Limitless Sword God

By Fire God,火神

Limitless Sword God Chapter 103

Limitless Sword God Chapter 103

Translated by Wafflecakes (new)

Translated by Wafflecakes (new)

Kill or Be Killed (4/4)

Kill or Be Killed (4/4)

To the absolute horror of the Su Family’s outer sect disciples, the wolf pack rushed forward.

However, the courageous inner sect disciples faced the pack of a hundred hungry wolves without a hint of fear. One by one they sped to the forefront, beheading the starving pack of Jaded Clause wolves like they were mere fruits and vegetables.

Although the wolves had the upper hand in terms of numbers, they were no match for the Su Family when it came to strength.

Many of the Su Family outer sect disciples lacked the Spirit Cultivation of Spirit Intermediate Disciples but they had an abundance of bead pills and treasures that could be utilized. The knowledge of when to advance and retreat was not a concept that the wolves, which turn crazy and senseless for food, would be able to comprehend and Su Huang Ming especially, whose potential radiated, finished off the wolves as easily as cattle, stunning everyone and boosting the troops’ morale.

The ground was awash with the blood of the wolves and their bodies were astrewn everywhere.

Aoo-wuuuuu!!! (Wolf cry)

The alpha-male of the Jaded Clause wolves, upon seeing that they were losing the fight, let out a melodious and high-pitched howl.

A call for reinforcements!

Everyone was seized by terror.

“Looks like today is the day to rid and cleanse the Jade Clause Forest of all the pests!”

Su Huang Ming was overcome with the ecstasy of killing and the spark of it in his eyes grew more powerful. He had absolutely zero intention of leaving.

Huālā (darting sound)

At this moment, a shadow bolted out from the peripherals of the woods.

His heart jumped, as he looked around, only to discover Su Yun who had left the team unauthorized!

Didn’t this fellow go ahead to scout? Why is he back?

“Su Yun! Hurry over and help!”

A few of the Outer Disciples could not fend off the the wolves saw their hope, and immediately called out.

Su Yun had a strong cultivation, and managed to kill the Inner Disciple Su Kuang, it could be seen that his strength was something else.

If he lent a hand, the Su Family would not have to fear these wolves.

“Please calm down, everyone!”

Su Yun shouted, and entered the battlefield.

“Young Master, it’s Su Yun! He’s back!!”

Seeing that Su Yun had suddenly appeared, and joined in the fray, one of the inner disciples got close to Su Huang Ming, who was enjoying himself, and said in a low voice.


Su Huangming delivered a chop on a wolf, before directing his gaze that had gone red at Su Yun, his eyes squinting slightly.

“The initial plan was to enter the Jaded Clause forest to incite the attacks of the wolves, before making use of the chance to kill Su Yun! Who knew that halfway through, he suddenly bolted, I thought he saw through our plan. He actually came back!! Ha! Seems like he doesn’t know what’s about to befall him!”

Su Huangming licked his dry lips, before leaving the frontlines.

“Young Master, shall we go over together?”

“There is no need! Su Zhen He and Su Ye are not back yet, this time the number of wolves are too large, it is imperative you all stay here to clear them, as for Su Yun.. I alone am enough! If Su Yun were to die, we will be able to explain his death by wolves to the Su family, then even if accountability is sought, it would be to no avail….”

“Your words may be true, but Young Master, Su Yun’s not an idiot, if he found out, and is back, he must have something prepared!”

“So what, even if he has ample preparations, I’m not afraid!” Su Huang Ming replied. It was not arrogance, but utmost confidence. If one did not have the confidence, how can one speak of taking another life?

“Leave this to us! Young master, you must be careful!”

The inner sect disciple said.

Su Huang Ming was silent, stepping immediately towards the direction where Su Yun was.

Ka cha! (Hacking sound)

A lone hungry wolf was hacked till it bellied up.

Su Yun exhaled, wiping the sweat off his face, retreated to the back to consume a bead pill, took a short break to let the outer sect/circle disciples to hold the fort.

