Hyakuren no Haou to Seiyaku no Valkyria Volume 1 Prologue

Hyakuren no Haou to Seiyaku no Valkyria Volume 1 Prologue


In the Tsukimiya Shrine there exists a certain legend.

Legend says, the mirror that was worshiped upon in the Shrine holds incredible powers.

Legend says, the mirror that was worshiped upon in the Shrine is actually an extremely valuable mirror.

Legend says, at the night of the full moon, after peeking at the mirror worshiped in Shrine through another mirror, you will be guided to another world.

This is really like a typical urban legend.

After reciting the spell words while placing the 2 mirrors facing each other, the devil will appear, or be able to see the past and future etc, there are many of such legends in the world.

It is like looking through a kaleidoscope into a world of no limits, and many people perhaps after seeing that amazing view, had such a fantasy.

And mentioned above, it is a legend that is passed down by the word of mouth through the generations—— actually it is not like that, it is from, who knows when, a rumor that was spread from the Hachio City streets.

That rumor existed to create such a situation now.

「Yuu, Yuu-kun Yuu-kun Yuu-kun! Let’s not do it!」

A girl with her eyes brimming with tears walked by Yuuto’s side, only seeing her continuing to pull at Yuuto’s sleeve, and sheepishly said.

Yuuto seeing the situation, his heart skipped a beat. Being a guy, when a girl who has tears in her eyes gaze upon you with an upward look, it will inevitably arouse the protective nature in the heart.

Her name is Shimoya Mizuki, is his——Shuo Yuuto’s childhood friend, and currently in a first grade of middle school, younger than Yuuto by 1 year old. Her pair pure black pupils gave a deep impression on people, and her whole body radiates out a feeling of simplicity of a person who grew up in the countryside, a lovely girl.

「Oi oi, what are you saying? We have already come until here.」

Yuuto sighed, while shrugging his shoulders.

The strong night winds caused the leaves to rustle, and the cries from the insects echoed in from all directions. If one looked carefully in the dense forest, he will find a darkness spreading out, as if it can devour everything.

In this deep mountains, you can only see a old broken small shrine bathed under the light of the hazy moon and stars.

「I have already said that it will be fine, didn’t those guys who set off earlier also came back safely?」

「But but but……」

Mizuki tightly held Yuuto’s sleeve.

She is usually a girl who is full of vitality, and her face will always have a smile that shines like a sunflower, but she has always been especially afraid of ghost stories since the past, and Yuuto being her childhood friend, is of course very well aware of this point.

This test of courage, is originally a recreational activity organized by Mizuki’s class to foster friendship, but because Mizuki is very afraid, hence Yuuto who is older than them by a grade is forced to join them.

Also because of this, Yuuto has been ridiculed by his juniors, making him feel embarrassed, but he was not unhappy because of this.

From the time when they are still young, every time when something happens, Mizuki will rely on Yuuto. Until reaching elementary grade, Yuuto has always felt that Mizuki is very adorable, just like his own little sister.

But, after reaching the higher elementary grades, Yuuto did not like his guy friends using this matter to tease him, and hence he began to give an indifferent attitude towards Mizuki, feeling that her reliance is very annoying.

But, when Yuuto entered middle school, his feelings in his heart towards Mizuki suddenly changed. He no longer hated Mizuki’s reliance, but rather feel happy about it. Now that after he has advanced to the second grade in middle school, he even has the selfish wish that Mizuki will rely on him more.

Moreover, Yuuto more or less also realized the reason for the change of his mood.

「Since you are so afraid, then keep a bit more distance. I will be done with this in a jiffy.」

Saying so, Yuuto swung his arms, slightly forcefully removing his sleeve from Mizuki’s hands.

Though he felt a slight guilt for doing so, but if he returned just like this he would definitely be looked down upon by his juniors.

And more importantly, he is thinking of acting cool in front of Mizuki.


Yuuto bent over, and slowly push open the gate of the small shrine, and the door gave out screeching sounds.

Only seeing a old rusty round mirror inside, seemingly even shabby than the shrine. No, to be honest, whether that thing can be considered a mirror is still a problem, it is not only stained, even the image of Yuuto who is standing in front of it cannot be reflected properly. Yuuto sighed as though he was disappointed.

「Wh~y does it feel so shabby?」

「Yuu.. Yuu-kun!? If you say such things you will get punished by the gods!」

「Mizuki you are thinking too much. Ah~anyway, it is really boring just taking a photo.」

Yuuto took out his smartphone——commonly known as ※Laegjarn’s LGN09, and at the same time wondered about something in his heart.
(TL note: Laegjarn is the box of despair from Norse Mythology.)

