Only I Who Got The Initial Job As Demon King Chapter 11

Only I Who Got The Initial Job As Demon King Chapter 11

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Arc 2 Chapter 11 - Time to rest

Author note :

There is a lot of conversations for this time.

The nearby players laugh at me as soon as I arrive at <Town of Beginning>.

"Oi! You guys! Don't laugh!"

"As if you can say that…"

I tap Lilith's shoulder and decided to head to the inn for today. There is no need to sleep in-game for me but since I'm with Lilith it's a bit too much to take a break outside of the safety zone.

I enter a suitable inn around here and pay the fee with the gold I had received from Lucifer.

"Are you fine with sharing a single room with me?"

"Of course!"

Lilith's reply to me is as if that is my intention to begin with. Well, I don't really mean it in that way.

After receiving the key, Lilith dives into the neat sheets laid out the bed as soon as we enter the room.

"Now! Renji-sama! Let's have a hot night together!"

"Yup. It's pretty neat as usual"

I ignore her and check the room's simple design. I start discussing with Lilith after confirming that our voices won't leak out.

"Lilith. There is something I want you to keep it as a promise regarding searching for the 【Archbishop】"


"Ah, it is about the way you call me from now on. Since the other people will suspicious about us if you keep calling me with -sama. You look older than me to begin with"

"Why! To call such noble person who is several ranks and ages above me"

"Eh? Do you mean that I'm older than you?"

"I have a 98 years difference in age with you since Renji-sama, the rightful successor of the fourth generation demon king, previously called Satan-sama, is 230 years old"

"That means… you are 132 years old"

"I'm still an inexperienced person but please treat me well"

It seems that monsters have a long life. I can't even imagine having an age of 230. I manage to convince Lilith that we have a setting of friends setting up a party with only two people.

"Let's pretend to be civilians. Don't recklessly snap at people. We will be noticed if we cause an uproar"

"…Yes. As you wish"

Said Lilith while pouting.

"I think that it is better for Lilith to change her hairstyle such as the hair color later, after looking closely at Lilith for once"

I gently touch Lilith's red curly twintails as I said so.

"Ye, yeah that's right. But what kind of hairstyle do you like?"

"Ehh, well you can choose what you like. Maybe like the style which make you easier to move"

She stares at me with reproachful gaze. Hey, wh, what's wrong.

"Hmm, understood. I will change it tomorrow"

As she say so, Lilith dives to the futon and faces away.

"Leave me some space. Because I will come back again later, hey"

Lilith turns over here and answers yes. I decide to log out for once.



The surrounding gets brighter and as soon as I think that it gets darker, I wake up to real world.


A sigh reflexively comes out as I remove my headgear. I feel a bit sick maybe because I never experienced a full-dive type game before. I'm still not used to it yet.

First, I fill a cup from the kitchen with tap water and drink it. I sit on the sofa and turn on the tv. A holographic image appears above the tv.

"It was so noisy when this tv launched at the beginning, eh. It is only about dive machine's <success> on any channel recently"

What I'm talking about is a program which is loved by gaming enthusiasts only talking about dive machines.

『I hate this chair type because it makes my body sore even though this chair type is higher in price than any dive machine! As it made for dive only, it is different than from the other chairs as expected, right!』

『What are you saying! Headgear type is cheaper and more colorful so it feels good! The excellent thing about it that it can be carried anywhere!』

『The chair type and the headgear type part is removable. Though it is useless if there is no computer where it is. And that is ridiculously heavy, you know』

Aah, that headgear part is removable huh, said the female host.

『The problem with dive machines lies in its difficulty to carry it around, but there are shops which have installed dive machines such as in internet cafes and karaoke, and it seems that new dive shops will be available in various place next week!』

『Ehhh! That means I can dive for a little bit in those dive shops when I'm at my business trip!』

『You can login in whichever dive machine since <Success> login is by reading the brainwave!』

『It seems that you can play normally if you are newly registered at those shops even without buying the real dive machine!』

『It is recommended that people who want to play it leisurely should buy it quickly since the price will be expensive when it's crowded』

So that is what is going to happen. That means new players will increase. Because they can play the game without having to buy the high priced device and it's free to play. It can be expected that the stores with full dive will increase too.

I eat this lonely dinner by myself since my mom is busy at work and she rarely comes home and I reenter the virtual world after going back to my room.

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