Only I Who Got The Initial Job As Demon King Chapter 12

Only I Who Got The Initial Job As Demon King Chapter 12

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Arc 2 Chapter 12 - Clown's True Strength

The scenery changed as soon as the startup sound from the dive machine resounded. I get up from the chair in the inn's room I was sitting on.

"Lilith! Oi~, I'm back!"

Lilith isn't in the room. Since the AI doesn't log out, I wonder where she is goes to.

But at that time, the door's room is opened with *clack* sound.

"Ah! Welcome back! Renji-sam-.. Renji-kun!"

Standing there was Lilith but I didn't recognize her for a moment since her appearance is really different than the last time I saw her.

Her usual red twintails' is replaced with a shoulder length beautiful orange like color hair style.

"..Does it look good on me?"

She glances at me with her usual upturned eyes.

"Eh, umm, I think it looks good…."

I stutter at her surprise attack combo. I felt myself growing red from my ears to my face, even if this is was game.

"Ah! Your whole face is red!"

"Shut up!"

I gloss over my panic but Lilith stares at me as if she sees through me.

"Hey! hey! does it really looks that good~?"

I chop Lilith's head, who purposely asks that question again and again to silence her.

"I got this done since there was a beauty salon nearby! They said that they could even change the color of my eyes but I didn't do it because I didn't want to change my eye color. Nevertheless, is this good?"

"Ah, yeah, it looks good. I was just surprised because of you look a bit different than before"

"Thank god!  This 【Trans Trick Ring】 is convenient since I can change back to my original red twintails'! It seems that the ring can differentiate it"

'Is that so'. We decided to get out of the inn for a moment to do a trial run for our new job in the meadow near the <Town of Beginning>. It's because of the monsters here have low level and easy to fight.

I took a look at my stats.

Renji Lv.20 (Male)


Head:【Check Silk Hat: Black Blue】
Body:【Striped coat: black blue】
Feet:【Saruel pants: white red】
Left Hand:【Card Handgun】
Right Hand:【None】
Footgear:【Up Long Boots: Black Blue】
Accessories:【Painting of tears】 【Paint of wound】
【Card Holder】 【Handgun Holder】

Passive skill

【White dove】 Lv.1 【Red nose】 Lv.1

【Pierrot's Aura】 Lv.2

Active skill

【Walking Act】 Lv.3

【Sky Stilt】 Lv.1

【Incarnate Pantomime】 Lv.1

【Statue Asmiration】 Lv.2

The surprising thing about regular jobs is that you cannot distribute your status by yourself. Furthermore, there is no special effect to the clothes and they are only things that provide corrections to your status. I feel that 【Demon King】 is really blessed.

【Cards Handgun】
STR+50。You can set thirteen cards for each cartridge; the set cards are fired in single-fire. Automatic.

Passive Skill
【White Dove】Lv.1
Effect comes out when equipping a hat. You can produce five doves after a certain period of time.

【Red Nose】Lv.1
A red ball will appear on your nose after a certain period of time.

【Pierrot's Aura】Lv.2
In normal mode, you can successfully make people in your field of vision laugh at you about 60 seconds.
In battle mode, you can successfully make people in your field of vision laugh at you about 10 seconds.

Passive Skill
【Walking Act】Lv.3
Attract everything's attention in the area 50m around you.

【Sky Stilt】Lv.1
Feet extend 5m。Return to normal after 30 seconds or receive a constant damage.

【Incarnate Pantomime】Lv.1
The pantomimed thing will be materialized. The materialized things' endurance value is depended on user's status.

【Statue Assimilation】Lv.2
Assimilate into the scenery by freezing user's action. Return to normal if its passed 15 seconds, moving, or receiving an attack.

Hmm. I know that normal jobs are definitely weaker than 【Demon Lord】 but is this really the norm? Especially the passive skills' are the worst! Hey, I don't need things like pigeons and a red ball at all!
A few monsters come near us at that time.

"Let's try battling them for now"


We prepare ourselves for the monsters. 'Attack Boar' comes to attack us.

"Then, how about this gun?"

*Fwoosh* The shot card flying straight to the boar… or not. It's blown somewhere by the wind.


There was a time when I really doubted a card as it's bullet but this gun is really useless!! I invoke a memorized active skill.

"【Sky Stilt】!"

My feet steadily grow until my height exceeds 6m as I active the skill. I feel like I became a giant.

"HAH?! Is this really useful?!"

My vision suddenly shakes when I say so. It shakes until I fall. I crash to the ground as is. I received a little bit of damage from the fall. The skill's effect disappears.

"Do you think that I can defeat the boar by tackling it.. ?"

"I'll cast healing magic now!"

Lilith pulls' out a koto as she said so. My HP gradually decreased.. Hmm?

"Ahh! I make a mistake!"

Oi! Although l think like that, we were able to regroup

"【Statue Assimilation】!"

Ooh! My body gradually assimilated with the scenery. The monsters lose their sight of me and stopped coming towards me. Oh! This is quite useful!

"Don't come here! Oi! My position is superior than you lot!"

The monsters who lost their target head to Lilith as she desperately tries to fend off the monsters. She has no means of attacking since she's a 【Bard】.

"This is no good. This skill is hard to use"

I hurriedly rushed over to Lilith's side and hit the three monster's head with my bare hands. I use the 【Cards Handgun】since the card won't fly away from the wind if its' close distance. We survived somehow by bulldozing with the difference in our levels.

I thought from the bottom of my heart that this game is too hard for a beginner after finishing this battle.

"Isn't 【Clown】an obscure job?"

After I muttered so, a red ball appears on top of my nose.


Lilith covers her mouth trying not to laugh, her shoulders shuddering..

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