Nine Heavenly Star Art Chapter 3

Nine Heavenly Star Art Chapter 3

Chapter 0003    Father

Chapter 0003    Father

“Sister Ye Rou, I did not expect that you have also come to martial art field.”

When Ye Rou was conversing with Ye Chen, a youngster who was about the same age as them came over.

Ye Kongyan could be considered a talent from the younger generation. Among the younger generation, only 3 had managed to reached the peak of the fifth rank which is only separated by a thin border to step into the sixth rank. The three of them are Ye Zhanxiong’s daughter, Ye Xuan, Ye Rou and lastly Ye Kongyan. Although Ye Kongyan was nothing compared to the previous Ye Chen, he is still quite talented. Besides his handsome and elegant appearance, his family background was not simple too. He was the son of one of the Ye Clan’s elders. The status of an elder in the clan was only second to the Patriarch and several higher ups.

“En.” Ye Rou casually replied. Once a stranger came, her expression became cold again.

Ye Rou’s attitude caused Ye Kongyan’s expression to turn a bit darker. He glanced at Ye Chen with his gaze flashing a trace of contempt. He did not understand what is so good about this kid. He understood that last time Ye Chen was indeed a genius but now he was just a waste. What exactly does Ye Rou fancy about Ye Chen?

“Big brother Ye Chen, I believe you are well since the last time we met; has your body’s condition improve these days?” Ye Kongyan looked at Ye Chen. Although he asked Ye Chen politely, anyone can recognize the disdainful in his tone.

Prior to Ye Chen’s meridians being wasted, Ye Kongyan was very close to him. Since Ye Chen was older than Ye Kongyan by three months, Ye Kongyan would always stick close to him, calling him big brother Ye Chen with an affectionate tone. Plus, Ye Chen had taught Ye Kongyan lots of thing. Later on, when his meridians were destroyed, Ye Kongyan did not even give him a single look at all. This really made Ye Chen understood this saying ‘Human relationships are just as thin as paper’. Since young, Ye Chen has had an unyielding character. If others didn’t bother him, he would not cluelessly look for others to be ridiculed.

Only when you fall to rock bottom, then you will be able to identify who your true friends are.

“Not bad. I can still eat and sleep well.” Ye Chen indifferently replied. Although his situation was worrisome, he could still be considered free and at ease.

“Seems that someone’s life is quite comfortable here. But the patriarch and higher ups, have to suffer so much. In order to gather qi accumulator dans, their hairs have turned white just to feed this thankless wretch.” Ye Kongyan squinted his eyes, glancing at Ye Chen, “Rumor say that the king of Dongjun obtained an intermittent dan. Once the patriarch heard such news, he quickly rushed to Dongjin palace two days ago to request the dan from the king. He even went to the extent of kneeling down, begging the king. Too bad the king dragged him out of the palace. How could the king of the Dongjun region give a free gift? Unfortunately, this incident of the Patriarch begging for the medicine has became the laughing stock of the whole Dongjun region.”

“What did you say?” Ye Chen’s heart sank. He was totally clueless about this matter. His own father and the elders had not mentioned anything regarding this matter to him.

“Ye Kongyan, don’t say anything anymore!” Ye Rou was feeling anxious and gave a cold cry. This matter, the Ye Clan’s elders had reminded them to keep Ye Chen in the dark. It was not expected that Ye Kongyan broke the elders’ instructions and revealed everything about this matter.

Ye Chen’s heart was shaken. He turned his head and looked at Ye Rou. with a low and hoarse voice, he asked, “Rou er, this matter, is it true?” From Ye Rou’s expression, this matter really did happened. Ye Chen felt a burst of pain in his heart. For him, his father was even willing to kneel down, begging for the dan. Plus, he had been dragged out off the palace. After all, his father was still the clan patriarch. He could imagine the humiliation in his father's heart.

“Why can’t I say it? Patriarch and the elders have done many things secretly behind his back. In order to keep supplying him qi accumulator dans to replenish his meridians, the Ye clan had spent decades of savings. It is him who dragged the Ye clan to such sorry state. If I was like this waste, I would’ve already hit my head to death from the very start!” Ye Kongyan snorted before continuing, “And you guys insist on being good to him. I really can’t watch this!”

Ye Chen thought that his heart had been suffering a lot. Instead, his father was even worse. Compared to his father who did everything for him, his suffering was nothing. Ye Chen’s eyes began to get wet. Holding back the tears, he silently said in his heart. Dad, this son of yours is unfilial; letting you suffer. I swear that in my lifetime, if I am able to restore my meridians, I would definitely go to the Dongjin palace and wash away all the humiliation you’ve received!

“Brother Ye Chen, don’t listen to his nonsense. This is definitely not true!” Ye Rou anxiously looked at Ye Chen. everyone was afraid that once Ye Chen knew about this matter, he would take this hard and act recklessly.

“Don’t worry. I would never commit suicide. This little setback and then killing oneself, then this one is a true coward!” Ye Chen gripped his fist tightly till his fingernails pricked deep into the skin. For a person with broken meridians, staying alive is the biggest courage ever.

