Only I Who Got The Initial Job As Demon King Chapter 8-9

Only I Who Got The Initial Job As Demon King Chapter 8-9

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Chapter 8 "Make Way"

【Survival Of The Fittest】 Lv.1 = Among Lv, HP, MP, STR, VIT, AGI, DEX, INT, those who have lower status value than yours will perish.

Kaiser's status was halved by【Carnage Fest Mask】and his status was lower than mine except for the Lv and AGI. And its compatible with the 【Demon Sword Blow】.

There is no problem regarding Lilith and she finished safely. Only Lilith and I were left in this place.

"The rule of Survival Style Duel stated that the battle won't end until one person left. Since it is such a hassle waiting for the one minute left remaining, please cut my head"

"Let's just wait for the minute. Cutting my comrade's head doesn't suit me well even if I know that there will be nothing happen.

"Aah! Such a gentle persona…!! I'm grateful for your concern"

The letter "draw" appeared after one minute and they were transferred to their original place in the Town of Beginning. In there, there were curious spectators who fell silent because of the difference in strength and the frowning seven people who lost the match.

"Make way"

The seven people who keep quiet obediently make the way for me as I said so. Continuing them, the onlookers behind them also do the same.

I decided to walking around to places in the town as I please while being showered unchanging attention from the beginning from the onlookers.

"Remember this…"

Kaiser screamed after the two left.

There is a pleasant vast meadow as far as one can see after coming out from the town of beginning. Players can be seen here and there. Perhaps this is the place where beginner player raise their levels.

After walking the meadow for a while, I stopped about fifteen minutes after entering the forest and murmured…

"【Summon Subordinate】"

A list of monsters appears in front of me. However, I can't summon <third rank subordinate> yet.

"It should be this area, right? The place where especially <third rank subordinate> started to decreased"

"It is as you say. There are mainly five types of monster that inhabit this vicinity. First of all, let's start summoning from a monster which make up the most amount in this area, 'Attack Boar'"

I nodded and summoned around three hundred Attack Boar. My MP almost reached the bottom. It was noisy since I summoned them all at once.

"Please be quiet"

"Buhi!" "Buhi!" "Buhi!"

"O, Oi! Pigs! Obey Renji-sama's order!"

The Lilith who said that striked the nearby summoned Attack Boar. It let out "Bugoo" in its death throes.

"Ah-hah-hah…" *angry sigh*

"Don't kill the monster I painstakingly summoned…"

"I'm terribly sorry!"

And 'Boar' is not a pig but a wild boar. I didn't point it out since it didn't matter much. 'Attack Boar' ran and went somewhere after given an order to attack adventurers. I repeated the summoning ten times after the surrounding became quiet. The MP Potions I bring in large number used up after about twenty minutes doing this work.

"You precisely summoned five kind of monsters equally"

"That's right. Should we return to <Town of Beginning> for a moment?"

"Let's look for the【Archbishop】"


I recalled about a certain thing I heard when returning to the <Town of Beginning>.

"Which reminds me, how is Lilith's status?"

"*gasp*! Renji-sama, are you interested in me?"

"Ah, well, yeah"

Lilith gently smiled like she was really happy from the bottom of her heart at me. I thought that she was really pretty. Her smiling face and her fighting face were as if they were different person.

Lilith Lv. 72 (Female)

Job: 【Scythe User】



Right hand: 【Death Scythe】

Passive Skill

【Love Confession】Lv.3 【Mistic Eyes of the Charm】 Lv.4

Active Skill

【Banish Compulsion】 Lv.max

【Devil's Temptation】Lv.4


There were equipments that raised oneself status which based on cold color such as purple but they were omitted this time.

I was taught that the skill used the most has a high level because there were many skills they possessed.

"…This was why we can win"


【Death Sickle】

STR+400. Grants Instant Death status to the opponent who get their neck hunted without resistance.

Passive skill

【Love Confession】Lv.3

Increase all status of the allies of the opposite gender by 6%.

Grants a confused state to the opponent of opposite gender who have level lower than the user with 20% probability with each touch.

Active Skill

【Banish Compulsion】Lv.max(5)

Blow backward the target after successfully hit the target with distortion wave up to the third wave.

【Devil's Temptation】Lv.4

It is effective toward opposite gender whose level and all stats are below the user's. Releases an electromagnetic wave at medium or close range and the user can put the opponent for ten seconds with 10% chance if the opponent have the same level with the user. The probability increase in line with the lower the level of the opponent compared to the user.


The user point a finger to the target and activate the skill. The opponent's head will be hit with the accumulated number of attacks within thirty seconds after skill use times two seconds. It deprives the opponent of his vision for the accumulated seconds after thirty seconds.

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Chapter 9 - Bulletin Board

【Emergency】An event of the abrupt descent of the demon lord incident lol

1  Name : A certain Hero

I lol'd so hard lol

2  Name : A certain Hero
For real?

3  Name : A certain Hero


Yeah for real.

I lost track on how many threads were created about it.