“Su Yun! Come follow me and help!”

Just then, a sound emerged from the back.

Su Yun was slightly stunned, as he turned his gaze around, only to see Su Huang Ming, who was wielding a bloody blade, standing right behind him.

“Where should I help support?”

Su Yun questioned.

Su Huang Ming pointed towards the depths of the forest.

“Are there any hungry wolves there?” Su Yun asked.

“There seemed to be the howl of the leader there, and it had definitely called for reinforcements, I believe there will be more wolves coming here soon.” Su Huang Ming said.

“Is it….But it’s only the two of us, will it be enough to hold them off?”

Su Huang Ming gave a pan-cold look, and his eyes had a smug glint, as he smiled: “The two of us will be enough, Su Zhen He and Su Ye had retreated, we don’t have enough manpower, they are needed here to clean up. If we can hold on and fend them off till reinforcements arrive, those who had cleared up the things here will be able to come and support us. We don’t have much time, are you coming or not?”

As he finished speaking, he stepped forward, grabbing his bloody blade tightly.

If Su Yun declined, he would immediately act!

Su Yun’s gaze seemed to shake, as he hesitated, before nodding: “Since it’s like this, then fine, let us go!”

“Very good”

Su Huang Ming’s eyes seemed to radiate more hostility, and his expression turning more grim.

He squinted, before rushing forwards, his speed picking up.

Su Yun’s steps were slower, as he followed closely behind.

“Let’s go on, there are not that many left!”

One of the inner disciples saw Su Huang Ming departing towards the direction of the forest, before he led the rest in a huge shout.

The killing got more intense.


In the depths of the forest.

Su Yun looked everywhere, looking into the darkness, and he crept along cautiously.

The depths of the forest was eerily quiet, not a sound could be heard for miles, even the sound of the wind blowing was absent. The sounds of breathings were as clear as anything.

They had put quite a distance from the Su Family and Jade Clause Wolves

“Right here.”

Su Yun who had been walking in front suddenly turned his body, and took a look at Su Huang Ming behind him.

“Oh?” Su Huang Ming lifted his head, as he looked at him and revealed a stunned expression: “What do you mean, right here?”

“Let’s settle it here!” Su Yun laughed, “Didn’t you want to kill me? Didn’t you call me here to slaughter me? Taking my life in front of the rest wouldn’t be so good, would it?”

“Seems like you had already known!” Su Huang Ming clutched his forehead, and shook his head while laughing bitterly: “And here I was thinking that you were still an idiot for not noticing, what a hoot… Ah, your acting is truly top-notch!”

“Just so-so!”

“Since you know I’m about to kill you, how come you’ve got the guts to follow me?”

Su Huang Ming’s gaze was arrogant and lazy as ever, not masking his hostility as he spoke out unhurriedly.

“If I didn’t, you would have acted then!” Su Yun replied.

“What?” Su Huang Ming was truly shocked this time, Su Yun managed to see through him?

“Walking through this Jade Clause forest, is all to kill me right?” Su Yun said: “Attracting the pack of wolves over, creating chaos, and then killing me, before heading back to report my death at the mouths’ of the wolves, you can push the blame, and it’ll be a perfect plan, right?”

“That’s right!” Su Huang Ming did not hold back and arrogantly admitted, “As you are able to discern my intentions, how is it that you still dare to appear? Shouldn’t you be running away?”

“Run? Why should I run?” Su Yun shook his head, “I did not say I am afraid of you!”

“Hahaha, what a joke, you may have been hiding your ability, but I can tell, you’re at most a stage four Spirit Intermediate Disciple, and definitely would not be at the Stage seven… let me assume that you do have a Stage six Spirit Cultivation then, in my eyes, you’re still  just a blade of grass, easy to trample on! You’re not afraid of me? Pretty soon, I’ll let you eat your words!” Su Huang Ming narrowed his eyes, and his mouth broke into a vicious grin.

Su Yun heard this, went silent for a moment before bursting out, “Su Zhen He and Su Ye are dead!”

