Alice Tale in Phantasmagoria Volume 2 Chapter 35

Alice Tale in Phantasmagoria Volume 2 Chapter 35

双子月~ Twin Moons

It was the 2nd day after leaving from Rufin street.
The closer we got to the Royal Capital, the more maintained the highway appeared.
The vegetation was removed, and stones are used to pave the road.
I began to worry about the burden on the horse’s legs.
However, the carriage was moving well.

「Thank you, Oji-san. Your vegetables really saved us.」
「It’s okay. I received payment for it. During a journey, we need to give and take. 」

There are many carriages moving towards Rufin from here and I had just bought some vegetables from the merchant Oji-san.
Because the merchant uses Ice crystal to preserve the vegetables’ freshness and move around, even if it’s on the highway, the vegetables stay in stock.
Incidentally, Ice crystals are expensive.
Even cheap ice crystals are around 3000 rook.
The expenses for the journey to the Royal Capital from Rufin causes us great pain, so I will purchase them later.
To some extent, preserved food for journeys are the norm.
For this reason, a different merchant is highly regarded.

「Do you not worry about bandits? Judging from appearances, you look just like a member of the pretty Ojou-chan group.」

Are the legendary people also mixed into the group?
Such folklore.. *Fuahh* made me yawn loudly.
Even if these people get attacked by bandits, they will definitely not do anything.
Something along those lines.

「Yes, Thank you very much 」
「Oh, Ojou-chans, you girls will be headed to the Royal Capital from now on? 」
「? Yes, we are.」

We tilt our heads towards the Oji-san who started whispering to us..

「Anyway, there are rumors flying around saying that recently, the western republic has shown signs of imminent military actions. Before you girls get caught in the war, it’s probably better to escape to the countryside.」


War huh… 戦争?
TL: Although it’s the not really the same, I believe War is the best word for both of them.

I know nothing about war except historical records and footages.
The term doesn’t feel familiar to me.

「Is that so. Okay, we will be leaving. Oh! Since Ojou-chan is so cute, this is an extra service.」

I smiled as I received a Rinnal from him.

「Th… Thank you」

I bowed towards the sociable Merchant-san and waved at his departing figure.
Speaking of which, do people who bow exist in this world?
Oh my, perhaps it’s different here?

「IIya, is my greeting normal?」
「No it’s not. They will believe that it comes particularly from Ojou-sama’s village. 」

I see. I look at Saira.
*Ping Ping* As usual, her hat is moving.
I can’t be surprised by the little things she does,

「So… What about the greetings from IIya’s birthplace ?」
「――Let me see.」

As IIya speaks, she knelt on one knee infront of me.
She placed her own hand on her propped knee, reversed it and took my hand.
TL: *knight kissing a princess*

And ――

TL: *Chuu*

The back of my hand was kissed.

I could hear Saira’s voice from somewhere.
Til, as usual was sleepily rubbing her eyes.
My face reddened.

「This kind of feeling.」

IIya whose lips separated from my hand, took my hands and grinned at me.

「I… I see. 」

Yes, I know.
I know that!

「Alice-sama looks so cute that I’m troubled」

I know.
I was played like a fool.
That was one act from the otherwise quiet journey.

That night, while everyone was sleeping peacefully in the tent, I suddenly woke up.
When the number of people increase, I felt the tent became a little cramped. But there are no problems for 3 people to sleep together.

Everyone is so slim.
While I’m at it, because we didn’t prepare quilts/bedcovers for three people, Til and I are sleeping together.
How should I say, the person sleeping with Til has already been determined.
My body size… TL: 身体のサイズ的に……
The next shortest person is Saira. As one would expect, I cannot request her to sleep with someone who she is not acquainted well with.
Therefore, I have to do it.
It’s nothing more than that.
There is no ecchi meaning to it.

「Although it is okay to hug me, but drooling on me is a little……」

She seems to be sleeping very well.
I gently separate from Til and sneak out of the tent.
After I casually looked into the tent, I notice that Saira is not there.
IIya is sleeping.
Well, although those two are sleeping soundly there is no danger.
In order not to wake both of them up, I quietly sneak out of this tent also.

The twin moons that seemed to be called Crane and Krisna floated in the night sky.
Saira who sat at a nearby rock gazed at the twin moons.
「Ahh…. Alice-san」

As I quietly called out to her and approached her, *Ping* her neko ears jumped.
Ohh , she removed her hat.
Although she even sleeps with her hat on.
Saira with her uncovered neko ears is more cute than usual.
Tied with a light blue ribbon, *Fuwa Fuwa* her ponytail looked really fluffy.
Compared to her working attire, this is more like her standard hairstyle.
But, it suits her.