4  Name : A certain Hero

For a last boss to appear on the third day after the official release…

5  Name : A certain Hero

I was there but I was really excited

6 Name : A certain Hero


What happened?

I didn't get to see it because I was on my way to the next city nya

7 Name : A certain Hero


The demon lord (because the attendant called him so) and his attendant descended from the sky

The seven members of the <Emperor Road> guild challenged them in a survival style duel and lost.

8 Name : A certain Hero

<Emperor Road>? Isn't that the beta testers' den?

9 Name : A certain Hero

Being a beta tester is really awesome, like you can transfer the data from the beta test

10 Name : A certain Hero


Wasn't it only the level?

11 Name : A certain Hero


Woah, a beta tester

12 Name : A certain Hero

Is AES really fun, beta?

13 Name : A certain Hero

Are they able to insta kill?

As expected, the news is too exaggerated

14 Name : A certain Hero


No, it is the real deal

15  Name : A certain Hero

As for me, the woman attendant is strong

16  Name : A certain Hero

Yup, I got it. Just how much AGI do you need to reach speed like that.

17  Name : A certain Hero

I've never seen such a shockwave attack skill!

It is too brutal lol

18  Name : A certain Hero
Those <Emperor Road> guys, aren't they in the middle of internal discord? Or something like that?

19  Name : A certain Hero

>>18 Yup, they seem like they are always quarrelling to the point of killing each other whenever I see them

20  Name : A certain Hero

>>18 In the end, it is only a mishmash of high leveled players so there is no a sense of unity nya

21  Name : A certain Hero

Or rather, isn't the Demon King(Temp) attack dangerous?

It will be instant death even if his sword grazes you.

And the last is, perishing only by touching your head somehow…

22  Name : A certain Hero
Whether his STR or his equipment is so monstrous, he is dangerous either way

23  Name : A certain Hero

Is 【Instant Death Resistance】found yet?

24  Name : A certain Hero


Perhaps, it must be that your endurance is reduced to 90% after several hits

25  Name : A certain Hero


Aiming for a hit seems hard too

26  Name : A certain Hero


An advice from <Awakening Rabbit>

The power of the bipedal rabbit's club is impressive you know

27  Name : A certain Hero


Why is the magician unable to resist instant death?

28  Name : A certain Hero


The second weakest

29  Name : A certain Hero

A guild where those seven people got a decisive defeat from their own challenge…

30  Name : A certain Hero

Moreover, they couldn't even land a hit to the Demon King(Temp). And there is this cute attendant who receive almost no damage.

31  Name : A certain Hero


No Damage????

32   Name : A certain Hero


33  Name : A certain Hero

I really want to see it but, did anyone record the fight?

34  Name : A certain Hero


It is only halfway though

35  Name : A certain Hero



36  Name : A certain Hero


You work fast eh

37  Name : A certain Hero

Too strong.

I don't feel like I can win

38  Name : A certain Hero

This is not a normal attendant level!

39  Name : A certain Hero

The attendant is cuuuuute

Beautiful red hair and red eyes!

40  Name : A certain Hero

Yup, I know

41  Name : A certain Hero


I really get it

(From Member No.2)

42  Name : A certain Hero
A comrade!

(From Member No.6)

43  Name : A certain Hero


You should make a fanclub immediately lolol

44  Name : A certain Hero

Looks like she attending the Demon Lord(Temp) everyday nya

45  Name : A certain Hero

Wait, I will change my job to a demon king

46  Name : A certain Hero


I suddenly have an idea

47  Name : A certain Hero



48  Name : A certain Hero

The Demon King(Temp) is not even moving an inch and the attendant is too fast

49  Name : A certain Hero


Perhaps he is slow. It can be called a tactic to give a guidance/order from there

50  Name : A certain Hero

You have a point

51  Name : A certain Hero

Isn't it fine to bulldoze it from long distance nya?

52  Name : A certain Hero

Summoned monster+Attendant

53  Name : A certain Hero


54  Name : A certain Hero

Can you really win against such a thing?

55  Name : A certain Hero

Or rather, why did he come in the end?

56  Name : A certain Hero

It seems that he walked toward the forest

57  Name : A certain Hero

What is the demon king's business there?

58  Name : A certain Hero


He suddenly came to the enemy's base and no one got killed

Is he really a demon king?

59  Name : A certain Hero


Safety Zone

60  Name : A certain Hero


There is no way that works on a demon king lol

248  Name : A certain Hero

【Announcement】 Outbreak of Attack Boar and the other four kinds monster

249  Name : A certain Hero


Ahh! (a guess)

250  Name : A certain Hero

This must be from the summoning

251  Name : A certain Hero


Since the Boar's habitat is in the forest, right?

252  Name : A certain Hero

It seems that there are emergency quests here and there

253  Name : A certain Hero

Well, I'm off for now

254  Name : A certain Hero

Right? It is still better than facing the Demon King(Temp) and the attendant

255  Name : A certain Hero

That's true lol

256  Name : A certain Hero

Well, tell me if anything happens

257  Name : A certain Hero

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