Nine Heavenly Star Art Chapter 2

Nine Heavenly Star Art Chapter 2

Chapter 0002    Intermittent dan?

Chapter 0002    Intermittent dan?

Translated by Yorasu, edited by Fade

“Little Chen, when you are tired, go back early and have a rest. In contrast, don’t force yourself to gather mysterious qi. Resting your body is important too.” From Ye Zhanxiong’s perspective, once the meridians are destroyed,it is impossible to recover back to normal unless an intermittent dan could be found for Ye Chen. However, intermittent dans are too precious and extremely expensive. Even if they were to use up all the financial resources of the Ye clan, they still couldn’t afford an intermittent dan.

“Third uncle, I do not believe that I am going to stay a waste for the rest of my life. I feel that my meridians will definitely recover one day.” Ye Chen said in a firm and confident tone.

Hearing those words from Ye Chen, Ye Zhanxiong paused for a moment; his heart felt the burn of pain. While touching Ye Chen’s head, he smiled a bit, “Good boy. It doesn’t matter whether your meridians will recover to normal or not. Third uncle and the Ye clan will always be your pillar of support.”

“En.” Ye Chen nodded. For the past three years, although his meridians are already broken, only a minority of the clansmen laughed at him. The others still treated him as well as before. Even the clan had spent a lot on him. In order to help him recover his  broken meridians, the clan had given him tons of dans to warm up the meridians till the clan is able to financially get an intermittent dan for him.

“When you are free, visit your father more often.” Ye Zhanxiong sighed.

When he thought of his own father, a slight pain could be felt in Ye Chen’s heart. These three years, his father had withstood enormous pressure in order to give him treatment. Lots of white hair had even grown on his head as if he had aged ten plus years. He felt very ashamed that he had wronged his father.

“I will do so.”

Ye Zhanxiong went back to resume teaching martial arts to the youngsters. As for Ye Chen, he continued to sit on the stone; a mixture of complex feelings in his heart.

As his mind was dazedly drifting through thought, a sharp and clear voice echoed beside Ye Chen’s ear. This brought Ye Chen back to reality.

“Brother Ye Chen. what are you thinking about?” A charming voice could be heard.

The moment when Ye Chen turned around, an elegant and refined face appeared in his eyes. It was a fifteen to sixteen year old young girl who was smiling brightly, looking at Ye Chen. She was wearing a light purple dress; an exquisite look with her eyes sparkling as clear as water; complete with a beautiful look, bright skin like jade. As if she was a spirit of crystal and ice. As the young girl’s fragrance began to spread, it caused people to feel calm and lifted their mood.

Looking at the girl in front of him, Ye Chen’s heart began to show a tiny hint of affection, “Why did you come here?”

“Brother Ye Chen does not welcome me here?” The young girl replied with a sweet smile.

“I never said so, just that it is quite rare to see you here at the martial art field.” Ye Chen could not help but smile. Rou Er was the only one in the Ye Clan whom he could speak to freely without any worries. As for whether her family name is Ye; whether Rou Er is her real name or nickname, nobody in Ye Clan knew about it. Also, nobody knew who the parents of Ye Rou are. Rumor says that she was left by someone in the Ye Clan. When she was young, since she was a child without her dad and mum beside her, she would often be bullied by some of the other children. At that time, Ye Chen’s heart had already matured earlier than his peers. He would often protect Ye Rou and treat her like his own sister. Since then, Ye Rou started to stick around Ye Chen.

From then until they grew up now, Ye Rou had grown into a beauty from an immature ugly child. Those who bullied her in the past began to regret their own deeds. No matter what they do, they will never be able to change their image in Ye Rou’s heart.

Ye Rou always maintained some distance from the other children in the clan. She usually would not visit the martial art field which was packed with so many people. Only in front of Ye Chen, she would unconsciously drop her guard around her heart. Although Ye Chen’s meridians were now wasted, their relationship was more intimate than ever.