Ye Rou’s eyes were teary. Brother Ye Chen, since young I grew up without my parents. You are my only family member; you absolutely must not be in any trouble!

“Some people are really shameless.” Ye Kongyan sneered.

Ye Chen raised his head. With his fixed eyes staring at Ye Kongyan, he said, “I know you have those big elders hoping for me to die earlier. But let me tell you this, I will definitely not commit suicide that easily. Even if my meridians are broken now, nobody can say that I will forever be a waste in my life!”

“I don’t believe that you, a waste, would be able to stand up one day. Letting the patriarch and elders go beg in front of the Donglin king? You think that the king will give the intermittent dan to you just like that? Stop daydreaming!” Ye Kongyan contemptuously laughed, “You will forever be the burden of the clan! You should know what is good for you.” Ye Kongyan spat and turned away after sneering him.

“Brother Ye Chen, just ignore his nonsense.” Watching Ye Kongyan leave them, Ye Rou was still afraid. Though Ye Chen said he won’t commit suicide, she could not shake off the worry in her heart.

“I’m going back first.” Ye Chen shook his head and turned his body towards the exit; leaving the martial art field.

Staring at the lonely back figure of Ye Chen, Ye Rou felt as if her heart had been sliced by a blade.

Ye clan, outside the clan house.

The clan’s house design was so magnificent. Too bad during recent years there was not much restoration work done. The wall outside that have been eroded by the wind and rain; more or less cause the magnificent feeling to deteriorate. Even the trees in the courtyard which have long withstood time without being pruned; wantonly grow.

During the peak of the Ye clan, the clan was placed second among the 18 castles of Lianyun. The house used to have twenty to thirty gardeners but; too bad most of them had been sacked. Currently, only five to six gardeners remained in the house.

The main entrance pathway of the house was built with bluestone, Ye Chen knelt down, facing the direction of the house. He then hit his head dozens times on the ground with the dong, dong,dong sound. Bloodstain could be seen on his forehead but still, he was unaware of it.

“Father, this child is unfilial and left you wronged!” Ye Chen’s voice was hoarse as sorrow and grief filled the empty space of his heart.

Ye Chen secretly vowed that if he is given any opportunity to make a comeback in his life, he would definitely return the glory of the clan which had been lost and repay back the kindness of his father and the elders.

The hall of the clan house.

A middle-aged man wearing a gray robe gave a long sigh. With calm composure, he casually stood, still as a peaceful pond. Appearing a little more aged. Between his temples, more white hairs grew. This person was precisely the Patriarch of Ye clan, Ye Zhantian.

“Big brother, don’t you want to go out and have a look?” A man beside the Patriarch voiced out. He was slightly younger than Ye Zhantian who stood beside him. He is the younger brother of Ye Zhantian, named Ye Zhanlong.

Ye Zhantian has three real brothers and two sworn brothers. These six people according to age are; Ye Zhantian, the eldest followed by Ye Zhanlong who is in charge of law enforcement. As for Ye Zhanxiong, he is the third brother. The remaining three were outside of the clan in charge of outside affairs.

When Ye Chen reached the clan house, Ye Zhantian and Ye Zhanlong were already aware of his presence.

“How could I still dare to meet Ye Chen. All these years, this child has undergone many hardship. When Xiao Ruo passed away, she asked me to take good care of Chen Er but I have never fulfilled my job as his father. Since young, this child already possessed his own strong views. Plus, he was not willing to call me father. I know he resents me; all I have done now is just my hope to compensate him a little.” Although Ye Zhantian did not go out, he however did pay attention to Ye Chen. When he heard Ye Chen shout the word ‘father’, subconsciously tears fell from his eyes. Chen Er finally called me father.

“Big brother, Chen Er is very sensible and strong willed. I do not believe God would always try to make him a fool. Even if we have to spend every effort, we must find him an intermittent dan!” Sincerity could be felt in Ye Zhanlong’s voice. With a trace of coldness he continued, “The king of Donglin dared to shame our Ye Clan, sooner or later, we will definitely make him pay!”

“Regarding the matter of the Donglin king, let it just end like that. The Donglin king is someone who has been given the title to rule here. Below him, he already has seventeen ninth rank masters, hundreds of thousands of soldiers. Plus, he has his own backing behind him. Our Ye Clan definitely could not be his opponent. All I want now is to cure Ye Chen. No matter what type of humiliation I receive, it is still worth it. We must definitely not provoke any powerhouses.” Ye Zhantian shook his head. Even if his dad returned, the Ye Clan would still not be able to pose any threat to the Donglin king. “After all these years of investigation, I finally know who was the one responsible for harming Chen Er. Even if I have to try my very best, I will definitely fight for this child’s justice!” A firm and resolute will could be seen in Ye Zhantian’s eyes.

The breeze whistled past. Ye Chen had knelt down for a while. He did not want to be a burden to the Ye Clan. If there is any way to restore his meridians, he is willing to pay any price for it!

A buzzing sound resounded in his head as the flying knife in his brain began to suddenly tremble. Apparently, there was a reaction from the flying knife. Ye Chen started to be alarmed. In recent days, the flying dagger had been activating itself more often and this time, the reaction from it was more intense than any other time before.

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