Only I Who Got The Initial Job As Demon King Chapter 10

Only I Who Got The Initial Job As Demon King Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 - Job Change

We see the <Town of Beginning> after walking for a while. I think that I'm going to use the ring given by Lucifer since I'm tired of going back to the town while effacing myself.

"Well, should we start searching for the 【Archbishop】?"

I open the bag and take out two 【Trans Trick Ring】 from the menu.


"Thank you very much!"

Lilith received the ring and we both equip it immediately. The size is automatically fitted. By the way, can Lilith not grin so slovenly?

『Activating the effect of【Trans Trick Ring】』

An explanation come out before me.
【Trans Trick Ring】is an item capable of hiding one's original job and replace it with a fake job. You can choose a job from the basic jobs and it is possible to change to a higher job. The original job won't be changed. You can turn the ring's effect ON/OFF by rotating 180 degrees the ring while equipping it.

『Please choose your job』

『【Fencer】【Magician】【Knight】【Martial Artist】【Archer】【Gunner/Musketeer】【Thief】【Monk】….』

There are so many as expected. I turned to Lilith since I'm worried with what she is going to pick.

"I chose 【Bard】"


It is really surprising. To think that Lilith the battle maniac chose a support job…

"Since I want to support Renji-sama from behind…:"

The Lilith with her red dyed cheek turned her upturned big eyes to me.

"You are such a…"

I pat Lilith's head while secretly pretty happy as I say so.


It seems that I surprised her that there is a large amount of steam from Lilith's face who let out an idiotic voice.


I choose 【Clown】as my job after hesitating for a bit.【Clown】's trait is its precise movements as if they are skills similar to acrobatic and I think that is fascinating.

The ring I wear in my left hand shines a blue light after finished choosing the job. Lilith's ring in her right hand shines the same way. Haha, Lilith-san, it can't be an engagement, right?

We both rotate the ring. Then, it immediately flashes red and-

Lilith's appearance totally changed from her purple dress to a traveler-like rough western-styled clothes.

"Woah, Renji-sama! You are so cute!"


It seems that there is a painting of a tear under my right eye and there is a black scratch painted vertically on my left eye. My clothes turn into a clothes with black and blue as the base and another colors for approximately 30%.

So I take my hat off since I feel uncomfortable somehow with my long blue and black hat-

*Flaps flaps*

Yup. There are around five birds come out of my hat. He~y, where are you going?


"Yes? Lilith? Did you just laugh?"

"N, no! I would never do such a thing!!"

Damn it. I certainly don't see anyone in the <Town of Beginning> choose Clown as their job. To think that the visual effect to be like this…

I convince myself that the only silver lining is that there is no white makeup or red nose after letting out a long sigh.

*Boom!* I hear such voice and noticed that there is a red ball on my nose after looking down. I throw the ball to the floor. It is bounced and hit my face.


There is a single 【Bard】who desperately hold her laughter. Whatever, you can laugh as you like.

Meanwhile, the sun set and the sky become reddish so head towards the <Town of Beginning> with a bit haste.

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