Su Huang Ming, momentarily stunned, said “What?”

“It is me who killed them!” Su Yun said.

“What difference does it make?”

“It was I who attracted the wolf pack”

“You said that before!”

“Have you not realised? The numbers were twice of that of the Su Family!”

“What does that prove?”

Su Huang Ming’s eyes flashed with a hint of shock, his heart feeling a rise of uneasiness.

He saw Su Yun reaching into his storage ring, pulling out a black blade.

The blade was sheathed, and the sheath had a lot of strange carvings, looking extremely terrifying, as a strong evil aura emitted from the sword.

Su Huang Ming’s hands gripped his blade tighter.

“If it was up to you to create chaos, there would at most be a dozen of those wolves. The outer disciples of the Su Family had never seen the Jade Clause wolves before, and the majority of their strength is only at the Stage one Spirit Intermediate Realm. They have only heard rumors about these wolves, and possess enough fear of them, as long as you only attract a few, it would be enough to throw them into a mess, but it could be quelled down later. Like this, you would have enough people to come and deal with me! However, I have attracted over a hundred over, the entire Su Family would be embroiled in the fight, the Inner Disciples would also not sit by and watch, the number of hands are too little. Furthermore, I have already killed Su Zhen He and Su Ye, the Inner Disciples had lost another 2 experts! Like this, there would be absolutely no one to come and join you in dealing with me…” Su Yun spoke flatly.

Su Huang Ming’s face had turned ashen: “So what? What does it prove?”

“All this… is for you to deal with me alone!” Su Yun’s gaze had turned incomparably sharp, as a trace of cold energy radiated from in between his brows.

“You think that I can’t kill you?”

Su Huang Ming finally understood Su Yun’s intentions.

He had done all these, just to let Su Huangming fight him alone!

Only like this, will Su Yun have the chance!

The chance to counter!

“I don’t know!”

Su Yun shook his head, as he lifted that pitch-black sword, as he walked towards Su Huang Ming, step by step.

“I only know that… In a while, I will be reporting to the Su Family, that our squad leader Su Huang Ming had died tragically at the mouths of the Jade Clause wolves!!”

After those words, the entire aura around Su Yun seemed to change.

His entire being seemed to radiate a fire, as his sword had not even been unsheathed, shooting out from behind him, attacking Su Huangming.

“How preposterous! Let me take your life!”

Seeing that the sword was not even unsheathed, Su Huang Ming was enraged, as he hoisted his long blade, and met the attack of the black sword.


A blade and sword clashed, and both parties were forced back 10 steps.

Su Huang Ming’s face wore an expression of shock, he did not expect that this little outer sect disciple, had managed to cultivate to such an extent.

Wasn’t he the trash that was chased out from the inner disciple circle? Isn’t he the trash that had not even entered Stage seven Spirit Novice Disciple even at the age of eighteen years old? How is he so strong now?

Su Huang Ming did not know, and he did not want to know. He only had one thought in his mind, which was to tear this asshole who did not know his limits apart!

He roared in anger, and activated his technique, the blade in his hands suddenly releasing a huge oppressive aura, and enveloped the blade, before it started turning in the skies.

Following which, Su Huang Ming used all his strength to fling it, as the huge blade flew across the skies, it caused the trees along the ways to be directly chopped in two, making its way towards Su Yun’s waist.

When the blade flew over, the black sword became vertical, with its sheathe facing the blade.

Su Huang Ming’s eyes flashed with shock, as the corner of his mouth trembled, both shoulders swinging in circles, as he commanded the ferocious force and applied more Spirit towards the blade, and the blade seemed to shudder and grow even more resplendent, and it suddenly grew bigger!!!

That sharp aura seemed to pierce the skies!



When the blade came in contact with the sword, the outcome was not what Su Huang Ming expected, which was killing Su Yun where he stood, instead, it was the loud sound of his attack being blocked…

It was blocked?

Su Huang Ming’s expression froze, as he muttered: “Impossible…”

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