This test of courage requires the participants to take the photo of the mirror, as the proof that they managed to finish the entire course bravely, and since Yuuto is older than the others by a grade, of course he will be thinking of doing something more daring.

「Wait! Wha..t are you doing!?」

Mizuki’s expression suddenly stiffened, and raised her voice as though she is screaming.

「Huh~? I intend to take a selfie with the mirror. Ah, that is to say, this is also considered as having 2 mirror opposite each other?」

「No, no no! Sto.. stop! If Yuu-kun goes to another world, then I ……」

「It’s going to be fine, that is just superstition……」

(For our victory.)


A chant like voice rang in Yuuto’s mind.

That is not Japanese, nor is it English, but a completely foreign language. But, Yuuto felt that that voice seems to be calling for him.

(Oh god, please grant me victory!)

That voice echoed again in Yuuto’s mind, and this time it was clearer than before.

That was a voice of a young lady.


As Yuuto turn towards the direction where the voice is from, suddenly he felt a strong sense of dizziness.

In his vague consciousness and vision, he saw 2 mirrors. The mirrors gave off an eerie light, while almost overlap then separating again, and while it is about to separate it overlapped again.

Just like a kaleidoscope.

The more amazing is that, he could vaguely see a young girl behind the other side of the mirror.

The girl was concentrated on dancing, as though she was possessed by something. Her pure white colored dress lightly moved, and it seems like she is the miko of the gods.

「What is that!?」

Yuuto quickly rubbed his eyes, but the scene before him did not vanish.

Not only so——

From the beginning, the girl was transparent just like those holograms, but gradually, her entire body’s tone is getting stronger, and the supple limbs gradually gained their texture.


Yuuto discovered that Mizuki’s voice seems to be getting further, and the last few words are over raucous, and he couldn’t hear it clearly, hence he could not help back but turn and look back.


Yuuto was shocked until he lost his voice.

Mizuki has already disappeared, and the thing that replaced her is a white colored wall that stood there. There were all sorts of murals painted on the wall. Most of them depicts humanoids, but among them there also non-humans and non-beasts, which can only be described as monsters.

「Where exactly did this thing come from…… Huh!?」

As Yuuto was mumbling to himself, he noticed that there were some sort of movements and it surrounded him, also the amount seem to be quite big.

However, this is too strange. In the deep mountains when the night has fallen, where did all these people come from? Until just now, there should have been nobody. Even if they ran over from the assembly point of the test of courage, it would be still too fast.

Yuuto who is in a puzzled state turned his head again, but instead he instantly opened his eyes,

Just now he was in the outdoors, but this place is without a doubt indoors. In this space of about the size of a small gymnasium, there are about 10 odd men looking at Yuuto while surprised, they are wearing plain cloth without any pattern, and their facial outlines are deep, clearly not Japanese.

「Don’t tell me I accidentally went into a movie studio? ……Huh? It’s that mirror!」

Yuuto noticed that there is an altar behind those men, and also recognized the mirror on top of it. Though that mirror is very new, and radiates a crystal clear shine, but the shape is exactly like the mirror enshrined in the Tsukimiya shrine.

《At the night of the full moon, after peeking at the mirror worshiped in Shrine through another mirror, you will be guided to another world.》

The legend of the Tsukimiya Shrine suddenly flashed across Yuuto’s mind.

「This is a joke right!? No matter what, this sort of thing is too……」

「Who are you!?」

The stern voice spoke in a language that Yuuto did not understand, and at that moment, a golden sword is already on Yuuto’s throat.

Because it was sudden, Yuuto couldn’t even make a sound. But even if he could speak, he did not feel that that they can communicate due to the language. He can only tell from the other party’s tone, that the stern voice seems to be questioning something.

Yuuto was helpless, and his line of sight followed the blade and went up, then he saw slender fingers that were as pretty as Shirauo. (TL note: Shirauo = Japanese anchovies) As he continued to raise his line of sight, he discovered shining silver hair dancing gently before his eyes.

That is an unprecedented beauty. That’s right. she is just like a Valkyrie that walked out of some legend.

Her age seems to be similar to Yuuto, at most 1 year older. That cold unapproachable beauty, even if using an ice sculpture to describe, it will be appropriate.

Yuuto was in a trance, completely forgetting his current situation.

Yes, the him of this time, does not seem to be aware that what is waiting for him, is a cruel fate.

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