「May I sit next to you?」
「Please. Uu, I am embarrassed nyaa……」

Come to think of it, since when was I able to naturally sit next to her? How should I put it, I am already used to it.
I thought as Saira made space for me to sit.

The rock we sat on was perfect in size.
Without holding back, she let me sit beside her.

「Unable to sleep?」

「Yes, …. I was worried about what Merchant-san said this afternoon. 」

Her Neko ears *potan* drooped.

No no, Serious talk, Serious talk…

「My hometown is on the outskirts of the republic. In a countryside district.……」
「……I see」
「Yes…. You may know, but the beast tribe has been discriminated in the royal capital. However, if it’s the republic, I feel ashamed……」

The expression on Saira’s face as she looked at the moon, looked downcast, just like her neko ears.

「Therefore, when the war starts… The ones being forced to stand at the front lines are definitely my kin.」
「Ahh.. That!! It’s not like it will be okay if the humans are in front! That…. How should I say it?」
「I know. It’s because I know. 」

*Ponpon* I brushed her head.

「A… Alice-san. Are you not concerned about my… ears?」

Is she wondering if I discriminate?

To ask someone like me from the parallel world; I believe the beast tribe is something refreshing to me and it’s impossible for me to discriminate against them.
So that’s the reason why this kid has never removed her hat.
Master-san is a really magnanimous person.
Just what did you do to make Master-san not get upset and allow you to become independent and join me to go to the Royal Capital?

「I think you look super cute. To be able to become my imouto, I am also super happy.」

I am sorry, Saira
My eyes are good so your blushing face is completely visible
「That… I didn’t meant to hide it.However, after so long, I was able to spill my troubles out completely… My troubles… 」
「FuFu, Please don’t worry. My decisions will never change. Just like what I had said to you previously, I want you to become my smith.」

As Saira hung her head in shame, I on the contrary looked up to the moon.
I ignored the weeping sounds that can be heard and continued to *ponpon* caress her head.

「There is no need to fight against evil, for I will shoulder everything. This is because Saira is already like my family member.」

I do not intend to console her.
I will definitely not turn back on my words.
I will take responsibility for those words.

「Uuu, Uuu」*crying sounds*

Are there really no evil intents?
I really can’t see those kind of eyes. I want to crush that depressed feeling.

「Uuu, *Zuhii*, your clothes, I am sorry 」ずびっ~ *sniff* うぅ~ *cry*
「Ahh, It’s okay. It’s okay.」

Clinging and crying on me. For the sake of protecting her honor, I allowed her to cry on me..
However, my clothes had already been dirtied by Til’s drool.
It has been a long time since I let someone do as one pleases.
After a significant amount of time has passed, Saira finally stood up and laughed as she rubbed her teary-red eyes.

「It’s… It’s embarrassing nya.……」
「Fufu, probably..」

She felt a little better, I guess?

「Ahh, speaking of which, there should be someone who likes Saira, right? 」

I remembered Takeshi and Kenji.
Once again, Saira’s face reddened.

「Th.. that… From when I was younger, I got along with someone. And he was gentle with me… I was really happy. But… 」

She did not want to bother them huh….
How should I say, I understood her later words.

「You worry too much. 」

Takeshi, Kenji
Your actions were definitely not useless
At least, you guys definitely protected Saira’s heart.
Ahhh. in this world, there are not many handsome guys.
I must not give up.


So, why did Saira come to me?
But as I do not want to annoy her, I kept to it myself.
As I looking at Saira curiously, it seemed like she had something she wanted to convey to me.
She was in a fluster, shaking her head and wringing her hands.

「Er…erm, Th.. That… Alice-san.. In the den.」

About the landslide?
Although in an unexpected life-and-death situation

「……Because you are like my Onii-chan」

My heart raced.

「It’s.. It’s different! Alice-san. You are definitely not tomboyish!! I swear! Not even a single particle of you is manly nya!」TL: if you wish, you can change particle into part.
「I know, therefore please calm down!!. Either way, I feel depressed」

Man, what should I do…
If I throw away my identity, it’s also troublesome that way.

「Erm.. The atmosphere is…」
「Nothing… I like the moons very much」

After changing the topic, Saira once again look up at the night sky.

「Twin Moons?」
Being attracted to it, I too look up at the sky.

「My close siblings seemed really happy chasing after me.If I ever get depressed, I will always look at the night sky to cheer up.」
「I see.」
Not bad, Moon-san

「However, from now on, I will also be here from you. Don’t you forget, kay?」
「Yes! Alice-san!」

A fruitful night where I got to know a little more about Saira.
Even though it was a quiet day, that incident was quite special

We are almost at the Royal Capital.

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