Irregular's Rebellion Volume 1 Prologue

Irregular's Rebellion Volume 1 Prologue

IR – V1 – Prologue

Imperial Calendar – Year 89, 3rd month, The Campus of Knights Academy matter.

In the Holy Karurona Empire, famous for its “Coats of Arms Knights”, was the Campus of Knights Academy situated. A young red haired boy named ”Huntis Harmillion” stood infront of a bulletin board, where a list of successful candidates who passed the exam was posted on. His lips trembled as he looked at the bulletin board.”

“This is a lie……. How is this possible.”

On the list covering the bulletin board in the upper left corner, there was a name written.

The name ‘Huntis Harmillion’ appears in the upper left corner.

-In the third position.

Approved. A third placing is a good result.

Usually,someone who sees his own good results should be very happy. But Huntis had a look of disbelief as he looked at his name.

“I’m not the first place……?”

Yes. Huntis’ aim was not to pass the exam. His main goal was to be the best.

Of course, to pass this exam is not an easy thing.

And of course to achieve the first place as well.

But for Huntis, this challenge was not something that was too outrageous.

In fact, he took the exam late by about a year, so this would have given him an advantage.

Because of his achievements in the past years, he needs to score higher than what he did previously.

But this year he met someone with a great talent. She even surpassed his own results .

“Trash of the nation!”

A voice rang out behind him.

Huntis looks back and saw a confrontation between two people. One of them was a child, no, rather a teenager. He seemed to have taken the exam as well. The young man has a robust physique and he appeared to be angry. The man insults her several times.

On the other hand, was a smaller person, a girl. Her age should be around fourteen or fifteen years old.

From Huntis’ position, he could only see her back. Her black hair was moving while the wind blew.

It was thanks to that he could see a little more.

She seemed to be belong to an eastern nation called Yamatai. This was a “Slave Nation”.

Many people hate them because of their skin color, so they are called ‘Yellow People’.

“Although I don’t know how you did it, you must have cheated to get that kind of score!”

“Cheated? Do you have anything as proof?”

The words of the young man were intimidating, as he was trying to provoke the girl.


Huntis can see a large vein popping on the young man’s forehead, then he roared, and pulled a battle ax out of the sack that he was carrying around. Fire started to envelop the battle ax. Full of fury, he rushed out to close the gap between him and the girl. Arming himself with his battle ax, he began to attack.

(It’s dangerous!)

Even though Huntis couldn’t stop that scream in his mind, he knew that fear was unnecessary.

She dodged the attacks – Moving at the perfect timing then launching an attack, and young man’s body took it without being able to retaliate.

(She’s strong……!)

Huntis watched the battle, at that time—


The girl began to spin and then sent him flying into the sky.

I don’t know what it is but she has two beautiful swords. A clear blue glow emanated from the swords – as if they were water.Her black hair brushed, while the boy was turning, and their weapons striking each other caused great winds.With surprising speed and the constant clashing of winds, a whirlwind was produced. All this had happened in an instant. At the same moment, she winked; the girl mercilessly wanted this guy to ask for forgiveness.

It’s a “Dance”. That was what Huntis thought.

The “Attack” that she presented, albeit in a very abrupt manner.

Sword Dance.

Elegant and beautiful but also very powerful.

Huntis was fascinated, the girl’s sword technique was beautiful. The girl took a few jumps and entered  Huntis’ line of sight.

She’s really beautiful.

Her face was graceful, yet delicate.

She seems to have the characteristics of a noble. She has a strong presence, and his lips are pink. The color of her eyes was like obsidian, but you can also see the loneliness in her eyes. Although she is a “Yellow Person”, the color of her skin is white.

At that time, Huntis felt an intense feeling blooming in his chest.

The girl landed on the floor. A summoned gust of wind blew and shattered his clothes. He was left in his underwear. Surprisingly, He didn’t seem to be hurt.

“Remember this!”

With those final words, the young man left quickly.

“What a nice show, as expected of Saya Sakurai.”

A crowd of girls swarmed her.

(Saya……Sakurai, Then she is……)

Huntis recalled the published list, her name was written above his.

In other words, she is the second place on the list. Outperforming the prodigy Huntis.

While Saya was surrounded by some girls, Huntis turned his head and suddenly saw a handsome person. He gave off the feeling of being extremely popular, and that it was not common for him to approach a person.

Saya answered some questions while he was watching Huntis.

“You are Huntis Hamillion, right?”

Someone had suddenly called his name, so Huntis was surprised, and looked at him with suspicion.

“Yes. I’m Huntis……But who are you?”

“My name is Reece. Reece Regalgent.”

The young man replied. Huntis stared at him, recalling that his name was written on the top left corner of the published list.

That must mean that he is the person at the top of the list-

Reece knew the names of two people who were directly behind him on the list. He seems to be a nobleman and has blond hair.

‘‘And They are Alrena Arato and Musuria Mufare.”

“Nice to meet you.”

“Here as well.”

“Arato Alrena and Musuria Mufare……? You are the fourth and fifth……?”

Saya Sakurai joins in as well and asked while looking around.

“Yes, now that we have gathered here – No, all of you in the top five……Actually, I have a proposal I want all of you to listen to.”


Huntis had a face of doubt. Reece put on a cordial smile, and he said:

“If the five of us formed a team, do you think it will go well?”

Now, in the Year 89 and 3rd month, as planned, these five people formed a team.

The Knights Academy of Materia have rewritten all of the students records.There’s no doubt that the strongest team in the history of the Academy was created.

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