lot of errors in internal thunder roll strength. After correcting all the errors, the speed of cultivation would increase by several times. By reading the formula in the nine heavenly stars art, Ye Chen’s understanding of martial arts had also risen to a whole new level.

The flying dagger in his mind continuously emits mysterious qi non stop. Ye Chen’s mysterious qi was becoming sturdier and sturdier as time passed. Very soon, he was closing in on the barrier to the third rank. Once he heard his dantian produce a ‘hong’ sound, the mysterious qi which lingered around the third rank barrier instead broke the barrier and rushed inside.

Third rank!

Ordinary people, to cultivate from first rank to third rank, no matter how fast, would need at least one or two years to do so. Ye Chen only need one night to return back to this level of mysterious qi. This speed was too amazing to be described!

Ye Chen began to ponder whether he should tell the matter of the thunder emperor art to his father? With the thunder emperor art, his father’s strength would definitely be able to increase by leaps and bounds. To break through the border and to enter the ninth rank from his current eight rank was definitely an easy feat. Together with his grandfather, the Ye clan would have two ninth rank martial artists. His clan's strength would definitely not be the same anymore which would allow the Ye clan to get rid of their current predicament.

The last three formulas of the thunder emperor art is too shocking and formidable. I can only give the first three formulas to father. Still, I have to come up with an idea to explain the origin of the thunder emperor art.

During these three years, in order to collect qi accumulator dans, his father had used up a lot of the Ye clan resources for him. But his father had not complained even once. Even Ye Chen’s uncles care about his well being too. Their kindness was not something which could be repaid with just the thunder emperor art.

Besides that, a trace of strong will flashed across his eyes. Those who had imposed pain to his body, he would definitely repay each of them back double the amount!

After cultivating for a moment, he took a deep breath to calm down his fluctuating mood. After achieving the realm of perfect yang, Ye Chen felt that his senses were much more sensitive than before. His brain was also quicker thinking than previously. Last time, he definitely did not possess that high a level of comprehension.

After cultivating for more than a few hours, he studied for a bit the clan’s martial art which includes collapsing thunder destroyer and berserk thunder fist.

Thunder type power methods are definitely the most powerful out of the many types of power methods. Collapsing thunder destroyer would enable one to condense thunder type mysterious qi on their palm. Once the qi from their palm clashes with another person, the energy will penetrate through into the body of the opponent which enhances their attacking power by several times. As for berserk thunder fist, it emphasizes on this word ‘fast’. Once the fist is fired, it will be fast and ferocious; ensuring the foe is unable to escape death.

These two martial arts, Ye Chen had already mastered both when he was at the peak of sixth rank. Although he would be rusty when asked to display them now, very soon he managed to regain back his mastery.

Finally, he could practice martial arts. In Ye Chen’s heart, there was an indescribable excitement.

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