Gone Astray

By Yellow Dragon,黄龙

Gone Astray Chapter 1

Gone Astray Chapter 1

[?BG!] This story contains incest (father-in-law and daughter-in-law), cheating, sex with many and more.

[?BG!]incest (father-in-law and daughter-in-law), cheating, sex with many and more.

?this is for fun, is an ongoing novel and i’m translating without reading first. should the novel progress in a way i dislike/stop updating, i may just stop translating this altogether ? enjoy the journey while we can ?

for funongoing noveltranslating without reading firstnovel progress in a way i dislike/stop updatingjust stop translating this altogetherjust stop translating this altogether

Su Yue is my daughter-in-law.

Last year, she just married my son, Ma Qiang. She is over 1.6 meters tall and looks very tender, especially that pair of boobs. I wonder what she ate to make them grow so big. No matter what clothes she wears, there will be two bulging peaks standing tall in front of her chest, at least the cup size of 36.

As long as she walks, that pair of big boobs will jiggle with the pace of her walking, making people excited and always tempted to touch them.

Recently, the weather has become hot. Most of the clothes she wears at home are short skirts or shorts, often revealing two white and tender attractive legs and a surprisingly large ass that looks like a ripe peach, shaking as she walks.


She is a nurse at the hospital, very kind and soft-spoken. She is very good at housekeeping, dignified and virtuous too, always very respectful to me in front of others. Many people say that my son married a good girl.

Unfortunately, my wife disappeared more than ten years ago and I’ve never heard from her.

Maybe it’s because my wife went missing and my son misses his mother so much that Su Yue actually looks somewhat similar to my wife. Sometimes I even thought my wife for came back.

Young people stay up late for bedroom activities every night. I’ll hear their pleasing moans once night falls, but I didn’t expect that my soft-spoken daughter-in-law’s panting sounds so delicate and lewd at night.

Every time I hear my daughter-in-law moaning, I get excited and can only masturbate to relieve myself.

Because I have the habit of running at night, I often go out running at night and come back late.

This night, afraid of affecting the young couple, I sneak back into the house when I come back from running. As I pass their room, I suddenly hear the voice of my daughter-in-law coming from the room:

“Hubby, can I braid your hair?”

What are they doing?

I go to their door subconsciously and put my ear on the door, wanting to hear clearly, but I didn’t expect that their door isn’t closed properly, a gap easily pushed opened by me.

As soon as I see the situation inside, my breathing increases.

Su Yue has taken off her clothes, the glistening white body makes my eyes giddy, heart beating hotly at the speed of moving tides, one wave after another rolling.

That sexy and beautiful body is presented in front of me, her head laying between my son’s legs, her mouth opened and her tongue extended to lick my son’s dick.

To my surprise, she is licking as she plays with my son’s pubic hair using her small hand, then braiding the hair skillfully.

This is the first time that I have seen the body of my daughter-in-law up close. Having not touched a woman for many years, my mouth turns dry and I can’t help gulping.

Especially when my daughter-in-law opens her mouth and takes my son’s dick in her mouth, my heart beat speeds up immediately, completely forgetting that the people inside are my son and daughter-in-law.

Head full of my daughters-in-law’s beautiful body and proud giant boobs, my eyes fail to move away a single bit as I continue hiding outside the door to peep.

Soon, my son’s breathing becomes more and more rushed like a bull, his hands gradually relaxed too.

My daughter-in-law’s blowjob skills are really good. Just like what I saw in porn, in a short time, she uses swallowing, licking, entangling, winding and other skills. My heart beats faster and faster, mind full of this beautiful scene, and my body’s temperature rising with it.

My desire burns more and more as the dick in my pants hardens to its fullest.
“Hubby, am I licking you well? You see, does my mouth look like my thirsty hole?” Saliva flows out of the corners of my daughter-in-law’s mouth, almost forming a line. Her back and forth movements keep making kiss-like sound as saliva continues to flow down the corners of her mouth.

She quickly moves up and down my son’s dick. I can see that his dick has hardened in her mouth. She tries her best to take in as much of the dick in her mouth, making her cheeks puff up like she put a ping-pong ball in her mouth, and then force the dick in her throat.

This makes me full of jealousy and excitement, jealous that my son can marry such a woman.

I watch the live movie they are playing in front of me with my eyes wide open, afraid to miss any shot.

The junior in my pants is so hard that it’s hurting and I can’t wait to rush in and put it into my daughter-in-law’s mouth.

Her head bobs up and down quickly, deep throating my son’s dick every time. When she moves his dick out, her lips press tightly from the end to the top of his dick as she sucks, making my son feel so good he can’t stop panting.

After a while, my daughter-in-law spits out my son’s dick and shakes her big, plump ass seductively: “Hubby, hurry up and fuck me. Let me call you daddy again…”

My son is obviously hesitating: “Dad hasn’t come back from the night run. What if he finds out later…”

“Dad won’t come back so soon… I want it.” My daughter-in-law pushes him onto the bed in a hurry, then straddles on him, holding his son’s dick in one hand, and sitting down slowly at the same time…

As soon as she sits down, she tries desperately to move, her supple boobs jiggling up and down in front of my eyes, which almost made me dazzled.

I didn’t expect that my seemingly dignified and virtuous daughter-in-law will look like this in private. My tight shorts makes my junior uncomfortable, making me want to open the zipper and solve my problem.

Her seductive cries are exciting me and my son who is beneath her more and more. My son moves his lower body like mad and jolts her upwards. His thing suddenly slips out of her daughter-in-law’s hairy private place.

She quickly grabs my son’s dick, aims it at her private place and stuffs it in.

And then moans in pleasure: “Oh… Bad birdie, where were you thinking of going? Quickly come to big sister!”

I’m burning with desire as I watch, almost burning up in flames completely.

Seeing so up close at my daughter-in-law’s slutty side, my blood boils in excitement, the heat inside as hot as a high-temperature flame.

“Hubby, Yue Yue’s… slutty hole feels so sore… and itchy inside… Do it harder… Slutty Yue Yue’s water is coming out…” My daughter-in-law moans, her delicate body shaking badly from my son’s thrusting and face red. Her hair is in a mess, several strands of hair cling to her face because of sweat.

I got very excited again seeing her current seductive and lewd appearance, the junior in my pants so hard and hard like a red iron bar, waiting to be released.

If only I can take off my pants now. I continue hiding out here like this, opening my eyes wide and looking in, desperately wanting to rush in and thrust my dick into my daughter-in-law’s body.

After thrusting over hundred times using the riding position, my daughter-in-law suddenly says, “Hubby, let’s change our position and do it again…”

My son seems to be hesitant: “Dad may come back, why not we…”

“I don’t want…” My daughter-in-law pouts, then gets up from my son’s body, kneels on the bed, raises her hips and turns back. She says to my son with a seductive look, “Hubby, come, continue to fuck this lewd… little bitch…”

Her slutty look at this moment makes me want to go in and take my son’s place to comfort her properly.

With a roar, my son lies behind my daughter-in-law, panting and starting to thrust wildly.

At this time in the room, only my daughter-in-law’s delicate moans and heavy panting, as well as the squeaky noise made by the constantly shaking leg of the bed rubbing against the floor, are left.

I watch till my desire hits the roof, breathing becoming heavy too…


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