At a distant away, a group of youngster saw Ye Chen and Ye Rou standing together; jealousy was written all over their faces. Each time when they wanted to strike up a conversation with Ye Rou, she would only smile politely at them. When they were trying to go one step ahead to chat, she would then show her cold temperament; this gave people a feeling of being miles apart away. At that moment, Ye Rou exposed a very rare cute smile which melted their heart away. Just like that, they experienced such an unreal scene as if they were dreaming.

“In just a blink of an eye, three years have passed.” Ye Rou mentioned in a very soft tone. From her tone, sentimental feelings were hidden in the sentence. When her eyes fell on Ye Chen’s cheek, she could not help but to think that such teenager who was once a very high-spirited youngster had been reduced by time and setbacks. During these 3 years time, Ye Rou has tried countless methods to help Ye Chen to recover his meridians but no matter what method was used, it was all in vain.

“Yup, already three years.” Ye Chen revealed a bitter smile. Nobody knew how he had lived these past three years.

“Brother Ye Chen, don’t abandon yourself. Even with broken meridians, it doesn’t mean that there is totally no hope at all. At least, our uncles keep trying to find a way to restore your meridians.” Ye Rou tried to make Ye Chen feel better.

“If damaged meridians could be restored easily, my dad and the elders would have helped me restore them by now. Why would they have to drag it out for three years? Is there still any hope left?” Ye Chen sighed. He felt that he was totally useless and even worse than a waste. With so many people around him who cared so much about him, he couldn’t help feeling ashamed. He wanted to do something to help them but unfortunately, there is nothing he could do. Instead, he would only be dragging them down. The only hope Ye Chen had and was clinging on to was the flying dagger in his sea of consciousness.

“Brother Ye Chen, there is a saying which sounds like this, keep thy shop and thy shop will keep thee. Even if Rou Er has to give her all, I would definitely find an intermittent dan for Brother Ye Chen and help you recover back the meridians.” A trace of firm will flashed through Ye Rou’s clear eyes.

The intermittent dan is a magical dan which can recover damaged meridians; which will cure Ye Chen’s injury.

“Intermittent dans are an invaluable treasure which can only be produced by a elder master in alchemy. Even if all the financial resources of Ye Clan are used up, we would still not be able to buy it. How could it be that easy for us to obtain?” Ye Chen bitterly smiled; to obtain an intermittent dan, it was easier said than done!

In this world, dans are something very precious. Even the lowest quality qi accumulator dan could be sold for 50 liang silver which would be sufficient for an ordinary family to live for years. Not to mention this intermittent dan which could only be produced by master of alchemy, one intermittent dan is worth at least tens of thousands of qi accumulator dans. Even if they were to sell the whole Ye Clan’s fortune, it would still not be enough to exchange for an intermittent dan. (liang :1/16 catty)

During these three years with broken meridians, Ye Chen had to use more than 10 qi accumulator dans daily to replenish his broken meridians. Even the rich Ye Clan could not afford such big spending. Worse still, they had to sell quite a sum of their property in order to keep up with the spending rate. These two years, the position of Ye Clan castle in Lianyun’s 18 castles had declined. Slowly, the authority of the Ye Clan began to recede. In another five or six years, if the Ye Clan continues this behaviour, most probably the Ye Clan would be at the very bottom within 18 castles of Lianyun.

Even so, his father and a vast majority of the clansmen did not complain at all. Instead, their care for Ye Chen grew much deeper. This kindness and affection, Ye Chen would never forget them in his life. In his previous life, Ye Chen was an orphan and now, he finally managed to experience the love of family. The Ye Clan is definitely his family!

Ye Chen himself had tried many different kinds of methods but they still ended in failure. Recently, from time to time, the flying dagger in his consciousness had vibrated more frequently. This phenomena gave Ye Chen a glimmer of hope. After all, this flying dagger was his last trump card.

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